70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 2)

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20. Google Maps Navigation

20. Google Maps Navigation

Price: Free

An absolute must-get. As long as you have Android 1.6 or above, the latest update to Google Maps introduces turn-by-turn voice navigation, simultaneously devastating the sat-nav industry while boosting the in-car dashboard dock/ charger accessory screen. Route calculations are done at the outset of your trip, minimizing data transfer en route and keeping you on target even when the GPS signal drops. It’s amazing, it works and it’s free.

21. Catch Notes

21. Catch Notes

Price: Free

A simple note-taking tool, Catch Notes enables you to synchronize those disjointed, late-night thoughts you have together into one huge, incoherent database. If you have a Snaptic account, you’re able to sync the Android app with that too- or you can simply log in with your Google details for instant mobile jotting. Once written, notes may also be pinned to the homescreen, creating a little sticky note- style reminder icon.

22. gvSIG Mini Maps

gvSIG Mini Maps

Price: Free

gvSIG Mini Maps is an incredibly comprehensive mapping tool, which combines major online maps including Google, Bing, Open Street Map and more. And it will win UK fans for one huge reason alone- it supports the official and recently open-sourced Ordnance Survey data. This means you’re never more than a postcode search away from seeing where you are in OS-level detail, which offers much more in the way of accurate local data than other map tools provide.

23. Astrid

23. Astrid

Price: Free

Astrid describes itself as an ‘open source’ task list, which includes syncing support with for the ultimate in minutiae management. You set a list of tasks and are then able to order them according to their importance – also setting off a timer to see precisely how long you’ve wasted on Twitter instead of doing the job in hand. It’s basically the world’s most complex and in-depth personal to-do list, which, if used correctly, consumes more time than the tasks themselves. Ideal for expert-level procrastinators.

24. Shareprice


Price: Free

Shareprice uses your login details from financial site to offer live share price updates on your Android phone. Watch your nest-egg lose 50 per cent in value every three weeks during the latest trans-global financial crisis, live! It’s ideal for users with share values so low they have to be checked in private, to ensure their partner doesn’t see exactly how much money has disappeared into some notional financial black hole.

25. Skifta

. Skifta

Price: Free

Skifta is the first software tool to be granted DLNA certification, meaning that it turns your Android smartphone into an official DLNA device. This in turn means streaming all of your household media to your phone, and beaming all your phone videos to your TV. It does seem a little buggy at the moment, but there are plenty of updates arriving all the time. Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

26. Dropbox


Price: Free

The Android version of the insanely popular stuff-syncing app has arrived, and while Dropbox is a little lacking in the sort of fancy auto-syncing options many were hoping for, it still works as expected. Files have to be specifically downloaded to your phone in order to be edited or shared, which is not quite the automated dream offered by the desktop tools, but it’s still Dropbox on Android.

27. London Tube Status

. London Tube Status

Price: Free

Reduce the misery of being told you’ve just missed wait until the next one with London Tube Status, which combines travel status, updates and live departure times. It also includes a homescreen widget that shows your favorite (or at least your most used) platform departures, making it easy to check by how much you’ve just missed the next train while tearing madly down the escalators.

28. Amazon UK

Amazon UK

Price: Free

Amazon recently launched an official Android app, replacing its reliance on a mobile web store. The app is very simple and fast to use, and even includes full shopping cart features with Amazon’s one-click system- once you’ve signed in with your usual account details. Now all those impulse buys can be even more impulsive.

29. eBuddy Chat

eBuddy Chat

Price: Free

If you like to pass the time exchanging smiley faces and abbreviations with your friends through instant messaging apps, you ought to get a copy of eBuddy Messenger. It’s an instant messaging aggregator, incorporating AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, good old ICQ and more, serving everything up in one convenient interface. Typing in all your logins and passwords for all those services is the only, very temporary, inconvenience.

30. Beelicious


Price: Free

If you’re into the slightly last-generation social networking site Delicious, you ought to get yourself organized with one of the many third-party Android apps out there that support the bookmarking tool. Such as Beelicious, which, once you have got through the slightly cumbersome initial set-up process, enables you to simply send website links to your Delicious account via the Android browser’s ‘Share Page’ sub-menu.

31. TweetDeck


Price: Free

A star on the Twitter app scene, TweetDeck for Android is one amazing little tool. As well as presenting your timeline, direct messages and replies in separate side-by-side panels that you swipe the screen to flip between, it can also pull in Facebook status updates. And mix it all in together. And it does Foursquare. And Buzz

32. iPlayer


Price: Free

The BBC came in for quite a lot of stick over its Android iPlayer app, with the code lacking some basic features and requiring Adobe’s discontinued Flash Player in order to work properly. Happily, most of the issues have now bee fixed in a recent update, while the BBC’s standalone Media Player removes the need for Flash. It also works while minimized and with the screen turned off, so is actually usable as a radio player. Much better.

33. Google Reader

Google Reader

Price: Free

Google has brought its RSS feed tool into the app era, launching its Google Reader for Android. It’s got some great functionality built in, with support for multiple Google accounts and plenty of thread customization options. You’re also able to use the volume rocker to page up and down between messages, which are handy for those wanting extra-lazy news assimilation.

34. BT Wi-Fi

. BT Wi-Fi

Price: Free

BT’s incredibly clever FON network is often a lifesaver, enabling you to legally borrow Wi-Fi for free in many public places. And while standing outside strangers’ houses. The BT Wi-Fi Android app (formerly known as BT FON) enables you to automate the sign-in process, so you can walk around towns and housing estates safe in the knowledge that your phone’s always seeking out available Wi-Fi. You need a BT Wi-Fi username, though, so sort that out before you venture out into the scary internet-free world.

35. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Price: Free

Amazon’s Kindle app is a great e-reader, which is seamlessly linked with your Amazon account. Support for magazines and newspapers are limited at the moment, with only a handful of niche publications in Android-friendly format. But for books it’s great, with plenty of screen and text display options to get it looking a way that hurts your eyes the least. Another exciting new way to collect classic novels you’ll probably never get around to reading because there’s the internet now.

36. Endomondo

. Endomondo

Price: free

The free version of Endomondo is essential if you’re sporty, or even if you just like using a GPS tool to stalk yourself walking around. You select an activity, initiate GPS mode and It keeps track of you, times you and even whispers robotic words of encouragement at you, before generating a stylish map charting your achievements. A map that you can spam out to social networks to show of the fact that you can ride a bike.

37. Androidify


Price: Free

Let your hair down by creating a realistic interpretation of what your barnet looks like with Androidify. It’s an avatar creator that uses the Android mascot as its base, enabling you to swap trousers and hats with the swipe of a finger. Results are then sharable via Twitter and the usual social tools. There aren’t enough types of beard, though. Please release a Beard Expansion Pack!

38. Kongregate Arcade

Kongregate Arcade

Price: Free

Thanks to Android’s Flash Player powers, casual gaming portal Kongregate is able to bring a hug number of its internet games to the Android platform. They run in the browser, os resolutions can be a bit all over the place, but with over 300 games to choose from, there’s bound to be something there to help you waste a few hours.

39. Blogger


Price: Free

The Google-owned Blogger platform now has a presence in the current decade, thanks to the official Blogger app. It’s remarkably simple, supports image uploads and geo-tagging, and imports the settings of all blogs associated with your Gmail account. There’s no fancy editing the positions of your photos, which just get chucked in at the bottom, but it works.


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