Mac Mini 2012 Review (Part 3)

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Apple has quite satisfied with the mini’s latest feature, the FusionDrive, though the hybrid storage solutions have been used for quite a long time. So, what is it exactly? In addition to the marketing term, this setting combines 128GB of flash storage with 1TB of traditional hard drive storage. It works like this: from the moment you take it out of the box and boot it up, the Mac mini will start, run, and save the files by using this drive. But as time goes by and your storage starts to exceed the SSD’s 128GB limit, the FusionDrive will activate, analyzing user-level actions based on algorithms to determine which files are commonly used and then allocate them accordingly.

Apple has quite satisfied with the mini’s latest feature that is the FusionDrive.

Apple has quite satisfied with the mini’s latest feature that is the FusionDrive.

For instance, you are a photo editor who makes a great deal of use of Aperture, but rarely bothers to iPhoto. Over time, the system will know this usage model and move iPhoto to hard disk's slower volume, so Aperture will continue to start and run fast from flash. Furthermore, all of this is done behind the scenes when mini is running in the idle mode, so the user will not notice any changes happening. In fact, there is no real way to monitor or edit how the system disposes the storage - it is made to appear as one unified drive.


It is fair to say the Mac mini takes up a particular position on the consumer distribution. We gave it 3 points in the Kinsey scale of technology relationships with consumers. It is the perfect bridge for everything of Apple. At first, it is designed to help Windows users feel comfortable at home in the Mac ecosystem, the mini was supplied as an elegant solution - a compact desktop would play nice with everyone's current accessories. But as time elapsed, this "Mac device" had other uses in the enterprise and among well-informed users. Finally, it was to get into all kinds of server-based applications: digital signage, airport arrival screens and so on.

The compact and attractive design

The compact and attractive design

However, the mini might also attract customers who want to economize by packing a quad-core Intel Core i7 into the top-end $799 model. Whether you really need the enhancement of the 1.12TB FusionDrive or not, which depends entirely on your consumption habits, because you can always choose a 256GB SSD. In fact, the latter option may be enough for most people. What is so difficult? If you fit the type of user whom we have been describing about, we are not sure there are any problems. After considering carefully, the mini is destined to stay outside of Apple’s public limelight like all the models that have launched before it. It is the company’s jack-of-all-trades, but is a shining star for those who have a wide knowledge of it.

You will unlikely to find a small, powerful and cheap desktop like this.

You will unlikely to find a small, powerful and cheap desktop like this.


·         Product name: Apple Mac mini (2012)

·         Price: $500


·         The compact and attractive design

·         The USB 3.0 port and high-speed Thunderbolt

·         The wisely hybrid FusionDrive storage operation.

·         The low price for specs


·         Intel 4000 HD GPU is not ideal for gaming in the real desktop.

·         The lack of an optical drive


·         The new Mini with a USB 3.0, double the standard RAM and a hybrid optional storage.

·         In short, you will unlikely to find a small, powerful and cheap desktop like this.

Apple Mac mini (2012) specifications

·         Desktop type: small form factor

·         Operating system: Mac OS X

·         CPU brand: Intel

·         CPU family: Ivy Bridge

·         Base CPU model: Core i5

·         Graphics type: Integrated

·         Integrated GPU model: HD Graphics 4000

·         Base RAM size: 4 GB

·         Base storage capacity: 500 GB

·         Optical drive: No

·         Wi-Fi: Yes


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