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Click, Tap Or Stroke? (Part 2)
So while some Mac users will find touchscreens a valuable and effective addition to their input devices. We’ll still need OS X to work well with a broad range, from the venerable mouse, tracker ball (an upside-down mouse in which you move the ball), graphics tablet, more novel trackpads, keyboards, and even less conventional devices such as joysticks and more exotic games controllers.
Click, Tap Or Stroke? (Part 1)
Microsoft has made it clear that it sees future Windows users interacting primarily through touch-sensitive displays, or touchscreens, although you can still use Windows 8 with a regular display, keyboard and mouse/trackpad.
All About Scene Mode (Part 2)
The five Scene modes listed here are by far the most common, and they're likely to be found on most cameras. But your camera also may include additional Scene modes to tackle even trickier situations.
All About Scene Mode (Part 1)
Your camera's Scene modes are for amateurs, right? Not really. Scene modes can be great shortcuts that allow even professionals to make some powerful changes with the flip of a single switch. Here's what happens behind the scenes of each mode, and how you can put them to use in your own pictures.
Apple EarPods – An Innovation Or Another Thing For The Recycle Bin? (Part 2)
We have to admit that EarPods bring an amazingly good sound quality compared to its price of $29. Could it defeat headphones that cost “hundreds more” like what Apple claimed? We do not go that far, but we can be confident to say that it is much innovative compared to the original earbuds of Apple, which are small and harsh.
Apple EarPods – An Innovation Or Another Thing For The Recycle Bin? (Part 1)
As you might have recognized, the EarPods are accompanied by a travel case which is different from the old iBuds. The box’s size is about an 11-inch MacBook Air charger, and it seems to be very useful to cover the EarPods when you are on the go.
Pioneer DDJ-WeGO - Entry-lever DJ Controller
The not-so-snappily named DDJ-WeGO-r (the ‘r’ stands for ‘red’) is Pioneer’s latest entry-level DJ controller. Primarily aimed at aspiring bedroom twiddles, it has all the controls and sliders you’d expect from any other decent missing hardware. All the knobs and buttons are nicely arranged to make it easy to use for beginners, and despite its entry-level status they all have a high-quality feel about them, taking it a satisfying piece of kit to use.
In-ear Headphones With Built-in Microphone For Mobile Users
Nakamichi’s three samples of K109, K119 and MV7 headphones belong to the in-ear headphones series with the 10mm drivers, the ear – covering shells are made from metal.
Apple iWatch - Rumor To Be Taken Seriously
We worked with 3D artist Martin Hajek to conceive, design and construct a plausible Apple watch. The brief we gave ourselves was that it had to feel like something we could actually imagine buying from an Apple Store.
Philips Hue Connected Bulb Starter Pack
Priced at $200 for the starter kit and solely available via the Apple Store, Hue lets you light up your home with LED bulbs that you can command from afar using the free universal iOS app. tapping into nearly any color in the rainbow.
Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headset - Good Design And Great Sound
There were nor many signs coming from Parrot that it would come up with such an audacious product like the Zik headset. Sure the company manufactured good quality earphones, headsets and Bluetooth car kits, but the Zik is in another class.
Slingbox 350 And 500 - Sling Media Finally Upgrades Its Line Of Media Streamers (Part 2)
We cannot test every SlingPlayer client, but at $15 a pop, we believe that you will limit the diversity of your devices as well. Despite updates to the iPhone SlingPlayer client for the new hardware and additional features, it is not optimized for the new iPhone’s larger screen, which leads to the black boxes on all four sides on 16:9 content.
Slingbox 350 And 500 - Sling Media Finally Upgrades Its Line Of Media Streamers (Part 1)
A couple months ago, on October 2012, Sling Media has released two new versions: the Slingbox 350 and 500 for $179 and $299. Both of these two devices have nice design and are not only entertainment devices but also unique decorators for your living room.
Your Movies Everywhere! (Part 4)
It's also possible to stream movies to your device without using iTunes. Apps such as StreamToMe and Air Video have two components, one that runs on your Mac and the other on your phone or iPad. The app on your Mac works as a sort of server, and you point it at folders containing videos.
Your Movies Everywhere! (Part 3)
One important way to watch videos is to buy or rent them through the iTunes Store on the device itself, when signed in with your Apple ID. Although the specific version of the movie might differ slightly depending on your device an iPhone 3GS, for example, would prefer an SD rather than an HD movie this is all taken care of automatically because the store detects which device you're using and serves you the appropriate version.
Your Movies Everywhere! (Part 2)
As Apple is phasing out optical drives on many new models of Mac, the DVD looks set to eventually go the way of the floppy disc. But in the meantime, many people have lots of DVDs that they want to view on their Macs and also on their iPads and iPhones. This can be done with the help of a DVD ripper like Handbrake.
Your Movies Everywhere! (Part 1)
The Mac was the first computer that supported digital video, its QuickTime architecture helping to ensure that for many years it was the platform of choice for digital video production. Later came video CDs and DVD playback, and of course, iMovie and Final Cut. A consequence of all this support for video creation on the Mac is that it's always had excellent video playback capabilities for ordinary users, too.
Basic Techniques In Shooting Backlit
To be able to perform shooting backlit, place behind the objects a light source and instead of metering the subjects as normal, metering in light areas of the image.
Spot The Colors
Print design work is almost always output in CMYK, the four-color process that creates full color on the page through visual mixing of cyan, magenta and yellow halftone dots. Black is really just there to add neutral depth; doesn’t affect hue.
The Element Case Joule II For The iPad
iPad stands come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and prices, as you can see with these two. They both work in roughly the same way, but while Element Case goes for luxury, Onanoff’s Dock Minimal aims for versatility at a much lower price.
