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Sony Xperia Tablet S - Slimmer Design And Faster Guts (Part 1)
For Sony, it's all about the presentation. Obviously, since the company put all of its mobile products under one roof, it has attained a balance between style and substance much more than the original Tablet S and Tablet P - two devices had a lopsided focus on unique, proof-of-concept designs rather than on user experience. It is pretty fair to say these first tablet efforts were unlikely to resonate with consumers, which made the company have nothing else to do apart from trying its best.
LG Intuition Review - Skirts The Line Between Smartphone And Tablet (Part 5)
As we have mentioned before, the Intuition also accompanies with MHL compatibility. We were rewarded a "Media Home" screen by plugging in the array of cables; a simple menu allows you to choose between videos, music and photos. There is also a convenient exit button in case you prefer to HDMI mirroring.
LG Intuition Review - Skirts The Line Between Smartphone And Tablet (Part 4)
Although it is quite a good camera during the day, we cannot suppose that it is the same about the performance at night - or in any low-light conditions. In addition to capturing grainy and noisy images in these situations, it cannot get enough backlight to do anything well - even when the settings are changed to night mode.
LG Intuition Review - Skirts The Line Between Smartphone And Tablet (Part 3)
It may not run Jelly Bean, but the consolation is that it is not Gingerbread. In other words, the Intuition runs on Android 4.0.4 (the kids call it Ice Cream Sandwich) - a breath of fresh air if it is considered to come to a decision of putting 2010 firmware on LG’s original Optimus Vu.
LG Intuition Review - Skirts The Line Between Smartphone And Tablet (Part 2)
In aspects of connectivity, Verizon LTE (bands 13, 700MHz) is present here, as well as CDMA (we are coming to Verizon to see whether the international roaming is not officially supported, because a variety of technical specification sheets seems contradictory); its Korean counterpart has 800MHz LTE (used in Korea), HSPA+ 2,100MHz, CDMA and quad-band GSM/EDGE.
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Review (Part 3)
The dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 1GB of RAM of the Relay 4G allow some speedy smooth performance. Swiping through home screens, opening apps and scrolling over web pages is flawless, and the phone is totally compatible with our Riptide GP sessions. The touchscreen is also significantly responsive; we seldom have to pull out the keyboard once in a while.
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Review (Part 2)
A hardware keyboard adds some extra weights to the device, but the concept is that you'll enjoy a more convenient typing experience than narrow touchscreen keyboards can offer. This idea has been used on various sliders like the Photon Q 4G LTE, whose keypad offers nice dimensional keys and a decent amount of movement.
Adobe Photoshop Touch - Power At Your Fingertips (Part 2)
Photoshop Touch includes 36 filters, loosely divided into four categories: Basic (blurs, bevel, tint and lighting), Stylize (halftones, posterise and colorize), Aritistic (pencil, comic book and paint effects) and Photo (HDR, skin softening and vignette effects).
Adobe Photoshop Touch - Power At Your Fingertips (Part 1)
Photoshop Touch crams an awful lot into a 32MB app: a full suite of adjustments, a range of filters and selection looks, layer control, and the ability to work with images up to 12 megapixels in size. It’s not just vastly more advanced than any comparable iPhone app; it’s a whole evolutionary leap forward.
iPhone Mini - A Cheaper iPhone
With the iPhone 4 and 4S, preserved in Apple’s current line-up as lower-cost alternatives to the iPhone 5, reportedly selling extremely well – some estimates even put them close to the iPhone 5’s numbers – there seems to be a gap in the market for a more affordable Apple phone.
iStopMotion 2 For iPad - Because Jelly Beans
Stop motion has been around since the dawn of animation itself. Over the years, as technology has advanced, it has become easier than ever for anyone to create their own animated short films.
Goclever Tab R974.2 Review
Many little-known companies sell cheap Android tablets and the latest is Polish firm GoClever. There are various inexpensive, high-quality 7in and 8in tablets, but that’s not been the case with larger 10in models. GoClever claims the Tab R974.2 is a quality 10in tablet, and it’s available at $234.
Cubasic For iPad - Mobile Digital Audio Workstation
Mobile music apps may still be a fair way off replicating a desktop setup, but the gap is much smaller than it was just a year ago. Steinberg has toyed with iOS development before now, but Cubasis represents its first fully fledged mobile DAW, and it comes hot on the heels of the latest major release of Cubase, version 7.
