70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 4)

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56. London Bus Checker

London Bus Checker

Price: Free

London Bus Checker is a very well designed and attractive app, which pulls in live data for all London bus stop display boards. It’s almost certainly of most use to people who live in London, who get full route maps, diversion and cancellation updates, GPS support for finding the nearest stop and an arrivals widget. All the fun of actually hanging out at a bus stop, basically.

57. Met office Weather Application

Met office Weather Application

Price: Free

Find out whether there’s likely to be any drinkable water left this summer with this app, the official weather checker from the Met Office. It’s just about as comprehensive as a weather app can be, offering homescreen widgets, a five-day forecast, severe weather warnings, maps just like on the telly, and the ‘feels like’ temperature so you know whether a jacket is required when you venture out.

58. Netflix


Price: Free

As soon as the streaming service hit our shores, so did its accompanying Adnroid app. And the Netflix app does it all, offering access to the full catalogue of digital film and TV rentals presented in a clean and simple layout. The only fancy features are PC syncing so you can pick up where you left off on mobile if it’s getting near bedtime, plus Facebook sharing so everyone can keep up on how your Secret Diary of a Call Girl marathon is going.

59. Wikipedia


Price: Free

A new way to look at the pleading face of Jimmy Wales. The official Wikipedia Android app is very nice to use, presenting a simplified version of the desktop website’s content, plus an ever-useful offline saving option fi you need access to pages when out of reception range. You also get location – aware features, making it easy to randomly browse for interesting things in your vicinity

60. FitBit


Price: Free

If you’re still struggling to lose the Christmas weight heading into Easter, you may benefit from having a little life coaching on your phone. FitBit’s main feature is a food plan that keeps track of how many chocolate Brazil nuts you’ve had today, plus a logging feature that tracks you claims of exercise and adjusts you’re eating allowance accordingly. You’ll be like the woman off the Special K adverts inside a month.

61. Sky Cloud WiFi

Sky Cloud WiFi

Price: Free

This one’s a great way of automating the process of signing into a Sky-managed mobile Wi-Fi spot, minimizing stressful time spent not being connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Sky Cloud Wi-Fi app senses Sky-friendly hotspots, then signs you in automatically. So no more fiddling about with a crappy 3G signal when out and about or typing in passwords in a hurry to use a bit of internet.

62. Ticketmaster UK

Ticketmaster UK

Price: Free     

After an age as a US-only exclusive, Ticketmaster UK is now live for Android users right here in Blighty. It does what you might expect, offering a full database of events, complete with simple buying options from within the app. There’s even a local search option for accessing a list of what’s on near you should you fancy taking a punt on some random artistic happening or gig.

63. Gumtree


Price: Free

The popular sofa-ditching website has finally joined the mobile age, with a very flashy Gumtree app. It’s presented in the Ice Cream Sandwich design style, with a nice tab bar and clever floating and segmented item listings, and it looks even better when used in landscape orientation. Trawling for an executive massage in the local area has never been easier.

64. The Guardian

The Guardian

Price: Free

The Guardian has had an Android app available for a while, but it was significantly first-generation in look and feel. A recent update took care of that, thankfully, boosting the layout to modern Android standards, adding in support for live blogs, enhanced section navigation, swipe navigation through photo galleries and much more. Nice. And free.

65. HotUKDeals


Price: Free

The amazing bargain portal, which has actually defied its purpose and cost us millions through encouraging unnecessary impulse purchases of discounted gear, is on Android, with a very posh and feature- packed HotUKDeals app now available. You can search for local deals, submit ones you’ve spotted yourself, with the app including an easy category view and search facility for finding new ways to buy things you don’t’ really need.

66. Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3

Price: Free

Amazon’s MP3 service is surprisingly clever. Tracks bought from the retail giant are automatically stored within the company’s cloud servers, from where you can instantly stream them back to your Android derive. Sadly, you’re a little limited in the number of existing MP3s you can upload from your own collection, but for building, managing and streaming a legit Amazon music catalogue, the Amazon MP2 app is a great, stylish option

67. TVCatchup


Price: Free

For those of you who still pore over listings and watch television live, as it happens, and at the original time of broadcast. TVCatchup is for you. But it’s not a catch-up service at all. It’s simple re-broadcaster of the terrestrial Freeview channels, enabling you to watch everything, live, right there on a phone or tablet. A good test of how reliable your mobile data connection is, too.

68. Barclays Mobile Banking

. Barclays Mobile Banking

Price: Free

The big banks are gradually moving away from mobile websites and embracing full power apps, with the Barclays Mobile Banking option a particularly fine example. Logging in is a simpler task than accessing the desktop site, with the app just requiring a PIN to access your data. It also cleverly works as a PIN Sentry card reader, ideal for managing Barclays services that need its pain-in-the-arse card reader to grant access.

69. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

Price: free from

There’s only one reason to have the Amazon Appstore on your phone or tablet- free stuff. Amazon is enticing users to stick its alternate Android app store on their devices with the promise of a free app every day, with some classics such as Sega’s ChucChu Rocket and World of Goo featuring as previous daily freebies. The catch is these are unsupported releases, meaning no updates or fixes in the future, but you can’t moan too much about getting some ace freebies every day.

70. Flipboard


Price: Free

Flipboard is pretty much just a posh RSS reader, which does a superb job of pulling text and images from pages, websites and social networks, and presenting it in a gloriously sexy magazine-like manner. The Flipboard app has recently been updated with a full tablet interface style, for the ultimate in glossy media consumption.














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