Videography Canyons - Going It Alone
Digital technology has revolutionized filmmaking: what used to be an expensive process, out of reach of all but a few has become available to most people, no matter what their budget. Most mobile phones can film HD footage and DSLR cameras can capture footage that’s being used in film and high-end television productions.
Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones Review
Grado GR10’s appearance, in fact, is not really prominent, but it is the sound that create the headphone’s caste. The product shows a neat pass sound, high dynamics, wide and accurate soundstage.
Hidden Radio - The World's Simplest & Most Intuitive Wireless Speaker Ever
You twist it on its sturdy base to reveal the speaker, and control the volume the same way: more speaker showing means louder music, and you just twist it all the way closed to turn it off.
PaintSupremeor Mac - Create, Edit And Polish Images
PaintSupreme advertises itself as a best-in-class photo-editing and image-creation tool that's fast, stable, and easy to use. We can't argue with stable it never crashed in our testing. However, we don't know if we’d agree with everything else.
MiniX Neo X5 - A Fantastic Android TV Box
That's where MiniX’s new Neo X5 comes in. Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, this inexpensive black box gives your TV an actual browser and access to applications that aren't coded in the language Ass++.
AOC I2367FH 23-inch LED Monitor
The emergence of relatively inexpensive IPS technology has led to a wealth of decent sized monitors becoming available. The good range of colors, better viewing angles and better designs means that the budget monitor has entered a new phase of performance that was once only the realm of the $464-plus breed.
iStomp And iRig Stomp - The First Stompbox Guitar Interface For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
The Digitech iStomp is clearly the better of the two. It's also remarkably easy to use. Plug the included cable into your iOS device, open up the free Stomp Shop app, and load one of the over 40 effects. Presto, you’ve got a new effects pedal. Every time you load a new effect, it flashes the memory of the device with the new effect.
Joule II And Dock For The iPad
iPad stands come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and prices, as you can see with these two. They both work in roughly the same way, but while Element Case goes for luxury, Onanoff’s Dock Minimal aims for versatility at a much lower price.
Bloc - The Perfect Placeholder For Your Apple TV
That little devil is 0.2 inches thick, and less than 5 inches tall, and its tapered shape seems like it seeks out tiny crevices and hides there.
Ceton Echo Windows Media Center Extender
Until the echo hit the street, the Xbox 360 was pretty much the only Windows Media Center Extender still on the market. Companies such as D-Link and Linksys discontinued their extenders years ago probably because they couldn’t compete with the subsidized price of Microsoft's gaming console.
Digitize Music, Video And Photos For Free (Part 2)
The easiest method for digitizing photos is to use a scanner. You can sue a multifunction printer, which may already offer the ability to scan prints at fairly decent quality. Alternative you can buy cheap flatbed scanners, such as the Canon Cano Scan LiDE 110 for as little as $75.
Digitize Music, Video And Photos For Free (Part 1)
Many of us have a soft spot for retro music and photo formats, and, according to music industry website Music Week, sales of vinyl LPs actually raised last year – by 15.3 per cent. But there’s no denying that digital audio, photo and video formats offer advantages in terms of convenience.
iRig Keys - Mini Keyboard MIDI Controller
Several attempts have been made to design a tiny keyboard for laptop-toting musicians. Generally, the results haven't proven all that impressive: either the unit boasts too few keys, or the keys are too small for comfortable playing, or both.
AQ Audio SmartSpeaker Portable - Home Audio With Air Play
The AQ SmartSpeaker Portable is roughly cylindrical, with a tapering top that houses the power, Wi-Fi, and volume controls. At the back is an auxiliary input, plus a USB port to set up the speaker to use your Wi-Fi network. Not that you have to: Thanks to SmartSpeaker’s useful AO
Dragonfly - USB Digital-Audio Converter
The way we listen to music has changed dramatically over the last decade. The rise of the MP3 and shrinking costs of storage mean that for the vast majority of us, our music collections live on a hard drive somewhere, rather than in crates or on shelves. Trouble is, unlike the hi-fi systems of old, most computers aren’t purpose-built for playing music.
A Quick Guide To Audio Formats
Whether buying digital music from an online music store or ripping tracks from CD (i.e., copying tracks from media to a computer of some kind) to listen to on a mobile device, it’s vital to know what audio formats that device supports. Typically, you can find this information by checking the device’s specifications on the manufacturer’s website, in user manual, or the box the device shipped in.
How To Choose A Soundbar Speaker For TV
Design, active or passive, connectivity, integrated Bluetooth and other features are factors that you should consider when choosing to buy a soundbar speaker for TV in your living room.
Logitech Z323 2.1 Channel Speaker System - Cheap Thrills
Logitech has built more computer speakers over the years than just about any manufacturer, and it’s learned a thing or two about building decent low-cost models. Take the 2.1-channel Z323 system: We could name any number of speaker systems that sound better, but few that are priced better.
Dell UltraSharp U2913WM - Unique 29-Inch Ultra-Widescreen
When it comes to monitors, innovation is in short supply. Retina displays are yet to make their debut on the desktop, and while TVs have started to embrace OLED and 4K, desktop monitors have been using much the same technology for years. Thank goodness, then, that Dell has ripped up the rulebook for its UltraSharp U2913WM, an ultra-widescreen, 21:9 aspect ratio panel.
Plantronics Voyager Legend - Comfort Over Your Ears
An update of their earlier product, the Voyager Legend is now smaller and more comfortable than before. The boom is smaller by 50-percent but still picks up your voice as good as before. Wearing the Voyager Legend is also more comfortable as the assembly is now a bit smaller and covered with a better material.
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