HTC One - A Huge Leap For Android Smartphones
HTC has a wide range of smartphones, with nine models available for Android alone, but the company is taking a more minimalist approach with its flagship One phone – this will be the only launch in 2013. It’s a bold move, especially as HTC hopes the One will revive its flagging fortunes.
Things Officers Need For iPad
Keynote is a great tool for slideshow. To iPad, Keynote is capable of creating the stunning slide transition effects as well as many complex effects that other apps will have difficult doing such. Besides, cloud sync technology also delivers a lot of convenience when officers use iPad.
Droid RAZR HD And RAZR MAXX HD Smartphones Review (Part 3)
The RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD choose where their predecessors left off and resolve every concern you might have had with the original model. Most significantly, the screen has gone from a 4.3-inch qHD panel to a 4.7-inch HD one without changing the physical dimensions of the device.
Droid RAZR HD And RAZR MAXX HD Smartphones Review (Part 2)
The dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 inside is hardly advanced any more, but it’s still more than enough to keep the handset runs fast. Navigating the UI is smooth, seamless and the device hardly seems to break a sweat firing up most applications. Even those heavy 3D games like Dead Space and Grand Theft Auto III hum along on the new RAZRs.
Droid RAZR HD And RAZR MAXX HD Smartphones Review (Part 1)
The Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD are Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphones designed by Motorola as the successor to the Droid Razr series. Notable changes from their predecessors include 720p resolution displays and increased display size while maintaining similar overall dimensions.
Setting For Phones Using Windows Phone 8
If you possess a Smartphone that runs Windows Phone 8, you will need to implement some settings for ringtones, interface, e-mail setup, Facebook and mastering Find My Phone feature, backup...
Repair Your Smartphone And Tablet (Part 2)
Most smartphones and tablets have glass screens and some, including the iPhone 4 and Nexus 4, have glass rear panels that, while toughened, are still quite easily broken. Dropping a phone can dislodge components or cause other internal problems that throw up errors or lead to a complete failure.
Repair Your Smartphone And Tablet (Part 1)
Manufacturers know that mobile phones are likely to be dropped or shoved into pockets next to scratchy coins, so devices are generally designed to withstand everyday knocks. In most cases they are at least made with toughened, scratch-resistant glass for screens and shatterproof plastics or metal for the case.
Creative Edge iPhone Movie Makers - Small Screen, Big Picture
The idea of using the superb Nikon glass was tempting, but at $250 for the mount, and with warnings of troublesome focus and images coming out a stop or two too dark, I decided against it. If you decide to invest in an OWLE, adding the EnCinema iPhone SLR adaptor lets you add Nikon lenses to it, as seen at – but this combination comes to nearly $450 before lenses.
Pantech Flex Smartphone Review (Part 3)
Most of Pantech apps are good, clearly made with ICS in mind. This is true for main apps such as contact, alarm, schedule, call and SMS but also extend to unique apps such as unit converter, file manager, tip calculator and voice recorder.
Pantech Flex Smartphone Review (Part 2)
As an upgrade from Burst, Flex has a rear 8MP camera, along with the front 2MB. However, even with a new setting, Pantech’s implement continues disappointing us. The camera captures more details than before, and under a group of narrow conditions, it provides very nice images.
Pantech Flex Smartphone Review (Part 1)
Pantech is famous for its budget Android smartphone, and Flex is not an exception. Available on AT&T for $50 with a 2-year contract, it offers dual-core Snapdragon chipset – similar to that in Galaxy S III and One X – along with qHD screen and LTE connectivity.
Ascend D1 Quad XL - Huawei Quad-Core Smartphone (Part 4)
The quad-core phones didn’t exist this time last year, but the size of the smartphone market has changed a lot in the past few months. Even in the recently April and May, looking at such a powerful CPU which was pre-installed into a smartphone was a sufficient reason to turn around and take the wallet out – now, it’s the only way for a new high-end device to release without being making fun of.
Ascend D1 Quad XL - Huawei Quad-Core Smartphone (Part 3)
Camera 8MP wrapped in D1 Quad XL is the best attempt of Huawei till now, but we’re not sure that it’s something hard to achieve, based on the fact that it’s excellent in the cheap phone category for years. It’s a pretty good performer in some respects while extremely lacks in other fields, making us hard to introduce it against the Android giants such as Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC One X.
Ascend D1 Quad XL - Huawei Quad-Core Smartphone (Part 2)
D1 Quad XL uses the 4.5-inch HD Toshiba IPS+ screen, 1,280x720 with 330ppi pixel density. Thanks to using in-plane switching tech, it delivers excellent viewing angles and bright screen. High resolution and non-PenTile BGR matrix stop us from seeing the smallest pixels, giving us the opportunity to better enjoy what we’re watching; however, on the other hands, colors on the screen lack saturation, especially when comparing side-by-side to One X Galaxy S III.
