Armour39 - A Fitness Tracker For Those Athletes Who Want To Become The Best (Part 2)

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Under Armour assures us that an Android application is being made, but wouldn't specify the date of its launch. Now you will need an iOS device, namely with Bluetooth 4.0. Like that or you will need to get your hand on the bundled clock, which is not yet available and only provides some functionality that the application provides. That said Amour39 application doesn’t offer many features. It does one thing: keep track of your usage, and it's pretty good. Whether its busy blue-and-yellow interface can transmit its data in the most efficient way is up for debate. And we are confused and frustrated by the fact that it is not optimized for the longer screen of the iPhone 5 or latest-generation iPod touch.

The companion app is easy to use and displays information clearly.

The companion app is easy to use and displays information clearly.

The first step in making your new fitness-tracking system up and running is to use the guided-assessment tool. 10-minute program (you will need an treadmill or a track) is hosted by Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest 10, a high-end gym in San Diego where a lot of professional athletes trained, including Cy Young winner, Jake Peavy and the Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White. The way it works is simple: you start cold then slowly increase the intensity of your run to measure your resting and maximum heart rate, while the application keeps track of how fast it increases. Finally, you're guided to come to a complete stop while a final set of measurements determines how quickly you recover from high levels of exertion.

This data, along with some other general information about you, helps to create one application profile will be used to measure your willpower. Under Armour's Willpower is an exclusive measurement, as Fuel point, of your overall effort. Your heart rate and the duration of your workout both affect your score, but so to the position of your body, too. Willpower will award points on a scale of 0 to 10, with it becoming increasingly harder to earn points as you climb higher. So, you will gain 3.5 points pretty quickly, but gaining 9 points will be painful. (Literally, you will definitely to be in pain if you try to earn 9 WILLpower points.)

The app helps you track progress over time.

The app helps you track progress over time.

However, there is nothing much on the application. You are evaluated, and then start practicing. You can set WILLpower goal, and that is all of its advanced features. At the end of your session, you will be presented with a workout summary that gives you not just a WILLpower score, but also your average and peak heart rate, your average intensity, duration of your workout and the number of calories burned. Additional tabs separated your heart rate and intensity over time in the form of bar charts. This data is great for those who love the numbers, but you can't do much with it. Armour39 has no social aspects and, despite your workouts being synced online, there's no web application to further research your results. In fact, you can't even use the app to quickly check your resting heart rate or delete a workout. You've got to connect the bug and initiate a workout before the app will spit any data out at you.


As Nike +, Fitbit or Jawbone Up, Armour39 is meant to motivate you by determining the amount of your activities. The difference is Under Armour isn't pitting you against anyone but yourself. Willpower doesn't intend to impress your friends, and the system isn't designed for those who like to show off to their friends about how healthy they are. It's a measurement for someone who considers themselves an athlete to monitor the scores of their training level at the gym. Obviously, the efficiency of the WILLpower system will depend on specific users. For someone like me, who doesn't really care about how many steps have been taken, but does want to know whether I have really tried my best on the road, Armour39 does well. However, if you are looking for something that will calculate your calories and monitor general activity levels, Under Armour has nothing to offer you.

The problem starts with the price tag of $150 which is too expensive for a heart rate monitor, even with a number of advanced features. If the accompanying software is mature and practical, we might be a little more forgiving of the price. Being limited to newer iOS devices is already a major drawback for Armour39, and the fact that the app isn't even properly optimized for the latest generation of Apple devices (which had been already five months since it was released) makes us hesitant.  After all, Armour39 feels like the genesis of a great product, rather than the culmination of a long R&D process. The Company has recognized the flaw in the market, with large customers, but the combination of price, limited compatibility and a basic feature set undermine its chances of success.

As Nike +, Fitbit or Jawbone Up, Armour39 is meant to motivate you by determining the amount of your activities.

As Nike +, Fitbit or Jawbone Up, Armour39 is meant to motivate you by determining the amount of your activities.


·         Price: $ 150


·         Extremely comfortable strap

·         Application is simple and intuitive

·         Mounds of data to study


·         Only for iOS at the moment

·         Application lacks of sophistication and functionality

·         No websites or social features


·         The fitness tracker Armour39 is pretty good for those who see themselves as athletes. But we wish that the app had more features and be were more précised.

Technical specs


·         Chest fit: 27" - 52"

·         Material: Nylon, Spandex

·         Strap weight: 1.9 oz

·         Module width: 1.5"

·         Module depth: 5"

·         Module weight: 35 oz

·         Watch weight: 3.2 oz

·         Watch Face width: 1.7"



·         Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini



·         Module Data: Up to 16 hours of collected workout data

·         Watch Data: 30 workouts

·         App Data: 120 days



·         Bluetooth: Yes

·         Bluetooth version: 4.0

·         Bluetooth range: 33 feet


Workout Stats

·         Heart rate range: 0.30 - 240 bpm

·         Calorie range: 0 – 9,999 kcal

·         WILLpower range: 0.0 - 10.0

·         Intensity range: 0 - 100%



·         Size: 3V

·         Model: CR2032 Lithium


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