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Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone - Is It The Greatest Phone Ever? (Part 1)
The Samsung Galaxy S4 ($699) is the most hotly anticipated smartphone ever from the Korean brand, and with a glut of top end features, it’s the most powerful and desirable device Samsung has created yet. One of the most impressive things about the phone is the fact the size hasn’t changed from its predecessor - the Galaxy S4 comes in at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, meaning there’s no extra heft to try and work with in your palm.
Samsung Galaxy S4 - As Theatrical As It Gets!
The phone has 5-inch full HD Super AMOLED; 1,920x1,080 screen, at 441 pixels per inch. The phone boasts a 2600 mAh battery and is a notable improvement over the S III's 2100 mAh battery. The S4 comes armed with an impressive array of sensors, including infrared, humidity, and temperature, to name a few. T
Smartphone Sony Xperia Z (16GB) Review (Part 2)
Sony seems to have finally got the balance right between tweaking Android and making it easy to dive into its media portals. That’s before we even mention its stellar performance, thanks to the quad-core Qualcomm chip running the show.
Smartphone Sony Xperia Z (16GB) Review (Part 1)
Sony’s jump to a Full HD display is obvious to the naked eye when working with high-res images and text. Web pages and eBooks are rendered beautifully and at 443ppi (pixels per inch), the Z’s display puts plenty of breathing room between itself and rivals like the 326ppi iPhone 5.
Karbonn A9+ - Surprisingly Brilliant
SIM Cards slotted in, Micro SD card fixed and we were all set to test the phone. Starting with the basics, the calling function works like a charm and the sound quality was perfect on both ends. The 5 megapixel camera offers great performance in both daytime and during the night (thanks to the LED flash).
Mobile Phones Have Changed the World
Mobile World Congress kicked off with the ex­pected fanfare at Barcelona on 25th February. We visited the event with high hopes from some of the best brands and we were not disappointed. From flourishing exhibitions to innovative products, there was buzz all across the venue for all 4 days.
Nokia Lumia 720 - Windows Phone 8 with Long Battery Life
The Lumia 720 sports a distinctively plastic finish, but the unibody design means the Lumia 720 has a solid construction giving it a reassuring presence in the hand - although there’s not much grip to be had. At 128g it is a decent weight and it’s a well-balanced handset providing a relatively comfortable hold.
Nokia's Lumia 920 - The Windows 8 Star
The super-smartphone competition just got hotter with the launch of the Lumia series from Nokia and the 920 is the flagship, which is ready to lead from the front. With a dual-core processor that can easily keep up with the droids quad-core line-up, the Lumia 920 is set to make things a lot more interesting.
Samsung Galaxy Grand - Splendid Within A Budget
Samsung aimed towards creating a phone aiming at the $360 category with specs that would be a mixture of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 and thus Galaxy Grand was born!
Battle Of The Superphones - Bigger, Better, Bolder! (Part 2)
The Galaxy S4 has a plethora of cool features that were showcased during their amusing presentation, including dual-camera mode and moving images. Whereas some of these features might be a bit gimmicky, but there is no denying the fact that the 13MP snapper on this S4 is really good, but low-light performance might not be as great as the HTC, which seemingly has the Ultrapixel advantage.
Battle Of The Superphones - Bigger, Better, Bolder! (Part 1)
The theatrical manner in which Samsung announced their latest and greatest mobile phone to an amused audience should only make you wonder I what is going on in the world of smartphones. During the entire 2 hour or so presentation, not once did Samsung mention anything about Android, the quad-core (US version) and octa-core (International version) CPU, the 2GB of RAM or any such awesome spec.
HTC One Phone - A Spectacular Piece Of Engineering
HTC claimed that the camera in its new phone can capture 300% more light than the cameras in existing phones. It can also produce better HDR pictures and videos. Just like the camera in Lumia 920, the camera in HTC One features optical image stabilization. Considering that HTC have announced the phone a week before one of the largest events in the mobile industry - The Mobile World Congress, this must be considered as a bold move.
