iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Randomly Moving a Bounded View

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When you move a view to a random point, you must take into account several things. Often a view must fit entirely within its parent’s view container so there aren’t parts of the view clipped off. You may also want to add a boundary to that container so the view does not quite touch the parent’s edge at any time. Finally, if you’re working with out-of-the-box SDK versions of the UIView class, you need to work with random centers, not random positions. Just picking a point somewhere in the parent view fails some or all of these qualifications.

Recipe 1 approaches this problem by creating a series of insets. It uses the UIEdgeInset structure to define the boundaries for the view. This structure contains four inset values, corresponding to the amount to inset a rectangle at its top, left, bottom, and right.

typedef struct {
CGFloat top, left, bottom, right;
} UIEdgeInsets;

This method uses the UIEdgeInsetsInsetRect() function to narrow a CGRect rectangle to create an inner container, which is called innerRect in this method.

It then narrows the container even further. It insets that rectangle by half the child’s height and width. This leaves enough room around any point in the subrectangle to allow the placement of the child view, guaranteeing that the view can do so without overlapping the inner bounded rectangle. Select any point in that subrectangle to return a valid center for the child view.

Recipe 1. Randomly Moving a Bounded View
- (CGPoint) randomCenterInView: (UIView *) aView withInsets: (UIEdgeInsets) insets
// Move in by the inset amount and then by size of the subview
CGRect innerRect = UIEdgeInsetsInsetRect([aView bounds], insets);
CGRect subRect = CGRectInset(innerRect,
self.frame.size.width / 2.0f, self.frame.size.height / 2.0f);
// Return a random point
float rx = (float)(random() % (int)floor(subRect.size.width));
float ry = (float)(random() % (int)floor(subRect.size.height));
return CGPointMake(rx + subRect.origin.x, ry + subRect.origin.y);

- (CGPoint) randomCenterInView: (UIView *) aView
withInset: (float) inset
UIEdgeInsets insets = UIEdgeInsetsMake(inset, inset, inset, inset);
return [self randomCenterInView:aView withInsets:insets];

- (void) moveToRandomLocationInView: (UIView *) aView { = [self randomCenterInView:aView withInset:5];

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