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101 Recommended Apps (Part 4)
The app took mere minutes to sort out. After loading it up we were sent a code, which we added into the app. It asked if we wanted it to check our contacts for other Viber users and once we did this, we were hooked into the Viber network.
101 Recommended Apps (Part 3)
Skype cemented itself as the go-to choice for free video calls years ago but its move to mobile isn’t so clear cut. This is because it is not about video calling; well, not in the case of Android. What you get is free Skype-to-Skype chats, low global rates to mobiles and landlines at home or abroad, and some IM functionality.
101 Recommended Apps (Part 2)
Triplt is one of those apps that can become indispensable. Simply forward your confirmation email from your airline to the dedicated email address, and all your travel information is accessible from your smartphone or via the website
101 Recommended Apps (Part 1)
If the arrival of Apple Airplay and Samsung’s AllShare has told us anything, it’s that smartphone and tablet users want their content everywhere and anywhere. The Twonky Beam Browser is one solution, which enables users to stream internet content instantly from their smartphone and tablets straight to their TVs over a Wi-Fi connection.
The Latest Home And Office Products – July 2013 (Part 4) : Philips SHB9100, BodyMedia Fit Core
Philips’s SHB9100 Bluetooth stereo headset offers some compelling features. First, although it’s a lightweight, on-ear headset, the earpads are large enough to cover most ears. These comfortable, soft cushions also offer good passive noise isolation; during a recent plane trip, I found the noise isolation sufficient while I watched a movie on my iPad.
The Latest Home And Office Products – July 2013 (Part 3) : Bose SoundLink Air, Scosche RH656, Logitech UE Smart Radio
A music streamer, alarm clock, and speaker wrapped up in compact, nightstand-friendly package, the Logitech UE Smart Radio is essentially an updated version of the company’s Squeezebox Radio (3.5/5,, with the same 0.75-inch tweeter and 3-inch driver.
The Latest Home And Office Products – July 2013 (Part 2)
UrbanEars brings to you its range of headphones and in-earphones suit­ing your taste and comfort-level. These are available in four models - Plattan, Tanto, Bagis and Medis with attractive colors like grape, mustard, tomato, mocca, white, black and denim editions.
The Latest Home And Office Products – July 2013 (Part 1)
RAPOO has launched its new ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard with wireless connectivity of up to 10m distance. The E6100 keyboard connects with the advanced Bluetooth 3.0 tech­nology and does not require any wire or receiver.
Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
Hauppauge’s HD PVR 2 is compact device that intercepts the video output by your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 260 before it gets to your TV and records it to your Pc’s hard disk. Once recorded, you can edit your videos to provide tutorials to other gamers or demonstrate an exciting feature.
Archos GamePad - A Video Gaming Tablet
The Archos GamePad is a case in point. Archos is a dark horse of the Android ecosystem. It has been producing tablet-based devices for a very long time and its history in the portable music sector is the stuff of legend. But its GamePad might just be something Archos wishes it had never brought to market.
Apple’s Next Big Thing - Wearable Computing (Part 4)
An anonymous Bloomberg source also claims that Apple wants to introduce the iWatch this year. Features under consideration include the ability to make calls, see the identity of incoming callers and check map co-ordinates. The iWatch would also act as a pedometer and have sensors to monitor health-related data, according to that source.
Apple’s Next Big Thing - Wearable Computing (Part 3)
Google plans to launch Glass to the general public before the end of the year. The company’s headset computer concealed within glasses was demonstrated at the South by South West (SXSW) conference. Timothy Jordan, a senior developer advocate at Google, demonstrated how the computerized glasses work.
Apple’s Next Big Thing - Wearable Computing (Part 2)
Along with its patent application for a ‘snap bracelet’, Apple has filed patents in the wearable technology field including one that refers to smart running shoes. Another patent describes sensor equipped “personal items” including an accelerometer, humidity or temperature sensor, EKG sensing device, weight-sensing detector, and chemical detector.
Apple’s Next Big Thing - Wearable Computing (Part 1)
We’re at one of those moments in time where technology that just a few years ago was considered the realm of science fiction seems set to become reality. We could soon be making video calls via our wristwatch just like Dick Tracy, and the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name will become a thing of the past when you can pull up information about the person you are speaking to, Terminator-style, thanks to facial recognition technology built into your glasses.
