HTC One X+ Review - Highlighting Almost All Power Of HTC One X (Part 4)

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In order to evaluate the users’ experience on One X+, you really need to look over and consider our full reviews about the Sense 4 and Jelly Bean. Combining both of them together, you will have the Sense 4+, which is relatively a lightweight and similarly friendly interface just like before, but with some basic enhancements which mostly come from the shift to Android 4.1

HTC One X with Android 4.1

HTC One X with Android 4.1

Google Now

Imagine the all traditional home screens of Android are lying along a horizontal line, and then Google Now will transform that shape into a T. That tail is very meaningful as it increases the depth of the operating system, in the form of a vertical line including the cards that will appear whenever you hold the home button for seconds, and develops smartly based on what Google can pick up from your personal life. During few days of using the One X+, we had cards waiting for us whose contents are about the local weather forecast (which is presented ore nicely than the weather utility of HTC), bus routes, the local time, and even a particular card for a local coffee shop which is very worth stopping by. However, it is not perfect. Some cards have no use, even the working calendar card in which there is space enough to record one single meeting (and it is always someone’s meeting from the common calendar). More seriously, Google Now may bring the feeling of hard-to-use, as if it was a starting version of a brand new OS that is growing inside the old one – something is for adding more features but it is sure that it also represents the special feature of Android in scaring some people off with its complexity.

The weather card presentation

The weather card presentation

Voice search

It is a part of Google Now which is relatively powerful. Unlike Siri of Apple and S Voice of Samsung, it can process the voice recognition offline, which turns it to be so fast. It can implement complex Google searches as well as processing basic personal assistant tasks like starting a text message or setting the alarm clock or creating notes to self. (Correction: At the beginning, we announced that you would not be able to search for the music, which was saved locally, by voice, but such searches are possible with the “listen” or “play” commands. Thanks, jadeboy7).

Project Butter

We cannot pretend that this really made a huge difference, but of course it is still noticeable if you are really looking out for it. It relates to the fact that Jelly Bean requires system resources any time when you touch the screen for navigation, for example like animations, transition and movements on the screen can be operated at the speed of 60 fps. Even during the short time of trial, we recognized that the pull-down announcement could move easily across the home screen, and now it feels so odd to go back to the original One X.

A new, aggregated gallery app

This is the addition that HTC helps organizing pictures in the order of events and locations, which leads to more convenient presentation – even though your photos are regularly captured near your house. It also allows you to access into the photos which are locally-stored and cloud-stored much faster by combining all of these icons (Facebook, SkyDrive, etc) in one place. You can also access the photos separately through each accompanied applications, but over time we have recognized that it would be more logical to collect pictures this way.

The One X+’s software and applications

The One X+’s software and applications

HTC Get Started

This is a special app that allows you to use PC to improve the speed of the phone’s configuration, because you can type your credentials on a large keyboard. We used it when setting Hotmail and Dropbox, and in order to set one of the gallery photo as the background, but that is all. The choice of accounts are also limited – we still spends lots of time creating setting up Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Evernote and many other things from the phone itself.

There are some other things that are not very important to us, and therefore do not deserve to be placed in any of the parts of the list.

Music app of HTC

It works very similarly to Gallery in the effort of combining the local content with the content in cloud. The problem here is that you cannot create the playlist across different resources, which make it useless – you can also access into each different resource via its own special app.

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