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Teenage Kicks - Britain's Youngest Hot Rodders (Part 1)
Sometimes, the darkest clouds have the brightest silver linings. This story has a couple of them, and if you're of the mind-set that all teenagers today are hoodie wearing thugs who spend all day on their games console and whose main skill with their hands is Tweeting on their smart phones, you need to read this.
Swing Low Sweet Chariot Muscle Car
I always look forward to the end of May bank holiday weekend as there are all sorts of car shows to attend. However, the one that draws me like a magnet is the Sunday bash at Brook lands Museum organised by the Mo par Muscle Association UK. Brook lands always throws up something special and this year was no exception.
The 25-year Rule (Part 2)
The 25th anniversary of Nissan's R32 Skyline GT-R hasn't just gotten you all riled up about one of the finest sports cars to ever come from Japan, it's also lent itself to becoming the spokes car for importing just about anything else into the U.S.
The 25-year Rule (Part 1)
The NHTSA's 25-year rule means that vehicles sold in 1989 or earlier are now fair game for importation into the U.S. If all is right with your brain, when you think of 1989 you think of Nissan's introduction of the R32 Skyline
The Audi A3 Sportback E-Tron – Too Good To Be True
Audi’s A3 might be as abundant as air, but this new A3 Sportback e-tron is doing its bit to keep the stuff we breathe as clean as possible. Under the prominent four-ringed badge sits a plug socket, which is used to charge the battery pack under the floor.
The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer – A Pretty Quiet Car On The Motorway
BMW’s first compact MPV, the ponderously named 2 Series Active Tourer, is also its first front-wheel drive model. That’ll upset the BMW die-hards, but for the majority of drivers it’ll matter not one jot. What will to them, and all rival manufacturers, is that the family car market just got a premium player, and it’s playing to win.
The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé – Impressive Practicality
After years of mainly concentrating on odd numbers, it’s the year of the eve number for BMW. Having launched its 4 Series Coupé last year, the company is now padding out the line-up with the Convertible that arrived earlier this year, and now the Gran Coupé that is a compelling mix of sportiness and added practicality.
The BMW I8 – A Technical Masterpiece
Electric and hybrid cars designed for city use are now becoming more affordable. Unless you’re seriously wealthy, hybrid performance motoring remains the preserve of near-million pound cars from Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren.
DirectX 10 Game Programming : DirectInput - I Need Input
Every game needs the ability to interact with its user. Be it through a keyboard, mouse, dance pad, or other device, your game needs a way of getting direction from the person playing.
Show Report Special Americana International
A mericana has historically been way more than just a car show; it’s more of a lifestyle show, something reflected everywhere you look, from themed clothing stalls, onsite pin striping (ensuring you and your car look the part) to live music stages and all the foods from all over the world.
Show Report Special Stars & Stripes
What could have been nicer – cruising to the annual Stars and Stripes weekend on a sunny July Saturday in my (just bought) ’65 Mustang; windows down and the sound of a well-sorted 289 rumbling across the fields of Cheshire.
Star Project 190SL Roadster (Part 2)
Likewise the upper seam of the inner wheel arch is all but gone, with perhaps only 20 per cent of the metal remaining. A view forward into the engine bay shows the front panel that sits forward of the bonnet and links the two wings.
Star Project 190SL Roadster (Part 1)
Find a classic car that behaves itself for the majority of the time, usually due to the preventative and prescriptive work of a diligent owner, and the joys can be positively addictive, as Adrian Timothy, the owner of this beautiful WL21 190SL Roadster explains when we meet near his home in South London.
Still The One - The Mclaren F1 (Part 2)
I’d worked with Gordon at Brabham Formula 1, and when the F1 project started, he asked if I knew a designer. I volunteered. Gordon doesn’t see rules as being for him, so he’d question things.
Still The One - The Mclaren F1 (Part 1)
In 1994 the McLaren F1 was a supercar shock of seismic proportions. Twenty years later it hasn’t lost its power to amaze. In exclusive interviews the men who created it tell their tale.
The Maserati Ghibli S – The Latin Conquistador (Part 2)
This three-pronged model range takes Maserati into a new price territory; a Maserati hasn’t sold in the $130k-$150k area since the late nineties. The top 301kW/550Nm Ghibli S sells for $149,990, $45k less than the Quattroporte S with the same powertrain. It supposedly rattles off the 100kay dash in 5.0sec flat, and should comprise around 40 per cent of sales.
The Maserati Ghibli S – The Latin Conquistador (Part 1)
For top end sedan debuts, 2014 is the year of the Maserati. That’s because the company is in expansion mode. We jet to the gold coast to greet Ghibli, tasked with amassing conquest sales
The Lexus CT200h F-Sport – A Good Deal Easier To Live With
Apparently there are 90-odd distinct changes but apart from the grille redesign - predictably spindle shaped – and new wheels we were pushed telling the difference.
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate – A Practical And Comfortable Choice Of Family Car
Mercedes-Benz first entered the estate car market back in 1973? With its S123 model, a wagon simply known as the ‘T’ in its homeland. But while the S123 was a boxy old bus, the T actually stood for Transport and Tourism, hinting already at the lifestyle-led future the firm’s estates would lead
The Mercedes-Benz CLS 220 BlueTec AMG Line – Smooth And Impressive
It doesn’t matter how pragmatic we think we are, it’s the pretty things that catch our eyes – especially with cars. Which probably accounts for Mercedes-Benz selling quite so many CLS four-door coupé’s since its 2004 Launch.
