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Super Test Stereo Amplifiers - Sonic Boon (Part 3) - Naim Nait 5i, Onix A-25
Naim’s Nait 5i has remained essentially untouched for close to six years, making it the veteran here. But as the saying goes, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, and the Nait 5i is certainly testament to that.
Super Test Stereo Amplifiers - Sonic Boon (Part 2) : Audiolab 8200A, Cyrus 6a
The Audiolab 8200A has some rather big shoes to fill. Its predecessor, the 8000A, was a landmark product, establishing Audiolab as a brand and, thanks to its excellent build quality and features, became an amp many aspired to having in their rack in the 1980s.
Super Test Stereo Amplifiers - Sonic Boon (Part 1) : Arcam FMJ A19
Inside its sturdy steel and aluminum case is an upgraded and optimized circuit layout, which is combined with a new ultra-low noise power supply and a redesigned headphone stage - something Arcam says is the equivalent of a $269 external unit.
All The Latest Tools And Apps Tried And Tested – July 2013
The app, which has been available on iOS since late last year, works really well. Available radio stations are shown at the bottom of the screen. Swipe through them to see the current program and get access to previous shows. If you have something more specific in mind, you can search or use the Categories view.
Desktop Speaker Test - Rockin’ 9 to 5 (Part 3) : Monitor Audio AirStream WS100
Monitor Audio was one of the first traditional speaker companies to embrace the age of digital music with the excellent i-deck iPod speaker docks. So it was no surprise that the AirStream WS100 speakers hit the mark so successfully when it came to the desktop market.
Desktop Speaker Test - Rockin’ 9 to 5 (Part 2) : Bose Companion 20, Epoz Aktimate Micro
Alongside inevitably dinky and wall-mountable home cinema speaker systems and noise-cancelling headphones, desktop speakers are where Bose has earned its stripes. And we’d suggest the Companion 20 speakers are a perfect example.
Desktop Speaker Test - Rockin’ 9 to 5 (Part 1) : AQ Audio SmartSpeaker A1
The AQ Audios provide a curveball entry in this test. They look like a standard, albeit distinctive, pair of desktop speakers, but the SmartSpeakers offer more than you might at first think.
Home Cinema Joy Can Be Yours - Just Seek Out Some Cheap Thrills (Part 3) : Yamaha RX-V373
Yamaha made quite an impact on last year’s home cinema amplifier scene. It stormed our Awards and beat regular winners Onkyo, Pioneer and Sony to win two of the four gongs, including Product of the Year for the Yamaha RX-V673.
Home Cinema Joy Can Be Yours - Just Seek Out Some Cheap Thrills (Part 2) : Sony STR-DH820
Sony has had mixed success with its AV amplifiers in the past few years, but with the release of the STR-DH820 as the successor to the excellent, Award-winning STR-DH810, it seemed things were finally looking up. Following in its predecessor’s footsteps, the DH820 won our 2011 Award for Best Home Cinema Amplifier under $622, and remains one of Sony’s go-to options.
Home Cinema Joy Can Be Yours - Just Seek Out Some Cheap Thrills (Part 1) : Pioneer VSX-922
An AV receiver is one of the most important parts of a home cinema setup, working as the messenger between the speakers and their audio source. It directs the speakers to do the right things at the right time, puts the much-needed oomph into your system when required, and picks out the finer details that are lost when a soundtrack is played through a TV’s built-in speakers.
How To Recording Podcasts
When you’re done recording, Call Recorder creates a stereo QuickTime movie file: One channel holds your audio track, and the other the contents of the Skype track. Call Recorder comes with a set of tools for splitting and converting the resulting file into separate audio tracks, which you can then drag into GarageBand for editing.
AOC d2757Ph - The Huge 27” Screen Space Is Generally Excellent
The prospect of 3D on a 27in IPS panel at an affordable price seems like a monitor made in heaven. The d2757Ph offers a standard 2D IPS display, but adds two dedicated 3D modes and a 2D-to-3D conversion mode for turning your regular display into 3D. The former is for 3D movies and games, the latter for transforming 2D photos or movies into a front-back kind of 3D.
Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base and Formula Rim
Fanatec is a curious German maker of enthusiast-level sim racing gear. What’s difficult to grasp, and is often frustrating, is that the community clamors for its gear, yet it continually appears to be unready for the big time.
Managing A Mobile Photo Shoot
Taking and managing photographs while you’re on the road doesn’t mean having to compromise on image quality. Here’s how I handle event-coverage assignments that involve publishing JEPGs to the client’s social network sites during the event itself and delivering RAW files to the client after the assignment.
Record Live TV For Free With MediaPortal
The application does everything you’d expect, such as play movies and record television. And, unlike using a traditional PVR box, you can search for programs with a keyboard rather than sifting through an EPG. You can also view photos and play music on your television.
