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When It Is (& Isn’t) A Good Time To Update Your Smartphone
It is the best of times and it is the worst of times to own a smartphone. Without a doubt, today’s smartphone users benefit from an explosion of available apps and more computing power than what many PCs had just a few years ago. But it is also a difficult time when trying to decide if you need an upgrade.
Software for Your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – June 2013
AgileBit’s 1Password 4 is a password management software that works by creating a virtual “vault” where you can save sensitive information such as passwords, credit card and bank account numbers, passport data, and software keys. My favorite interface feature is a built-in browser that allows you to navigate the Web and that lets the app automatically fill in forms for you using your secure data.
The Best Way To Charge Your Mobile Device
Charge with the original charger will save you time and ensure safety for your device. In addition, users should consider carefully before using any other devices' charger or charging through USB port.
Go Mobile - 10 Keys To Employee Mobility
There’s no arguing that mobile devices, mobile solutions, and mobility in general have permanently changed how companies and workers conduct business. The harsh reality for companies yet to arm their employees with mobile devices and solutions is that the longer they wait to do so the farther they fall behind the competition.
Nokia Lumia 520 - Great Display Screen And Good Performance (Part 2)
Specifically, users just need to open the Photobeamer application and select photos to share. Then use a computer to open web page, the screen will display a QR code symbol. Just scan the QR code with your phone and those pictures will appear on the computer screen without having to plug in a USB cable to copy the data.
Nokia Lumia 520 - Great Display Screen And Good Performance (Part 1)
Nokia had just introduced the cheapest smartphone Lumia 520 using Windows Phone 8. Its price is about $192, which is as much as 25% of the high-end phone Lumia 920. Although it has a low price, it does not mean that Lumia 520 is bad design and poor quality.
Smartphone Tips - Quick Advice For Simple Problems (Part 2)
If you’re weary of unintentionally making pop-up menus appear on your keyboard-based BlackBerry smartphone, there’s an easy fix: turn off pop-up menus. Select the Options icon on the Home screen. Select Typing And Language and then Touchscreen Sensitivity.
Smartphone Tips - Quick Advice For Simple Problems (Part 1)
If you’re waiting for an important email but don’t want to have to keep looking at your Windows Phone 7 device, you can temporarily set up an email tone. To do this, select Start and Settings, tap Ringtones & Sounds, and tap Sound in the New Email section.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 7)
As smartphone is becoming more and more similar, Asus keeps bringing the changes and real excitement to the market. The first Transformer Pad is not an instant success, but the next coming appearance helps Asus solidifying its position in the tablet market.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 6)
Simply speaking, PadFone 2 is one of the most elegant phones that we have ever used. Android experience is enhanced by the very high-speed response time of the touchscreen with the speed of 65ms, which is obviously faster than the One X and Galaxy S III. What we learnt from the first hands-on at least is that it is much quicker than the original version, especially when you type with the new artificial keyboard of Asus.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 5)
Naturally, there are some new apps on the PadFone 2: Asus Studio, Instant Dictionary and MyBitCast. The enhanced version of the Gallery is the Asus Studio indeed, because you are allowed to look over the photos and watch videos by folders, time, locations (on Google aps) or album tags, needless to speak that the magazine-like layout.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 4)
Quite similar to the original PadFone, its successor provides nice Ice Cream Sandwich experience on both the phone and the tablet; and we are sure that this sane thing will happen for the upcoming Jelly Bean.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 3)
With the smaller battery, the removal of the battery LED indicator and the new 13-pin MHL socket at the bottom (which because of some reasons is up-side down compared to that of PadFone 2) of course helps achieving the lighter weight.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 2)
A solid aluminum frame surrounds all of these things and this frame is also adorned by some buttons just like before. This time, the place for the power button has been switched from the left to the right, right on the volume rocker. These are two of the specific buttons of the first version of PadFone.
