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Group Test - Mid-Range Maestros (Part 1) : Sony Xperia T
The range of pre-installed apps on the Xperia T all point to Sony’s attempt to dominate your living room. You’ll find apps that link your phone to your BRAVIA TV, Walkman audio player
Droid Razr HD - 4G LTE Android Smartphone
The RAZR HD is really nicely made. The distinctive angled corners that Motorola uses widely these days as a signature design feature make an appearance, and the back also has a recognizably Motorola-style block pattern finish.
Razer Edge Pro - A Tablet That Could Play The Role Of A Gaming PC (Part 5)
Although Razer is still a new name in PC industry, it knows a lot about installing any bloatware. There is not built-in software in Razer’s PC, no anti-virus trials and no undesirable garbage that could slow the system down. In fact, that is a good thing, and we will be very pleased to see Razer keep up with that trend.
Razer Edge Pro - A Tablet That Could Play The Role Of A Gaming PC (Part 4)
At the tablet’s natural resolution of 1,366 x 768, these games produce the average rate of 25 fps, and it is impossible to remain the average from 30 fps or more until they are reduced to the resolution of 1,280 x 600. The Crysis 3 owns a relatively good resolution, but the Witcher 2 becomes a mess due to the loss of fidelity.
Razer Edge Pro - A Tablet That Could Play The Role Of A Gaming PC (Part 3)
From here, Razer hopes to see you run your PC games, potentially avoiding the typical headache when playing computer on TVs. A brave suggestion has been brought up, offering to automatically launched when the Windows starts up, and give the users an option to go back to the launcher immediately after closing the game.
Razer Edge Pro - A Tablet That Could Play The Role Of A Gaming PC (Part 2)
The Edge is just perfectly fitted into the aluminum frame of the gamepad, secured by a Sprind-loaded mechanism on the bottom side of the device. There is a pass-through port lying below the spring and two flanking release tabs. On the top, you will find two plastic ports which are used for accessing the USB and audio ports.
Razer Edge Pro - A Tablet That Could Play The Role Of A Gaming PC (Part 1)
Mobile gaming is no more like what it used to be. Sure, you can buy a portable from Sony or Nintendo, but the video game industry has transformed into a more diverse industry today. There is no shortage of hardware choices for gamers: from tablets, smartphones, gaming laptops and purpose-built handhelds, all of which give a new definition for the mobile gaming platform.
T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (Part 6)
T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy Note II has been sold today, and you have different options: you can opt for the Equipment Installment Plan, which includes a prepayment of $249 and 20 monthly payments of $20 thereafter (available in retailers), or just the classic plan (online and retail) and spend $369 in exchange for a two-year commitment.
T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (Part 5)
Samsung cameras need very little introduction, since the company's hi-end models often have a good job of speaking for themselves. The company chose 8MP sensors since the days of the Galaxy S II and – despite not having any progress in the war of megapixel – it continues to create some of the best cameras in the market.
T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (Part 4)
The new S Pen is longer, wider (8mm) and it is flat at the button side, making you feeling like holding an old-styled pencil – a feature that many traditional artist will prefer to the first pen. It also offers a bigger rubber-made head, bringing a similar feeling to you casual writing tool.
T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (Part 3)
New with the JB TouchWix UX are some modes. You have Blocking Mode, similar to “Don Not Disturb” in iOS 6. With a schedule specific for you – for example from 11PM until 6AM – you can set a blank list including allowed contacts and disable specific notifications from someone.
T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (Part 2)
In case you didn’t have any chance to read our in-depth review about Samsung Galaxy Note II international version, it is clearly worth reading – but we will be pleased viewing some smartphone hardware here. We will talk about several differences between N7100 and T-Mobile models later, but now we are pleased to say two phones are nearly identical with some changes for service providers.
T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (Part 1)
Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming to USA and it unusually creates much attention. In an unprecedented wonder, the incredible smartphone not only wins the hearts of the four national network providers and a local ones, it achieved that without any sacrifice for the design, specs or its own name.
Mobile: Homes For The Range
With the recent launch of Facebook Home, the concept of what a home app actually is and does has become a lot clearer for many people. Love them or hate them, home apps are frequently what attract people to devices in the first place.
Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone with PureView Camera
The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the first smartphones to use the new Windows Phone 8 operating system (OS). This is the successor to the older Windows Phone 7 and looks similar to the separate Windows 8 desktop OS, but that shouldn't necessarily put you off.
Hope Lives On For The Nokia Asha 206
In the world of smartphones, we are still seeing a whole lot of feature phones come out and either be used as back-up phones or as a handy secondary smartphone. The dual-SIM powered Nokia Asha 206 is one such phone, which has a fairly good build quality that reminds you of the Nokia phones of yore.
HTC Butterfly Android Smartphone
After the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy 4, there has been a lot of buzz about full HD phone displays. However, the much-hyped Galaxy S4 is yet to launch while HTC already has a phone with full HD display, with a pixel density of 440ppi, the highest till date in the Indian market.
LG Optimus G Pro - Beautiful Screen And Fast Processor (Part 5)
The G Pro’s battery life is predictable, but that's a good thing – the 3140mAh battery is said to be good, and it is right. It's not the best part; our test model accompanied with a second battery of equal size. This alone is enough to win the hearts of savvy users and international travelers.
LG Optimus G Pro - Beautiful Screen And Fast Processor (Part 4)
LG has unveiled the Optimus G, which was the first device with Qualcomm's Fusion 3 chipset. The company did not waste time with another first: the Optimus G Pro is the first device to launch with next-generation 600 chipset of the Snapdragon, which has a 1.7GHz quad-core CPU, Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB RAM to keep all of the things running fast.
LG Optimus G Pro - Beautiful Screen And Fast Processor (Part 3)
As HTC has recently noted, the number of MP is not everything - however, it is a greatly welcome feature as long as you have firmware and components that are adequately stable to support it. We believe that LG has done this with the 13MP rear camera on the G Pro, which has an f/2.4 aperture, a 03/01/06- inch BSI sensor, EIS, 3.92mm focal length, AF and LED flash.
LG Optimus G Pro - Beautiful Screen And Fast Processor (Part 2)
Within just three months, the 1080p screens have grown from a smartphone feature that does not exist to the main indicator of a high-end status of the phone. Fortunately, the Optimus G Pro provides such a screen, which LG advertises it as True HD-IPS + LCD.
LG Optimus G Pro - Beautiful Screen And Fast Processor (Part 1)
The large-phone mode is shaking the world like a hurricane, and LG is not a stranger to this trend: the Korean manufacturer has unveiled two large- screened smartphones like Optimus Vu (three if you count the LG Intuition on Verizon) with the usual fanfare all over the world.
Lenovo Ideatab S2110 - A Transformer’s Strong Competitor Running Android 4.0 (Part 1)
It took almost half a year for Lenovo to bring IdeaTab S2110 from the reveal at CES to the shelves and it’s almost unchanged. But regardless of the loud fanfare, at the beginning, the company chose to make the way for this tablet to the market silently, even before the official release at IFA.
Lenovo Ideatab S2110 - A Transformer’s Strong Competitor Running Android 4.0 (Part 3)
On the other hand, the 1,080p video quality of the tablet is poor and of course you will get our opinion in the following video sample. The sound is extremely scrunching, muffling, full of ambient noise which causes distractions and is totally not synchronized, at the same time, the average frame rate is slow and it’s extremely obvious.
Lenovo Ideatab S2110 - A Transformer’s Strong Competitor Running Android 4.0 (Part 2)
Trackpad also works pretty well, but its finish is a little too sticky for our hobbies and doesn’t allow the fingers to slide as smooth as you expect. There’re several times, though not frequently, when the pointer on the screen drops back or glides pass the screen too fast.
HTC One 2013 - HTC’s Latest High-End Smartphone (Part 6)
This particular piece of silicon is the next logical step up from the Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) of Qualcomm. The CPU has Krait 300 - an increase from the S4 Pro's Krait 200, which leads to a 15 percent improvement in IPC (instructions per clock) and a "speed-improved" Adreno 320 GPU.
HTC One 2013 - HTC’s Latest High-End Smartphone (Part 5)
The main home screens on Sense 5 really are not different from what we have seen in the previous versions. The iconic Sense clock and weather utilities are not present by default, but do not worry - it is still provided as a widget, so long-press the home screen and you will have the standard setup for Sense that allows you to select the widgets, shortcuts and applications you desire.
