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Five Microsoft Services To Make Any Business Smarter
Microsoft is much more than the Windows operating system. The company offers an array of services that address some of the most common headaches small businesses face and enable them to operate like much bigger organizations. Here are five of those gems.
Internet Explorer 11 - Speedy On Windows 7, Tailored For Windows 8.1
Microsoft’s internet explorer 11 for Windows 7 provides a nominal speed boost over IE 10, and includes performance-enhancing technologies such as pre-rendering and prefetching. Although users can download a copy of IE 11 for Windows 7 from the Microsoft website ( the company is also sending out the upgrade through automatic updates.
Anti-Virus Software - The Best Security Software To Protect Your PC (Part 3)
By testing the products over a period of three months, we get a good indication of which software is likely to be able to protect your PC over the course of the year. And by looking at previous tests conducted by the Dennis Technology Labs, we can get more information on the relative reputation of the software.
Anti-Virus Software - The Best Security Software To Protect Your PC (Part 2)
PC back to its previous state, a product received one point. We took five points away for each threat a product failed to detect. Overall, this meant that the maximum possible score for a product was 300 points, and the minimum was -500 points.
Anti-Virus Software - The Best Security Software To Protect Your PC (Part 1)
All PCs need security software installed, to guard against malware and viruses lurking on the internet. The best products will block all the bad stuff, while letting the good stuff through, and won’t bombard you with annoying requests that interfere with the smooth running of your computer.
Faster Starup For Your Windows PC
The windows desktop looks relatively straightforward, but behind the scenes are numerous running programs. These processes, for your security software, messaging client and more, will usually quietly get on with the task at hand and not give you any cause for concern.
Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe’s Big Gamble (Part 2)
The issue there is that in general these are single investments, and you're not required to pay a retainer to Steam in the future to have access to the game you bought. A better comparison would be the Sky TV franchise, where you pay each month to have access to the programming, even if you choose not to watch it.
Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe’s Big Gamble (Part 1)
Once upon a time, we lived in a much simpler world, where you went to 0a shop and handed over money to buy things you wanted. Some companies still support that notion, like car companies, who might own the copyright on their vehicles but entirely accept that you own the car you bought.
Best Free Software For Night’s Top FREE Software Downloads
Opera has always used its own rendering engine to display web pages, but this new beta version – which can be installed alongside the latest stable release of the browser – uses the same engine as Google Chrome. While that's a huge change, it's not the only difference in this edition.
ZoneAlarm Extreme 2013 - Lots Of Features To Supply An Entire Set Of Window Security Applications
ZoneAlarm starts its life as a Windows firewall, with free version for private using. Security Extreme 2013 is fee product added lots of features to supply an entire set of Window security applications.
Microsoft Office 2013 Professional - The Latest Stroll For The Top Productivity Applications Of Microsoft
While new Office 365 online subscription service of Microsoft is witnessing gradually updated plans, software of desktops are continuing to update cyclically. Office 2013 is the latest stroll for the top productivity applications of Microsoft.
99 Mac Secrets (Part 5) - Top ten third-party apps
If you’re looking for a faster, more customizable browser than Safari, you’ll love Chrome. The minimalist interface is very Apple, and a store full of add-ons offers plenty of additional content.
99 Mac Secrets (Part 4) - iMovie secrets, GarageBand secrets, iWork secrets
When you import your videos you’ll be given two size options. The smaller option will take less time to import and export, but the quality will be lower – we would almost always suggest going for the full option to avoid automatic resizing.
99 Mac Secrets (Part 3) : Safari secrets, Mail secrets, Safari shortcuts, Mail shortcuts, iPhoto secrets
Open Safari’s Preferences window and choose Passwords from the tabs along the top to view all the passwords currently saved by the app. You can remove individual passwords by highlighting them and choosing Remove Password, or remove them all in one go to start afresh.
99 Mac Secrets (Part 2) : Customizing, Best menu bar add-ons, Quick Look secrets
You can change almost any icon easily. Select the folder or file you want to change and hit Cmd+I to open the Get Info panel. Select the new icon or image you’ve chosen for the folder and copy it with Cmd+C. Click the folder icon in the top-left of the Get Info panel so that the icon is surrounded by a blue glow, then hit Cmd+V to paste the icon.
99 Mac Secrets (Part 1) : General OS X tips, Security tips, System shortcuts
Screen Sharing is an often forgotten feature of OS X that enables you to view and control another machine from your Mac. This is particularly useful for grabbing work from another desktop, and can be activated through the Sharing System Preferences panel, and accessed via Finder’s sidebar.
Combine Multiple PDF Files In Preview
Once you’ve combined the pages, you can rearrange the page order and delete pages you don’t want, before finally saving the result as a separate PDF file. With every new version of OS X, Preview’s implementation of this feature seems to change a little, so for the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to focus on how to combine documents in Mountain Lion
Master The Presenter Tools In Keynote
Keynote offers a wealth of tools built specifically for people who deliver presentations live. It’s all executed through the app’s dual-screen mode, which shows your slideshow on an external display simultaneously with a number of tools on your Mac.
PhotoKey 6 Pro - The Best Green Screen Photography Software
That old adage that, "the camera never lies" is now something of a farce. Anyone with a half decent PC and an image editor, can alter a digital image to tell just about any story they like. In the same way, some of the gizmos used primarily in the world of video, are now becoming accepted parts of the professional photographers toolkit.
Run Android on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 8
Parallels has been a mainstay of many a Mac user for years now, particularly in the case of those who needed to use Windows without the pain of running it on a regular PC. Beyond Windows, though, Parallels is a very powerful piece of virtualization software capable of running a number of alternative operating systems including Chrome, Ubuntu and even Android.
