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Windows Phone 7 : Handling Orientations
If you start the project running with the device or emulator in portrait mode, you will see that it displays three textured squares just as in the alpha blending example, except that this time they rotate back and forth so that they stay essentially upright.
Windows Phone 7 : Using Transparency and Alpha Blending (part 2) - Creating Custom Blend States
For each pixel that XNA renders to the screen, it first takes the red, green, blue, and alpha elements of the source color (the color of the pixel being rendered from the texture) and multiplies them by the corresponding elements from the ColorSourceBlend value.
Windows Phone 7 : Using Transparency and Alpha Blending (part 1) - XNA's Built-In Blend States
There are some transparency effects that are more frequently used within games than others, and to simplify using these effects XNA provides a series of static objects whose properties reflect this.
Dell latitude 10 - windows 8 tablet
Dell’s first Windows tablet isn’t exactly a thing of beauty . It’s plain and angular , and angular, and unsightly ports and sockets are scattered all round . It’s a tablet built to laptop standards ; it’s functional, not pretty. However, if it’s sheer on – the – go flexibility and rough , tough ruggedness you want, nothing beats this ugly duckling.
Asus vivotab smart - A well designed windows
Of all the Windows 8 tablets in this lab, the VivoTab Smart has the sleekest design. On its own, the tablet weighs a reasonable 620g, and with the optional tranSleeve key board cover with which our sample was supplied , it still weigh only 1kg.
5 Best Apps For Shopping
Christmas is just a few weeks away. If you haven't finished buying all your presents, or you fancy a little treat for yourself, you probably aren't much looking forward to heading out into the cold, damp weather and trudging through a busy shopping center. Thankfully, it's quite easy to save yourself the bother: just give these free mobile shopping apps a try.
Motorola Moto G Android Smartphone
Motorola is now a Google-owned company and the Moto G comes at an extremely attractive price: just $203. For this you get a smartphone that eclipses every other budget handset. It's not going to trouble the flagship smartphones in our group test on page 74, but it does have a higher specification than you'd expect from a phone that costs this little.
7 Tips For Using iOS 7
Apple iOS 7 has been available for a while, and you may have noticed that things are looking a little different on your iOS device. Here are seven tips on how to get the best out of iOS 7.
Top 7 Apps for Your First iPad
Got your first iPad and wondering which apps you should try out first? Here are the top 10 apps to get you started reading, drawing, writing, browsing, watching, sharing and having fun on your iPad today.
The Best Mobile Apps (Part 3) - Switchr, QuizUp, Hudway Augmented Reality
Annoyed that iOS has caught up to Android when it comes to task switching? Switchr brings the advantage back to the Android camp, letting you customize the task switcher across two different styles.
The Best Mobile Apps (Part 2) - Pages
Pages works seamlessly with iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service, which means you can start a document on one device and continue working on it seamlessly from another device.
The Best Mobile Apps (Part 1) - BBM
In its heyday, BBM was the envy of other mobile platforms, combining the immediacy of SMS with next-gen features like read receipts, in-progress alerts and group messaging. In fact, a lot of people bought BlackBerrys just to be able to use the BBM messaging client.
Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices : Style over Substance (part 3) - Images and Pseudo-elements
It’s a technique that’s often used in desktop web development, as it means there are fewer images for the browser to download. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually faster for a browser to download a single large image rather than several small images.
Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices : Style over Substance (part 2) - Rows
While even the browsers on mobile devices will do their best to deal with malformed HTML, we can make their job (and ours) a whole lot easier by ensuring that our HTML meets the W3C specifications. By ensuring our HTML is well-formed, we increase our cross-platform compatibility and minimize rendering errors.
Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices : Style over Substance (part 1) - The Tab Bar
CSS for mobile devices presents a relatively new concern for most digital designers: pixel density, or rather, resolution. Where desktop computers have been fairly stagnant in terms of screen resolution, the spectrum of mobile devices sees a whole range of resolutions.
iphone SDK 3 : Working with Databases - Retrieving BLOBs
In the previous section, we saw how we can populate a table with records containing BLOB columns. In this section, we will learn how we can retrieve these BLOB columns. The presentation will use the same companies table populated before.
iphone SDK 3 : Working with Databases - Storing BLOBs
In the previous sections, we dealt primarily with simple data types (strings, integers, and floating points). In addition to scalar and text data types, the SQLite database engine also supports the BLOB data type.
iphone SDK 3 : Working with Databases - User-defined Functions
In this section, we demonstrate the use of user-defined functions by adding the function Palindrome() to a database connection. The function Palindrome(t) takes a text-based parameter, t, and checks to see if t is the same whether it is read from the right or from the left.
iphone SDK 3 : Working with Databases - Prepared Statements
Let's demonstrate these concepts by showing a small working example. The function main() in Listing 1 is where we open a database, select some records from a table, and print them one by one.
iphone SDK 3 : Working with Databases - Processing Row Results
If you are interested in the result set, however, you can pass a callback function pointer as the fourth parameter to the sqlite3_exec() function. This callback function will be invoked for every row in the result set.
iphone SDK 3 : Working with Databases - Basic Database Operations
In this section, we talk about some of the basic SQL statements and how we can realize them in SQLite. We present a simple program that creates a database with one table. This table stores records of stock purchases.
