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BlackBerry Z10 – Is It Enough To Take On Android And iOS?
BlackBerry is back. Right now only known as "BlackBerry", the company once called RIM has its new senior phone - the full touchscreen Z10 - with a new operating system, BlackBerry 10.
HP ElitePad 900 - HP's First Windows 8 Tablet For Business World (Part 3)
It'd be incorrect to say the ElitePad is a bloatware-free system, but it's close. The only non-standard applications here are: Kindle,, Skitch, Netflix, YouCam (camera software) and HP Pagelift (to clean up scanned images). In addition, most preinstalled softwares (HP Client Security, HP BIOS Protection, Credential Manager, Drive Encryption, Sparekey password recovery) are aimed at IT guys rather than end users.
HP ElitePad 900 - HP's First Windows 8 Tablet For Business World (Part 2)
Beyond its beautiful hardware, what makes the ElitePad unique are all the accessories designed to go with it. Most of these take the form of so-called SmartJackets - basically the protective cover but also brings additional functionality. First up is the Expansion jacket ($79), which adds two full-sized USB ports, an HDMI socket and a full-size SD / MMC slot.
HP ElitePad 900 - HP's First Windows 8 Tablet For Business World (Part 1)
On paper, the ElitePad 900 has almost everything that we expected from a business tablet: pen support, security features such as TPM and a dock with Ethernet and extra ports. It's offered with a wider-than-usual range of accessories, including useful goodies like a second battery and keyboard case.
Nokia Lumia 520 - Windows Mobile Smartphone
Nokia largely failed to stake out the smartphone high ground with the Lumia 920 (web ID: 377911), but it’s making a strong charge for the budget end of the market, first with the Lumia 620 (web ID: 380092) and now the Lumia 520, a fully-fledged smartphone, for less than $240.
70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 4)
London Bus Checker is a very well designed and attractive app, which pulls in live data for all London bus stop display boards. It’s almost certainly of most use to people who live in London, who get full route maps, diversion and cancellation updates, GPS support for finding the nearest stop and an arrivals widget. All the fun of actually hanging out at a bus stop, basically.
70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 3)
RD Mute serves one purpose – to turn off all phone sounds when the Android accelerometer tells it that you’ve picked the phone up and turned it over. It’s a silent mode shortcut for when you can’t even be bothered to press a button. Put your phone on its front to shut it up- and add any very important numbers to the app’s exceptions list, so people you don’t mind talking to can still get through.
70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 2)
An absolute must-get. As long as you have Android 1.6 or above, the latest update to Google Maps introduces turn-by-turn voice navigation, simultaneously devastating the sat-nav industry while boosting the in-car dashboard dock/ charger accessory screen. Route calculations are done at the outset of your trip, minimizing data transfer en route and keeping you on target even when the GPS signal drops. It’s amazing, it works and it’s free.
70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 1)
There are many Twitter apps available for Android- and Twitter itself shook up the scene with the launch of its own-brand app- but we’re sticking with Seesmic. Offering support for multiple accounts, a homepage widget showing latest tweets, and an incredibly slick and professional design, it’s one of the finest examples of app development out there today.
10 Best Android Movie Players
Movie playback is one area where Google hasn't really done much on Android. Its standard video player is still a defiantly dull grey and lifeless experience. The software maker clearly much keener on pushing its online sales and rental channels on Google Play, rather than encouraging users to fill their mobiles with their own movie files.
10 Best Music Players For Your Nexus
Describing the standard Android music playing experience is rather difficult, because thanks to the amazing variety of skins and interfaces available, there isn’t really one unified way that every Android user plays and manages their tunes.
10 Ways To Become An Expert In Anything
We’re learned over the last decade or so to always look to the internet when we’re in need of advice. Apart from being an enormous compendium of cat videos, it’s undoubtedly also one of man’s greatest achievements, putting the entirety of humankind’s knowledge into one accessible- and searchable – place.
Kobo Aura HD - The Best eReader For Book Fanatics
The Aura HD has the highest resolution screen of any e-reader we’ve seen, which makes a big difference. It has 1440x1080 pixels in its 6.8in screen, compared with the Kindle Paperwhite’s 1024x768 pixels in its 6in screen, so text on the Aura HD looks substantially sharper.
