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Can You Replace Your Laptop With Your Phone?
The technology in smartphones is constantly improving in all areas, enabling users to perform things that could only be done on a laptop until recently. With this in mind, we’ve asked whether it is possible to put away your laptop and solely use your phone instead? We’ve put together a list of apps that cover a wide variety of tasks you can do on a laptop to see if your phone is a viable substitute.
The ZTE Light Tab 2 - The Light Of Your Life
THE ZTE Light Tab 2 looks like a typical budget tablet, with its compact-yet-chunky black frame and Android Gingerbread OS, but it’s fully 3G-enabled so you can make calls and browse the web wherever you roam. Unfortunately, a single killer flaw ruins the show and makes it hard to recommend over rivals.
Accessories And Add-Ons For Your iOS Devices
Almost as soon as I strapped on the tiny Fitbit One fitness tracker, it became a great fitness sidekick. With an easy-to-read display, the gadget rotates through activity a flower icon that grows or shrinks based on your recent activity level. If you keep it on during the night, the Fitbit One tracks the hours you sleep; and can wake you via a silent, vibrating alarm.
BlackBerry Z10 - A Touchscreen-Based Smartphone (Part 2)
The Hub is always a gestures away, whatever you happen to be doing, whether that’s using the up-then-right swipe, or a simple left-right swipe from the multitasking view. Once you’ve brought it up, the Hub works efficiently as a place for gathering all of your communications together.
BlackBerry Z10 - A Touchscreen-Based Smartphone (Part 1)
It’s only a smartphone, but much rests on the BlackBerry Z10’s slim shoulders. It’s the first phone to sport the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 smartphone OS, and carries with it all the hopes of a once-great technology company. With BlackBerry’s (formerly RIM) share price and sales on the slide, the Z10 needs to make a big impact if it’s to have any hope of turning the firm’s fortunes around.
Add Feeds In Google Currents
Google Currents has certainly evolved into a brilliant way of gathering all your favorite news sources in one place, enabling you to read the stories you want online or offline. Currents includes many of the biggest newspapers, magazines and websites from all over the world and Google is constantly adding new sources for users to enjoy.
All The Latest From The World Of Android Devices
The Tablet Z runs Android 4.1 with Sony’s skin adding the usual selection of Sony apps but otherwise being fairly light. Performance was good, as expected, with a 1.5GHz Krait processor and 2GB of RAM. 4G LTE is the highlight of some strong connectivity features.
The Nexus 7 by Asus - The Greatest Android Of All Time
The Nexus 7 by Asus has a similar design, with a thick black border surrounding the screen. At 340g it won’t ache your arms either, making it comfortable to wield. That glossy front might collect fingerprints like Michael Phelps collects gold medals, but flip the Nexus 7 over and you’ll find a textured rear that’s soft to the touch and easy to grip.
The First Quick Hits of This Month
Looking for an easy way to manage your Twitter accounts? Janetter is a simple, yet powerful way to use Twitter to its fullest. Cycle through all your favorite bookmarks with the simple swipe of a finger and update your bookmarks simultaneously. Display thumbnails of tweets with photos for easy viewing and filter tweets with keywords you won’t want to see.
The Gionee Dream D1 - Surprisingly Amazing
The 8MP snapper is rather disappointing, especially for me - since I am harder on cameras than most. Indoors, the images it takes are too soft and details are rather mushy. In perfect lighting, things are better - but not a whole lot. HD Video capture is quite a lot better, but not that impressive.
The Latest Apps On Test (Part 2)
Opera browser beta is a first look at the future of the Opera Mobile web browser. It’s a major change for the software, moving to the WebKit rendering engine for the first time, putting it alongside the likes of Chrome in terms of its speed, accuracy and functionality.
The Latest Apps On Test (Part 1)
Smartphones were supposed to make our lives a lot simpler, not more hectic. Feeling overwhelmed with all the apps you have to check and the tasks you have to remember on a daily basis? Take control of your smartphone - and your life - with Rethink.
Oppo Find Way - The First Smartphone With 5-Megapixel Front Camera (Part 2)
The camera of Find Way integrates many features and has simple and well using interface. Users don’t have to waste their time swapping between modes through the virtual keys on the screen. Users can easily swap white balance mode, exposure compensation, or change the focus style. The worth device of Find Way sits on the system of expanded features and shooting modes.
