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Acer CloudMobile - Ambitious Android Phone (Part 1)
It's been a while since we reviewed a smartphone from Acer. However, the current model - CloudMobile S500 – might not completely unfamiliar for its debut at MWC in spring. This time Acer shows us a thinner, more beautiful, more design-conscious phone, one that is not only about the nice look.
Huawei MediaPad 10 Tablet Review (Part 2)
Avoiding the Tegra 3 SoC that is available on many other Android tablets, Huawei used a homegrown chipset, the K3V2. It is a custom CPU that was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress, and then used in Ascend D Quad. In fact, four Cortex-A9 cores running at 1.4GHz will work without any problems.
Huawei MediaPad 10 Tablet Review (Part 1)
Until the end of Huawei’s Mobile World Congress press event last February, the company leaders made ​​a brief mention of a upcoming 10-inch, quad-core tablet. With the media in attendance, it was an overview of the best case and a dangling hardware "carrot", there was no doubt.
HTC Butterfly - Smartphone With Full HD Display
The Butterfly is the international version of the Butterfly J, the first smartphone with Full HD display in the world which was exclusively dedicated for the Japanese market, introduced by HTC in October, 2012.
Top Mind Mapping Tools For Android
Mind mapping can be done on a piece of paper or on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. Here’s a look at five open source mind mapping tools used on Android.
Ultra-portable Devices Eat Into The Legacy PC Market (Part 3)
Unlike smartphones, tablets tend to have fewer form factors, practically limited to either 25.4 cm (10”) or 17.78 cm (7”). These cater to different audiences and changing work conditions whether you are on the go or relaxing on the couch. Tablets have become more of a style statement and a gateway to efficient Web browsing and eBook reading.
Ultra-portable Devices Eat Into The Legacy PC Market (Part 2)
This comes with the home-brewed Exynos Quad-Core processors based on Cortex A9 cores and is one of the most feature-rich and powerful phones to own. To top it all, there're a plethora of accessories that you can get from the market.
Ultra-portable Devices Eat Into The Legacy PC Market (Part 1)
Ultra-portable devices have taken the market by storm, eating into the legacy PC market. With the increasing popularity of Android as a platform, vendors are churning out a plethora of devices to choose from. This article aims to guide you on the best available.
Explore The Limits Of Your Android Device
A new and ingenious hack is claiming to offer significant speed boosts to most rooted Android devices. It is called Seeder, and is available as a paid app from the Play store or for free from XDA Developers.
Ten Cool Custom Android ROMs (Part 2)
FoxHound is a Samsung ROM specific to the Galaxy S3, which is based on the latest stable Jelly Bean sources. It offers you the latest and best, along with proprietary features like pop-up play, smart stay, etc. Also, as opposed to AOSP ROMs – Bluetooth, NFC, TV-Out, Dock, etc, work flawlessly.
Ten Cool Custom Android ROMs (Part 1)
With the current availability of advanced quadcore devices, and the immense customisation capabilities built in with Android ICS and Jelly Bean, the ROMing scene has shot up in popularly, with almost every enthusiast with just basic technical skills trying ROMs like CyanogenMod.
Beyond 4.2 – Extra Features In CyanogenMod
You’ve flashed CyanogenMod 10.1 and your phone is now running Android 4.2. You’re now fully equipped to enjoy the new keyboard, lock screen widgets, improved notifications and all the other small but very welcome improvements seen in the most recent version of the OS.
iOS SDK : Property Lists and Archiving - Archiving
You can only serialize and deserialize property list objects. Moreover, all of a property list object’s constituent objects must also be property list objects. This limitation hinders the usefulness of property lists.
iOS SDK : Property Lists and Archiving - An iOS Application’s Directory Structure, Property Lists
The easiest way to save your application’s preferences if you’re managing them within your application is using a property list. If an object can be serialized, you can persist it to a file using a path or URL. You can also reconstitute the object by reading it from the file.
