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iHome iBT44 Retro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers FM Radio Boombox
A than two decades, the boombox is-Iike all things '80s in origin- slowly making a comeback. It's only natural, then, that someone should come along and harness its iconic design with modern technology in the form of a portable Bluetooth speaker system. In this case, that someone is prolific audio purveyor iHome, and the something is the IBT44 Boombox.
Klipsch KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System Volume Variability
The world really doesn’t need another Bluetooth-powered wireless speaker. But that fact is not stopping the likes of Klipsch (and others) from taking a shot at making one. Klipsch brings their portable wireless contender into the ring in the shape of the KMC 1.
Gaming Monitor BenQ GW2265HM 2013
This isn’t the time or place to explain why, but suffice to say our notions were shaken by the arrival of 120Hz-plus panels. Suddenly, we were shown a smoother way of sticking images in front of our eyes. Put simply, once you’ve gone 120Hz, you won’t go back.
Doubling Up On Drivers KEF M200
KEF made their name in the audio market over the years on the back of excellent speaker systems. This month, we check out the M200 earphones, one of KEF’s first attempts at making inroads into consumer audio. The aesthetics of the M200 in-ears are extremely classy and sophisticated.
Best Bluetooth Speakers in April
In some situations (festivals) going smaller and cheaper is a wise move, and that’s where this little Jabra comes in. In its colour guises, it’s bright enough to be found in the mud and solid enough that it should still work once you’ve dug it out; you can use NFC for Bluetooth pairing, and it’ll run for eight hours on a charge.
Humax HB 1000S Freesat HD Review (Part 2)
Recordings can be scheduled by pressing record while watching, from the EPG, banner or the Showcase and Search menus. You're asked if you want to record a series and, should a clash occur, can opt to record the next available showing. You can also apply start and end padding times either side.
Humax HB 1000S Freesat HD Review (Part 1)
White kit from other manufacturers has yet to materialise, Humax has released a low-cost'zapper'box for Freesat's Freetime service which, much like YouView, features integrated support for broadband-delivered catch-up TV and video on demand.
Décor Worthy REL Acoustics Habitat1 Subwoofer (part 4)
Typical pop fare, such as R.E.M.’s “7 Chinese Brothers” and the English Beat’s “Ranking Full Stop” showed that the Habitat1 sounded quite competent when used at moderate, even slightly loud levels, but it didn’t have a lot of deep bass output.
Décor Worthy REL Acoustics Habitat1 Subwoofer (part 3)
This broke REL’s rules, of course. But if Bob Carver (who designed the CRM-2) found out I was running his speakers full range, he’d call me up and politely ask if I’d lost my marbles.
Décor Worthy REL Acoustics Habitat1 Subwoofer (part 2)
The high-level input isn’t just for stereo—REL recommends using it for home theater, too, in conjunction with the .1/LFE input. You set your front left and right speakers to Large in your receiver or surround processor’s menu, so the Habitat1 gets the full-range left/right signal plus the LFE signal.
Décor Worthy REL Acoustics Habitat1 Subwoofer (part 1)
Almost every subwoofer on the market today is a boring, bulky black box, designed with hardly a thought about how the thing’s going to look in a living room. With its new Habitat1 subwoofer, REL joins the small group of manufacturers who’ve put serious thought into making their subwoofers blend in with room décor.
Create stunning presentations in Keynote
Getting the chance to showcase your best ideas to those senior to you at work is not an opportunity you ever want to miss, and getting it right is crucial. Keynote has been designed to make that possible by placing eye-catching and powerful presentations within your grasp.
Bowers & Wilkins P3 have all the design panache of B&W’s high-end models
Representing the UK (in terms of design rather than manufacture) in this roundup are Bowers & Wilkins, a hi-fi speaker brand recently garnering itself an enviable reputation in the headphone sector thanks to a small but impressive range of high-end cans.
The AG2712 - The New All In One PC
Gaming and multimedia AIOs appear to be all the rage these days with PC manufacturers taking advantage of current technological capabilities and people's need for a powerful multimedia machine that's able to fit in tight spaces. MSI's Gaming All-in-One PC AG2712 fulfills both these needs, and more.
Programming with DirectX : Implementing Per-Pixel Lighting (part 2) - The Main Source File
In the main source file, two new objects are added to the global section: one to pass the light position to the shaders and one to pass the camera position. The end of the global section with the new variables in the Lighting demo are shown in Listing 1.
Programming with DirectX : Implementing Per-Pixel Lighting (part 1) - Creating the Shaders
The HLSL code for the effects is stored in LambertBlinnPhong.fx. In the vertex shader, the code starts off by transforming the vertex position as usual, and then it moves on to compute the transformed normal vector to account for the object rotating.
Programming with DirectX : Basic Lighting Information - Diffuse Light , Specular Light , Blinn-Phong Specular Model
A lighting algorithm is the specific mathematical operation performed on a surface to shade it to produce the desired lighting effect. Lighting algorithms can be used to represent the different values of the lighting equation.
Programming with DirectX : Light Types - Directional Lights,Point Lights,Spot Lights, Area Lights
In computer graphics, different types of lights can be rendered, with each type altering the lighting algorithm to create a specific type of effect. In this section we will briefly discuss the following light types.
Programming with DirectX : Overview of Lighting - Pros and Cons of Per-Vertex Lighting, Per-Pixel Lighting
Lighting in computer graphics involves algorithms that for shading surfaces in a scene to lighten or darken the colors that are rendered based on some set of attributes. Lighting in video game graphics is usually evaluated on a per-vertex or per-pixel level.
What Will 2014 Bring To Tech Lovers?
