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Outstanding Mobile Apps – April 2013 (Part 1)
For Android users, there would be nothing strange when it comes to Swiftkey, a simple typing, easy to use virtual keyboard that provides high accuracy and multitouch support (just hit multiple keys at the same time and all strokes will all be recognized).
BlackBerry Z10 - A Contender For The Best Smartphone (Part 2)
BlackBerry’s Z10 keeps quite perfectly the advantages of other previous BlackBerry smartphones, which is good supported in working. If you consider smartphones as tools for working, the Z10 handset is reasonable and there is nothing to blame on it. BlackBerry Hub is smart and efficient with an e-mail application which supports a variety of different types of accounts.
BlackBerry Z10 - A Contender For The Best Smartphone (Part 1)
The Z10 possesses many more new features rather than inherited or improved those of other previous BlackBerry phones. Launched in an event that all technology world paid attention to in late January 2013, the Z10 is the product that expresses Blackberry’s determination to return to the top rank in the phone market.
Smartphone Supertech
With a screen that’s just 0.2in bigger than a Samsung Galaxy S III, the Xperia Z only just qualifies as a phablet but when it’s capable of showing 1920x1080 video on a 440ppi screen, you realize that size isn’t everything. On the back you’ll find a 13MP camera, while a quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM keep it purring along very nicely.
Smart Phones, Smart Savings (Part 3)
It might seem unnecessary to replace a working smart phone at the end of the customary 24-month contract period for most plans. But two factors make it smart to consider spending $200 or so to get a new phone when you’re eligible to do so:
Smart Phones, Smart Savings (Part 2)
When users exceed their data, voice, or texting limits, carriers impose overage charges that can result in shockingly high cellular bills. This year, after prodding by the Federal Communications Commission and Consumers Union, the Advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, CTIA- the Wireless As-association agreed that its member carriers will warn customers via e-mail and text
Smart Phones, Smart Savings (Part 1)
Part of that spending spree came as owners of basic cell phones continued to trade up to their first smart phones, those Web-connected combinations of phone, mini-computer, and micro compact camera. About 70 percent of our readers who responded to our annual survey on cellphone service now own a smart phone, up from about 50 percent only two years ago.
Easy Adoption of Enterprise Mobility
Work is no longer restricted to the office as more and more employees request for work access on their personal smart devices. With such a shift in the work process, it is evident that the ground rules for the fundamental understanding are changing.
Three Recent Arrivals Are Welcome Additions To The Market (Part 3)
In a recent survey of readers who bought a new tablet since 2010, almost one in five bought a service contract or extended warranty for the device. The figure was about one in four for those who bought iPads.
Three Recent Arrivals Are Welcome Additions To The Market (Part 2)
If you’re looking for a more portable and affordable iPad, the iPad Mini delivers, our preliminary tests found. Apple has managed to shrink most of what’s good about the 9.7-inch iPad into a smaller package.
Three Recent Arrivals Are Welcome Additions To The Market (Part 1)
Apple squeezed its highly successful iPad into a more affordable and smaller package, the iPad Mini. Our tests found Apple’s new tablet as good as its larger siblings in almost every respect. We also found it more convenient for reading because it’s smaller and lighter. For details, see the facing page.
Bargain Hunters: Which Device To Get For Your Kids
When the government first announced their plan for a $60 rebate on smartphones, we rejoiced. However, when they revealed an approved list of phones that qualify for this program, we wondered what was going on. Then they backtracked on the list, right after we started on this showdown.
Genius LuxePad 9100 Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard
The Luxepad 9100 is a small keyboard, which can connect to your Windows, Android or iOS based devices via Bluetooth. It's used to control the devices from afar, making it ideal to use across a group of people.
Next-Gen Displays Enabling Super-Friendly Devices (Part 3)
Japan Display showcased a reflective LCD panel with power consumption as low as 3 mW at the time of displaying a still image. The panel has a 17.8cm screen and is targeted at mobile devices that require low power consumption.
Next-Gen Displays Enabling Super-Friendly Devices (Part 2)
Spice king McCormick recent­ly opened its World of Flavors - a 353sq.m complex at the Baltimore In­ner Harbor, in USA, where it has deployed 107cm (42-inch), touch-enabled HP digital signage displays and HP TouchSmart All-in-One PCs.
Next-Gen Displays Enabling Super-Friendly Devices (Part 1)
Interactivity is emerging as a key differentiating factor in the display world, and so are other aspects such as greenness, flexibility, performance, energy consumption and heat dissipation. Sitting in the background, powerful chips and software code are working magic to achieve these and other targets.
Salora Power Maxx Z1
The biggest challenge one faces with the Android smartphones today is the average battery life that hardly lasts a day between charges. Salora, with its first Android offering Power Maxx Z1, has packed in a huge 3200 mAh battery to address this issue and find a USP
Logitech Z553 Speaker System - The Final Frontier
Style is something that we don’t get to talk about properly here. Yes, there’s the odd mention when dealing with smart phones or tablets but it all ends up being the same. Getting to play around with this on the other hand brought an endless amount of good fun.
Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External USB Pro-Gaming Sound Card
An external sound card isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill peripheral. And it isn’t an item that naturally finds its way onto every PC enthusiast’s must-have list. In fact, we wouldn’t exactly have to go out on a limb to say that you might never have seen one in person.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Connecting with Bluetooth (part 2) - Answering and Making Calls with the Headset, Bluetooth Setup Menu Commands
Some Bluetooth headsets support an auto-answer protocol, which will, as it sounds, automatically answer incoming calls and send them right to the headset. This is very helpful when driving or in other situations where you should not be looking at your BlackBerry to answer the call.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Connecting with Bluetooth (part 1) - Using Bluetooth on Your BlackBerry, Pairing Your BlackBerry with a Bluetooth Device
The BlackBerry ships with Bluetooth 2.0 technology. Think of Bluetooth as a short-range wireless technology that allows your BlackBerry to connect to various peripheral devices (headset, speakers, computer, and so on) wirelessly.