HTC One 2013 - HTC’s Latest High-End Smartphone (Part 4)
For basic navigation, Sense 5 devices use the two soft keys. This is a major deviation from the Sense 4 devices, which use a three-button setup including back, home and recent apps (the latter can be customized to work as the menu button if you want).
HTC One 2013 - HTC’s Latest High-End Smartphone (Part 3)
In the days before releasing the One, HTC promised a totally new imaging and sound experience on its high-end phones - and of course it was not overstating. Also with the exception of Nokia with its PureView series, all of the competitors of the company are busy increasing the number of MP on their latest and greatest cameras.
HTC One 2013 - HTC’s Latest High-End Smartphone (Part 2)
We complimented the 720p S-LCD2 screen of the One X when it was first launched, and even there were several things to love more a few months after the Droid DNA was released with a 1080p S-LCD3 screen. Having gathered such a momentum, we did not expect anything other than the best from the One.
HTC One 2013 - HTC’s Latest High-End Smartphone (Part 1)
The One X marked a steady start, and while it did not get the momentum CEO Peter Chou would have desired, the next model - simply called the One – raise the ability to design and take photos of the HTC up to the next level by releasing a new UltraPixel camera sensor, among other top-leading specs.
Buyer’s Guide: e-Readers That Fits Your Needs Best (Part 3)
Given that the Nook Simple Touch is wildly overpriced for what it is, you might expect that its illuminated version – the Simple Touch Glowlight- would be similarly disappointing. As it happens, that’s not the case, even though it’s an almost-identical device in every other respect.
Buyer’s Guide: e-Readers That Fits Your Needs Best (Part 2)
One of the few e-Readers to deviate substantially from the Kindle template, the Kobo Mini is both cheaper and smaller than its competitors and you can pick one up for under $75.5. For a touchscreen device that can comfortably be used in one hand, that’s an interestingly low price.
Buyer’s Guide: e-Readers That Fits Your Needs Best (Part 1)
The introduction of e-Ink technology- and Amazon’s Kindle- changed the game for e-Readers, which previously relied on low-quality, high-power LCD displays. The market has had a few years to bed in now, and competitors to the Kindle have sprung up from all quarters.
CloudOn - Office On Your iPad?
If and when Microsoft chooses to port Office to iOS is largely becoming irrelevant. iWork is more capable with every release, and now CloudOn has ported its system for remotely running Word, Excel and PowerPoint to the iPhone and iPad.
Sony Xperia T Review - A Luxurious Smartphone (Part 2)
Sony has set the camera unit to be recessed. This means it is able to avoid the hard surfaces and finger smudges. The sensor increases slightly from the 12.1 MP that can be caught on Xperia S, but the UI and the results are similar.
Sony Xperia T Review - A Luxurious Smartphone (Part 1)
The Xperia T is accompanied by a manufacturer-tinged version of Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich. This time, replacing the capacitive keys is the onscreen buttons, but at the first glance, the UI looks very similar to the Xperia S. As the result, a big collection of widget Xperia might be possible, with many attentions towards the homegrown software and services of Sony.
Sony Xperia Tablet S - Slimmer Design And Faster Guts (Part 4)
The Xperia Tablet S has a starting price of $399 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only model - you will have to cross the sea to have a 3G option and the highest price is $599 for a 64GB model. But there are other Android tablets with Tegra 3 and ICS inside that could affect your decision to buy.
Sony Xperia Tablet S - Slimmer Design And Faster Guts (Part 3)
There may be a heart of the Tegra 3 buried within this tablet made ​​by Sony, but that quad-core performance does not shine. Very too often, the Xperia Tablet S does not prove that it slowness does not fit its powerful CPU. Try to wake the tablet from a sleep mode and you may have to wait for 10 seconds, during this time you may have to press the power button repeatedly.
Sony Xperia Tablet S - Slimmer Design And Faster Guts (Part 2)
The Xperia Tablet S has a 9.4-inch IPS display (1280x800) offering colors and contrast often associated with that solution. Overall, this expresses through the images, icons and text that seem to be vivid with the balanced color tones that appear a bit pale.
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