Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Interesting Stuffs

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Ideally, all of the gift you will give and get will be located under the "interesting” category, but sometimes this description is especially true. Welcome to the lighter aspect of technology, where you will find rigs that make life more joyful rather than make an impression with the mile-long specs lists. We do not say that these devices are not friendly with productivity - the selections below allow you to make everything from learning to playing guitar.

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Hex3 Apptag Laser Blaster

There are plenty of blasters currently, but the Hex3 AppTag highlights for its ultra-easy setup - it communicates with your smartphone via high-frequency sound so it does not need to connect. Additionally, a detachable pistol grip allows the unit to be fixed with Nerf guns (and even real guns, though that combination does not mix well). As the name implies, the blaster is pre-loaded with several applications / games, and it includes the multiplayer and single-player modes to start playing first-person shooter game.

Main Specifications: There is compatibility with iPhones / iPods / Android devices; free AppTag apps, infrared beam shooting and sensors for targeting, available included pistol grip.

Price: $60 from Hex3

Hex3 Apptag Laser Blaster

Hex3 Apptag Laser Blaster

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Q Steer Mario Kart Racers R / C

Are you looking for an item to tuck into socks or lured with secret Santa gift exchange in your office? The small-sized Nintendo race cars fit the bill in both cases. The included remote control will move Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Donkey Kong across the surface that you opt for, and each car has spare tires, a banana peel and a turtle shell.

Price: $26 from ThinkGeek

Fitbit One

An activity tracker is considered as an "interesting" item? Not everyone will think so, but for those who would love to exercise, the Fitbit One will provide the interesting statistics that they desire. A number of steps, stairs, and calories burned and miles walked will be all recorded and uploaded to the Fitbit website, and the device doubles as a vibrating alarm clock.

Price: $100 from Fitbit


Powerpot V

Who really needs a stainless steel pot again? Initially a project on Kickstarter, the Powerpot V makes the rest of the kitchen shame with its five watts of power to charge any device with a standard USB port. Of course, it also works like any old pot - it converts the heat into electricity - but the 3-foot flame-resistant cord boosts a little extra serving of battery life along with boiled water for spaghetti tonight.

Main Specifications: 5W maximum output capacity, USB 2.0 port, and 1.4-liter capacity

Price: $129 from ThePowerPot

Powerpot V

Powerpot V

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Ion's All-Star Guitar

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere right. With an iPad docked into the body, this simulated device presents guitar strings and teaches those who are aspiring to be musicians about musical notes and chords via an included application. The fret board has 84 LEDs that light up to show correct clicking finger.

Price: $150 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Rosetta Stone

There is no better present than the ability to ask "Where is the bathroom?" in selective 27 languages ​​selection. The Level 1 CD-ROM package offers a method of language learning a bit before you are determined to pick up the complete package for $ 499.

Price: $170 from Rosetta Stone

Money is not important.

Makerbot Replicator 2

The newest 3D printer from MakerBot is lust-worthy as well as the previous-generation printers. A volume of 410-cubic inches supplies creative minds with generous space to start their career in vinyl toys, and the new powder-covered steel frame looks nicer and promises greater durability. The included one-pound spool of Natural PLA filament will be more than enough to produce several winning designs wins with the help of the MakerWare software tool. 

Main Specifications: The volume of 410 cubic inches, 100-micron resolution, MakerWare software package, connected via USB and SD card (available)

Price: $2,199 from MakerBot

Makerbot Replicator 2

Makerbot Replicator 2

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2013 Zero S Electric Motorcycle

The bad news: the 2013 Zero S is not available until January, so the gift receivers will have to wait. The good news: you will be forgiven for being forced to wait when you mention the 68 foot-pounds of torque, 54 horsepower and and 95 MPH max speed.

Price: $13,995 from Zero Motorcycles

The Arkeg

Give the Arkeg to a friend and you are providing the party effectively. The games from Midway, Capcom and more are pre-loaded and ready to run on a 24-inch LCD screen, and the 5-gallon container below helps you slake your thirst.

Price: $3,999 from DrinkNGame


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