BlackBerry Z10 – Is It Enough To Take On Android And iOS?

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BlackBerry is back. Right now only known as "BlackBerry", the company once called RIM has its new senior phone - the full touchscreen Z10 - with a new operating system, BlackBerry 10.

Black Berry Z10

Black Berry Z10

BlackBerry is back. Right now only known as "BlackBerry", the company once called RIM has its new senior phone - the full touchscreen Z10 - with a new operating system, BlackBerry 10.

There are no hard buttons for navigation, and operations based entirely on touch. It is the first phone of this type, but BlackBerry 10 allows navigation quickly becomes second nature.

Build Quality

It's clean and simple, with straight edges and rounded corners

It's clean and simple, with straight edges and rounded corners

Z10 really is the BlackBerry's iPhone, and its design is similar to the design of the latest smartphone of Apple. It's clean and simple, with straight edges and rounded corners. The front looks almost identical to the back of the iPhone, but the screen and the back looks like a plastic version of the iPhone. A textured rubber including those small ripples is similar to Nexus 7.

It is slightly larger than the iPhone with its 66x130x9.2 dimensions. The phone is nice and light which only weigh 135g, and is available in black and white.

However, we were not impressed with the build quality. The body is mainly plastic, so the phone feels cheap. We do not like its fragile back cover, just tap on the Z10, the components inside of it immediately clicks.


BlackBerry Z10 with battery cover removed

BlackBerry Z10 with battery cover removed

Powering your phone's a dual core processor 1.5GHz and 2GB of memory. BlackBerry OS 10 is fast, and in our tests it does not show any signs of delay. The web browser is also faster no less, and the 1710ms score in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark does not reflect our subjective experience. Remember that Z10 is not perfect: we have seen problems when double-tap to zoom our website.

Adobe Flash is present but turned off in the settings. The BBC dedicated application is only used for opening your browser.

With a 4.2 inch, the screen is large enough to comfortably browse the web, use apps and watch video content. The 16:9 screen with 768x1280 pixels and its density of 355ppi overcomes most Retina on all other phones except Xperia Z and HTC One.

Text and images look bright and clear. Vivid color, good contrast and plenty of brightness. Our only worry is how fast the screen will attract fingerprints - clearly there is no uncoated oleophobic here.

Vivid color, good contrast and plenty of brightness

Vivid color, good contrast and plenty of brightness

The internal storage is only 16GB, a quarter of which was occupied by the operating system BlackBerry 10. Fortunately that microSDXC slot allows you to add 64GB.

In addition to micro-USB port and normal headphone jack, the Z10 also has Micro HDMI. It allows you to connect your phone with a larger screen. Also present here is dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and NFC.

If the connection is available in your area, Z10 also supports 4G LTE. It's much faster than 3G, but still a relatively new technology (at least in the UK).

8MP primary camera included LED flash, a dedicated microprocessor signal photo and f/2.2 lens. It can also record full-HD videos. Our sample images look as beautiful as the image of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5.

The salient feature of the BlackBerry is the Time Shift, a burst mode from which you can choose the elements of each image you see is best to create one high-quality image.

The good editor let you crop and rotate images, adjust white balance and adding filters and Instagram-type borders.

BlackBerry 10

The well-known BBM IM service has received updates from BlackBerry 10 with video chat

The well-known BBM IM service has received updates from BlackBerry 10 with video chat

The well-known BBM IM service has received updates from BlackBerry 10 with video chat. The front-facing camera features 720p video recording, and in our tests, it looks beautiful. There is not Skype application available, but it going to be there soon.

The full touchscreen activity means to control the Z10 a little bit obstacles at the first place. BlackBerry 10 similar to PlayBook OS, with one home screen, which is empty until you start running one application. The open application is shown in small windows, with 4 apps on the screen at any given time and the latest applications at the top. We like the ability to pin favorite applications here.

The swipe up from the bottom will take you back to the home screen, and you tap the X button to close the application.

The traditional menu application is just away from you a swipe to the right of the home screen. The swipe from the top of the screen will bring phone settings or options related to the opening application.

Also new is the BlackBerry Hub, a center of inbox / message all-in-one for email, text, call, voicemail, BBM and social networking. You can select each account separately as you prefer. Hub is available wherever you are in the operating system.

BlackBerry fans expect one good keyboard, and the keyboard is not bad. The more you use it the more it can predict what you want to write.


At the time we made this review, the BlackBerry World app store has about 70 thousand applications. Games, music and movies are bundled, and you can buy magazines from BlackBerry Newsstand.

Facebook and Twitter are preloaded, but some big names like Amazon Kindle and WhatsApp are absent. BlackBerry says that such apps will soon arrive.

The removable 6.7Wh battery is expected to provide up to 13 days standby or 10 hours of talk time. We only get 1 hour of use.


Z10 look like a plastic iPhone with an excellent display. The new OS make this phone become the most attractive BlackBerry so far, but it still cannot beat iOS or Android at this price.

·         Price: $700

·         Design 3.5/5

·         Feature: 4/5

·         Performance: 3.5/5

·         Value for money: 3/5

·         Overall: 3.5/5


·         Product name: BlackBerry Z10

·         Price: $700

·         Dual-core processor ARM 1.5GHz

·         Operating system: BlackBerry 10

·         4.2 inch touchscreen LCD (768x1280)

·         2GB RAM

·         16GB internal storage

·         Connectivity: dual-band 802.11b/g/n, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Micro- HDMI, Micro-USB, microSDXC card slot

·         8MP primary camera (1080p video), 2MP front-facing camera (720p video)

·         Dimensions: 66x130x9.2mm

·         Weigh: 135g.


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