Asus PadFone 2 - The Attraction Of The Phone-In-Tablet Combination (Part 1)
Let’s start with the key specifications. By powering PadFone 2 with the newest and most wonderful Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 from Qualcomm, a 28nm, SoC 1.5GHz quad-core which is based on the Krait structure , Asus has become the third manufacturer that provides the APQ8064 for phones after LG Optimus G (which has been reviewed recently) and Pantech Vega R3, and it is succeed by Xiami Phone 2 in China and HTC J Butterfly in Japan.
Creative Edge iPhone Movie Makers - Small Screen, Big Picture (Part 2)
Having more than one iPhone can help here: I made a point of always positioning one close to the person being filmed, picking up even the quietest speech and the odd bit f spontaneous singing from my subject. If you were taking a long shot with dialogue, the same approach could be used, or you could bring a dedicated digital recorder such as a Zoom.
Creative Edge iPhone Movie Makers - Small Screen, Big Picture (Part 1)
The iPhone is the movie camera for the rest of us. See how we and other award- winners are using it and what you can add for pro results
Faster, Smarter Customer Reach
A billboard advertisement for a luxury sports car you were dreaming about catches your eye as you wait in line for a taxi. The ad displays a website URL for information about a test drive, which you copy onto your smartphone by physically pressing it against the display.
Mobile Business Intelligence (Part 2)
Many vendors offer mobile versions of their desktop-based business intelligence solutions, some of which are simply mobile views while others are native applications, so that would be a good place to start. But depending on what types of information you are trying to collect, you might wonder whether or not you can get the functionality you need from a packaged BI suite or if you’ll need to invest in individualized solutions.
Mobile Business Intelligence (Part 1)
Business intelligence is nothing new to many organizations, and desktop-based solutions have been around for quite some time. One thing is new, though: Vendors that have built out their desktop BI offerings have also been working on mobile-based solutions.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - First-ever Paperwhite Display (Part 3)
At the top of the home screen, you will see a black toolbar with the name of your Kindle (It's "Brian's 3rd Kindle" for me - I always prefer something more interesting like BattleBook for example), wireless connection (3G), battery percentage and time.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - First-ever Paperwhite Display (Part 2)
You also immediately understand the "White" of this whole Paperwhite proposition. While the screen of GlowLight has a bluish tint, Kindle Paperwhite deserves more of a Timex comparison. Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you get our point: the new Kindle's lighting allows for significantly whiter pages than what you'll find on the Nook and most E Ink displays.
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - First-ever Paperwhite Display (Part 1)
If you had told us this time last year that the e-reader race would be heating up going into the 2012 holiday season, we would not agree. If so, 2011 may seem like the beginning of the end. Encouraged by the tablet boom, companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and even Kobo were looking toward that space for inspiration, by introducing advanced device that reading is just one of many features.
Consumerization Strategies (Part 2)
It’s crucial to create strict BYOD policies that limit the risks associated with consumerization, but that can’t be your only course of action. After all, if you give your employees free rein on your network with only mere suggestions to contain their activities, many users will simply do what they think is right.
Consumerization Strategies (Part 1)
BYOD is becoming a way of life, so it’s not a matter of whether or not you’ll support consumerization and the influx of employee-owned devices, it’s a matter of how much support you’ll provide. DeBeasi says is starts with something as simple as determining whether or not employees should be able to contact the help desk for personal device support, but it doesn’t stop there.
Analysis iPhone Growth Strategy
Where Apple stages relatively low-key launches and relies on bloggers and the press to generate buzz, Samsung was determined to make sure no-one would be able to ignore the S4, whether they wanted to or not
Accessories And Add-Ons For Your iOS Devices – June 2013
If you watch a lot of video or use FaceTime often, this lightweight iPhone case/stand/holster combo could come in handy. The rubberized case’s kickstand lets you prop up your iPhone in landscape or portrait orientation for easy viewing.