Ouya Gaming Machine Review - Founding Backer Version (Part 3)
OUYA said 104 games will be available at launch, a pretty staggering number when compared to your average big console release. Indeed, there are some very good games here, but we have one warning message which is very important that the majority of these titles have been released elsewhere - some a very long time ago.
Ouya Gaming Machine Review - Founding Backer Version (Part 2)
OUYA Console offers a two-tone dark gray and black color scheme, and so too does the controller. It is a fairly simple shape compared to most modern gaming system controllers, with several strong curve or straight line to be found. It looks very similar to the Xbox 360 controller, but is more malleable.
Ouya Gaming Machine Review - Founding Backer Version (Part 1)
Most modern gaming machines are large, heavy and thirsty for energy. They dominate the entertainment centers into which they are placed and consume hundreds of watts of electricity when running. They have evolved this way, growing larger and more powerful to provide better graphics and more comprehensive gaming experiences.
The Complete Guide To Photography On Your Mac! (Part 5)
Geo-tagging is the process involved for embedding location information into an image file so it can be plotted on a map. This data can be recorded automatically, by an iPhone for example, or added later. This can then be read by social media sites, such as Flickr or Facebook, so your friends can be see where you’ve been photographing.
The Complete Guide To Photography On Your Mac! (Part 4)
There are many ways you can search your photo library, but first it’s important that you back it up in case a catastrophic hard-drive failure leads to the loss of your images. The easiest way to do this is to buy a large USB hard drive (a 3TB drive can be found online for a little over $150) and either back up your Pictures folder to it manually or set it as a Time Machine drive.
The Complete Guide To Photography On Your Mac! (Part 3)
One name dominates digital photo editing, and that’s Adobe. Its flagship Photoshop software is the professional industry standard – it’s used to help make the magazine you’re reading now, and it costs more than $900. Happily, there are alternative applications that won’t break the bank and that can do everything the photography enthusiast could ever need.
The Complete Guide To Photography On Your Mac! (Part 2)
The picture that your camera produces is a product of three things, which form a triangle. One is the sensitivity of the digital sensor, one is the amount of time that sensor is exposed to the light, and the third is the size of the hole used to let that light in. they’re called ISO (a largely-defunct film term), shutter speed and aperture, and are measured in stops.
The Complete Guide To Photography On Your Mac! (Part 1)
Your Mac is one of the most fully featured and powerful image editing machines on the planet, and Macs are used by photographic professionals the world over. Our guide to using your Mac for photography isn’t aimed at professionals, however, but rather at enthusiastic amateurs with a camera and a Mac who are wondering how to make the two works together more smoothly.
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Headset - A New Era Of Tournament-Level Gaming Audio (Part 3)
The real problem with these headphones Turtle Beach's preset is rich if your chosen game is mounted in poor sound, which you will quickly notice. For example, Dead Space 2 has the sound design that is extremely overwhelming, you really start to appreciate it when you are changing the volume of the surround channels and move the bilateral angle of the front channels and behind your ears around.
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Headset - A New Era Of Tournament-Level Gaming Audio (Part 2)
The top plate has a physical volume dial that has another function of a mute switch when pressed, surrounded by a round LED cluster (to denote the level clockwise) and a second outer ring of capacitive buttons and an LED indicator.
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Headset - A New Era Of Tournament-Level Gaming Audio (Part 1)
Please get away from your seat – alright, you do not really need to do it. But, of course, Turtle Beach hopes that its new headset will not make you stay there forever. After months of cryptic ad, it finally is here. This is the Seven Series, the company’s first headset officially produced for Major League Gaming tournaments.
Improve iOS - Create An iPad Teleprompter (Part 2)
Although you can also buy teleprompter software for OS X, we’re going to focus solely on software designed to run on iOS devices. Like you’d expect, there are a number of different applications that you can choose from, offering everything from basic text inversion through to iCloud and Google Docs integration, remote control and even live recording functionality.
Improve iOS - Create An iPad Teleprompter (Part 1)
The secret, as you may already know, lies in a device called a teleprompter. Also referred to as an autocue, a teleprompter sits directly in front of a video camera and displays a presenter’s script in front of the camera lens so that they appear to always be looking directly at eth camera.
