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Samsung Galaxy Camera VS The Rest (Part 5)
In good light, images from the Galaxy Camera show accurate colors, good exposure and are crisp and vibrant. The camera has the ability to shoot at different sizes and with different aspect ratios for added control.
Samsung Galaxy Camera VS The Rest (Part 4)
The Sony Xperia T is similar in size to the other smartphones, but despite its curved rubberized backing and stylish black look, its build quality still felt a tad under par. But unlike the HTC and LG, the Xperia does feature a small dedicated camera key which gave us more flexibility when taking shots.
Samsung Galaxy Camera VS The Rest (Part 3)
The LG Nexus 4 feels solid to hold and the design is aesthetically pleasing, with a lovely glass backing that reflects a chequered pattern when tilted in certain light conditions. The handset though is on par with the HTC in that it doesn’t feature a removable battery, a dedicated camera key, nor does it have removable storage.
Samsung Galaxy Camera VS The Rest (Part 2)
The HTC One X+ has a quality feel, with a fantastic 4.7-inch HD screen, superb audio quality, a lightning-fast processor and a comprehensive software suite. However, unlike the Sony or Samsung, it does not feature a dedicated camera button, nor does it provide a removable battery or memory card expansion.
Samsung Galaxy Camera vs The Rest (Part 1)
The Galaxy Camera has a sleek and contemporary look and a large 4.8-inch HD touchscreen, which was highly responsive. Additionally, alongside its 21x optical zoom, dedicated camera button (with thumb zoom control) and pop-up Xenon flash, the Samsung Galaxy Camera certainly emanates the feel of a high-quality, premium product.
Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - High-Quality Dual-SIM Smartphone
Galaxy Grand Duos has the similar design as Galaxy S III but bigger size with 5-inch screen and resolution only 800x480 pixel instead of HD on Galaxy Note II or S III.
Sony Xperia Z: Galaxy Killer? (Part 3)
Sony’s Xperia Z is arguably the most powerful mobile device ever launched, with a superfast processor, quality next-gen camera and ultra-high resolution display, and as a premium phone from one of the world’s largest tech companies, it is being pitched as the ultimate Galaxy killer.
Sony Xperia Z: Galaxy Killer? (Part 2)
The Xperia Z is a rare example of a Sony smartphone without a dedicated camera button. In our view it’s a backward step for a device that has lots of potential in the imaging department, but it does bring it into line with most other handsets.
Sony Xperia Z: Galaxy Killer? (Part 1)
The Xperia Z is Sony’s next step. The device catches on to a number of trends superfast performance, larger screen and a lighter skin while also pushing the boundaries in other areas. The Xperia Z is the first phone we’ve seen in Europe to pack a full 1080p display, and is also fully waterproof, ensuring it will continue working in all weather conditions.
Huawei Ascend G330 - A High End Smartphone Player
One of the more popular budget smartphones of 2012 was Huawei’s Ascend G300. At $150 SIM-free it packed in a four-inch screen and a 1GHz processor – both at the time of launch were specifications worthy of more expensive smartphones.
Six Ways To Pump Up The Volume
If you’d like your Nexus 7 or your Android phone to be a little louder, there are several free apps that can help. One of the simplest and best is Speaker Boost (, which increases the volume of your speaker and headphones when you’re playing music and films (it doesn’t make phone calls any louder, though).
Finding Your Own Cooking Apps
Every day, millions of aspiring cooks open their re­frigerator doors with every intention of whipping up an amazing meal; instead, they freeze at the overwhelming sight of food-stocked shelves and close the door. I call this a symptom of "refrigerator angst," and unfortunately it doesn't end there.
Getting The Most From Passbook
Apple's latest mobile software update, iOS 6, brought two new apps to the iPhone 5: Maps and Passbook. The latter is a little hard to understand at first, but it's quickly catching on, as people realize its utility and as developers integrate this feature into their apps.
HTC One SV - The Best Bits Of The Impressive One Series
HTC’s One series is slowly putting together a formidable library of phones. From the high-end One X, to the budget One V each and every device certainly has its high points. To fill the gap in between, the mid-range HTC One SV looks to bring together the best features from both ends of the market.