Spam Texts Will Finally Be Tackled As Networks Take Action
Spam text messages reported to mobile phone operators have been thrown “into a bin” as networks fail to take the deluge of messages seriously but a more effective way to stop text spam is on the way.
Google Nexus 10 - The World's Highest Resolution Tablet
Google's Nexus 10 was the first Android tablet to launch in 2012 that stands a real chance of taking on the full-size iPad. Manufactured by Samsung, its design isn’t too far removed from the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
Microsoft Surface RT - The Thin And Light Tablet
Windows RT, the version for ARM tablets of Microsoft’s flagship OS, is finally available on a range of devices, including its own Surface RT. The I0.6in screen provides a fraction more room in which to maneuver than the iPad, but it’s just as thin as Apple’s tablet at 9.5mm. The Surface is easy to squeeze into a bag, and it isn’t too heavy to carry, at 686g. An optional cover adds around 200g.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Distinguishes Itself In A Crowded Market
With pen input and a highly customized version of Android 4.0, the Galaxy Note 10.1 distinguishes itself in a crowded market. You’d be forgiven for confusing the Note 10.1 with the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, as both look extremely similar. Both are I0in Android tablets, and both come in white or grey.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Android Tablet
The first-generation Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the iPad's closest rival of the time. If you didn’t want an iPad, you bought the Tab 10.1. But Samsung has a lot more competition in the large-tablet market now, including from its own Note 10.1.
Nokia Lumia 620 - A Cheap And Colorful Smartphone
The Lumia 620 is one of Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 smartphones at $300 for a SIM-free package. Like the more expensive Lumia 820 (see our review, Issue 388), the 620 has a removable shell so you can swap it for another one. The glossy shells are available in a variety of vivid colors at around $21 each, but they make the 620 chunkier than phones with designs you can't customize.
Samsung Galaxy S4 - The New Android Phone Has Some Eye-Catching Features
At first glance the Samsung Galaxy 54 Android phone doesn't look that different from the older Galaxy S3, but there are some notable differences both in hardware and software. These differences set the S4 apart from other similarly priced Android phones.
Xperia Z Review - The Sony DryPhone
Xperia Z is a real big leap forward: a high, wide and handsome smartphone with a full-HD screen, quad-core processor, and water and dust resistant body.
Doro PhoneEasy 520X - Robust And Durable Camera Phone
Doro makes a range of mobiles designed for people who either don’t need or want fancy, feature- packed smartphones. Some will scoff at the phone’s lack of web browser or even email, but this misses the point. The 520X is a triumph because of what it leaves out, There is nothing here but the basics: making and receiving calls, and text messages.
HTC Butterfly - Quad Damage
Even then, it is difficult to turn away from a blower that exhibits such a delicate frame but yet manages to blow the socks off competition with its quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and a 5-inch full HD super LCD 3 display whose 440ppi pixel density has now been matched by the Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4.
LG Optimus G - Has A Spark
The Optimus G sports a lovely 4.7-inch display, a 13-MP snapper and 32GB internal storage. The phone is loaded with all the essential features one requires in terms of connectivity, including NFC, DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct. It also supports Miracast for times you would like to mirror the phone’s display on a compatible TV.
Asus Fonepad – A Very Big Smartphone
The Fonepad looks similar To Asus's Nexus 7 tablet, but the rear is made out of metal rather than dimpled, soft-touch plastic. Although we were worried this would make it prone to slipping out of our hands, this wasn't a problem. It's a sturdy tablet with only slight creakiness around the plastic tab, which has to be prized off to access the micro SIM and micro SD memory card slots. Despite the metal build, the Fonepad weighs 340g, the same as the Nexus 7.
Asus Padfone 2 - More Than Just A Gimmick
Asus has a tradition of making devices that transform from one gadget into another, the latest of which is the Padfone 2. This 4.7in Android smartphone comes with a tablet, which can’t work without the phone. The phone slides into a slot in the back of the tablet, bringing it to life. The idea is that you have just one device with one set of apps and files instead of juggling two.
Best 3G Smartphone And Dongles (Part 2)
The Nexus 4 is a pretty bland handset at first glance. The front is practically featureless, thanks to the use of software buttons on the display itself. The screen has nicely curved edges, so it fits almost seamlessly into the rest of the body.