Huawei Ascend W1 - An Excellent Windows Phone
The Ascend W1 does feel a bit bezel-heavy especially below the display, with the three navigation keys housed in a sea of black coupled with the chassis peeking out below. This adds extra length to the W1, but it’s not too much hassle in terms of the size as the W1 measures a manageable 124.5 x 63.7mm.
It Is All About "10" For Blackberry In 2013
Blackberry have also announced a device with a keyboard that will hit the shelves in April, called the Q10 (possibly the internationally branded X10) and confirmed Ranbir Kapoor as their new brand ambassador. So here is what we thinks about the new Blackberry OS 10.
All That You Need To Know About The App Universe
Nokia was probably the first ones to create phones that were Java based and allowed third party app installations on its devices. You must have heard about J2ME in the early 2000's. This is probably what led to the birth of the app industry.
Best Anti-Theft Apps For Your Smartphones
This app for Android phones helps you track your stolen or lost Android phone. Anti Theft Droid uses the built-in tracking feature of your smartphone to locate it through an internet connection and a browser. Once you install this application on to your phone, you can login into your authorized account at its official website to track the device.
BWC 7” HD Tablet - Super Slim and Light 7 Inch Android Tablet
The budget tablet market is awash with devices vying for your attention, and the latest to enter the fray is from BWC. At seven inches, the tablets utilizes the standard black slab look, but with a wide bezel encompassing the slightly odd 1,024 x 600 resolution screen.
BWC RazerThin 10 Inch HD - Widescreen Android Tablet
The first thing you'll notice about the BWC RazerThin is the complete absence of any major features on its front or back. The familiar black slab look is in full effect here, just like the 7” offering, but the metallic back is a welcome addition.
Acer Iconia Tab A510 - The Most Comfortable Tablet
The action is all powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, which is backed up by 1GB of RAM, and there’s a healthy 32GB of on-board storage for all your digital files. This can be increased by up to 32GB more by making use of the microSD.
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
The Asus Transformer Prime was the breakout device showing how a tablet and a keyboard could be fused together in a decent package.
Sony Xperia Go - A Mid-Range Smartphone
Sony’s first rugged handset since ditching Ericsson as its partner, the Sony Xperia Go has taken a number of design hints from its fellow Android Xperia-branded siblings, lining up with an appealing aesthetic that detracts from the hard-wearing rugged nature of the svelte smartphone.
Sony Xperia Tipo - Android Touch Phone
The Sony Xperia Tipo is the latest addition to the Xperia smartphone range, and it’s undoubtedly the baby of the family. It comes in at around $150, with an 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 2.5GB of storage, 3.2MP camera and a 3.2-inch 320 x 480 display.
Vodafone Smart II - A Breakthrough Smartphone For The Mass Market
The Vodafone Smart 2 costs just $105 and comes in grey or white. The company has upped the dreadful screen resolution of its predecessor and raised the specs.
ZTE Grand X - A Premium High Specification Android Smartphone
ZTE has big ambitions to join the likes of HTC and Samsung at the top of the Android pile, and the ZTE Grand X is the company’s biggest statement of intent yet. With stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, the Grand X sets out to give you a lot of bangs for not a lot of bucks.
Kogan Agora - A Big Screen Android Mobile
Dual-SIM support is rare enough in any handset and to see it pop up in such a low-cost phone is a real treat. The software support for a double SIM setup is good and you could easily combine work and home SIMs, or save the second slot for the cheap local SIM you buy when you are travelling and don’t want to get stung by roaming costs. It’s a nice option to have.
LG Optimus 4X HD - A Slate, Multi-Touch Smartphone
LG really needed to do something to keep up with the power and popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, so it’s joined the quad-core gang with the LG Optimus 4X HD - but is it too little, too late?
