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Take Control Of Autoplay Settings
Sometimes Windows won’t recognize a file you know it should be able to open. To fix this, right-click the file, click ‘Open with’, ‘Choose default program’ (if this option is given). Then browse to and select the installed program. Alternatively click ‘Use the Web service to find the correct program’. Click the program to select it then click OK to make the change.
10 Things You Need To Know About Privacy
There are plenty of apps available on the Play store that can help password protect the apps stored on your phone. One of the best is NQ Mobile Vault, which adds an individual PIN number to each app, enabling you to keep them safe from prying eyes. This is particularly useful if you use your phone for mobile banking.
25 Quick Upgrades (Part 2)
There is a widget within Android that will enable you to go straight to some of the more common functions on your device. You are able to enable and disable features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data Sync and Screen Brightness with a simple tap of an on-screen button.
25 Quick Upgrades (Part 1)
One of the best new features of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean was the introduction of lockscreen widgets. Having a widget on your lockscreen will ensure you can be given updates of your apps or services without having to bother unlocking the phone and finding the information yourself.
Fantastic New Search Tool (Part 2)
Pins look similar to Windows 8 apps and cover areas such as news, travel, games and shopping. To use one, just drag it to your taskbar. To remove it, right-click it and choose ‘Unpin from taskbar’. Pin National Rail Enquiries to your taskbar and you can call up the latest train time times with a click. Enter your station name and Bing will immediately display a live departure board.
Fantastic New Search Tool (Part 1)
For most of us, searching for something online involves typing a word or phrase into Google. But Google doesn’t have all the answers and, in any case, doesn’t present search results equally. It’s been criticized by the EU for giving prominence to results that appear in its own services.
6 Best New Things To Do With Raspberry Pi (Part 4)
The University of Southampton used 64 Raspberry Pi computers and LEGO bricks to create the most powerful Pi – the 1TB Pi (the cumulative amount of memory provided by its SD cards). Iridis-Pi, as the computer is known, is named after the university’s own supercomputer.
6 Best New Things To Do With Raspberry Pi (Part 3)
Raspbian isn’t the only operating system that runs on the Raspberry Pi, but it’s the best choice for general use. However, to turn your Pi into a media center and share photos and music around your home network, you should use the RaspBMC operating system.
6 Best New Things To Do With Raspberry Pi (Part 2)
The Raspberry Pi has limited storage so use a USB hard disk to store photos, videos and music you want to access on it. Hard disks are more reliable than flash or SD card memory, so they're a better storage option. Remember, you’ll need a powered USB hub in order to use an external USB drive with your Pi.
6 Best New Things To Do With Raspberry Pi (Part 1)
Raspberry Pi computers were conceived to inspire programmers to show off their coding talents and earn themselves a place on the computing degree at Cambridge University. But when word got out about a $30.5 credit-card-sized computer anyone could buy and write programs for, the developers were overwhelmed by requests from computer enthusiasts wanting to know how they could get their own Raspberry Pi.
10 Amzing Android Kickstarter Projects
Crowdfunding is becoming a prominent way for every wannabe inventor to get their project noticed and funded, with Kickstarter being at the forefront of it. For Android users, this opens up a whole new way of finding the most innovative and ground-breaking ideas that will be compatible with their phones and tablets and hopefully make their way on to the market.
Holiday Gift Guide – Gaming – Aug 2013
Nothing expresses "holiday season" like being closer with your favorite gaming device and spending more quality time into the backlog of games piling up next to the TV. But 2012 was the year of change when it comes to gaming devices - PC graphics cards are dropping in price and easily surpassed rival consoles, and new products such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U offer new ways to interact with those classic characters.
Manage and Covert Your eBooks (Part 2)
Another crucial aspect of Calibre is the ability to convert books, as we've seen. Indeed, this was the primary intention of the software and it works incredibly well. By clicking on the book that you've imported, you can select the Convert Books option.