What's New In Windows Phone 8 Update 3
More commonly known as GDR3, the third(and final) Windows Phone 8 software update of the year (8.0.10512) brings a bunch of long awaited improvements, such as support for larger screens and quad-core processors, screen rotation lock, and custom ringtones. Let's take a closer look.
Windows Phone 7 : Applying Textures (part 2) - Preparing the Effect for Texture Mapping
When XNA renders your texture, it queries a set of values known as the sampler state in order to fine-tune the resulting graphics. There are a couple of properties that we might want to change within the sampler state to alter the way in which the textures are processed.
Windows Phone 7 : Applying Textures (part 1) - Applying the Texture to an Object
If you are familiar with OpenGL, you might expect the texture axes to be called s and t. Although XNA uses the letters u and v instead, the function and purpose of these axes are identical to the axes in OpenGL.
Apple iPhone 5C - Colorful and Fruity
After three generations of iPhone models (iPhone 4/4S/5), Apple went back to where it all started by using polycarbonate on the 5C. It would be a grave mistake for anyone to think that the 5C has a similar build quality as some Android flagship models just because it uses plastic.
HTC One Max - Making a Splash
While the One Max is the larger variant of the One it's not simply upsized. There are some differences, such as the thicker polycarbonate strip that runs along the sides of the device, which make the sides of the One Max feel not as cold as the bare aluminum sides of the One.
Android Application Development : Drawing 2D and 3D Graphics - Bling (part 4) - OpenGL Graphics
The Android platform supports OpenGL graphics in roughly the same way that a silk hat supports rabbits. Although this is certainly among the most exciting technologies in Android, it is definitely at the edge of the map.
Android Application Development : Drawing 2D and 3D Graphics - Bling (part 3) - Animation - Background animation
Frame-by-frame animation, as it is called in the Google documentation, is completely straightforward: a set of frames, played in order at regular intervals. This kind of animation is implemented by subclasses of AnimationDrawable.
Android Application Development : Drawing 2D and 3D Graphics - Bling (part 2) - Animation - Transition animation
A transition animation is started by calling the View method startAnimation with an instance of Animation (or, of course, your own subclass). Once installed, the animation runs to completion: transition animations have no pause state.
Android Application Development : Drawing 2D and 3D Graphics - Bling (part 1)
The Android UI framework is a lot more than a just an intelligent, well-put-together GUI toolkit. When it takes off its glasses and shakes out its hair, it can be downright sexy! The tools mentioned here certainly do not make an exhaustive catalog. They might get you started, though, on the path to making your application Filthy Rich.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : OS Interactions - Native QNX Components
RIM has been nice enough to include an SWC library file within their SDK so that we can use their native components within our Flex applications. They have also provided the classes in this SWC to get some additional information about the environment. The next example demonstrates some of what is available.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : OS Interactions - Screen Options
There are several options available to programmatically control several areas of the screen layout. These options determine the layout of the application, whether to show the action bar in View-Based or Tabbed application, and whether to show the application in full-screen mode.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : OS Interactions - StageWebView
The StageWebView allows for web (HTML and Flash, on supported devices) and video content to be loaded into a Flex application. StageWebView will utilize the native browser to load HTML into your application.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : OS Interactions - Splash Screen
Adobe has made it very easy to add a splash screen to your application. A splash screen is an image that loads first and displays while the application is loading. There are also several options for the splash-screen display.
Developing BlackBerry Tablet Applications : OS Interactions - Open in Browser
From within your application, you can open a link using the device’s native browser, just like with a traditional, browser-based Flex application. The URLRequest class accomplishes this.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Transforming Views
Affine transforms enable you to change an object’s geometry by mapping that object from one view coordinate system into another. The iPhone SDK fully supports standard affine 2D transforms. With them, you can scale, translate, rotate, and skew your views however your heart desires and your application demands.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Randomly Moving a Bounded View
When you move a view to a random point, you must take into account several things. Often a view must fit entirely within its parent’s view container so there aren’t parts of the view clipped off. You may also want to add a boundary to that container so the view does not quite touch the parent’s edge at any time.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Working with View Frames (part 2) - Other Utility Methods
In some ways, this breaks Apple’s design philosophy. This exposes items that normally fall into structures without reflecting the structures. At the same time, it can be argued that these elements are true view properties. They reflect fundamental view characteristics and deserve to be exposed as properties.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Working with View Frames (part 1) - Adjusting Sizes , CGRects and Centers
UIViews use CGRect structures composed of an origin and a size to define their frames. This structure contains no references to a center point. At the same time, UIViews depend on their center property to update a view’s position when you move a view to a new point.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - View Geometry
As you’d expect, geometry plays an important role when working with views. Geometry defines where each view appears onscreen, what its size is, and how it is oriented. The UIView class provides two built-in properties that define these aspects.
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