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Galaxy S IV - Sketching A Portrait Of A Giant (Part 1)
The released time of the phones that is worth waiting for, Galaxy S IV, has arrived. In the past few years, we could come across some simmering forums, the non-stop leaked info when the iPhonewas about to be released. But now, the Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone family has received the same welcome, too.
5 Tips To Customize Windows Phone 8 Themes
Earlier, the Home screen of Windows Phone 7 OS has been criticized for being quite boring, as for Android users. User could only pin apps onto the screen and change theme color. But, with Windows Phone 8, Microsoft created a revolution. Windows Phone 8 interface is not widely customizable yet it can be highly personalized.
Microsoft Surface - Under The Spotlight (Part 2)
Fortunate then that it comes with a kickstand, which means it can be used on a desk in landscape mode - similar to any laptop. The kickstand is useless on the couch or in bed, but is a welcome addition for getting work done. Again, Microsoft wants you to know that this is a ‘proper’ computer, not a tablet.
Microsoft Surface - Under The Spotlight (Part 1)
Most importantly, it comes from one of the titans of the technological and corporate world Microsoft. As such, it is an important launch for the entire industry, backed by Microsoft’s big marketing bucks and huge cross over potential.
Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone (Part 4)
A new feature for Windows Phone 8 is Data Sense, which is designed in order to help you store and track your monthly data usage. Currently this feature is exclusive to Verizon Wireless, just as it requires the integration of carrier networks.
Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone (Part 3)
The Lumia 822 is one of the first smartphones on the market coming with Microsoft’s latest mobile OS, Windows Phone 8. Whether you're used to Windows Phone or have not tried it yet, the software is friendly and intuitive, and the setup process is extremely simple.
Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone (Part 2)
Regardless of the Lumia 822’s orientating as a mid-range device, it runs similarly to high-end phone series such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. Since all phones in the Windows Phone 8 roster currently consist of Snapdragon S4 from Qualcomm, you will be unable to realize much difference in this section.
Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone (Part 1)
The Lumia 822 is also rather thick, and we would be urged to suggest that it should lose a little weight - if it does not feel good in the hand. Each of the device controls is arranged to the right, which includes the volume rocker, power button and dual-stage camera button.
4G Has Landed (Part 3) : Apple iPhone 5 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE, HTC One XL, Huawei Ascend Pl LTE
Time, and competition will soon tell, but for now the experience, is mostly exceptional when compared to the existing creaking 3G. Even if you do drop out of 4G reception, it falls back on to 2G/3G quite comfortably, and the devices on offer are of a decent enough quality to make the experience much better than the growing pains experienced by international launches elsewhere.
4G Has Landed (Part 2)
Marc Allera, Chief Sales Officer at EE told What Mobile that the company is expanding its network by 2000 square miles per month, and expects 20 million Britons will have access to 4G by Christmas. EE wants its network to be available to 98% of Britons by 2014.
4G Has Landed (Part 1)
As anyone with a passing interest in mobile technology will have noticed, the UKs first 4G mobile network launched Parlier this month, with much hype and hyperbole. Is it really that revolutionary, and do you need to upgrade?
Samsung Phones Through Ages
From the SH-100, the first ever phone of Korean electronics brands founded in 1988, till now, Samsung has taken a long step in mobile phone field.
The Comparison Among 5 Full-HD Screens
Aquos Zeta of Sharp, despite not possessing Full HD resolution but only HD, still causes impression thanks to the special IGZO-tech LED screen, introduced to be ultrathin but have high display efficiency.
Attractive Apps For Black Berry 10 (Part 2)
It’s a pity that the “creator” of Dropbox still hasn’t released any official version of this app on BB 10 platform. However, BlackBerry fans are somewhat “comforted” with the quite interesting app named Connect to Dropbox.