Oppo Find Way - The First Smartphone With 5-Megapixel Front Camera (Part 1)
Oppo Find Way has a feminine exterior, middle class price and configuration, but it attracts the attention for being the first smartphone having 5 "pixel" front camera along with shooting capability that is best suited for the youth and women.
Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx - A Pretty Nice Windows 8 Tablet (Part 3)
Lynx has the 2MP front camera capable of recording video in 1080p. While you’re ready for the conference calls, there’s no camera on the back for regular shooting. We’re not a big fan of the tablet camera, but it’s an unusual shortcoming based on the fact that most of the tablets consist of both front and rear camera.
Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx - A Pretty Nice Windows 8 Tablet (Part 2)
As the other tablets based on Atom, Lynx has standard 1,366x768pixel resolution, that doesn’t mean the image quality is commonplace. YouTube movies and clips transmitted on the 11.6inch screen looks vibrant, with the precise color tones and good details.
Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx - A Pretty Nice Windows 8 Tablet (Part 1)
If the Windows 8 tablets with Clover Trail processor of Intel below used to be a curious thing, they’re not novel anymore. We have seen the low-power hybrid tablets from most of the PC manufacturers, offering a cheaper choice for the Core i5 and i7 system, but still providing useful accessories such as keyboard dock.
Manage Your Google Account
To take control of location history, tap the Manage location history option. This will head to Maps and reveal a selection of options to work with. Tap Display to switch on Zoom Buttons, flick the Scale Bar on and off and tap Bubble action to decide its action.
Is Big Still Phab?
There has been an easy to spot trend in smartphones in the last few years – they’re getting bigger. When Apple launched the iPhone, its 3.5” screen was actually an improvement over current phone screens. HTC’s XDA smartphones had only a 2.8” screen, while most people at this time still used feature phones with even smaller displays.
Kyocera Torque - An Ultra-Durable Phone Providing Prominent Sound (Part 3)
The super-durable smartphone of Kyocera runs Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but there’re a few changes of Sprint. Specifically, some apps are dedicated to the carrier such as the set of Sprint ID app, Mobile Sync to save contact and Sprint Zone.
Kyocera Torque - An Ultra-Durable Phone Providing Prominent Sound (Part 2)
Equipped with 5MP autofocus camera, Torque can compete in terms of technical specs against iPhone 4, bit of course it will be nothing compared to the modern flagship devices with 8MP to 13MP camera. However, its 2,592x1,944 mages are pretty stable – even when viewing on the MacBook Pro Retina screen however, in some circumstances, camera took light colors, but switching it to HDR mode mainly solved the situation.
30 Most Innovative Android Apps (Part 3)
Magnifying Glass lets you use the camera on your Android smartphone to magnify text for a much closer look. A simple user interface makes zooming in a piece of cake and the app uses the focus modes and flash of your device’s camera to ensure the image you’re looking at is crystal clear.
30 Most Innovative Android Apps (Part 2)
It feels pretty old fashioned using a mouse nowadays, so why not use your Android device instead. Grab Wi-Fi Mouse from the Play store, then install a bit of software on your PC and in no time you can be using your tablet or phone to navigate through your computer.
30 Most Innovative Android Apps (Part 1)
Notif lets you leave yourself messages and reminders in the notifications bar of your device. Got some things you need to pick up from the shop? Leave yourself a list in the bar. A nice looking app with huge potential, no forgetful Android user should leave home without it.
Asus PadFone 2 Android Smartphone
If you’ve got some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket and you can’t decide whether you want a new phone or a tablet, the Asus Padfone 2 might come to your rescue. It’s both. The phone is a fully fledged handset, self-contained and able to work on its own - in all the ways you expect a high-end Android handset to.
HTC One 32GB - Come Back With Another Seminal Design
The Dire and Wildfire were ground breaking in their era, but the Sensation and Rhyme were less inspiring. The One X and One S were nice designs, but doomed to go up against the unstoppable force of the Samsung Galaxy S3. With these things in mind, that it’s come back with another seminal design- in the form of this phone, the HTC One- serves as confirmation of its creator’s gritty determination.
