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The Quattroporte dates back to 1963. The current model - the sixth generation - was launched in Singapore last year with two twin-turbocharged petrol engines: a range-topping 530bhp 3.8-litre V8 and a 410bhp 3-litre V6.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2; 2.5 : Camry now more comely
Cheryl could not decide which of two dealers to sell her five-year-old Toyota Camry to, because both made dismal offers. So she said she would sell it to the one who could guess the car's exact registration date.
KIA SORENTO 2.2CRDi : Fuel-sipping slugger
You may find this review somewhat similar to one published last month. The car featured here - the 2.2-litre turbodiesel Kia Sorento - is very similar to its 2.4-litre petrol twin featured six weeks ago.
Generate A Facebook Timeline Cover Using A Free App
Creating a Facebook Cover has typically been a rather mean feat, as it’s not been an easy process to create a Facebook cover.
SG50 Ferrari F12berlinetta : Prancing Horse for Lion City's 50th
Even car manufacturers are getting in on the act. In what is surely the first of its kind, local Ferrari agent Ital Auto has commissioned a special-edition Ferrari to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday this year.
The latest Audi TT : New angles for TT
The latest Audi TT takes the game a notch higher, with its so-called "virtual cockpit" - where all infotainment functions of the car are projected onto the vehicle's instrument binnacle.
Era of million-dollar luxury cars
There is a hot little number in there called the Lykan HyperSport. The car is a US$3.4-million (S$4.6-million) beast with a top speed of 386kmh and the face of a raptor.
Game Review : Hearthstone - Blackrock Mountain
Be ready so that new challenges and new impressive charts reverse the current of the battle in the second adventure of this play of battle of chart of blow.
Game Review : Battlefield Hardline
The concession of battlefield always was about large military operations and mindless shoot-them-all gameplay.. But its last iteration adopts a different approach.
Review : Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2
The original howl is a power plant in the department of audio delivery, providing great low and pointed acoustics in a not-thus-tiny package. Miniaturizing the material would a poorer audio quality have like consequence? Making the device smaller wouldn't the howl of the power plant decrease?
Review : Philips Fidelio M2L
It also means that this pair of ear-phones functions only with Lightning-compatible sources, such as the iPhone from Apple, the iPod or the iPad.
Review Smartwatch : Wellograph
The review unit had a silver plated satin body with a brown leather bracelet. The watch is also available in black chromium and the white completions of pearl, with the matched leather bracelets.
OPEL MERIVA : Making a grand entrance
When each of the four open is balanced of their broader angle of 84 degrees, the car forms a form which resembles an object with wings in a film of science fiction. Or a ladybird in vol.
FORD MONDEO 2.0 ECOBOOST : Modern Mondeo
There is not too long, Ford dreamed to become which Volkswagen is today - an empire of the motor vehicles made up of several marks supported by synergy and the economies of scale.
BMW 650i COUPE : Sexy retooling of BMW's 6-series
The current 6 series was launched and offered in July 2012 under three appearances: half-compartment, convertible and a large half-compartment with four doors. What follows are six principal changes which make 6 sexy even the sexier.
BMW 120d; M135i - Finely tuned
The most basic BMW on offer here is currently the 116i, powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine that puts out 136bhp. The carmaker is not willing to customise a detuned version that qualifies for Category A, and the 116i will be rebadged 118i when the facelifted version arrives.
BMW 220i CONVERTIBLE :Blend of poise and power
It is easy to love a car like the BMW 220i Convertible. And not just because it is a BMW and a convertible, although the two words by themselves hold sweet promises.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1.4 HIGHLINE : A Volkswagen for mass market
This is Volkswagen's latest-generation Jetta, but you would never have guessed. The car, under its shiny new skin, drives like a six-year-old model.
PEUGEOT 508 : Plush Peugeot
The new 308 hatch sampled in January holds great promise; and the facelifted version of the 508 on this page is a prime example of French automotive excellence.
First look: Apple Watch
The watches also feature the same Retina Display with Force Touch, which can sense the difference between a tap and a press. The smaller model has a 340 x 272-pixel display; while that of the 42mm one has a 390 x 312-pixel resolution.
TomTom Runner + MultiSport Cardio
Instead of that, the device uses an optical probe, which is at the bottom of the module of watch. This supervises your blood flow while shining a light by your skin and on your blood-vessels. All the GPS running of the watches should be built in this way.
Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0
Without belt of trunk of heart-spleen monitor, the watch costs $100 less. The belt does not cause any so worn irritation while running. You ensure just that it is a good adjustment.
Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire HR
The Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire HR bundle consists of the watch and the Suunto Smart HRM Sensor, a comfortable lightweight Bluetooth heart-rate monitor chest strap that works even in a swimming pool.
Polar M400
It can be the M400 doubles at low prices of GPS running of the watches which we examined, but the Polar M400 doubles as a fitness tracker. He can detect the stages which you take and calories you it burn 24/7.
Garmin Forerunner 920XT
It is a watch of GPS of multi-sport which also detects your daily physical-activities, such as measures taken and burned calories. It adjusts even the daily target of the measures taken, according to your representation.
VOLVO XC90 T6 : Premium people carrier
Release from the property of Ford, it is the first Volvo built under new Masters, Geely of China, and the first to be entirely developed and built on the spot in Gothenburg, Sweden.
RENAULT ZOE : Zoe is in town
The Renault Zoe is a battery-powered supermini unveiled in Europe three years ago.
PORSCHE BOXSTER GTS : Punchier Boxster
It is astonishing what a little more power, wheels of slightly larger and box on board some more characteristic sometimes do for a car.
Silverlight Recipes : Controls - Creating a Custom Layout Container (part 3)
This code shows the standard XAML usage pattern where all children, a mixed bag of controls in this case, are listed within the WrapPanel declaration, much in the fashion of any other layout container.
Silverlight Recipes : Controls - Creating a Custom Layout Container (part 2)
In this code sample, you will build a layout container extending the Panel type that can arrange its children in either a horizontal orientation (in rows) or a vertical one (in columns)
Silverlight Recipes : Controls - Creating a Custom Layout Container (part 1)
The presentation of your controls and other visual elements is a significant portion of ouvrer an irresistible user interface. However, it always helps if the framework that you employ provides of the assistance by carrying out this provision.
The BMW X4 – Strong Performance (Part 3)
And then there’s also the Concierge Service which connects you to a real person and apparently you can ask them about your location, and get them to answer curly questions like where’s good to eat or stay for the night. Again it’s nothing you couldn’t achieve via a quick Google search on your phone, but it does mean you can do it on the move.
The BMW X4 – Strong Performance (Part 2)
There are many long straights down the West Coast but there are also enough winding sections to make SH6 more than a little bit appealing. Forget about the Great Ocean Road in Oz; this stretch of coastal tarmac is both more scenic and interesting from the driver’s seat, with vastly less traffic and no stupid 80kay speed limit.
The BMW X4 – Strong Performance (Part 1)
We found it to be a pretty handy South Island GT, able to cover distance in comfort with the added ability to venture a little off the beaten track
The BMW X5 25d – Top Truck
I’m pretty sure that the first X5 I drove about ten years ago was a 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbodiesel that spat out 160kW. That was impressive back then. In 2014, BMW’s entry-level X5 still outputs the same amount, but from a 2.0-litre turbodiesel that powers a bigger rig, and yet consumes around 40 per cent less diesel while offering improved performance.
The Champion – Widebody Gc8 Built For All The Right Reasons (Part 2)
Old habits die hard, so following his arrival in the States, Ivo immediately found himself back in a fast car, this time a Volkswagen. He knew very few people in this strange new country, but he quickly found that even here, individuals with similar interests tend to enjoy each other's company.
The FPV GT-F – This Is The End (Part 2)
And there’s plenty of that now too. The engine’s delivery is more polished, it’s smoother as it builds to its peak but it still needs revs to really get moving, coming good around 3,000rpm, on the rampage at 4,000rpm and going ape crazy at 5,000rpm. There’s plenty of charger whine in the cabin, but the exhaust note is too subdued. It sounds fine from the pavement however.
The FPV GT-F – This Is The End (Part 1)
So this is it. This is the last Falcon GT and the final FPV. The GT-F ends a 47-year reign that began back with the XR but at least the GT is going out on a high. It’s not the GT-HO reloaded to take out the HSV GTS but the GT-F 351 is still the fastest, most powerful GT ever.
Teenage Kicks - Britain's Youngest Hot Rodders (Part 3)
“I finished it in February, 2014. It had taken two years, but that was every day after school. I used to drag my friends down to help me. They were keen and willing, and all into cars, so I got them doing all my dirty jobs. When my uncle was very ill and laid up in bed, he had my grandparents outside in winter, sanding and priming the cab roof!
Teenage Kicks - Britain's Youngest Hot Rodders (Part 2)
The engine is the original Flathead V8. 1953 was the last year for the motor, and it's unusual to find an F100 now that still has its Flathead. I realised that I couldn't rebuild the original Stromberg 97 carburettor, so I replaced it with an Edelbrock 500cfm four-barrel on a matching Edelbrock manifold.
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