Attractive Apps For Black Berry 10 (Part 1)
The new OS of Blackberry is said to have more than 70,000 apps, a relatively high number of new OS; however, it’s hard to win the heart of the users compared to Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 8) : Sony Xperia U, Vodatone Smart 2, Sony Xperia Tipo, ZTE Grand X
The Sony Xpena U is a pleasing device to use, with few notable weaknesses other than its slightly lackluster camera and limited storage. It would be a decent handset even if it was sold for a higher price, so compared to similarly-priced devices it is way ahead of the game in terms of performance and usability.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 7) : Samsung Galaxy S Advance, Samsung Galaxy S Ill, Sony Xperia Go, Sony Xperia P
The Sony Xperia S has some stellar features, including an excellent 12-Megapixel camera and the ability to record ultra- sharp hi-def video in 1080p Full F{D. Add a design that capably helps it to stand out from the crowd, as well as the quirky NFC tag accessories, and the Xperia S is by far the best phone in Sony’s Android range.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 6) : Orange San Francisco II, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Samsung Galaxy Beam
While Samsung’s Galaxy Beam can’t quite compete with the best rivals at this price, it is surprisingly capable and exceeded our expectations. With its decent performance, stunning screen and strong build quality, it ticks many boxes. And the built-in projector is far more useful than we expected, letting you beam photos, videos, work files and more at up to 50-inches in size.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 5) : Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 920
The latest in Nokia’s range of Windows Phones, the Lumia 900 packs style, usability and features to help it stand out from the crowd. While the present limitations of its operating system, such as a limited selection of apps and an occasionally confusing interface, might deter expert users, it’s still a fantastic choice for anyone after an eye-catching alternative to the huge amount of rival Android handsets.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 4) : LG Optimus 4X HD, Motorola RAZR i, Nokia 808 PureView
With its staggering 41-Megapixel camera and unbeatable range of photography features, there’s no denying that Nokia’s 808 PureView is by far the world’s best camera phone. It’s just a shame that its use of the antiquated Symbian Belle OS and its high price mark this beautiful handset out as an almost guaranteed sales failure.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 3) : HTC One X+, HTC Windows 8X, Huawei Ascend Pi
The One X+ is a strange beast, a minor update on the already excellent HTC One X. The processor gets boosted to a Tegra 3 Quad-core 1.7GHz, and it gets a newer version of Android, but that’s about it. The jump over its predecessor probably doesn’t justify the price hike.
9 Common Questions About HTC One
Let’s experience the most common questions about HTC One to be able to equip yourself with the general knowledge about the super product. Who knows you will be the next lucky person to have a chance to own one of the most “blockbuster” smartphone lines at present?
8 Most Desirable Phones In The World
Despite not possessing giant configuration, these super products for the rich always make tech followers be dying for. Made from the supper-expensive materials, the details are made manually together with limited shipment, everyone would realize that the owners of these things have a fortune.
Tablets Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 2)
With many new tablets opting for a large 10-inch screen, along with the increased footprint it requires, the HTC Flyer looks like a breath of fresh air. And the digital pen it comes with gives it an edge. However, it doesn’t come with the designed for tablet 3.0 Honeycomb version of Android and it also lacks a dual-core processor.
Tablets Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 1)
While an impressive enough device for its cutthroat-cheap price, the fact that users are locked into Amazon’s App Store (and locked out of the Google Play Store) means that it is only really useful for those who want to do little more than watch movies and read books.
Nokia Lumia 820 - Windows Phone with Wireless Charging
Nokia made a splash with its first Windows Phone 8 handset, but despite its talents, the Lumia 920 was bulky, battery life was below average and it was too expensive. Nokia has addressed these concerns with the Lumia 820, a mid-range phone that’s trimmer and lighter and much better for it.
iPad Keyboard Cases Selection
The ZAGGkeys PROplus suffers from the same design flaw as the Logitech Ultrathin – there are no rubber feet on its underside, so it slides on smooth surfaces. Also, the slot in which the iPad rests isn’t magnetized which risks the iPad jumping free, although it survived our bumpy train journey.
HTC Windows Phone 8X For T-Mobile - What Makes It Different?
