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Galaxy Note 8.0 – The iPad’s Great Opponent (Part 2)
The diversity in features is also an outstanding advantage to help separate the Note 8.0 from its rivals. Most notably on this product is the S Pen stylus. Using the same technology as on the Galaxy Note phone series, the larger size of the pen stylus helps make experiencing it more interesting.
Galaxy Note 8.0 – The iPad’s Great Opponent (Part 1)
Note 8.0 gives an exciting feeling of writing and drawing with the S Pen, with a superior screen than the small tablet segment, with higher capacity battery than the iPad Mini’s, but it is not really impressive.
Asus Memo Pad Review – A Cheap 7in Tablet (Part 2)
Cheap tablets are synonymous with cutting up most of the hardware details. In the case of the Asus Memo Pad, it is the SoC system. A quad-core processor series certainly cannot be used, but while its Acer Iconia B1 rival is equipped with a dual-core chip, the Asus has only a single-core processor.
Asus Memo Pad Review – A Cheap 7in Tablet (Part 1)
The Asus Memo Pad 7 is equipped with a 7-inch screen with the resolution of 1,024x600 pixels, a single core processor of 1 GHz, Mali-400 graphics processor, 1 GB RAM, internal memory of 8 GB, supporting microSD card slot which can be expanded up to 64 GB.
Sony Xperia TL - Much Improved But Still Imperfect (Part 3)
It took Sony half a year to get the Xperia Ion from CES launch to retail shelves. At the time it appeared, it was outdated, not least because it came with Android Gingerbread. Does the TL suffer the same fate? Not really, considering this Xperia made its public debut just two months ago, and was announced with ICS. So, we have to commend Sony for at least getting it out to market in a timely fashion despite the lack of Jelly Bean.
Sony Xperia TL - Much Improved But Still Imperfect (Part 2)
At this point, you’d think that la late fall launch for an Android phone would guarantee it ships with Jelly Bean out of the box but you’d be wrong. However, we won’t criticize Sony too hard for unleashing Xperia TL with the 4.0.4 version of Ice Cream Sandwich.
Sony Xperia TL - Much Improved But Still Imperfect (Part 1)
As the second phone of Sony in the US mobile market, the Xperia TL comes with an effort to coordinate with a critical business: 007 movie franchise. But an important distinction as Bond’s official phone and a smattering of pre-loaded “Skyfall’ multimedia content won’t drive customer adoption; specs and pricing will.
Kobo Mini: Does The World Need A Smaller E-Reader? (Part 2)
As go the screen, so goes the UI. The software on the Mini is almost similar to what you have with the Glo - everything is just smaller and a little more cramped. But in some cases, the scaled down version proves effective. Example is the home page. Everything looks sparser than on the Glo, but in the case of the Mini, it fits perfectly.
Kobo Mini : Does The World Need A Smaller E-Reader? (Part 1)
While the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets argue the screen sizes, the manufacturers of e-readers seem to agree with the industry standard of 6 inch screens. It is the trend that Kobo is trying to encourage at least. The company is adding its high-end devices with a smaller model, the Kobo Mini 79 dollars which has a 5 inch screen and is smaller and lighter.
HTC Windows Phone 8X - The Signature Win8 Phone Falls Short
The front of the HTC 8X is taken up by a 4.3-inch HD display that includes a front-facing wide-angle lens and three keys at the bottom for back, search, and menu. The display is easily as sharp as Apple’s Retina display, and the top of the HTC 8X features just a 3.5mm headphone jack and the lock button.
Guilt - Expense Summary
Guilt makes it very easy to keep track of everything you spend with a smartphone, and quickly note down new entries as you make them. This offers the advantage of not only saving you time, but ensuring that you do not miss crucial entries which can affect your balance at the end of the month.
LG Optimus L9 - A Cheap Middle Class Android Phone (Part 3)
UI camera here will be familiar to anyone who has owned the LG smartphone. The controls is on the left of the viewfinder, and you can adjust the size of the images, the scene modes, the ISO settings, the white balance preset, timer, the geo-tagging settings, color effect and shooting sound. You can choose between auto focus and face tracking, where the camera will try to focus what it thinks may be a face.