Save A Disc As A Dmg File With Disk Utility
Whether you’re moving to a new Mac without an optical drive or simply want to clear out some discs that are cluttering up your desk, converting CDs and DVDs to dmg files is a very smart move. A dmg file on your desktop will behave just like a physical drive, for example, an external hard drive, flash drive or disc.
Use Magic Eraser To Replace A Background
Editing images with Pixelmator can be a real joy. Not only is it a really versatile image manipulation suite, but the toolset is among some of the smartest we’ve had the pleasure of using. One such tool that we’ve been attempting to master recently is the Magic Eraser, which is a great way of removing background elements of a photo.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 5)
Over the course of the past few OS X updates, Apple has taken to bringing some of the better features of iOS “back to the Mac”. PopClip adds one of the ones they left out. On our iPhones and iPads, selecting text automatically brings up a context menu, but when using our Macs, those options require an extra right-click.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 4)
Your digital reading pile can get as disorganized as that stack of magazines on the nightstand, especially if you use more than one service. ReadKit streamlines your reading with offline support for Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability, plus bookmarks from Pinboard and Delicious. (Pinboard and Instapaper require paid accounts.)
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 3)
The clipboard is ubiquitous for copying and pasting content between apps on one device, but of course it only remembers one thing at a time. CloudClipboard remembers everything you copy, and lets you paste it to any Mac or iOS device through iCloud syncing.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 2)
A picture is worth a thousand words, but why limits yourself to just one picture? Diptic lets you create square-formatted collages of up to six photos. This is a port from iOS (the universal iPhone/iPad app is also $0.99), and it’s just as easy to use here, with Multi-Touch trackpad gestures and easy-to-understand options and sliders.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 1)
And once your Mac is stocked with brand-new software, don’t neglect your trusty iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! We got tired of lusting after impeccably designed stands, cases, speakers, and accessories, only to check the price and be turned off by sticker shock. Just because you’re an Apple user doesn’t mean you have money to burn!
Sellerdeck Business 2013 – Great Ecommerce Software
SellerDeck (formerly Actinic) takes another method. This desktop application allows you to create and manage a store on your PC. The website itself can be hosted locally, or with hosting service you choose.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 - Superb Photo Application
Adobe pushed Lightroom towards the photography mainstream with a huge price cut for the launch of version 4 last year. There’s nothing as dramatic with the release of Lightroom 5, but Adobe is further broadening the appeal of its raw processing and workflow suite.
gDoc Binder - The Software Version Of A Physical Ring Binder
For all its strengths, many people find Microsoft’s OneNote over-complicated: its taxonomy of notebooks, sections and pages can leave newcomers bewildered. There’s no danger of that with gDoc Binder, which brings an almost Apple-like level of skeuomorphic design to note-taking applications.
Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Ultimate - A Surprisingly Power-Packed Yet
The recent update for Corel's VideoStudio Pro naturally includes a few new features, and addresses a couple of issues reported by its users. Yet, for my money, the biggest step forward has been the introduction of a 64-bit version, with full multi-core processor support. So what else is new?
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 5) : Dropmark, Popclip, Snapheal, Ensoul contacts
Sharing links is easy. Send them with Messages or email. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social network to share with your friends and colleagues. But what happens when you need to share a collection of stuff? Dropmark aims to simplify this process, allowing you to share not only links and images, but videos, files, music, and nearly anything else on your Mac.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 4) : Typeit4me, ReadKit, Doo document organizer
TypeIt4Me comes with a few sample clippings, and as our library grew, we really appreciated all the sorting options. You can order your list by most used, last used, alphabet, last added, and so on, and sync your clipping sets over iCloud to other Macs and iOS devices with TypeIt4Me Touch
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 3) : Pwsafe, Cloud clipboard, Newsbar RSS reader, Write 2
In the world of password-management applications, the program that saves you time gets the glory. pwSafe serves as a secure repository for your various passowrds. You can enter individual URLs with the site’s username and password, and optionally sort them into categories, like Finances or Social Networking.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 2) : Snail, Diptic, Simplibudget, Mint QuickView
With a heavy emphasis on productivity and efficiency, Snail doesn’t overwhelm you with due dates; rather, it simply collects your tasks in a “stack” in your menu bar, until you’re ready to tackle them. Adding something to your stack is as easy as dragging and dropping, and Snail’s minimal, single-day interface makes sure you don’t get too far ahead of yourself.
17 Killer Mac Apps Under $20 (Part 1) : Smartday, Eisenpower
Appointments go to the calendar, and tasks go on the to-do list, right? But when are you going to get these tasks finished, then? You could schedule them on your calendar, but if you don’t actually do them, the calendar keeps marching on, and your task could be forgotten. SmartDay links your iCal calendar with the tasks on your Reminders list, so open space in your day is filled up with tasks you have to do.
Forget iPhoto - Use Pixa To Organize Photos On Your Mac
Apple’s iPhoto does a good job of automatically organizing your images for you, but it doesn’t give you very much freedom to do things your own way. You can create your own Albums, but other options such as its tagging and search features are basic.
How To Back Up Your Cloud Computing Storage Using Goodsync
With cloud computing being the way forward, more and more users opt for this service to be empowered with the ability to access content from wherever they want. Dropbox, Amazon and several other service providers offer online storage.
How To Plan Home Improvements In 3D (Part 2)
How To Plan Home Improvements In 3D (Part 1)
Whether you’re moving, building an extension or buying furniture, visualizing a home in 3D will help you buy or build with confidence. We lays down the groundwork
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