You have seen it two times before and you will see it two more times. It is HTC's Windows Phone 8X, a Microsoft’s representative for all mobile things that use the Live Tile interface, and now it is available on T-Mobile.
Sony Xperia J - Stylish Android Smartphone
It’s a trick of trade as old as time: get some attention with the top end model, then sell people whatever version of it they can afford, with the luxury features stripped out. This is one of the more banal we’ve seen in a while. At a glance, the Xperia J looks like a shrunken Sony Xperia T, the phone you might have seen Daniel Craig using in the latest Bond film.
Vodafone Smart Tab 2 – Hard To Buy
Standing at 192mm tall, 122mm wide and a 11.5 millimeters thick, the ‘Smart Tab 2 is Vodafone’s second attempt at an own-branded tablet albeit we never saw the first in the UK. The Lenovo manufactured gadget weighs in at a reasonably hefty 400 grams and if it has one true draw card, it’s that it is a very attractive affair physically, with a plain black front that shows of off the 7” screen and a stylishly textured off- black rear that will make it resistant to accidental drops.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 2)
Packing a beautifully stylish design, great usability and loads of features, such as Beats Audio and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, HTC’s Desire C is a fantastic entry-level smartphone. Only its slightly limited performance lets it down, but considering it costs less than $300 SIM-free, it’s to be expected, making this fantastic handset the perfect choice for anyone after a great smartphone on a tight budget.
Mobile Phones Buying Guide – April 2013 (Part 1)
BlackBerry creator, RIM, has fallen on troubled times, with deflating shares and its next-generation BlackBerry 05 10 not set to appear until the end of the year. In the meantime it is pushing the Bold 9790, a slimmer version of its successful QWERTY smartphone for business professionals. If you demand a BlackBerry, this is the one to get, as its thin frame, excellent keyboard and sharp screen all add to the package.
Samsung Galaxy Note II In-Depth Review (Part 6)
By notifying that the Note II has a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 with 2GB RAM and a Mali-400MP GPU to help with everything, the reviewed performance section has almost written itself. We always like Exynos, but it is great to see that it fostered the new frontiers- in this case four cores on a smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Note II In-Depth Review (Part 5)
Based on what we have known about the similarity of the Note II and the Galaxy S III, would it be a shock if both of them had nearly the same camera? Thanks to a little help from Supercurio, we have studied and discovered the two phones are using the same rear camera module (known in the code as s5c73m3).
Samsung Galaxy Note II In-Depth Review (Part 4)
Keep seeing the list of hover-friendly additions, this time you can use the S Pen to scroll up and down on a list or a page. In other words, now it's just a matter of holding the pen directly on the top or bottom of the screen that can be scrolled. Obviously, it seems like the advertising tips and it is unnecessary, but we found we had to use this feature more often than you thought.
Samsung Galaxy Note II In-Depth Review (Part 3)
The jewel of any Note device is the accompanying stylus (we know, we are not allowed to call it that), also known as the S Pen, and Samsung continues to improve it with each new version.
Samsung Galaxy Note II In-Depth Review (Part 2)
The Note II screen has won a separate section because it is slightly different. We're not only talking about the fact that the new version uses a larger screen with a fewer pixels than the original version: there are many more things than what meets the eyes (at least the naked eyes).
Samsung Galaxy Note II In-Depth Review (Part 1)
Samsung's first attack on the smartphone segment larger than 5 inches came in the form of the Galaxy Note. It differs from most phones we saw earlier: first, it is very large, and related to the use of pen, a very outdated concept at that time.
Excellent Features From NFC Technology
Currently, the NFC technology has become much more common and is applied on most modern smartphones. The NFC technology can be used effectively to support the retail payment transactions, to exchange information and other forms of digital exchanges.
Outstanding Mobile Apps – April 2013 (Part 2)
If you have been too bored with the default weather forecast app on iOS, this will be an option that could not be better for you. This weather app is based on the idea to bring the colorful visual images to users, so the figures display is carefully refined. It is for sure you will immediately be attracted.
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