LG Optimus L9 - A Cheap Middle Class Android Phone (Part 2)
The 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4430 of L9 is pretty outdated; it’s the same processor used on Droid RAZR and Droid Bionic, and of course it’s not as fast as the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor found on the newer phones. However, the screen transition is pretty fast, and the phone doesn’t take too long to switch between the opening apps.
LG Optimus L9 - A Cheap Middle Class Android Phone (Part 1)
Right when we think that LG has done with Optimus L-series within the year, the Korean company has made us surprised with LG Optimus L9, which replaces Optimus L7 at the affordable segment. The L-series devices is arranged as basic-to middle-class phone that is fashionable but cheap, so, of course, they can’t compare with the quad-core models of the company such as 4X HD or Optimus G.
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 7)
Nexus 4 have 2 versions: 8GB version with the price of 299 USD and 16GB with $349. We don’t attempt to speak like Crazy Eddie when talking about this, but it’s hard to argue. This is an unbelievable price for a new quad-core HD devices, especially when the cheapest phone on the market with the same technical specs will be Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL with the price of 450 USD
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 6)
Performance of Nexus 4 is something curious. The phone is an “extreme” chipset that is operating everything on the backstage: its 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) as we see on LG Optimus G, combining with Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB RAM. In the initial tests between the high-class LG phone and the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is mentioned above (which as 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos chip), S4 Pro ranks 1st.
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 5)
We admit for always setting highest expectation to the Nexus devices – each device always carries a burden which is the newest high-class Android phone, and they are put forth by Google as an example for other Android manufacturers.
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 4)
Voice search (search with voice), the thing new have used with temperamental result in 4.1, has been saved for a group of innovated query. Now you can schedule meetings, check for the next appointment and launch the apps (“open the app [app name]”) will work).
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 3)
Besides the first ever Nexus (made by Nexus One do HTC), each of the next versions of Nexus opens a new era of Android firmware together with it – Gingerbread for Nexus S, Honeycomb for Motorola XOOM, ICS on Galaxy Nexus and Jelly Bean on Nexus 7. And as we have expected from this antecedent, Nexus 4 is preloaded with Android 4.2.
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 2)
A quick examination on the specification sheet above let us know that basically, the screen is identical to the one used on the new-launched LG Optimus G, the close siblings of Nexus 4. Looking back, it’s better than the HD screen that Galaxy Nexus has. What we’re seeing (in the literal sense) is the 4.7 inch True HD IPS PLUS screen, 1,280x768-resolution, along with a slab of Gorilla Glass that covers it.
Nexus 4 – A Smartphone With Elegant Design (Part 1)
Nexus 4 is a really attracting phone when talking about design and technical specs. It’s an elegant, smooth device that goes with the large 4.7 inch HD screen, 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and many other compelling accessories.
Kobo Glo - Revolutionary ComfortLight Illuminates The Screen (Part 2)
On Extras, accessible through settings, you will find some games (chess and Sudoku), and a sketchpad that allow you to use the touch screen to write down notes and draw pictures with fingers. Below that page is a link to the web browser, continuing the proud tradition of the electronic reader which completely hides that feature.
Kobo Glo - Revolutionary ComfortLight Illuminates The Screen (Part 1)
Beside Vox tablet, Kobo has created some quality device, but it’s unable to create a big dent in the electronic reader market (e-reader). In case of the Glo front-lit electronic reader ($129), Kobo can be interfered by the unlucky choice of time.
Zime (Beta) - Give New Dimensions To Your Calendar Organizational Side
It’s a bit of an urban myth that because of its harsher approval policy, the sleeker, better-looking apps of this world are more likely to be found on the App Store than on Google Play. This is something that Zime is happy to try and prove wrong, with a unique 3D interface that literally gives new dimensions to your calendar and organizational side.
iPad Mini Vs. The Competition
The 7.9-inch display gives you a viewing space that's two-thirds the size of its larger sibling. It has the same screen resolution, 1024 x 768, as the iPad 2, which means, of course, that all current iPad apps work on the iPad mini without needing to be rewritten by developers.
HTC One X+ Review - Highlighting Almost All Power Of HTC One X (Part 5)
HTC has never been wonderfully successful with its own on-screen keyboards and the One X+ is not an exception. We immediately exchanged it for the SwiftKey, which meant giving up on the new Google-powered word prediction that came with Jelly Bean.