Ascend D1 Quad XL - Huawei Quad-Core Smartphone (Part 1)
Fast-forwarding August 2012, we witness the 2012’s equivalent thing of Motorola Droid Bionic: this unfortunate device is the subject of unclear status and tons of delay. Don’t be afraid, finally it was released. However, it faced an extremely competitive market that was about to come to the holiday season, with the hardcore quad-core competition such as Samsung Galaxy Note II, LG Optimus G and HTC One X+ which were ready to battle.
LG Optimus G - A Quad-Core Flagship With Nexus Aspiration (Part 4)
Optimus G is a strange hardware unit combining the innovated design, excellent building quality and coveted technical specs. Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro of Qualcomm provides “powerhouse” performance without sacrificing battery life. While the 4.7-inch True HD IPS PLUS screen of LG is nice, it still stands behind the gorgeous Super LCD 2 screen of HTC on One X. regardless of annoying autofocus, the 8MP and 13MP camera can take stunning photos and record useful videos.
LG Optimus G - A Quad-Core Flagship With Nexus Aspiration (Part 3)
This is actually a story about 2 different cameras with the same function – the story about the promising camera hampered by disappointing user experience. The Sprint and Korean version of Optimus G use 13MP BSI sensor, 1/3.2 inch with 1.1µm pixel and 5-factor autofocus lens, f/2.4.
LG Optimus G - A Quad-Core Flagship With Nexus Aspiration (Part 2)
There’s one thing that needs to be clear: Optimus G is a performance monster. Subjectively, it hasn’t missed any beat – everything is fast and smooth, without delay or latency. Regardless of releasing with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4), it feels faster than our Galaxy Nexus and stay on par with Galaxy Note II, both run Jelly Bean.
LG Optimus G - A Quad-Core Flagship With Nexus Aspiration (Part 1)
Optimus G is the mainstream device for the Korean manufacturer, especially in America, where Samsung rival is staying on top while the success of LG is obstructed by a series of forgettable products (hello Intuition) and the poor performance to some software updates.
Kensington Folio Trio For iPad
The Kensington Folio Trio is a full-featured mobile workstation, complete with built-in iPad stand, notepad holder, 3-ring binder for notes, folio for papers, card holders, pen loops, and iPad stylus loop. In theory, the Folio Trio is great it holds everything you'd need for an office meeting, and keeps it nicely organized.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9in - Is It Still Beautiful?
This may seem intrusive, but using the Kindle Fire HD 8.9in is a smooth and pleasurable experience especially if you already use Amazon’s services. The home screen is dominated by a carousel showing your most recently opened apps, eBooks, music, magazines and videos.
Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch - Pen-Enabled Display Plus Multi-Touch Gestures (Part 2)
While multi-touch function provides some useful shortcuts during our session, any action that required more than two or three fingers became quite inconvenient. The most useful gestures were 2-fingers action: pinch to zoom in / out and rotate the canvas.
Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch - Pen-Enabled Display Plus Multi-Touch Gestures (Part 1)
No surprise that the pen functionality on a Wacom's screen or tablet would be excellent - especially on high-end kit that we have spent time here. We never have a problem with the pen functionality, and having all of those pressure levels at your disposal should be a major improvement over a regular mouse, to say the least.
Wireless Charging
Established in 2008, the WPC published a low-power specification for Qi in 2009 for delivery of up to 5 watts power. The WPC extended the specification in 2011 to medium power for delivery of up to 120 watts. In 2009, the WPC certified the first Qi-based product, and today, there are 110 consumer products carrying the Qi logo, translating to 8.5 million-plus units globally, including 6 million in the United States and 2 million in Japan.
iStat Menus 4 for iPad
iStat Menus appeals to those who love to keep a close eye on a system's performance and need detailed information available at the click of a mouse. The product is in two parts: one that's essentially a fancy preferences panel, plus several modules that live in the menu bar. You use the former to toggle and configure the latter.
Iwork Pro - Sharing A Cell
Perhaps it’s down to the twin personal failings of fat fingers and a lack of co-ordination, but after carrying an iPad around on a few trips over the past weeks, I’ve learned the hard way that quickly editing the contents of cells in a Numbers table – often awkward enough for me on a laptop – is a battle on iOS devices.
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