HTC One SV - The Best Bits Of The Impressive One Series

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HTC’s mid-range device looks to highlight the best bits of the impressive One series

HTC’s One series is slowly putting together a formidable library of phones. From the high-end One X, to the budget One V each and every device certainly has its high points. To fill the gap in between, the mid-range HTC One SV looks to bring together the best features from both ends of the market.



The One series is renowned for its sleek design, and the One SV is no exception to the rule. The black fascia includes no notable features, apart from the three physical buttons embedded at the bottom of the device. Turn the device around and you’ll find a white, removable backplate with an embossed HTC logo in the center of it.

With the back of the device slightly curved, and the edges of the device also curved, the One SV feels good in hand. Its small, but slightly weighty build, helps the One SV feel like a well put together device. Around the edges of the device are your standard ports, including a micro SD slot, 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port. Where HTC has compromised with the One SV, is with its display. When turning on the device you’re greeted to a 4.3-inch display sporting a WVGA 480 x 800 resolutions. It’s grainy throughout and there are visible pixels that are easily identifiable on the bright home screen of the SV. Viewing angles are also limited, but that’s forgive able with a device of this size. The problem is most noticeable when viewing pictures and watching movies, which doesn’t bode well for the five-megapixel camera included here. The camera is distinctly average in the daytime, but below par in low-light conditions. One of the best features of the camera is that you can take 30 quick-fire shots in a matter of seconds, but once again the grainy quality spoils it. You can record in 1080p HD, which is a massive plus for a mid-range device, and the 1800 mAh battery handles this feature well.

Despite the display, the One SV is very quick, and the Qualcomm dual-core processor handles most tasks well

Despite the display, the One SV is very quick, and the Qualcomm dual-core processor handles most tasks well

“By far the best version of its custom skin yet”

Despite the display, the One SV is very quick, and the Qualcomm dual-core processor handles most tasks well. Whether you’re browsing, downloading apps or simply just moving around the device, the processor handles it all very well. The accompanying 1GB of RAM might be a little disappointing to some, but caters for a smaller device like this well enough, and copes with basic multitasking without facing any software lag.

As with any HTC phone you’ll get its very own skin here in the form of Sense. The One SV ships with Android 4.0 and runs Sense 4.1, which is by far the best version of its custom skin yet, and there are some quality feature additions that the One SV can be proud of. Messaging has been vastly revamped, there are a new range of entertainment hubs for your files and the browser has had a few tweaks to improve general use. It isn’t up to the standard of the pure Android experience, but it’s making ground that’s for sure.

The micro SD slot means you can expand the 8GB of internal storage up to 64GB

The micro SD slot means you can expand the 8GB of internal storage up to 64GB

The main selling point of the One SV is the fact it’s one of the first mid-range phones in the UK with 4G LTE support. Although the availability of 4G in the UK is still limited, it’s great to see cheaper devices getting 4G support. You’ll also find NFC, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities in the One SV for those not lucky enough for 4G speeds just yet.

HTC has done a great job at pitching the One SV as a true mid-range device. It does lack in certain departments, mainly the display and camera, but it excels in others. Not only is it a superbly built device, it comes with the best version of Sense yet, and offers the average user a competitively priced chance at getting their hands on a 4G device for the first time.

The HTC One SV information

Price: $438


Battery life

Average users should make it through the day just fine

Performance: 3/5

Great processor, but below average display and camera let it down badly

Design: 5/5

A truly great looking phone that’s easy on the eye, and in the hand

Features: 4/5

The best iteration of Sense yet, but still a bit behind pure Android

Value for money: 4/5

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better mid-range device than this

Verdict: 4/5

The HTC One SV excels in most areas making it a great addition to the company’s already impressive range

Good for…

Portability: This phone is the perfect size for one-handed use and is surprisingly lightweight

Design: The simple, crisp finish of the One SV makes it look and feel like a great device

Browsing: The speedy dual-core processor will get you around the device with no lag in sight

Entertainment: The new entertainment hubs are great solutions for storing your various media files

Technical specs

§  Operating system: Android 4.0.4

§  Processor: Dual-core 1200MHz

§  Memory: 8GB storage

§  Dimensions: 9 x 9.2mm

§  Weight: 122g

§  Display size: 4.3-inch

§  Display resolution: 480 x 800 pixels

§  Expansion slot: micro SD


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