HTC One X+ Review - Highlighting Almost All Power Of HTC One X (Part 4)
In order to evaluate the users’ experience on One X+, you really need to look over and consider our full reviews about the Sense 4 and Jelly Bean. Combining both of them together, you will have the Sense 4+, which is relatively a lightweight and similarly friendly interface just like before, but with some basic enhancements which mostly come from the shift to Android 4.1
HTC One X+ Review - Highlighting Almost All Power Of HTC One X (Part 3)
The engine in this phone is the AP37 version of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip, including four main cores with a low-energy companion core and the maximum clock rate of 1.7GHz for a single core. This is comparable with the AP33 in One X, which runs at the maximum speed of 1.5GHz.
HTC One X+ Review - Highlighting Almost All Power Of HTC One X (Part 2)
The most considerable improvement of One X+ is definitely the front camera. The difference is not made up by the higher resolution; in reality, the final image is still 1,289x720. The power of this camera is in the sensor quality and the image editor, which turn it into a wonderful device for video chatting and portrait picture capturing.
HTC One X+ Review - Highlighting Almost All Power Of HTC One X (Part 1)
The Nvidia Tegra 3 processor has been speeded up to 1.7GHz maybe this is an attempt to challenge the Galaxy S III. There is 2100mAh battery with bigger capacity to catch up with the more power-consumed silicon; the front camera module has been replaced by the higher-resolution and better image-processing chip; and there are also some new audio circuits to improve the audio quality of the speaker.
Mobile In The Military
Apple's iPhone and iPad are turning up all over the Washington Beltway, from the corridors of power on Capitol Hill and the White House to the military strongholds of the Pentagon - namely, the Army and Air Force.
Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 - A Typical Midrange Android Tablet
Lenovo’s IdeaTab A2109 is yet another tablet aiming itself at around the $299 price point. The idea, of course, is that those who can’t afford top-notch tablets, but want to steer clear of the kind of rubbish that tends to clog up the very lowest end of the market, will gravitate around this price point creating plenty of market for different manufacturers.
Secret Tips For Your Kindle Fire
When your Kindle Fire is in portrait (vertical) mode, it displays Home Recommendations on the home screen. These suggest items you might like to buy, based on purchases made by other users. If you find this pushy and distracting, turn off the feature by swiping down from the top of the screen to access the Settings menu.
The Best Experience With Windows 8 Tablets And Hybrids (Part 2)
The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is another hybrid that can be both laptop and tablet, and its mechanism for switching between the two is the most sophisticated in this Group Test. Pull upwards on a lip at the rear of the screen, and the Duo 11 swings up to reveal a compact keyboard in one smooth motion. It looks great and feels strong.
The Best Experience With Windows 8 Tablets And Hybrids (Part 1)
Windows 8 tablets, unlike Android and Apple ones, are designed for more than just surfing and viewing, and often come with a keyboard either included, or as an optional extra. A hybrid is a cross between a tablet and a laptop: like a laptop, its screen and keyboard are separated by a hinge, but this is flexible enough to fold back on itself, tucking away the keyboard to leave a tablet-like screen.
Share And Sync Data Between Your Devices
Tips & Tricks For iPhone And iPad – May 2013 (Part 2)
Siri can work wonders, but is fairly useless if you aren't aware of its capabilities. If you want to explore Siri's full range of com­mands and see a list of possible ques­tions to ask it, simply pull up the on­screen guide.
Tips & Tricks For iPhone And iPad – May 2013 (Part 1)
Use the Lightning to USB cable to con­nect your iPhone 5, iPad 4, or iPad mini to your computer, or the 30-pin to USB cable for any older iPhone or iPad models. Connecting will automatically launch iTunes, and if you're connect­ing on a Mac, iPhoto will launch as well.
Upgrade To Android 4.2 With Cyanogenmod ROM
We’re all familiar with the process of waiting (and waiting) for the manufacturers of our phones to see fit to release an update to the latest version of Android. It can take months, and it’s almost guaranteed that by the time the update is available you’re lusting after an even newer one. Without question the easiest way of keeping your phone fully up to date is through CyanogenMod.
Use The Advanced Features Of Gmail
Even if you’re not the busiest of people, it is pretty likely that your Gmail inbox sometimes looks like it could do with a cleansing fire to clear it out. Whether it’s work emails, friends connecting, order confirmations or just the steady stream of special offers and voucher websites that fill up your inbox every day, it can feel like a daunting task trying to get on top of things.
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