How To Make A Massive Synth Bass Sound (Part 6) : Fat analogue bass with Diva
Inspired by Diva’s unabashed analogue authenticity, we’re going to make an unashamedly analogue bass patch. You won’t find any wobbles or screeching basslines in this walkthrough – instead you’ll get a healthy dose of sweet, succulent analogue goodness. And rather than bombarding our patch with excessive effects and modulation, we’ll let the synth’s raw, fat authenticity speak for itself.
How To Make A Massive Synth Bass Sound (Part 5) : Commercial house bass with impOSCar
ImpOSCar’s beautiful tone and simple-but-solid feature set lend themselves to sounds where less is certainly more. To capitalize on that, in this walkthrough we’ll make a bold and a cheeky commercial house bass. With this type of music the glide and note bends really shine, so this tutorial is as much about the MIDI pattern as it is the patch itself.
How To Make A Massive Synth Bass Sound (Part 4) : Nasty house bass with Razor
With Razor’s additive synthesis capabilities, you can take a big step away from the venerable and familiar subtractive synthesis and toward quirky, modern timbres with a nod to the iconic FM flavors of yesteryear. Here we’ll explore Razor’s potential by making a house bassline with a nasty twist.
How To Make A Massive Synth Bass Sound (Part 3) : Nasty Reese bass with Predator
A stalwart of early noughties drum ‘n’ bass, the Reese has been elevated to near-mythical status as it epitomizes the perfect marriage of synthesis and heavy processing that modern digital tool and techniques facilitate. Rob Papen’s Predator is ideal for making a nasty, abrasive Reese patch while there’s nothing too wild going on under the hood, it offers enough options to let you really go to town.
How To Make A Massive Synth Bass Sound (Part 2) : Dubstep wobbles with SynthMaster
In this walkthrough we’ll be making the ubiquitous dub step wobble, and rather than tying the patch down to one particular style, we’ll show you some staple tricks and techniques that will empower you to take your sound design skills to the next level. At the hub of this patch is the bass oscillator that will do the heavy lifting for the bottom end, delivering a tight, sturdy sub-bass.
How To Make A Massive Synth Bass Sound (Part 1) : Sound design with Massive
When Massive launched in late 2006, it blew its contemporaries out of the water: here was a soft synth capable of not just rivaling top-of-the-line virtual analogue hardware such as the legendary Access Virus, but in some areas superseding it. Massive quickly became a staple of all kinds of electronic music producers, but it would be bass music where the instrument would have the most impact.
Roku 3 - Your Favorite And Easiest-To-Use Media Streamer (Part 2)
Roku has imitated a bit from the classic gaming control panel and it’s clear – like the developing experience on (most noticeable) Xbox 360 and PS3, the new screens also includes a lot of advertising space for the supplemental channels and content. However, navigation is pretty simple and the advertising space is pretty far away so we predict it won’t annoy users.
Roku 3 - Your Favorite And Easiest-To-Use Media Streamer (Part 1)
The media streamers of Roku have created a suitable position, with the beginning as a Netflix box, but quickly developed to include hundreds of other entertaining options. Regardless of what they lack in terms of style, they always make up with a menu and easy-to-navigate remote, not mentioned cheap price. In fact, they have become our default proposal in the media streamer category, and currently the company is returning to the 3rd version.
Acoustic Apps - Acoustic Guitar (Part 3)
Acoustic-electric players will enjoy apps that model classic amplifiers and effects, which can be used for practice and recording. One of the best sounding is IK Multimedia^ AmpliTube ($14.99), which is available in four configurations – the standard version, one modeling Fender products, and two signature versions based on the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Slash.
Acoustic Apps - Acoustic Guitar (Part 2)
An iOS device can help you locate, store, and organize thousands of pages of sheet music, display them on a music stand, and turn pages for you so you don’t have to take your hands off your instrument. Music Binder ($1.99) is a simple song-sheet organizer mat supports PDF files, automatically indexes your song tides, and matches song tide and author names to corresponding audio files in your iTunes library.
Acoustic Apps - Acoustic Guitar (Part 1)
Smartphones and tablets are a boon to musicians. These minicomputers can be used to capture high-resolution audio, video, and photos at a gig; organize and display a library of printed music; help us connect with fans; and monetize our work. One of the most popular mobile platform is Apple iOS, which runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
Marantz Consolette - A Sweet Sounding Networked Speaker Dock
Marantz Consolette purely on looks is an extremely wonderful looking gadget. It surely is bulky as it easily weighs around 5 Kgs. But what caught our attention was the amazing blend of materials and shapes that have been used to create the product. Most major plug points and input units are at the back of the consolette.