Share Movies Online With YouTube Capture For iOS
Many shoot-and-share-video options are available via the Apple App Store. But none of them had YouTube in its name until now. Google, the parent of YouTube, which is practically synonymous with home-made video, has released YouTube Capture (, a free app for shooting and sharing video on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Windows Phone 8 Group Test – June 2013 (Part 4)
The performance of these phones was tested using two browser-based benchmarks: the SunSpider test evaluated JavaScript speed, and the Peacekeeper benchmark was a more demanding HTML 5-based evaluation.
Windows Phone 8 Group Test – June 2013 (Part 3) : Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 920
The Lumia 820 is a midrange phone, but Nokia has kitted it out with the same Snapdragon S4 used in its more expensive 920 and HTC's Windows Phone 8X. That means exceptional benchmark scores: the 820's SunSpider result of 906ms is the best in this test, and the Nokia's Peacekeeper result of 341 is also the best here - even if it's only one point ahead of the HTC Windows Phone 8X.
Windows Phone 8 Group Test – June 2013 (Part 2) : Huawei Ascend W1, Nokia Lumia 620
Huawei is a new name on British shores, but the Chinese manufacturer wants to be a big player in smartphones. The Ascend W1 is its new Windows Phone 8 handset, and it's the cheapest phone here by some distance: its SIM-free price of $198 undercuts the $275 HTC Windows Phone 8S by some distance and, on contract, it costs just f 13-per-month.
Windows Phone 8 Group Test – June 2013 (Part 1) : HTC Windows Phone 8S, HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC's effort, the Windows Phone 8S, makes a striking first impression. Our review sample is decorated with a two-tone grey and yellow color scheme. It’s downright ugly but, thankfully, HTC sells the 8S in several other schemes - the black and blue, blue and white, and bright-orange schemes all look far better.
Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Review (Part 5)
The Surface is available in two versions, one with a pre-installed 32GB and one with 64GB. The 32GB version starts at %499. The basic kit does not include the keyboard, but at $599, you can have it in the box. Regarding the 64GB model, Microsoft is selling it as a package with the Touch Cover at $699.
Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Review (Part 4)
From the Start Screen, you can start typing to search for something – a trick you can use on the Windows Store’s home screen. On the desktop, the windows feel more 2D plane, meaning that the old borders is something from the past. By default, everything proves to be more finger-friendly than your average Windows desktop, with the bigger buttons and menu options.
Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Review (Part 3)
Underneath it, the Surface runs on 2GB RAM and a quad-core Nvidia Tegra T30 chip, the similar SoC power that powers Windows RT tablets, like the Asus RT ViVoTab. Since we do not know any specific examination only for this operating system, we will say this: the Tegra 3 processor is more than capable of handling the Live Tiles and Modern UI in Windows RT.
Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Review (Part 2)
When the Surface for RT was first released, Microsoft refused to confirm the screen resolution of the tablet. Now we can understand why: if the people know that it is only 1,366x768 pixels, they can look down on it because there is no screen 1920x1200 or better. That would be a pity, as any enthusiast digital camera will let you know, there are many things related to image quality than resolution.
Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Review (Part 1)
When Microsoft introduced the Surface tablet series with a top-secret and flashy event in Los Angeles, it did not only mark the beginning of a new (and extremely important) phase in the company's history, it also marked the reusing of a name that was quite familiar to us – under the guise of a large table.
How To Manage Android Devices Via Wi-Fi Connectivity
Just connect the Android device and the computer to the same Wi-Fi hotspot, SnapPea, Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi will help users manage data on their Android device easier.
HTC Desire U - Beautiful Display And Smart Features
The HTC Desire U is appropriate for those who prefer stability and durability. The device combines beautiful display, eye-catching interface and many smart features that have been integrated.
App-Etizing Choices For The Road
It seems there’s an endless variety of smart phone apps for drivers, form ones sniffing out cheap gas to those with hang-holding turn-by-turn directions. We’ve found these six-which are free, or a mere dollar or two-quite useful. But, don’t let ANY app distract you from driving and jeopardize your safety
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