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OEM Interview: Ford – Green Oval (Part 3)
Like every company that produces and sells pure-electric vehicles, Ford continues to be focused on in-use battery life, charging cycle times and infrastructure.
OEM Interview: Ford – Green Oval (Part 2)
Ford and Samsung SDI, an affiliate of Samsung Group, have announced research findings on different levels of battery technology that the partners say could one day be produced in high volume on non-hybrid vehicles for greater fuel savings.
OEM Interview: Ford – Green Oval (Part 1)
As Ford ramps up its e-powertrain activities, E&Htravels to the car maker’s new electric vehicle development headquarters in Michigan to catch up with its head of electrified powertrain engineering, Kevin Layden.
Vivid Giya G3 Loudspeaker Review (Part 2)
The timely arrival of better digital components did narrow the gap. The first was Antelope’s Platinum DSD DAC, which was initially paired with my Macbook Air and the latest incarnation of Audirivana Plus.
Vivid Giya G3 Loudspeaker Review (Part 1)
The curvy Vivid Giya G3 loudspeaker is a smaller version of the Giya G2, itself a Giya G1 ‘mini-me’. And at CES this year, the company showed a Giya G4 and it’s even smaller. If Giya got any smaller, it would be the world’s most radical desktop, but Vivid has stated it’s done with Honey, I Shrunk The Speakers.
OEM Interview: BMW - I-volution (Part 4)
There’s the infrastructure to consider, and those cars are so energy-intensive to produce that they don’t have a positive CO2 footprint. They don’t recover the additional energy that is introduced in the manufacturing process during their time on the road.
OEM Interview: BMW - I-volution (Part 3)
Diess stresses that investment in fuel cells would not be a substitute for the template laid down by the i3 and, soon, the i8: “We believe in electromobility more than in fuel cells because it’s working – those cars [EVs] are becoming brilliant.
OEM Interview: BMW - I-volution (Part 2)
The experts on hand in Southern California were repeatedly huddling up to discuss the feedback from all of the testers, and the facial expressions indicated a real urgency to address all that may be even slightly lacking. There is work to be done still, and the i8 software tweaks will continue indefinitely.
OEM Interview: BMW - I-volution (Part 1)
BMW is riding high on a wave of range renewal and expansion. The company sold a record 1.962 million cars in 2013, and 10 new models have or will be launched in 2014, including the radical i8 plug-in sports car. The i8 promises to be like nothing else on sale in the mainstream market, let alone a BMW showroom.
Mitsubishi Hybrids – One Direction
The next-generation C-segment concept XRPHEV – the XR stands for Cross Runner – is intended to be the successor to the ASX urban crossover, and features a sport coupe design. It uses a lightweight and high-efficiency front wheel-drive PHEV system derived from the same architecture used to power the Outlander PHEV.
Race To The Clouds – Honda R&D’S ’91 NSX (Part 2)
The paddle-operated, Hewland sequential transmission that's normally paired with the HR28TT wasn't used either and, instead, James saw to it to fit the six-speed gearbox from the TL Type-S into place.
Race To The Clouds – Honda R&D’S ’91 NSX (Part 1)
Colorado’s Pikes Peak is among the most treacherous courses known to motorsports, spanning 12.42 miles, 156 turns, and culminating at a 14,115-foot summit that's no stranger to rain, fog, even snow. There, the air is thin, reflexes are slow, muscles are weak, and engine power is diminished. To make it to the top, error by driver or machine cannot be tolerated.
Volkswagen Plug-In Hybrid Up – Double Act
With Up being conceived on MQB, VW says it was relatively easy to install a plug-in hybrid drivetrain – albeit a pocket-sized one – within the car’s existing compact layout.
Pre/Power Amplifier Marantz SA8005/PM8005 Review (Part 2)
The PM8005 has less upper bass warmth than the SA8005, but is fractionally fuller down in the bottom octave; it gives a very confident sound, apparently untroubled by any lack of power, and again makes the rhythm zip along and everything flows beautifully.
Pre/Power Amplifier Marantz SA8005/PM8005 Review (Part 1)
Some might say Marantz has achieved the impossible, pulling off the unusual feat of being a mass-market manufacturer while consistently making quirky and interesting products. As this SA8005 CD player and PM8005 amplifier combo shows, the brand is able to offer something just a little bit different from its mainstream $1,600 rivals.
Smart TV Finlux 50FME242B-T Review (Part 2)
A bright blue laser-like LED on the bottom of the frame shines hard when the set is in standby and pulses as it chugs into life, taking 15 seconds to come on from standby. Setup and installation won’t trouble you, and the onscreen menu system is everything the handset isn’t in terms of user friendliness.
Smart TV Finlux 50FME242B-T Review (Part 1)
Finlux’s publicity blurb for the 50FME242B-T states that its Full HD panel offers five times the image quality of standard-definition TV footage and boasts of offering three HDMI ports, to cope with the expected deluge of HD sources
Fuel Cell Reckoning – Liquid Asset (Part 4)
With the automotive industry gearing up to the market launch of fuel cell vehicles in 2015, speculation about what happens after that point is already growing, with potential alliances being formed and analysts predicting market growth.
Fuel Cell Reckoning – Liquid Asset (Part 3)
Honda has joined four other leading car makers, hydrogen fuel suppliers and energy consultancies in signing a US$52m agreement aimed at developing and demonstrating hydrogen fuel cell technology, and establishing a refuelling infrastructure.