Buyer’s Guide: Home Theatre Accessories (Part 3) - Logitech Z906, Acer H6510BD, Optoma DX327
Acer’s line of home theatre projectors have a reputation for being both high-quality and low price without compromising on performance. While the pricing might be relative, given that this costs only few quid shy of $1,132.5, it’s hard to deny that the full HD 180p projector with 3D capabilities is a must-buy for home entertainment enthusiasts
Buyer’s Guide: Home Theatre Accessories (Part 2) - Rii Touch N7, Harmony 650, Logitech X-350
Unusually for a 5.1 system, there’ no separate decoder or master unit, and the controls are found on one of the X-530’s main speakers rather than the subwoofer. The advantage of this is that the power/volume control and headphone sockets are easy to reach, but it also means that are always a lot of cables trailing around and, naturally, you can forget about remote control activation.
Buyer’s Guide: Home Theatre Accessories (Part 1) - WinTV NOVA-HD-S2, WinTV Nova-T 500
For HTPCs there’s an obvious advantage in providing a strong and consistent signal (particularly if you’re recording) although it’s debatable how many people would try to run and HTPC without a roof-mounted aerial or satellite. Even accounting for that question mark over it, the WinTV Nova-T 500 still has the benefits of being reasonably cheap, packed with features and fantastically compact.
Plantronics Marque 2 M165 - Bluetooth Headset
The Plantronics Marque 2 M165 is a Bluetooth Headset that's easy to use with both mobile phones as well as computers. It comes bundled with its own Bluetooth dongle and cable for charging.
How To Get More From AirPlay (Part 4)
There are two ways to stream media content from an iOS device using AirPlay. The first is by using an app that supports AirPlay natively, such as iOS’s Music app, Tuneln Radio, or SoundCloud. Each of these apps has an AirPlay icon next to the play/pause controls. Tap it and you’ll see a list of the devices on your network to which you can stream instantly.
How To Get More From AirPlay (Part 3)
There are a few different options for streaming audio from a Mac to an AirPlay device. The simplest is to use iTunes. Any audio playing from iTunes, whether it’s music, and audio book, podcast, or the audio from a movie or TV program, can be fed to an AirPlay speaker form iTunes’ AirPlay menu.
How To Get More From AirPlay (Part 2)
Seedio is an iOs app that allows you to steam music form your device’s Music library or from YouTube to other iOS devices on the same network. It doesn’t use AirPlay, but since you can dock your iOS devices in dumb speaker docks, it’s potentially cheaper than buying AirPlay speakers.
How To Get More From AirPlay (Part 1)
AirPlay started life as AirTunes and was originally limited to streaming audio from iTunes on a Mac or PC to Apple’s AirPort Express – a Wi-Fi base station that has audio connectors for hooking up to a stereo system. Later, it was added as an option in the iOS Remote app, allowing you to control the music you played over AirTunes from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
The Plantronics Voyager Legend is the newer version of Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth headset which we have reviewed earlier. A champion among several quality Bluetooth headsets, it remained our favorite for a long time.
TiVo Mini Whole-Home DVR Review (Part 2)
A long time ago, we had believed that the key for an amazing whole-home DVR experience was consistency. The viewer didn’t have to worry about which room they were in when trying to schedule the memos or watch the favorite programs. Bad news: Mini doesn’t provide completely smooth experience.
TiVo Mini Whole-Home DVR Review (Part 1)
At last, the TiVo enthusiasts who want to see whatever they like, in any room they want, can stop waiting. Definitely some satisfied with Multi-Room Viewing of TiVo although it required lots of DVR with many attaching Now Playing lists and ToDo.
Nothing Compares To Hue
The process of color correction may sound like it’s something you use to fix things in your video, but it can be much more creative than that. Also known as color grading, it involves creating a look for your final video that helps add to the tone and message you’re trying to convey.
Photography - Ever Had It Blue
Photographers have a few things in common. Our cars are worth less than the contents of their camera bags, we all own black anoraks and we all love snow. That doesn’t mean we love being out in the snow, obviously. Cameras are fiddly little chaps, and small buttons mean you can’t reliably work them while your fingers are turning blue.
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