Deconstructed - Five Classic Bass Music Tunes And Discover Some Key Ideas (Part 6)
The main kick and tom sounds are typical 808/909 jobs, pitched to work with the track and with long decays resulting in ringy, pitched sounds. The most flexible way to achieve these is to work with a drum machine emulation, although if you do find a suitable sample, pitching and stretching it to fit is also an option. We’ve gone for a 909 kick, and the Mid Tom sound from the 808.
Deconstructed - Five Classic Bass Music Tunes And Discover Some Key Ideas (Part 5)
The classic TR-808 and TR-909 will provide all the snare and clap sounds we need here, though a couple will need some extra manipulation. First up, there’s a straight-eighths (that is, playing on all the eighth-notes) ‘bounce’-style clap. This is a typical 808 clap with the decay tweaked a little to match the part.
Deconstructed - Five Classic Bass Music Tunes And Discover Some Key Ideas (Part 4)
Isolating the sound is slightly tricky because it’s playing in unison with the bass. Taking the bass notes as the root, we can hear both an octave fifth (19 semitones) and two octaves plus a minor third (27 semitones) tones above the bass.
Deconstructed - Five Classic Bass Music Tunes And Discover Some Key Ideas (Part 3)
This rhythmic synth is a key component in the track, creating a hypnotic feel to the build sections and providing a great payoff as a lead through the peak section. Through careful sound design it also has a wonderful pumping feel that’s reminiscent of the sidechained compression featured on many club tracks. By typing this in closely with the bass part, it also works really well rhythmically.
Deconstructed - Five Classic Bass Music Tunes And Discover Some Key Ideas (Part 2)
By far the most commercial track of our featured five, Gold Dust started out in 2008 as an instrumental 12-inch, then spawned a vocal mix featuring Ce’Cile, which appeared on the 2010 album Kryptonite. The track had a further lease of life with new vocals from Miss Dynamite, this version appearing on Fresh’s 2012 album Nextlevelism.
Deconstructed - Five Classic Bass Music Tunes And Discover Some Key Ideas (Part 1)
While the likes of Skrillex were just starting to gain worldwide attention with a much edgier sound, the brostep subgenre was already leading the way here in the UK. Indeed, it was indicative of just how far bass music and come when Flux Pavilion’s Bass Cannon made it onto Radio 1’s playlists.
Humax DTR-T1010 - Digital TV Recorders
While we’re used to seeing the BBC’s iPlayer turn up on everything from games consoles to smart TVs, services from the other broadcasters (ITV Player, 40D and Demand 5) are less ubiquitous. YouView brings together all the catch-up services from the major US broadcasters and lets you access them in one convenient box.
Take It To The Limit (Part 4)
Massive is, amongst other things, a wavetable-based synth, and one of the things that makes it so great is the myriad ways in which you can interconnect its oscillators, filters, effects, envelopes, LFOs, performers and steppers. And there’s yet another layer in the form of eight Macro controllers that can be routed to almost any of the synth’s parameters.
Take It To The Limit (Part 3)
Modulation is the motion at the very heart of bass music, featuring heavily in styles like dustep and neuro bass. Synths like Native Instruments’ Massive are just as essential to these genres as Fender guitars were to rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1950s. In the most widely understood sense, modulation means either delay-based effects like chorus, flange and phasing, or using, say, an LFO to ‘wobble’ the cutoff frequency of the filter in a synth.
Take It To The Limit (Part 2)
Compression, gating and anything else (including all types of distortion) that affects the level – or perceived loudness – of a sound fits the definition of a dynamics processor. Compression attracts obsessive connoisseurs in the same numbers as distortion – vintage gear is prized for the way it colors the sound, which is why plugin developers the world over strive for perfect emulations of classics like the LA-2A.
Take It To The Limit (Part 1)
From basic sounds and simple plugins emerge the most ear-twisting tones imaginable. In this tutorial we go to work with four of the bass music producer’s most powerful tools – distortion, dynamics, modulation and real-time control – and discover the fabulously noisy joy of extreme signal processing and sound design.
Sonos Playbar - Excellent And Expensive Home Theater Addition (Part 2)
We have indicated mobile and desktop Comtroller applications of Sonos in previous Sonos reviews, and users’ experience has still been stable since the one-year-ago revolution. There are three controlling windows for bigger screen: the farthest window on the left shows all your connected Sonos speakers, the middle window shows a waiting line of tracks and what are playing on chosen speaker, and the right-hand window indicates your available audio sources.
Sonos Playbar - Excellent And Expensive Home Theater Addition (Part 1)
Sonos has found neutral point in audio world. Wireless technology and capability of transmitting music almost from any sources – even cloud or local storage – have brought reasonable trust from information technologist on it, but its simple installment is also draw popular appeal.
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