Review : Lenco BTS-110 Bluetooth Speaker
Portable Bluetooth speakers in smaller form factors appear to be in vogue these days, with a plethora of these devices in the market now. Dutch audio brand Lenco wants a slice of the pie.
Show the whole car kingdom “What’ll you do?”, Porsche (Part 5)
There’s also competition from the man­ufacturers themselves. There are more factory performance cars these days, and every carmaker is now geared up to take them further, giving owners another rea­son to not shop elsewhere. Want to make your 911 Turbo faster? Tick the Turbo S trim level.
Show the whole car kingdom “What’ll you do?”, Porsche (Part 4)
Thomsen’s done this event before in one of his Porsche-engined monsters, but this time he’s teamed up with aftermarket firm Space- Camper to do it in one of the latter’s VW RVs.
Show the whole car kingdom “What’ll you do?”, Porsche (Part 3)
With the van’s572-hp flat-six finally running, the pop-up roof latched, and all cushions stowed, it manages 168 mph. Not bad fora vehicle with a fully functioning beer tap.
Show the whole car kingdom “What’ll you do?”, Porsche (Part 2)
One is VW’s Ehra-Lessien, in Germany, site of our Yellow Bird run and where Bugatti took the Veyron Super Sport to 267.86 mph. An­other is the Fiat-built Nardô, in the heel of Italy.
Football Manager 2015
The Football Manager (FM) game - the long-running football management simulation franchise - lets fans play out their dreams of managing a football club.
Far Cry 4
The first time your character encounters Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, he murders a henchman with a golden pen right in front of you. Then, still splattered with blood, he gives you a hug.
PlayStation 4 : DriveClub
It was to have been one of the launch games for PlayStation 4. However, it has taken nearly a year from the launch of PS4 for DriveClub to drift into gamers' hands.
World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2015
The World Soccer: Winning Eleven (WE) franchise used to be the gold standard of football simulation games until the Fifa series came along and usurped the crown.
The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe – Wild Cat (Part 2)
We liked the drive in the F-Type Convertible, but the Coupe is 80 per cent stiffer and chassis rigidity is everything. The front and rear springs are a few percentage points stiffer to help deliver a more honed athlete and get the best from the steering.
The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe – Wild Cat (Part 1)
The fact that the shifter button on the R Coupe’s gearlever is referred to as a trigger is somewhat telling. It’s a nod to this cat’s potency.
Review : NBA 2K15
You start with a group of players from a pack of cards. But instead of buying new packs, you can now buy and sell players through auctions. The fun part of MyTeam mode is that you can have Michael Jordan and LeBron James on the same team.
Review : Alien: Isolation
Before you embark on this terrifying journey to revisit one of the most iconic movies ever crafted, it is best to forget about the terrible Alien games that have come before.
The Lamborghini Huracan : Raging Bull goes to the ballet
The Huracan is more than a successor to the long-running Gallardo. It is a whole new chapter in Lamborghini's legacy - one underscored by build quality, driveability and a design language that is less brash and vulgar.
Porsche 911 Turbo charges into town
The 911 Turbo has traditionally been Porsche's flag bearer, primarily because it has always had more firepower (courtesy of its turbocharger), more curves and because it commands more moolah than any other 911.
The Long Road To Success - Aston Martin Vanquish - Rapidely Gaining Interest - Aston Martin Rapide S (Part 3)
The new Rapide S benefits from every engineering tweak granted the Vanquish except for the toughening of the suspension, whilst it alone gains uprated front brakes featuring 11mm thicker discs with a diameter enlarged 10mm to 400mm.
Extra-Curricular Activity - BMW 218d Active Tourer SE - An Engine That’s Fit For A Juke - Nissan Juke Tekna DIG-T (Part 3)
In both Active Tourers, the electrically assisted steering is no longer artificially flavoured. We preferred speed-sensitive Sport, which matches gearing to turn-in angle for reduced effort around town and enhanced stability above 50mph.
The Long Road To Success - Aston Martin Vanquish - Rapidely Gaining Interest - Aston Martin Rapide S (Part 2)
Design director Marek Reichman is quick to head me off at the pass. The main thrust of the Mercedes AMG tie-in is, he avers, of an electrical-plusancillaries nature, intended to assuage such issues as persuading diversely sourced ECUs and gearboxes to talk to each other properly.
The Long Road To Success - Aston Martin Vanquish - Rapidely Gaining Interest - Aston Martin Rapide S (Part 1)
A brace of new exterior colours, new ten-spoke alloys offering a 7kg weight saving and new leather trim colours including the deeply suspicious Fandango pink aside, everything that differentiates the 2015 Vanquish from its predecessor is dedicated to upping the driving entertainment quota and the commensurate size of the passenger-seat wet patch.
Extra-Curricular Activity - BMW 218d Active Tourer SE - An Engine That’s Fit For A Juke - Nissan Juke Tekna DIG-T (Part 2)
Although chassis, suspension, steering and brakes do not deviate significantly from the new Mini, BMW chose as different a set-up as possible to position the Active Tourer away from the next Countryman. The BMW is allowed to roll a little more, it’s more supple, and the responses to driver inputs are not quite as sharp.
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