Google Drive Spreadsheets For Pros
An often overlooked part of the Google Docs integration with Drive is its spreadsheet functionality. Providing users with a simple way to create, edit and manage their spreadsheets, you’ll find a wide range of features that mimic the likes of Excel, but without being overcomplicated to new and advanced users alike.
Windows Phone 8 In-Depth Review (Part 6)
The OS is very large. Developers now have applications that can communicate with other third party applications. This means that if one application needs to send you to another application to provide relevant content, it can do so. For example, Yelp app can launch applications on your favorite GPS to provide you with step by step instructions on how to go to a Mexican restaurant with every word of praise.
Windows Phone 8 In-Depth Review (Part 5)
We already know the Zune brand is old news, but it looks like Windows Phone is doing everything possible to make it avoid making the old brand. We no longer have the Zune music marketplace again, it is the independent Xbox Music Store; Zune pass is now Xbox Music Pass.
Windows Phone 8 In-Depth Review (Part 4)
The only real change for telephone applications is happening behind the scenes, because the user interface is almost unchanged. Instead, an important addition here is the integrated VoIP support. This is possible thanks to a team of Rich Communication Suite API that has been included in the SDK, which allows third-party developers to take a chance.
Windows Phone 8 In-Depth Review (Part 3)
Microsoft has responded to Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook by introducing a separate Wallet application, which in many ways is a combination of the two major competitors. It acts as a hub where you can keep your credit card information, and can then be used to shop in stores or for the Windows Phone mobile payment NFC support.
Windows Phone 8 In-Depth Review (Part 2)
The chain of startup guides you through the initial welcome screen and normal settings. You will be prompted to create or log into your Microsoft Account, choose your preferred language settings and choose whether you want to back up your photos, text and phone settings.
Windows Phone 8 In-Depth Review (Part 1)
Since WP7 (and WP7.5, also known as Mango) was released, Microsoft's method of standardizing almost every aspect of its hardware: the OEM is limited to the single core processors, WVGA screens, no outside storage and so on. The company always defends this decision, because the standard support seems to help run WP7 and smoother performance - not to mention having less work to do as developers create apps for multiple devices.
Xiaomi Phone 2 - High-End Specifications In A Surprisingly Cheap Package (Part 5)
With built-in quad-core APQ8064 SoC, it is not surprising that test scores and graphics performance of the Xiaomi Phone 2 follow strictly the Padfone 2’s and Optimus G’s, so we will not go into detail here. We rarely have a problem on the phone nor hanging during the time we use it – not like the version we had before.
Xiaomi Phone 2 - High-End Specifications In A Surprisingly Cheap Package (Part 4)
Xiaomi phone says its quad-core phone uses a 2nd-genaration 8MP BSI sensor, which turned out to be Sony IMX175 (used by a number of Galaxy S III) or Samsung S5K3H7. Our special unit of the former has the previous, according to the Voodoo Report of Supercurio .
Xiaomi Phone 2 - High-End Specifications In A Surprisingly Cheap Package (Part 3)
One bright thing is the new voice assistant tool package, and it is true that basically it is like Siri. Hold down the menu at any time (unless you've set it to Google Now) and you will be greeted by the voice which sounds familiar, along with 1 round silver button that awaits your voice commands.
Xiaomi Phone 2 - High-End Specifications In A Surprisingly Cheap Package (Part 2)
The Xiaomi company began as a MIUI design group, a heavily-customized Android ROM, to cater for a variety of high-end devices, so obviously the core part of the company's phone series is in the software. In fact, when we first wrote about the Xiaomi Phone, many readers accused it of stealing Xiaomi’s MIUI, when in fact they are the ROM creator.
Xiaomi Phone 2 - High-End Specifications In A Surprisingly Cheap Package (Part 1)
In 2012, the new Beijing company launched the first namesake phone at $320, which was quite impressive based on the fact that it was the first Chinese device that has the dual-core 1.5GHz MSM8260 Snapdragon chip .
Nook HD - A High-Definition Tablet With The Heart Of A Reader (Part 4)
As being proved by the lock screen, Barnes & Noble is really pushing the features this time – and it is not really tricky to understand the reason. The families share their tablets, especially the low-cost ones.