Sony Xperia Z - A Water-Resistant Full HD Smartphone (Part 2)
It’s seeable that the screen now can be unlocked by up-swiping plus curtain effect, not through vertical-swiping. Inside, the home screen shows icons. There’re not many changes in widgets but Notification bar has been innovated, integrated with shortcuts for fast-switching between settings.
Sony Xperia Z - A Water-Resistant Full HD Smartphone (Part 1)
Xperia Z owns a 5in Full HD display delivering 441ppi pixel density. In comparison with last year’s Xperia models, Xperia Z was upgraded with quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (1.5GHz) and 2GB of RAM. Besides, the camera uses a new 13MP Exmor RS sensor capable of capturing video in HDR mode.
Last Call For Blackberry? (Part 2)
BlackBerry’s saving grace could be BlackBerry 10. This first new OS from BlackBerry in years offers better video support than Windows Phone 8, better messaging than Android, and more elegant graphics than Apple’s iOS. It’s secure and manageable for businesses, and it’ll be available on all four major U.S. carriers.
Last Call For Blackberry? (Part 1)
It was once called the “CrackBerry”. Five years ago, a BlackBerry smartphone was a necessary accessory for anyone who hoped to be taken seriously in the business world. But Canada’s finest stuttered and stumbled after more advanced phones too k the stage, realizing too late the importance of touch, the value of apps, and the willingness of working people around the world to bring their own Androids and iPhones into the office.
Samsung Galaxy Beam - Stay For The Projector (Part 3)
If by any chance that you can see the silicon inside, you will now that the Beam does not intend to pleased high-end users. It packs a NovaThor U8500 dual-core 1GHz (Cortex-A9 45nm, 32bit processor) with 768MB Ram and GPU Mali-400.
Samsung Galaxy Beam - Stay For The Projector (Part 2)
With this device, you can project movies and images with the size up to 50 inches, and maintain the definition at the distance of 6 feet to the wall or ceiling that you are projecting onto. We were quite satisfied with the general performance: the video quality was maintained stably and the audio was also very smooth, so the voices appeared in time.
Samsung Galaxy Beam - Stay For The Projector (Part 1)
With a stream, which seems to be endless, of luxury phones pouring in the market at the edge of the holiday season, it can be possible that some devices serving narrower customer ranges be /neglected. Of course, Samsung Galaxy Beam unfortunately drops into this case, because it consists of the built-in Pico Texas Instrument DLP projector.
Asus PadFone - A 3-In-1 Solution For You
Almost a year after it was released worldwide, Asus decided to finally launch the PadFone in India. The timing could not have felt more strange, as the PadFone 2 was already out worldwide and in a month of PadFone being out in India, the sequel came swaying in.
Ubuntu Arrives For Touch Phones (Part 3)
The makers of Raspberry Pi have been constantly on their toes to make learning a wholesome experience. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has already launched a 'Quick Start Guide' for the small-sized computer. A team of UK teachers from Computing at School (CAS) has come up with an open source Raspberry Pi Education Manual to teach basic computer principles.
Ubuntu Arrives For Touch Phones (Part 2)
Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, are working hard on improving the existing Aakash tablet and are looking forward to including additional functionalities at the existing price range of $35. One of the major features that would be included in the next version of the Aakash tablet is dual boot compatibility supporting both the Android and Linux operating systems.
Ubuntu Arrives For Touch Phones (Part 1)
If you have a growing appetite for more news about the gadget world, here’s something just for you. The power of touch has finally arrived to one of the most popular Linux distributions – Ubuntu. Canonical has officially introduced its ‘Ubuntu for phones’ operating system.
The MiFi Liberate - Will The World Need A Mobile Hotspot With A Touchscreen? (Part 2)
The mobile hotspot is useless if there is no stable performance, so luckily the Liberate is really quite good. We connected the tablet, smartphone and laptop to it for the whole day and got frequently the LTE speeds of around 15Mbps download and 8MP upload when the Liberate had around 3 bars of signal.
The MiFi Liberate - Will The World Need A Mobile Hotspot With A Touchscreen? (Part 1)
There are two extremely important factors when it comes to choosing a mobile hotspot: speed and battery life. Then, it should be portability, with the design underlying the hardware. So, the idea of ​​the MiFi with a touchscreen makes us see it as an odd luxury, a kind of things we can only find in a SkyMall directory.