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9650 Series : Searching for Lost Stuff
Once you get used to your BlackBerry, you will begin to rely on it more and more. The more you use it, the more information you will store within it. It is truly amazing how much information you can place in this little device.
Darwinism & Technology (Part 2)
Notebooks on the other hand will have to do a bit of soul searching. Do they really need to compete with tablets? One would have to say that they do. However, this competition is seeing a convergence of form. Both are beginning to look more and more like the other. Keyboards for tablets are now extremely commonplace, effectively turning these machines into Android powered Ultrabooks.
Darwinism & Technology (Part 1)
Evolution is the process of randomly adopting traits until you find one that works. It is not an act of suddenly sprouting the necessary physical capacity to walk out of the primordial stew to complain about the traffic. Consumer technology is a lot like biology in this sense. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do with designing touch interface if you want to keep your phone working.
Ninetology Black Pearl II - Quite Pleasing To The Eye
Ninetology, one of those small companies that try to compete with the big boys has made some effort to be cost effective. Indeed, their engineers are reasonably competent as the Black Pearl II won't be setting the world on fire, but you won't throw it across the room in a fit of rage either.
Sony Speria Tablet S - Sony Makes A Comeback
Sony has skinned its tablet a little. When turned on, I am happy to see the cool Xperia wallpaper. The skin on top of Android 4.0 isn’t too heavy, so its operations are ensured to be lag-free. As part of the Sony customization, the first two rows of apps on the home screen are filled with Sony related apps.
The Mayans Were Wrong (Part 2)
The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES2013) should be happening by the time you read this story (in January 2013!). This means that we will be treated to a slew of new fancy devices, some of which that will excite and amuse.
The Mayans Were Wrong (Part 1)
The idea that we are drawn to something new is intimately alien to a species that naturally distrusts anything it cannot comprehend. This is why the tech industry, as a whole, is an aberration to the natural world. We want new things that we don’t understand and have even come to expect it as a given.
Android With Arduino
There must be a lot of people out there who love trying out things with Android, and who spend a lot of time experimenting with it. Here is something for those who love creating things with FOSS and electronic prototyping boards.
ASUS VivoTab – The Heritage Laden
Carrying the similar form factor as its Android cousin, the Transformer, you can think of VivoTab as the reincarnation of the series for Windows 8 inside. Like the Transformer series, the VivoTab comes with a tablet and a keyboard dock.
Meet The Smaller Version Of Samsung GALAXY S III
Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S III mini (S III mini) recently, which is a compact version of the company’s flagship smartphone – the GALAXY S III. This device will be targeted to those who are looking for a more affordable version of the S III.
ASUS VivoTab RT – Beginning Of Something New
Asus is one of the first vendors to send us its version of the Windows 8 RT (Win8 RT) convertible tablet. This represented an interesting experiment to be conducted – judging a piece of hardware on its own merits, without anything else to really compare it to. That is because someone else called dibs on the Acer.
Huawei Ascend G600 - I Wonder Why 600?
As a phone this doesn’t fall very far from the idea of phone-ness. It has the usual square black plastic with Gorilla Glass front. Rounded edges and a textured back complete the device. As is, this is a phone, no doubt about it. There’s little to complain about too.
Smart, But Not Pricey : LG Optimus L7, Nokia Lumia 610, Sony Xperia U, Micromax A90S, BlackBerry Curve 9320, Nokia Lumia 710
The painful, stylus-requiring 2.8-inch resistive displays, with their minimal real estate, have been replaced by capacitive touch displays of 3.5 inches and above. While these displays respond to finger touch and offer more space, the improved display has enhanced the overall user experience.
Acer Iconia W510 - Multi-Faceted Windows Tablet
Windows 8 (Win8) may be the proverbial second coming for Microsoft as they not only released a new operating system after the much revered Windows 7, they also provided the manufacturers with new guidelines that help them create PCs for the Post-PC era.
The Big Show: LG Optimus Vu
When it came to 5in, it’s all about the size and how it is fully utilized. With the Vu, the designers felt it’d be better to focus on being different and standing out even more than the current crop of competitors.
iPhone 5 - First Among Equals
For some, the best just got better. The sixth avatar of the iPhone looks slimmer, slicker, slighter and more svelte and elegant than ever before. Tipping the scales at just 112 gm and a mere 0.3 inches thick, the latest iPhone with its largely aluminum rear panel feels incredibly light but positively solid. And it is anything but plastic KY.
Looking For A Smartphones – Q1 2013
With the buzz around the S III up there with that of an Apple launch, the fourth Galaxy phone is more highly anticipated than Piers Morgan being exiled to deep space. Rumors suggest a flexible display, but we'd be happy with a better camera, improved battery life and a 5in screen.
Otter Grade Protection For Consumer Smartphones
Otterbox is a smartphone accessory manufacturer that specializes in protective casings for select smartphones and tablets. The brainchild of a water sport enthusiast, the company originally made water resistant boxes and casings for iPods.
Audio Technica ATH PRO5MK2 - Devil In The Details
There is a general consensus that Audio Technica makes quality headphones and great audio equipment. This, I have discovered, is true. But there’s more to good headphones than fantastic audio quality.
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