Best 3G Smartphone And Dongles (Part 1)
Samsung is essentially the daddy of the Android smartphone world, and the Galaxy S4 is its latest, greatest offering to date. The 5in display is gorgeous, offering a full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels - a 441ppi pixel density that blows the iPhone 5 out of the water.
BlackBerry Z10 - Bites Back (Part 2)
The Z10 is 4G-ready but at the moment 4G in India is limited to a broadband service in select cities. The Z10 is not going to turn BlackBerry’s fortunes around single-handedly even though it’s a solid smartphone with an OS that will win over new fans, welcome back some old acolytes who were lured away, without alienating too many current users.
BlackBerry Z10 - Bites Back (Part 1)
BlackBerry has had a turbulent time of late, with falling profits and the departure of co-CEOs. The release of the Z10 and the new BB 10 operating system heralds a new beginning, but with Apple and Samsung yet to release their own flagships for 2013 has the now-renamed RIM done enough?
11 Essential Outdoor Apps (Part 2)
GeoHashing was invented by the popular webcomic XKCD and involves using a randomized algorithm to generate a set of coordinates for each 1° by 1° latitude/longitude zone, with a new set generated every 24 hours.
11 Essential Outdoor Apps (Part 1)
Spring has (belatedly) sprung and that means it's time to swap the dull indoors for the dull outdoors. But this selection of apps might just help make the time away from your computer that little bit more interesting...
App Store Essentials – July 2013
To engage its users, fellow ANNoYEES will rate your post as they browse annoyances, follow one another, commiserate or offer advice in the comments section. Additionally, the app features the ANNoY-A-GRAM: this popular feature lets users tell loved ones or not-so loved ones - about their frustrating habits anonymously via an e- mail telegram-style alert.
The Sony Xperia SP - The Impressive Mid-Range Android Smartphone
The market for mid-level handsets is exploding, and manufacturers are hurrying to offer even more choice for those on a stricter budget. The Xperia SP ($490) boasts a mid-range price with plenty of tech.
Nook HD+ - A 9-Inch Tablet E-Reader/Media Player
The full-sized tablet market continues to be thoroughly dominated by the device that defined it - Apple’s peerless iPad. When even Google and its technically impressive Nexus 10 can’t make an impression at retail, what hope for the Nook HD+.
Sony Xperia ZL - A Powerhouse Phone In An Amazingly Compact Chassis (Part 4)
From the practical view point, there’re a few differences in general speed. Both phones run smoothly across most of the Android interface, as well as inside the apps. We don’t have any stutter in multitasking overview as before, though sometimes we realize a pause throughout the transition time. A little bit of disappointment focuses around the unusually lasting camera startup time.
Sony Xperia ZL Review - A Powerhouse Phone In An Amazingly Compact Chassis (Part 3)
We don’t expect Android 4.2 when Xperia ZL appears too soon right after Z, and Sony doesn’t crush these expectations by releasing ZL with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Unless you’re lust for the lock screen utilities, there’s not much to pity for. Sony is normally slow with the software upgrades, and we won’t expect a fast or continuous update strategy.
Sony Xperia ZL - A Powerhouse Phone In An Amazingly Compact Chassis (Part 2)
Like LCD, you will mainly know that you receive with the Exmor RS-based 13-megapixel rear camera of Xperia ZL, sice we saw the same unit on Z back to February. It’s largely a good thing. The images are not as sharp as we like when watching at 100% level, and usually have unnecessarily high noise level in the well-lit scenes, but the camera creates mostly accurate colors and focuses fast and on the right subject.
Sony Xperia ZL - A Powerhouse Phone In An Amazingly Compact Chassis (Part 1)
Sony followed a quite unusual way with its flagship smartphones in 2013: it designed the hardware 2 times. Xperia Z seemed to the star of the show with 2 glassy water-proof bodies, but it’s releasing with Xperia ZL, an equally healthy but simpler sibling. On the specification sheet, there’s no clear reason for ZL to survive when it has the almost similar things that are equivalent to the thinner and more fashionable Z model.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - Powerful Performance And Vivid Screen (Part 4)
Based on that the Note 8.0 sounds like the successful products of Samsung’s Galaxy on paper, you might expect it to be a triumph in design. And in an aspect it's true. With a lively 8-inch, 1,280x800 screen, strong Exynos 4 Quad processor and 2GB of RAM, the Note 8.0 soars. Its Jelly Bean OS does not have any software flaws that threaten to ruin the user experience.
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