Motorola Razr Maxx - Extended Phone Battery Life
The Motorola RAZR Maxx is the same phone as the Motorola RAZR, albeit with a more powerful battery and a slightly bulkier chassis. We gave the original RAZR four stars and everything we liked about that handset can be found here. Even though you lose some of the slender goodness, the benefit of having a larger battery is quite clear.
Orange San Diego - The First Phone To Sport The Intel Medfield Chip
The Orange San Diego is a budget handset with Intel’s new Atom processor inside. While it can hold its own with the majority of high-end smartphones in terms of performance, question marks over battery life and the fiddly operating system make it hard to recommend.
HTC One - Great For Music-Lovers (Part 3)
The HTC One runs Android 4.1.2 with HTC’s Sense 5 skin. It’s a vast improvement over previous versions of Sense. It’s quicker and lighter than in the past, the cartoony graphics have been largely replaced by a more mature styling and there’s far less bloat.
HTC One - Great For Music-Lovers (Part 2)
Even though HTC has made the One about much more than its core specs, the device is still bleeding edge and still holds its own against all. There’s a quad-core Krait processor clocked at 1.7GHz, Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB of RAM, which all help things move along as smoothly as possible.
HTC One - Great For Music-Lovers (Part 1)
The power button is located on the top-left of the phone, and is a little hard to reach. However, it doubles up as an IR port you can use to control your TV. It's one of the most welcome additional features we've seen in some time
Huawei Ascend P1 Android Smartphone
The Ascend P1 is a brave new step for Huawei, a company that has been quietly making budget smartphones for years and has produced some impressive network-branded phones for Orange in the past.
Blackberry Z10 - It’s Up Against Some Tough Competition
Unlike many BlackBerry handsets, the Z10 doesn’t have a physical keyboard; all input is made using its touchscreen. Physically, it’s a fairly uninspiring black rectangle with rounded corners, but it feels tough. There’s no flex at all in the body, and the rubber rear means you’re unlikely to drop it.
Galaxy S4 - Make Your Life Richer, Simpler, And More Fun (Part 3)
The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a stunning five-inch, 1080p AMOLED display, with a pixel density on a par with the Sony Xperia Z, considerably higher than on the iPhone 5, and bested only by the HTC One, which packs the same resolution into a 4.7-inch panel.
Galaxy S4 - Make Your Life Richer, Simpler, And More Fun (Part 2)
There are times when you can’t touch your phone to make or receive a call or send a text. When driving or if your hands are full of paint after a decorating session, make use of air gestures and Smart Call Accept.
Galaxy S4 - Make Your Life Richer, Simpler, And More Fun (Part 1)
It was seen as the most threatening answer to the iPhone yet, and as all of those who have got hold of Samsung’s much-hyped handset will confirm, there is little in the way of disappointment with the Galaxy S4.
Google Nexus 7 - Thin, Light, And Designed For Google Play
The Google Nexus 7 is a diminutive device, weighing in at just 340g and coming with a 7-inch IPS screen that packs 1,280 x 800 pixels to give it a sharp HD resolution. Not only that but you can get your hands on one of these little filibusters for less than $240 for an 8GB version; an extra $60 bags you 16GB of storage.
Group Test - Mid-Range Maestros (Part 4) : Motorola RAZR i, Motorola RAZR I specs
What really sets the Motorola RAZR i apart from the competition is the Intel processor that powers the device. It blitzes through most everyday tasks and handles even the most complex tasks with absolute ease
Group Test - Mid-Range Maestros (Part 3) : HTC One SV
HTC has implemented Beats Audio into the One SV, offering users a chance to listen to their favorite tunes in crystal-clear high-quality. The speakers on either side of the SV are also great for sound
Group Test - Mid-Range Maestros (Part 2) : Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
The Galaxy S3 Mini is a carbon copy, albeit smaller, of the much bigger Galaxy S3 and for the most part it works well. Samsung has adopted its usual plastic chassis onto the Mini, and although the device may look metallic in parts, it isn't.
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