70 Amazing Free Apps For Your Nexus (Part 3)

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40. RD Mute

RD Mute

Price: Free

RD Mute serves one purpose – to turn off all phone sounds when the Android accelerometer tells it that you’ve picked the phone up and turned it over. It’s a silent mode shortcut for when you can’t even be bothered to press a button. Put your phone on its front to shut it up- and add any very important numbers to the app’s exceptions list, so people you don’t mind talking to can still get through.

41. OnLive


Price: Free

The technically astounding streaming video gaming service has now arrived on Android, with an official OnLive app enabling Android users to play console titles on their phones and tablets via Wi-Fi. It’s best played on devices with large screens, but it can still run on something as relatively modest as an HTC Desire. On-screen controls are the big trade-off, here-but it does work with OnLive’s Bluetooth wireless controller, if you’ve seriously bought in to the OnLive dream

42. Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail Online

Price: Free

Quite a few official news apps have launched on Android since we last updated this list. The Guardian has one, The Times has one, Channel 4 News has one and so does the country’s guiltiest pleasure, the MailOnline. It features offline caching and enables users to specify a time for it to sync pages with the main website, so you’re in complete control of how and when you get your faux scandal.

43. Sky+

. Sky+

Price: Free

The Sky+ app has been available on Android for quite some time, but it’s recently been given a superb visual refresh and a new custom interface for those doing their telly research on an Android tablet. The feature set has been expanding, too, now including a nice Showcase front section, more programme details, plus, of course, the Remote Record features to set your Sky+ box recording through 3G or Wi-Fi.

44. eBay


Price: Free

Another app that has been available for a while on Android, the eBay tool has also been updated so much that it’s now a credible alternative to the desktop site. A recent update brought the ability to list items direct from the app, while there’s a simple PIN system that makes paying for your winnings via PayPal much simpler and less convoluted than it is on the full-blown website.

45. Lovefilm By Post

Lovefilm By Post

Price: Free

There’s now an official Android Lovefilm app, which enables you to manage your account through your smartphone. You also get all the peripheral nonsense, such as reviews and trailers, but the key feature is the ability to manage your rental list, shuffling the order of your requests and filtering out categories that you never bother with.

46. Tesco Groceries

Tesco Groceries

Price: Free

This isn’t an advert or a casual game featuring Jamie Oliver; Tesco Groceries is a fully mobile home delivery shopping experience, covering everything from booking your delivery slot to amending orders that you’ve already placed. It uses voice input for easily searching for items, plus there’s barcode scanner support for identifying and ordering stuff direct from your cupboard. Makes buying toilet rolls fun.

47. Path

. Path

Price: Free

Path is an alternative social network, designed to make sharing things with friends easier and more personal. It does simple stuff such as share your music listening history, then it does weird stuff like track how many hours you’ve slept for. It’s also location-aware, so if you’d like it to broadcast your every movement, that’s possible. And if you can’t pull yourself away from Facebook, stuff from here can be posted up there, too, although posts can also be locked so they never leave Path if you’d prefer.

48. Sky Sports Live Football Score Center

. Sky Sports Live Football Score Center

Price: Free

The latest Sky Sports Live Football Score Center app from BSkyB is an entirely sports-related option, giving access to live scores, league tables, match stats and results. It also incorporates the new Sky Sports News Radio service so you can listen in, live, to the blokes in the studio guffawing away about free kick decisions.

49. Yelp


Price: Free

Yelp gives you similar functionality to Google’s wide range of social place reviews, only here you also get an augmented reality screen display, so you can point it at the skyline and see what five-star eating establishments are in the area. Places are backed up by user reviews; too, making it easy to get an up-to-date opinion about how generous a particular café is with the chips.

50. Odeon


Price: Free

The Odeon Android app is impressive on a couple of levels. Being able to buy tickets through your phone is still quite an exciting thing to do, but this one goes further by including a graphical tool that enables you to book the specific seats you want. Plus you get all the scheduled film showing times and the trailers you’d expect from something that’s trying to encourage you to endure another by-the-numbers Hollywood product.

51. Sky Go

. Sky Go

Price: Free

Access Sky’s sports and film channels (and even Sky Arts if you’ve trying to impress a date) through Wi-Fi and 3G with Sky Go, which is free to download and use as long as you’re already a Sky subscriber. Those with Android phones that have been rooted and are running custom software are out of luck, though, with Sky limiting access on hacked models due to “security reasons.” Apart from that annoying caveat, it’s great.

52. Chrome


Price: Free

Everyone’s new favorite browser is now represented on Android, with Google putting a full mobile version of Chrome up on the Play Store. It’s a little limited in scope for users of older devices because Android 4.0 or higher is required to run it, but if your phone ticks that box, Chrome on Android offers unlimited tabs in a nice pop-up list, desktop bookmark and open tab syncing, offline saving of pages and even that occasionally very useful incognito mode for covering your weirder tracks.

53. Rightmove


Price: Free

After a massive period of iOS exclusivity and the previous disastrous launch of a rubbish web browser wrapper app, there’s finally a proper native Rightmove app available for Android. It has a modern, Android 4.0 style layout (but works on anything with Android 2.1 or higher), offering simple property searches, a Google Maps visual results interface, and Street View integration. It’s fast and lovely to use.

54. TED


Price: Free

The series of technology talks by boffins, in which they try to explain high concepts in a way the likes of us lesser mortals can understand, is now represented on Android. The TED app enables users to browse its database of well over 1,000 TED talks, all free to download and try to get through in one go without having your brain explode.

55. ISSLive


Price: Free

Let’s be honest - ISSLive looks awful. But beneath the clumsy interface and geeky layout sit all sorts of facts and coverage from the International Space Station, with plenty of live feeds, mission, crew and experiment data, and even a 3D recreation of Mission Control down there in Houston to, well, look at. An oddball collection of the interesting and the mundane, rather like an episode of The Sky at Night.


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