App Of The Week: LocalUncle
Location-specific information in the palm of your hand is the future of travelling: where to eat, where to find the best cinema, hotel or bar, and even where to buy the best shoes are all questions that may pop into your head when somewhere new. At present, though, finding the answers could take time, and several different apps.
Apply Filters In Twitter
There are now hundreds of photo editing apps available for download from the Google Play store, but many are clunky and can be difficult to use. If you want to add basic edits to your photos before sharing them with the world, then a recent update to the official Twitter app might just be for you.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - A 10.1-Inch Android-Based Tablet Computer
Samsung is one of the few manufacturers able to challenge Apple at the top of the tablet market, but its latest effort doesn’t quite hit the heights of its predecessor. At just $450, though, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is priced accordingly.
The Battle Of The Budget Tablets
The budget tablet market in India is an extremely competitive one. With more and more companies launching these products, in the last few months we have witnessed an arrival of several new players in the market. This time around we are comparing BSNL's Penta T - Tab WS802C and the Wishtel IRA Icon MID M801.
The Zync Z1000 - Yet Another Budget Tablet
Although the build quality of the tablet is quite good and it doesn't feel very plastic, the screen has a bit of glare and not the best color contrast. Still, for a budget tab, it’s rather good and quite nice to view your multimedia files. Unlike other tablets, there isn't a plastic border around the Zync Z1000's display.
Karbonn Smart Tab 10 - Cosmic - The Komplete Tablet
The Karbonn Smart Tab 10 - Cosmic is a great budget tablet. We started playing Angry Birds on the device and we had no complains. Pro­viding a screen size of 9.7 inches the product offers great resolution. The Android 4.1 - Jelly­bean operating system not only offers smooth operation but also a heavily responsive touch. Over Wi-Fi, we accessed the internet (we used Chrome) and it works like a charm.
Razer Edge - PC Gaming Has Never Been More Portable
The Pro review unit with the 256GB SSD retails for $1,450, while the lower-end version is $1,000. Tacking on a Gamepad is an additional $249, and the dock is $99, so you could be spending $1,700 or $1,800. For that kind of money, you could buy a laptop with far more power and functionality than this accessorized tablet.
Dell XPS 10 - Windows 8 Tablet for Business
The Dell XPS 10 falls into a crowded market, with a host of devices aiming to fulfill similar needs. The Asus VivoTab, Samsung Ativ Tab and of course the Microsoft Surface RT are all offering the same USP, and there are other hybrids such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 too.
The Best Phones In The World (Part 2)
When the Galaxy Note was announced, we all chortled. ‘It’s massive! Nobody will buy that!’ the technology community brayed in Samsung’s face. Millions of sales later, those same people are now eating Korean humble pie. The Note 2 has such great specs with a whopping 5.5-inch screen, but it’s the S-Pen that’s the winner.
The Best Phones In The World (Part 1)
The Xperia Z is both dust and waterproof, despite having a super thin body and top-end specs. If you’ve ever dropped your beloved handset down the toilet, or into a pint glass, you’ll know the havoc it can cause, so Sony is to be applauded for putting such an emphasis on durability.
The Nokia Lumia 520 - A Junior Luminary Announced
With the launch of the Lumia 920 and 820 in India, Nokia is now trying to competing with the affordable budget smartphones that have been ruling the roost for quite some time now. So, we have now seen the launch of the Lumia 520 which is the replacement for the Lumia 510.
The Oppo Find 5 - Built Like A Boss
The Oppo Find 5 is one of a series of Android phones we'll see this year to pack a 5" screen of 1080p resolution. Just like them, it has a powerful quad-core processor and a robust GPU - and neither is this a whim but a necessity (every frame on the screen has more than double the number of pixels of a 720p screen).
Videocon A30 - Small Price Offering With A King Size Experience!
Videocon A 30 is one of those budget Android Phones, which you do want to consider purchasing but it fails miserably in impressing you on the looks that you would not pick it up. A white back panel and black from the front, this bar phone would only impress you once you switch it on.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone - Is It The Greatest Phone Ever? (Part 2)
The Galaxy S4 is a media marvel in every sense of the phrase, from music to video to even the FM radio, and if you’re after a spot of entertainment on the go, then there’s very litde better out there, with the iPhone 5 the only possible rival.
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