Nook HD - A High-Definition Tablet With The Heart Of A Reader (Part 3)
Barnes & Noble provides a relatively easy-to use browser – this is what you may find in such a basic tablet like this. At the top, you have different tabs that can be added by clicking on the + sign. Below this, you will see the navigation bar and buttons, and 1 bookmarks symbol which brings you a browser thumbnails on a plain background.
Nook HD - A High-Definition Tablet With The Heart Of A Reader (Part 2)
Nook HD is running Ice Cream Sandwich. B&N does not warmly welcome Android version like Amazon. Perhaps, the reason is that while it is such a good version, it is not good enough to be equally compared with the version on Kindle Fire HD, which basically helps consolidating that tablet’s position of a content providing device.
Nook HD - A High-Definition Tablet With The Heart Of A Reader (Part 1)
Barnes & Noble are aware of their position in the race of tablets. It is sure that this company has insisted on that market since the day Nook Color became a full-fledged tablet, but it seems that Nook is rarely mentioned as much as Kindle or Nexus 7 whenever there is a discussion on low-price tablets.
Nexus 10 - Ultra-High Resolution (Part 4)
Priced under $ 400, the Nexus 10 is an attractive package, but despite the screen, it may not have the best performance in the group. In fact, apart from the lack of resolution (1,920x1,080 vs. 2,560x1,600 of this guy), we think the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is an overall better package.
Nexus 10 - Ultra-High Resolution (Part 3)
The camera has received much attention, including an interesting new UI that is very minimal. However, the biggest new addition here is the 360 degree shooting mode called Photo Sphere.
Nexus 10 - Ultra-High Resolution (Part 2)
Again we are talking about a dual-core 1.7GHz A15 processor combined with 2GB of RAM and a Mali T604 GPU. Certainly, the volume of RAM is quite good, but when compared with the quad-core 1.7GHz Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 or with Samsung's recent Galaxy Note 10.1, in theory, there seems to be no competition.
Nexus 10 - Ultra-High Resolution (Part 1)
When Google unveiled the Nexus 7, we were completely unexpected. A $200 tablet was reasonably good in all aspects? It hasn’t been heard yet at that time, and even 5 months later it is still a really good tablet.
Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone 8 And Magic Camera (Part 4)
The new software usually comes with a new hardware and the appearance of dual cores on Windows Phone. Lumia 920 packs a Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz processor, which means it is more than capable of surfing through the the transition, the rich content website and currently available games.
Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone 8 And Magic Camera (Part 3)
Lumia 920’s screen comes with so many new stuffs from Nokia that they have to write a white paper introducing specifically what is going on behind that curved glass – we linked to it at the end of this review. The 4.5 inch IPS 1280x768 enhanced screen is named PureMotion HD+, and whereas the 332ppi, which means Windows Phone 8, looks livelier and performs images excellently, the new technology also improves the transition response of the screen.
Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone 8 And Magic Camera (Part 2)
First of all, in terms of how much Nokia can bring to the UI of Windows Phone 8’s camera, it seems a little limited. Accessing the camera application (or holding the camera physical button) and you will be warmly welcome to the familiar camera interface simply, but a little sparse.
Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone 8 And Magic Camera (Part 1)
It has been about one year since our first review on Nokia’s Windows Phone, and now, we are looking at its senior second-generation, the Lumia 920. Since the launch of Lumia 800, Nokia has played an essential role in improving Windows Phone’s position in the intense smartphone market .
Acer CloudMobile - Ambitious Android Phone (Part 3)
Acer mainly decided not to put hand into the Android experience, which will satisfy many users. While we do not object to the manufacturers adding a little spice to the software of the phone, it will be much better if it is just a little bit of features rather than a heavy-handed attempt to overhaul the software.
Acer CloudMobile - Ambitious Android Phone (Part 2)
Acer actually walks among a great number of quad-core rivals, but as we all know, it’s not what you have but it’s what you do with it is of importance. Below the hood, the CloudMobile packs a fairly appropriate dual-core Qualcomm 8260A Snapdragon S4, with 1.5GHz speeds.
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