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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - Powerful Performance And Vivid Screen (Part 3)
The tests are entirely another matter. Unfortunately, we are unable to draw a precise picture of the raw performance compared to the iPad mini or Kindle Fire HD – our application suite of the tests does not have compatibility with Apple's iOS-based iPad mini or the modified version of Android on the Kindle Fire HD.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - Powerful Performance And Vivid Screen (Part 2)
As the Note 10.1 released, we have felt contempt for its screen for its low 1,280x800 resolution. On that device, the poor pixel density was not only bad thing to cause a distraction; it also reduced the usefulness of the Note 10.1 as a graphics workstation.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - Powerful Performance And Vivid Screen (Part 1)
The 8-inch form factor might be new, but the things used are quite familiar: Samsung has borrowed the elements from the previous products, including the Note 10.1’s 1,280x800 TFT screen (despite the higher pixel density of 189 ppi).
HTC First – Smartphone With Facebook Home (Part 5)
The light-blue model we rated had the brand of AT&T, so we were able to make use of the LTE network of the carrier. It was very impressive as we had hoped: while our speeds in Salt Lake City reached the average of 25 to 35Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, we got results as high as 57Mbps download and 17 upload.
HTC First – Smartphone With Facebook Home (Part 4)
There is nothing to write for the 5MP camera on the First, and we are hoping to see something a little better on a phone designed exclusively for Facebook. What do we mean by that? It must be good enough to take steady pictures, but it's not worth much other than shooting photos of friends during your latest adventure.
HTC First – Smartphone With Facebook Home (Part 3)
App launcher is a series of panels, each of which consists of a 4x4 grid of application icons in a small Holo-themed box. Facebook informs there is no restriction on the number of panels we can use, beside our own application count; we created 12 before giving up our attempts, and there was still room to add more.
HTC First – Smartphone With Facebook Home (Part 2)
Cover Feed is the first thing that appears when you open or wake the phone from sleep mode (you can change this in the settings if you like). And it's like a surprise party every time you do one of the two actions: the lights are on and you never know what you will get, because the screen changes constantly to reflect the newest Facebook or Instagram post.
HTC First – Smartphone With Facebook Home (Part 1)
With a billion users, it would be understatement to say Facebook has done a good job of invading the desktop world. However, mobile is the social network of the next battlefield: although it has a remarkable presence on all of the important smartphone and tablet platforms, the company is well-known in bringing its significant features to the PC environment long before they appear on mobiles - if any
Google Nexus 7 Tablet - Simple, Beautiful and Beyond Smart
Few are the manufacturers who can force the mighty Apple onto the back foot but, by shrewdly deciding to launch this smaller device rather than attempt to muscle in on the iPad’s territory; Google not only offered consumers a viable Android alternative but also gave itself a real head start on the iPad Mini.
Kindle Fire HD - Most Advanced 7" Tablet
The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is primarily a device for spending money and consuming content, and for this it’s very good. This is not a tablet for people who want to get some work done
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - A 10.1-Inch Tablet Computer
Samsung’s attempts at challenging the iPad have never been as successful as its iPhone-bothering smartphones. But that could change with its latest and arguably most formidable large-screen tablet yet.
Samsung’s Note 10.1 - Lightning Fast
The Note 10.1 is like the Android version of that other gaming, movies, media and apps tablet SAMSUNG’S Note 10.1 tablet is a creative masterpiece, thanks to the brilliant and responsive s-Pen stylus and imaginative software. Now you can upload your masterpieces or stream media with no irritating buffering, thanks to the 4G-compatible note 10.1 LTE version.
The Archos 101 XS - Media magnetism
The Archos 101 XS innovates with its excellent keyboard cover, and can handle the latest games as well as your media. Only a couple of dodgy design flaws keep us from fully recommending it
The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity – Android Tablet With A 10.1in
The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity provides the best of both worlds. Game with the powerful quad-core processor, or enjoy a movie on the crisp full HD screen, while the keyboard dock is perfect for bashing out emails and documents
The Google Nexus 10 - A Brilliant Tablet With A Wonderful Screen
The Google Nexus 10 is a sexy and affordable way to enjoy your movies, games and favorite websites on a big ten-inch screen. The fantastically crisp 1920p HD display, sharper than the Apple iPad’s
The Kobo Arc - To Kobo Or Not Kobo?
The Kobo Arc has plenty of potential, offering a good selection of books to download and some unique features, but it currently suffers from a few too many issues
The Nook HD Tablet - Kindle Killer?
The nook HD’s unique, friendly interface makes it a great family tablet, rocking an impressively sharp screen, the online store is packed with books but lacks films and apps
The Toshiba AT300 - Tablets Anonymous
The Toshiba AT300 is a capable tablet that’ll appease any gamers and app fans with its quad-core power and responsive touch-screen. The display is a little bland but boosted by the Resolution+ setting
Troubleshooting: Droid Support – July 2013 (Part 3)
The volume problem is not unusual and the general view is that it could be related to the headphones you are using. It could, however, also be a hardware problem with the volume keys. There is a quick workaround called Persist (Volume Control), available from Google Play, which seems to have solved the problem for many users.
Troubleshooting: Droid Support – July 2013 (Part 2)
The problem you are experiencing is not unusual and there are many ways to solve it. However, when you are using multiple services that use contact integration, you will potentially come across this problem many times. One option, which is admittedly manual, is to tap the link icon when in a contact and to then select the option to join it to another contact.