Manage and Covert Your eBooks (Part 1)
eBooks are an accepted way of reading nowadays. They've been included by government statisticians E in the basket of goods used to measure the cost of living. The ONS believes it to be "a significant and growing market", and it notes huge increases in the number of people reading digitally.
Secret OS X Features and Shortcuts (Part 2)
In some of Apple’s own apps, like those in the iWork or iLife suites, a separate pop-out window is used to let you view and change settings. This is called the Inspector, and it usually appears on either the Cmd+ I or AIt+ Cmd+ I keystrokes.
Secret OS X Features and Shortcuts (Part 1)
Macs are supposed to be simple to use, but even Apple's engineers can't make every feature of a modern operating system ultra-accessible. The result is that an astonishing number of hidden features lie just a few clicks beneath the surface of Mac OS X.
The Wii U - Born To Fail? (Part 3)
To put that in perspective, the original PlayStation had a ratio of nearly 16, which shows how popular games were for that console. The Wii U has so far managed a ratio of just 1.2, which means that most consoles have a single title beyond anything that came in the starter pack.
The Wii U - Born To Fail? (Part 2)
Developers would rather sell to a known market (Xbox 360 and PS3) than chance having a minor hit on the Wii U for the same amount of effort. Currently, a Wii U title that sells more than 1,000 copies in the UK will be number one in the charts, which fully reveals the sorry state of software sales.
The Wii U - Born To Fail? (Part 1)
When Nintendo launched the Wii in late 2006, the revolutionary control system and the track record of the company behind it propelled the console to one of the most successful technology launches ever.
Dell Ultrasharp U2913WM Ultra-Wide Screen Review
It uses IPS screen with anti-glare matte coating, and creates imposing figure on the desk. It is not higher or deeper than those ordinary 23-inch wide-angle screens, but it's almost 7 inches wider, giving it 29 inches diagonal and a natural resolution of 2560x1080.
Armour39 - A Fitness Tracker For Those Athletes Who Want To Become The Best (Part 2)
Under Armour assures us that an Android application is being made, but wouldn't specify the date of its launch. Now you will need an iOS device, namely with Bluetooth 4.0. Like that or you will need to get your hand on the bundled clock, which is not yet available and only provides some functionality that the application provides.
Armour39 - A Fitness Tracker For Those Athletes Who Want To Become The Best (Part 1)
For someone like me, who doesn't really care about how many steps he takes, but does want to know if he's really pushing himself as hard as he can on a run, Armour39 does well. However, if you are looking for something that will calculate your calories and monitor general activity levels, Under Armour has nothing to offer you.
Krell S-550i – Not An Amplifier, It’s A Kind Of A Beast. (Part 2)
Krell’s enduring legacy is that of a high-end brand with a penchant for power. I’ve lost count of the number of Krell amplifiers that have served time in my system, but not one can be recalled for any lack of power.
Krell S-550i – Not An Amplifier, It’s A Kind Of A Beast. (Part 1)
Krell’s complement of integrated amplifiers has just doubled: the new S-550i is a response to those who love the neat S-300i but need more power.
Innovate & Inspire - Delight, Surprise, Love, Connection (Part 3)
The Notification Center has also received improvements. It now features a Today view that will let you know everything you need to know about the current day, including traffic and weather. Like the Phone app, it will let you see All and Missed for any alerts that haven’t been taken care of in the last twenty-four hours.
Innovate & Inspire - Delight, Surprise, Love, Connection (Part 2)
Apple finally ran out of cats. In lieu of naming the next version of OS X Fluffy, or as they joke Sea Lion, they decided that for the next ten years they needed a different naming process. Instead of using cats, Apple will be using the places that inspire them right there in California. The first is called Mavericks.
Innovate & Inspire - Delight, Surprise, Love, Connection (Part 1)
Apple made sure they addressed those naysayers nearly on during the Keynote. A presentation asked how anyone could be perfect. It mentioned abundance and choices. It told us they were examining how they wanted their products to make us feel. They suggested we could feel delight, surprise, love, and connection.