Fuel Cell Reckoning – Liquid Asset (Part 2)
Hyundai says that the Intrado’s 36kW lithium-ion battery is the most powerful fitted to a fuel cell vehicle (the ix35’s battery, co-developed with LG Chemical, offers 24kW) and this new pack has been repackaged for more compact dimensions.
Fuel Cell Reckoning – Liquid Asset (Part 1)
Having dipped their toes in the water some 20 years ago with the technology, a group of car makers is now set to launch production fuel cell vehicles on the market within the next two years. One of those pioneers is Toyota, and for Katsuhiko Hirose, project general manager for fuel cell system development, such a day has been a long time coming.
Interconnect Townshend F1 Fractal-Wire Review
Cryogenic-cooling is not an unfamiliar concept to the audiophile world but Townshend Audio was certainly in its vanguard when it applied the technique to its Isolda-branded interconnects back in 2000.
Moving-coil Cartridge Rega Apheta Review
Rega first started work on a moving-coil when its overseas distributors asked for a higher performance cartridge, priced to match the more expensive turntables.
Formula E Testing – Fast Charger (Part 2)
Track testing took place in February 2014, with the majority of runs made at the La Ferté-Gaucher racetrack outside of Paris, and sessions at Circuit du Luc in southeast France and at Monteblanco in Spain, using the full 28kWh battery rather than the quarter-power unit used previously.
Formula E Testing – Fast Charger (Part 1)
Newly formed manufacturer Spark Racing Technology has developed the first electric race car for the FIA Formula E Championship, which hopes to attract an entirely fresh demographic of fans. Technical director Théophile Gouzin talks E&Hthrough the testing for the racer’s e-powertrain
Historical SOHC Dissecting Honda’s Race – Winning (Part 2)
The initial engine as prepared by Mugen was based off of the Japanesespec cylinder head that'd been ported for increased airflow. Inside, it featured its original valves, a reground factory camshaft, and stiffer, dual valve springs, also from Mugen.
Historical SOHC Dissecting Honda’s Race – Winning (Part 1)
Honda’s Gt-4 Crx was America’s first real taste of what’s become a three-decade long love affair with mugen, has resulted in a number of victories for Honda
Evasive Motorsports’ ’04 S2000 – Evasive S2k V.2 (Part 2)
As good as the car looks, it's the performance on track that has people shaking their heads in disbelief. Having already topped their old Street FR Class record with a 1:53.6, Evasive has their sights set on a new record, this time in the Overall Street class that's currently ruled by an Evo.
Evasive Motorsports’ ’04 S2000 – Evasive S2k V.2 (Part 1)
Twelve years ago, the name Evasive Motorsports didn’t command the type of respect that it does now. Over a decade of race development based on countless track hours, a business that continues to progress incredibly quickly, and a loyal customer base that's grown exponentially year after year has undoubtedly helped to foster their current status that goes well beyond the Honda aftermarket.
Focus ST – Speed Demon (Part 3)
As you’d expect, another mapping session was required as soon as the Loba was in place, and Revo worked their magic to the tune of 380bhp after adding one of their own induction kits.
Focus ST – Speed Demon (Part 2)
Producing an immense bark under load, the new pipework released even more power from the ST’s two-litre, inline-four EcoBoost engine (a lump that delivers 25bhp more than its five-cylinder predecessor in standard guise).
Focus ST – Speed Demon (Part 1)
The Mk3 Focus has been a huge success for Ford; it’s a model that is celebrated the world over and was the best-selling car across the globe in 2012. With accolades like that to its name, it’s surprising that we don’t see many modified examples knocking about.
Cyrus Lyric 09 System Review (Part 2)
Hooked up to PMC fact.8 loudspeakers with Townshend Isolda cable, the sound is pacey and very open. It is also uncannily clean. That’s not a bad thing; it is a large part of the Lyric 09’s sonic appeal, and the wider appeal of Cyrus products in general.
Cyrus Lyric 09 System Review (Part 1)
Cyrus Audio is no stranger to US readers, but its half-width ‘singing shoeboxes’ sometimes struggle to make their mark outside of the British Isles. This, coupled with the significant changes in the type of product people buy today, meant Cyrus needed to make something bigger and that is capable of being all things to all people.
HD/SD Meter Revez HD-TSF Review
A ‘Proper’ digital TV signal meter is not a cheap item, but it’s essential for the fast and accurate aligning of a satellite dish or terrestrial TV antenna by professionals – or anyone intending to install a large number of antennas.
Integrated Amplifier KR Audio VA880 Review (Part 2)
Operation of the VA880 is simplicity itself - once switched on at the rear, the front standby switch is pressed and its associated LED lights up.
Integrated Amplifier KR Audio VA880 Review (Part 1)
For those unable to accommodate the mighty Kronzilla valve amplifier, KR Audio offers something more domestically acceptable in the form of the KT88-equipped VA880
Ferrari LaFerrari – Shock And Awe (Part 2)
The 450V permanent magnet Hy-Kers electric motor is a development of that designed by the Scuderia engineering team for Formula 1, where extreme packaging combined with generous funding had already produced a compact and relatively lightweight unit.
Ferrari LaFerrari – Shock And Awe (Part 1)
The old adage that racing improves the breed hasn’t really held true for some time; after all, modern race car technology is primarily focused on aerodynamic efficiency and bears little relation to most contemporary production road cars.
Gabe Ellingsen’s ’03 S2000 – Amongst King (Part 2)
Respectable, but based on the mods being used by the roadster, its owner had expected more. He adds, “The car was struggling with its performance. Fernando Reyes from King's Performance spoke with me daily about letting them take on the project and to join their team.
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