Mac Mini 2012 Review (Part 3)
Apple has quite satisfied with the mini’s latest feature, the FusionDrive, though the hybrid storage solutions have been used for quite a long time. So, what is it exactly? In addition to the marketing term, this setting combines 128GB of flash storage with 1TB of traditional hard drive storage.
Mac Mini 2012 Review (Part 2)
It is due to the fact that the Apple's model brought us the review that is designated as the high-end consumer configuration - with its quad-core core i7 and hybrid FusionDrive - we decided to make it run hard and use it as a daily workstation.
Mac Mini 2012 Review (Part 1)
October 23rd, 2012 was mainly the day that the iPad mini was released; an event occurred with one great headliner. But this new product was not in Apple's ecosystem alone.
Nokia Lumia 820 Review (Part 3)
With a smaller battery, but the screen is smaller (less pixels), we are looking forward to seeing how the Lumia 820 managed to cope with the tests of WPBench processor. We are currently using the test applications that are not calibrated for Windows Phone 8 just yet, so we suggest that you look at these figures with your skepticism.
Nokia Lumia 820 Review (Part 2)
There is not much to add to what we wrote in the software overview and in the review of Lumia 920, but just to say that we still remember some of our mobile applications (core) on Windows Phone. The Lumia 820's AMOLED display presents the most beautiful Live Tile interface, with satisfyingly deep black colors between these blocks of colors.
Nokia Lumia 820 Review (Part 1)
The Lumia 820 has got stuck behind the shadow of its bigger brother since it was released, but if there are any phones representing the vision of Windows Phone 8 different phones for different people – that is this next - generation Lumia. Avoiding the family monolithic design, this phone has an outer shell that can be disassembled and can work with many types of housing: glossy, not glossy, super durable and capable of wireless charging.
HTC Desire X - Last Applause For An Ex-Flagship Product (Part 3)
When I first touched the Desire X at IFA, we were not impressed with its performance. For the short time since then, very little has changed. Users from the old phones that have lower specs can see this is an interesting thing, but if you use anything with greater power of the processor, it can feel a bit slow.
HTC Desire X - Last Applause For An Ex-Flagship Product (Part 2)
There is only one camera to concern you here, and it is the 5MP camera at the rear. It comes with HTC’s dedicated ImageChip/BSI sensor, with f/2.0 aperture and 28mm lens. There is autofocus, which seems to be fast for photos (not as fast as for videos), but you can tap to focus if you want something to be noticed with more special attention or when the phone does not auto-focus .
HTC Desire X - Last Applause For An Ex-Flagship Product (Part 1)
If you check the specs of the original Desire and the Desire X, you will see that in about 2 years which separate them, the screen has increased from 3.7 inches to 4 inches (the capacitive buttons are still present on the X) with RAM of 768MB rather than 512MB, a 5MP camera and the resolution remains the same.
HTC Droid DNA Review (Part 3)
The quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro is the name of the game for high-end products such as the Droid DNA. In particular, you might expect there APQ8064 1.5GHz combined with MDM9615m modem, Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM.
HTC Droid DNA Review (Part 2)
As expected, the Droid DNA welcomed a new set of user interface of HTC Sense 4 +, which runs on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. With the exception of the changes caused by the network, basically the UI here is the same UI we evaluated on the One X + a few weeks ago, so please read the assessment of us for a full analysis.
HTC Droid DNA Review (Part 1)
Guanine, adenine, thymine, cytosine Android? The Droid DNA – the latest version of Verizon's Droid series - may not actually contain any real nucleic acid, but that does not make this flagship manufactured by HTC weak.
iBall Andi 4.5H - Pretty In White
Kareena Kapoor might be endorsing this particular phone, but it might take a bit more for people to really drool over it and make them buy it immediately. It does look 'inspired' by the iPhone design somewhat, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is a nice looking phone which seems to have a decent enough build quality.
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