Troubleshooting: Droid Support – July 2013 (Part 1)
All Android devices let you control the brightness either automatically or manually, but Lux Auto Brightness (available from Google Play) offers more options that will suit your exact conditions. Even the color temperature can be changed when reading at night.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD - A Chunkier Tablet
The Kindle Fire HD is a chunkier tablet than its 7in rivals, and a rather nondescript one too, but the lightly rubberized back panel does make it comfortable to carry and a little less likely to slip from your grasp than some others. It’s solid too, although we wouldn’t expect to see it come out on top from a fight with the pavement.
Apple iPad (4th Gen) - The Best Large Tablet
There’s no two ways about it. Without the original Apple iPad, there would be no ‘Tablets’ section in the Buyer’s Guide section of this magazine. Or - for that matter, any interpretation of the word ‘tablets’ beyond headache remedies and the ones Charlton H. smashed in that film.
Acer's Iconia Tab A210 - Work Those Quad-Cores
QUAD-core tablets just aren’t what they used to be. Nope, they’re better and they’re cheaper. The sub-$400 Acer Iconia Tab A210 is an Android Ice Cream Sandwich slate that joins our first-ever five-star tablet, the Nexus 7, in being roughly the price of a really good dinner date.
Software for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – July 2013
Mailbox is an iPhone-only app that makes managing your email a delight. As you navigate your inbox, you can swipe a message to the right to archive it’ swipe a little further and it turns red, ready for deleting. A “snooze” feature lets you temporarily hide a message and specify a more convenient time when you’d like it to reappear – a system that works much better than simply letting unread messages pile up in your inbox.
33 Quick Tips For iOS (Part 3)
Because iOS storage space isn’t expandable, you need to pay attention to what’s gobbling up the available gigabytes on your device. Here’s how. Go to General ª Usage in Settings, and wait for a moment as iOS calculates which apps are using the most space.
33 Quick Tips For iOS (Part 2)
Suppose that you snapped the perfect panorama and want to email it to your friend. You needn’t begin from the Camera or Photos app. Instead, go to the Mail app and start composing your new message. Tap once in a blank section of the message to bring up the contextual menu, and then tap Insert Photo or Video.
33 Quick Tips For iOS (Part 1)
Perhaps you are already an iOS master. Or maybe you consider yourself a novice. Either way, we feel confident that at least some of the tips for iOS 6 that we present here will be new to you. And we hope you love them and benefit from them as much as we do.
Explore The Limits Of Your Android Device (Part 2)
The sound quality of mobile devices isn’t always great, which can be particularly painful for music lovers. AwesomeBEATS is an app that boosts sound quality, in a similar way to CyanogenMod’s DSP Manager. The installation is trickier than most apps, but this is understandable considering the range of ROMs supported in a single package.
Explore The Limits Of Your Android Device (Part 1)
Intelligent Ringer monitors noise levels and adjusts the ringtone volume accordingly, saving you the embarrassment of ringtones in quiet cafes, and ensuring you never miss a call because your phone is tucked away.
Create Your Own Virtual Magazine For Free
Once you’ve chosen subjects that interest you, Flipboard will pull articles together to create a magazine tailored to you. It makes it easy to share your personalized magazine too. And you can send articles to your devices by bookmarking them on a desktop web browser.
Evernote vs Google Keep
Evernote has long been at the top of all note-taking apps on the Google Play store, but Google has recently launched its own rival to the crown, Google Keep. We’ve put both head-to-head to see which one deserves a place on your Android device
Phablet vs The Rest - Which Device Is The Best Choice For Everyday Life?
As well as being able to text with your fingers, the phablet has the added benefit of being able to use a stylus to make typing easier. With a bigger screen you can also be far more precise.
The Asus Vivo Tab RT - A Surprisingly Slender And Light Device (Part 2)
The Vivo Tab RT slots neatly onto the mobile dock and holds solid until you pull the switch on the tablet’s left edge to release it. If you close the tablet down over the keyboard when the two are joined, it puts the tablet into hibernation, as you’d expect from a laptop. Docking the tablet not only gives you an extra battery’s worth of life, you also get a full-sized USB port and the handy physical keyboard.
The Asus Vivo Tab RT - A Surprisingly Slender And Light Device (Part 1)
ASUS’ tablets have fast become our favorites, even surpassing Apple’s mighty iPad thanks to their quality construction and excellent features. Now Asus has taken its superb Transformer Prime design (which features a detachable keyboard dock), and transferred it to the wonderful world of Windows.
Cat B15 Rugged Android Smartphone Hands-On
The B15 is never going to win any style points, but then this isn’t your typical phone. At its core, the B15 is all about being tough and is primarily aimed at those needing a phone to keep up with their rough and tumble lifestyle. If you don’t fancy your HTC One’s chances of surviving your workplace then this is the kind of the device you need instead.
Control Location Services
An Android device has a host of Google- related services which users can take control of. These are neatly brought together under Google Settings found via the Apps screen. Included in the lineup are location services, Maps & Latitude and Location.
How To Build A Better Mail Client
Orchestra CEO Gentry Underwood is a busy man these days; his company recently launched a new iPhone email app called Mailbox, and customer response has been high. But Underwood took time out to speak with Macworld about the app, its rollout, and the company’s plan for profitability.
Facebook Home - The New Face Of Android? (Part 2)
Despite Home bringing an entirely different look to Facebook, all the usual Facebook features are included. Posts are listed in chronological order and update automatically when someone adds something to their timeline and you’ll find each post can be interacted with by leaving a comment or like.
Facebook Home - The New Face Of Android? (Part 1)
Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the past decade, you’ll have clearly noticed Facebook’s dominance as a social media platform. Despite rivals in the form of Twitter, Pinterest, Path and Google+, Facebook still remains at the top of the social media pyramid, and with a fanbase that now exceeds a billion users, the time has come for Mark Zuckerberg to move the company in to unknown territories.
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