Cupertino Comes Out Fighting (Part 1)
After appearing on stage at 10am and soaking up the applause of the software developers and other Apple fans in attendance, Tim Cook got the keynote started with a celebration of the Cupertino firm’s more than 400 retail stores across the world, as well as the App Store.
Headphone Buyer’s Guide - Sweet Cans
Headphones aren’t just convenient, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a roaring battlefield without waking your roommates; they’re also a very cost-efficient way of obtaining high quality audio. Unfortunately quality levels amongst gaming headsets vary massively, so we’ve tested five of the newest headsets for you.
Cupertino Comes Out Fighting (Part 2)
What else does iOS 7 bring that might just help Apple to reacquire its reputation for a certain pioneering verve? Well, there are definitely many more new and significantly redesigned features where those came from. They include, within the redesigned Photos app, moments, which allows you to automatically use time and location as the basis on which to organize photos and videos.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - HDTVs And Home Theaters
It has been a fantastic year for home entertainment, with the blockbusters dominating the box office; the HD streamers are increasingly popular; and plenty of pixel-dense TVs have been coming out. In January, CES has introduced a number of impressive Smart TVs, and now - while it is an expensive item - an 84-inch 4K TV is no longer the stuff of dreams.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Portable Audios
If you intend to buy smartphones, tablets or laptops for you and your loved ones this holiday season, you are likely to make sure that most of them will not make the good sound quality when left to their built-in devices. That is the reason why we are here to highlight some of the portable audio devices that will help you enjoy at home and on the road with interesting sonic clarity.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Speakers And Docks
Apple may have eliminated the common 30-pin connector, but that does not mean that the dock is dead. Millions of older iPhones and iPads are still used today - and will last for many more years - while the speaker suites equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi allow you to play music regardless of your device's hardware port.
Pure Evoke F4 - DAB and Internet Radio
Unlike the Sensia 200D, there's no touchscreen on the F4, just a standard text display to tell you what's going on. The two large knobs on the front have a solid, textured feel when you turn them: one can be rotated to select from menus; the other controls the volume.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Collection Of High-Tech Accessories
Obviously, Ultrabooks and Windows 8 tablets are spectacular gift options, but it is the accessories like the things here that really make them shine. Whether it is a desktop or portable storage solution, a smart thermostat or a second camera for these more experimental images, they are available there for you.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Backpacks And Cases
Gift giving is all about what lies beneath the wrapping paper rather than the package itself, but when the holidays come to an end, these new devices will not protect themselves from the inevitable attrition. Whether you are seeking out a bag that can fit a laptop, SLR camera and so on, a thin backpack for putting a laptop into or a durable case to prevent scratches and bumps, you will find no shortage of selections that are both fashionable and practical.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Interesting Stuffs
Ideally, all of the gift you will give and get will be located under the "interesting” category, but sometimes this description is especially true. Welcome to the lighter aspect of technology, where you will find rigs that make life more joyful rather than make an impression with the mile-long specs lists.
Livescribe Wi-Fi Smartpen - Is The Pen Mightier Than The Keyboard?
Livescribe’s smart pens let you write digital notes using some very clever technology. A tiny built-in infrared camera tracks the nib’s exact location on the page, recording everything you write and draw onto special paper. Conveniently, this new pen has built-in Wi-Fi for transferring your notes to your PC, instead of the wired USB connection used in older models.
Bose SoundDock Series III With Lightning Connector
When Bose introduced SoundDock for iPod for the first time in 2004, it created a crowd of mimickers, which leads to the vast market today. The first model is told apart by the incredibly excellent sound quality and interesting design, a tradition which has been continues on the latest model of Bose – Series III with Lightning connector.
Marantz NA-11S1 - A World Of Music Possibilities At Your Fingertips (Part 2)
Regardless of input, the NA-11S1 proved an extremely able performer with Maranz’s trademark clean, crisp and open sound. Working in DAC mode with a Cyrus transport on silver disc spinning duties via the electrical coaxial input, this big black box gingerly trod the delicate path between euphonic and forensic, revealing as much as it could about the source and yet presenting it in a thoroughly musical way.
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