33 Quick Tips For iOS (Part 1)

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Our favorite tricks and hacks for iPad and iPhone

Perhaps you are already an iOS master. Or maybe you consider yourself a novice. Either way, we feel confident that at least some of the tips for iOS 6 that we present here will be new to you. And we hope you love them and benefit from them as much as we do.

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1.    Let your device read aloud Enabling the Speak option makes it possible for your iOS device to read aloud any selectable text. Launch the Settings app, tap General, and then choose Accessibility. Scroll down to Speak Selection, and tap to turn it on.

Now, go into any app where you can highlight text. You options include Mail, Notes, Safari, and many others. Select some text, and you’ll see a new option appear in the contextual menu (you may have to tap the right arrow to view more options). Just tap the Speak command, and your iOS device will start reading the text aloud to you.

The Emoji keyboard lets you insert fun symbols

The Emoji keyboard lets you insert fun symbols

2.    Enable the Emoji keyboard Perhaps you have seen the iconographic Emoji symbols in email messages, iMessages, and tweets, and wondered how the heck people managed to type them. Maybe you’ve mistakenly assumed that you need to purchase a third-party app to gain access to those special symbols.

You don’t: Apple treats the Emoji symbols as an international keyboard. Launch Settings, and navigate to General ª Keyboard ª International Keyboards. Then tap Add New Keyboard and find Emoji. Now open an app where you can type some txt.

Next to the spacebar, you’ll see a little globe icon. Tap it to switch between your regular keyboard and the Emoji one, which contains many tabs full of different characters. Tap those characters to insert them wherever you would like. (If you have many international keyboards, tap and hold the globe to bring up a menu of all your options.)

3.    Make Emoji speak For real fun, type in a bunch of Emoji symbols, select them all, and then tap the Speak button. You’ll hear the often-entertaining names of each symbol read in sequence.

Picture perfect

Set yourself free from the confines of left-to-right-only panoramas

Set yourself free from the confines of left-to-right-only panoramas

4.    Snap photos while shooting videos You’re using your iPhone 5 to capture a video of a magical moment, and you wish that you could snap a photo at the same time. Don’t stop recording! Just tap the camera button, which appears on the screen in addition to the shutter button as you film. This function uses the iPhone’s slightly less impressive video sensors instead of its true photo sensor, but the photos should still turn out pretty nicely. Note that this tip doesn’t work on older iPhones.

5.    Use reverse panorama Speaking of tips that work only with certain iPhones, here’s one that will matter just to folks who have the iPhone 4S or newer in other words, an iPhone that supports taking panoramic photos.

Normally, the Camera app prompts you to take such photos from left to right. To reverse that direction, just tap once on the panorama guide to flip it to the opposite side of your screen.

Siri’s here to help

6.    Use the ‘in transit’ cue Ask Siri to help you find an address with a couple of extra words at the end, as in: “Give me directions to San Francisco International Airport via transit.” In response, iOS will open the Maps app and display the routing pane, which lets you choose which third-party app you’d like to sue to supply your directions. Attentive readers will know that Google Maps is included among these routing apps, which means that you can actually use this trick to get directions via Google Maps from Siri.

7.    Choose Siri’s audio options If your automobile has a built-in speakerphone, or if you carry a Bluetooth accessory that has a microphone and speakers, you can choose which one Siri listens to fro commands. When you click and hold the iPhone’s Home button, you’ll see a speaker icon to the right of the main Siri button. Tap it, and you’ll get a menu of the various sound inputs that your iPhone can sue; select the one you want, and Siri will listen using that microphone and, if possible, give feedback via those speakers.

Siri can help you find answers to all of your movie trivia questions

Siri can help you find answers to all of your movie trivia questions

8.    Make Siri your own IMDb You probably already know that you can ask Siri what’s playing at movie theaters near you. But Siri is also an expert on movies. You can ask about your favorite films, and you can make Siri do more of the legwork for you when, say, you’re curious about which films specific actors have appeared in together. You might ask. “What movies start both Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry?” And Siri will reply with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Rugrats In Paris.

9.    Get movie reviews Not sure if a given movie is worth your time? Just ask Siri: “Is Rugrats In Paris any good?” Siri will reply with a review from Rotten Tomatoes.

10.  Correct Siri Sometimes Siri doesn’t understand you quite accurately. Maybe you told it to call your friend “Aaron,” but it thought you said “Erin”. Fortunately, you can correct Siri’s mistake; after Siri reports that it doesn’t know what you’re talking about, scroll up and find the speech bubble where Siri records what it thinks you said. Tap that bubble, and you’ll find that you can edit what Siri heard and resubmit your request.

if you don’t want to type out a long correction, you can use iOS’s built-in dictation feature to enter your corrected text. Just tap the microphone in the keyboard, and speak your text aloud.

11.  Post to social network If you use Facebook or Twitter, Siri offers many helpful posting options. You can say “Post to Facebook, I love reading Lex and Dan’s stuff at” or say “Write on my Wall, I love Siri.” With Twitter, you can say “Tweet, I’m eating breakfast,” along with other, similar variations.

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