Galaxy Note 8.0 – The iPad’s Great Opponent (Part 1)

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Note 8.0 gives an exciting feeling of writing and drawing with the S Pen, with a superior screen than the small tablet segment, with higher capacity battery than the iPad Mini’s, but it is not really impressive.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 Note is the 4th of Samsung’s Note series sold after two large-screen mobile phones and a 10.1-inch tablet. This product can be seen as a direct competitor of the iPad Mini in the domestic market. The device comes with the full features of the Galaxy Notes mobile phones, such as the accompanying pen, messaging features and call. It can also be seen as the advantages that the company aims to use to attract users compared to Apple’s devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung continues using the traditional plastic material on their new product, which is similar to many Galaxy’s series. The design with its corners much more rounded than the current Note 10.1 and Tab 10.1 before it makes the device look "chubby" and easily attract women’s attention. However, the Note 8.0 gives a feeling of lightweight, which is easy to use with one hand without fatigue for a long time with activities such as reading or watching videos.

The device uses familiar plastic materials from Samsung.

The device uses familiar plastic materials from Samsung.

Using this display type of 16:10, the Note 8.0 is longer than the iPad Mini with a 4:3 ratio though they are similar in size, 8 inches and 7.9 inches. When placed on top of Apple's product, the Note 8.0 is slightly larger than the opponent.

The Note 8.0 is somewhat longer than the iPad Mini.

The Note 8.0 is somewhat longer than the iPad Mini.

The Note 8.0 is heavier than the iPad Mini (330 grams compared to 312 grams), but the actual hold is difficult for you to feel the difference. The two screen edges are thicker than those of the iPad Mini so when you hold it, the thumb is not touching the screen and does not obscure the details shown below. The plastic material can be little debate about the luxury but the obvious advantage is that it is comfortable to hold and it is difficult to slip out of your hand due to sweat as on the aluminum case of the iPad Mini. Moreover, tablet users often use many kinds of covers, so these should not necessarily be so important details.

The plastic rear with the simplified details.

The plastic rear with the simplified details

Even under the name of a tablet, but the Note 8.0 inherited pretty much the design and layout of the Note II and Galaxy S III. The device uses three basic keys with a physical Home button and two menu and back keys at the sides. The power button is also placed at the side, which makes it easier to touch rather than on the top as placed on the iPad Mini. Samsung located the internal speakers at the top of the light sensor and front camera. Although it is the tablet, with the speakers, users can make regular calls without any additional headset. However, many people probably will not use this phone in this listening position.


The screen displays true colors. 

The screen displays true colors.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 uses a 8-inch screen with Super Clear LCD technology with the resolution of 800x1,280 pixels, which is equivalent the that of the Note 10.1. If compared in terms of pixel density, this device is a bit better than the iPad Mini, 189 vs. 162 ppi. In fact, just with a little observation, sharpness, especially when surfing the web, will be seen easily with the difference on Apple’s product with aliasing in more stripes.

Using a kind of screen technology which is rather strange than Samsung's conventions, the Note 8.0 gives true colors, and color transition is quite good. However, the contrast and the vibrant of colors is not so good as the Super Amoled Plus on the Galaxy Tab 7.7, from Samsung also.

The better sharpness than on other small tablets can be seen clearly when surfing webs.

The better sharpness than on other small tablets can be seen clearly when surfing webs.

To match the demand for diverse uses, the Note 8.0 allows color changing mode include Dynamic, Standard and Movie. For example, the Movie mode optimizes brightness for dark areas, which is suitable for watching widescreen movies.

Although the two sides edges are thicker than that of the iPad Mini, this allows holding the device with one hand without covering the screen. Although Apple’s product is equipped with feature not recognizing touch when holding the edges, this definitely causes some discomfort to the users.


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