As the silly season gets into gear and we settle into long, hot days of gaming, reading eBooks and tinkering with some tech, it’s time to think about what’s on the horizon for tech enthusiasts in the coming year It’s always dangerous to make predictions, but Investigator’s going to break a long-standing New Year’s resolution and do a bit of crystal-ball gazing.
DirectX 10 Game Programming : Direct3D - Textures and Details (part 3) - Drawing the Textured Object
It might seem like a lot of work just to map a single texture to a 3D object, but once you have the changes made to the shader, that code can be reused, simplifying your job in the future.
DirectX 10 Game Programming : Direct3D - Textures and Details (part 1) - Adding Support for Texture Mapping - Texturing Coordinates and Sampling
Since the texture coordinates were added to the vertex format previously, the shader now needs to be updated to handle them as well. Since all the vertices pass through the vertex shader portion first, the input parameters need to be changed.
DirectX 10 Game Programming : Direct3D - Textures and Details (part 1) - Adding Support for Texture Mapping - The Vertex Format
Texture coordinates are designated on the vertex level within your scene. To support texture mapping, you need to change the vertex structure and input layout and update the vertices for each object. Previously you were working with a vertex format that included only position and a color.
DirectX 10 Game Programming : Shaders and Effects - Geometry Shaders
Geometry shaders are a bit more complicated than the shaders you’ve worked with so far. Unlike vertex and pixel shaders, geometry shaders are able to output more or less than they take in.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Managing Color from Monitor to Print - Working with Rendering Intents
Rendering Intents define how the selected color profile is converted from one color space into another. When you choose a rendering intent you are specifying how the colors should be displayed, even at the expense of the original gamut (range of colors) within the active document.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Managing Color from Monitor to Print - Changing from Additive (RGB) to Subtractive (CMYK) Color
RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) is defined as an additive color space, in which primary colors are added together to produce other colors. RGB is the color space of computer monitors, televisions, and most PDAs and cell phones with built-in color screens.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Managing Color from Monitor to Print - Setting Up Soft-Proof Colors
In Photoshop, you can use color profiles to soft-proof the document. Color profiles are a way to display the colors of a specific device directly on your monitor.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 : Managing Color from Monitor to Print - Producing Consistent Color
Photoshop comes with its own color management system; however, before you can successfully use color management, you must first calibrate your monitor to a predefined standard. There are several methods available to you for monitor calibration.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Creating Frame-by-Frame Animation - Editing Keyframes
Keyframes are editable elements. You can add or remove content from a keyframe, move keyframes around by simply dragging, or copy and paste keyframes in the same Timeline, across scenes and even other Flash documents. Because keyframes are so versatile, you can continue to fine-tune your animations after they are created.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Creating Frame-by-Frame Animation - Clearing Keyframes Versus Removing Frames
Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can choose to remove a frame’s status as a keyframe or remove the frame entirely. Clearing a keyframe preserves the length of the framespan and the overall duration of the animation on the layer.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Creating Frame-by-Frame Animation - Converting Frames to Keyframes, Using Frame-Based Versus Span-Based Selection
Depending upon how you like to work, you can choose between two selection modes in Flash. The default mode is frame-based selection. In this mode, frames are treated as individual elements.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Creating Frame-by-Frame Animation - Creating Keyframes
When art is placed on the Stage, it appears in a keyframe in the Timeline. A keyframe is represented as a black-bounded box with a small circle in it. By default, each layer in the Timeline has a keyframe on its first frame.
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 : Creating Frame-by-Frame Animation - Understanding Frame-by-Frame Animation
Animation is the illusion of movement. It is comprised of a series of pictures, each slightly different from the last, that when played sequentially imply movement. Motion pictures work the same way.
B&W Adds P7 Headphones With Clever Folding Design
With speaker-inspired drive unit technology and all-encompassing ear cushions giving noise isolation with high levels of comfort, the new over-ear P7 design “allows you to lose yourself in music”, says the maker.
Focal Chorus 726 V - The Sort Of Speaker That Knows How To Make An Entrance
An interesting design, this. It gives a big, powerful sort of sound that is superficially very ‘fast’; it seems to delight in every steel guitar strum from the High Llamas track, for example. It broadcasts to the world its agility and great transient speed.
Group Test Verdict Of Floorstanding Loudspeakers
Loudspeakers are surely one of the most personal things you can buy, so all prospective purchasers should hear them first; this group test should be taken purely as a guide. People have different tastes, and we can’t legislate for all of them! Still, there were big differences across the group; here’s what we heard.
KEF’s New X300A Wireless - British Speaker Brand Adds Desktop Speaker System
KEF’s new X300A Wireless is an active mini speaker system with the added bonus of wireless connectivity for streaming via Airplay and DLNA from most Apple or Android devices, the maker says. It’s based on the brand’s original X300A model fitted with Uni-Q drivers derived from its flagship Blade models.
Little Minx Xi Flexible Streaming Digital Music System
Multi-format music systems are on the rise, and the new Minx Xi launched by London-based home entertainment specialist, Cambridge Audio, is a new streaming digital music system with the flexibility to connect to a multitude of music devices. The Minx Xi has a built-in Class AB amplifier that claims to deliver a power output of 40W RMS into 8 ohms and 55W RMS into 4 ohms – which should be more than sufficient to drive a decent choice of add-on loudspeakers.
Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch – A Touch Of Genius
The arrival of the very competitively priced Squeezebox Touch caused something of a paradigm shift in the music streaming world, where there were already a few high-quality streaming systems on the market; the multi-room Sonos system being one example.
Monitor Audio Radius 90 - Little Audio Dynamite (Part 2)
Moving up the scale, and the new Radius 90 gives a slightly faster, more searching midland than before, making vocals even more immediate, stereo imaging more explicit and depth perspective better.
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