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Free Mobile And Desktop Apps For Accessing Restricted Websites
A lot of people try to access location restricted websites which are limited to a certain audience .
Emulate And Run iPad Apps On Windows, Mac OS X & Linux With iPadian
iPadian is a free software for running iPad applications on Windows. This Adobe Air based application provides a custom app store and comes with some pre-installed iPad apps.
New App for Women ‘Remix’ Offers Fashion Advice & Style Tips
Polyvore have launched a new app, Remix, to help you style your wardrobe and figure out how to wear new purchases.
Michael Kors Designs Stylish Tech Products for Women
American designer Michael Kors has created some tech products that are both practical and stylish - they're easy to stash away in a handbag while on the move and very useful, these innovative inventions are smart and sophisticated.
Review : Xiaomi Redmi 2
When it is a question of launching a successor to a popular instrument of technology, a common practice is to knock old Spéc. and not to increase the price.
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cell Phone Battery (part 2) - Discharge Smart, Use Smart
While proper charging is paramount to a healthy battery life, the subsequent discharge is critical in keeping your battery healthy for the long term. Do not leave your phone charging continuously once it has reached maximum capacity.
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cell Phone Battery (part 1) - Charge Smart
Your battery's potential hinges almost entirely on your charging habits. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings floating around the Internet about proper charging technique.
Review : Dell Venue 8 7000 Series
The 8.4-inch screen uses Oled technology that offers lush, vivid colours. An ultra-high 2,560 x 1,600-pixel screen resolution makes text and icons look extremely sharp.
Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri
It is a no-brainer to say that this phone is not for everyone. Its US$6,000 (S$8,300) price tag can easily pay for a vacation for two to Europe, a string of dinners at decent restaurants and enough flagship smartphones for your whole family.
Review : Microsoft Lumia 535
Almost a year at the day that Microsoft achieved its acquisition of the division of the cellphone of Nokia, I always hope to find the mark of Nokia when I take a smartphone of Lumia.
A first look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
The two versions of the Galaxy S6 will be available in four colors: the Galaxxy S6 in white, black, gold and blue; and the S6 edge in white, black, gold and green.
Review : Xiaomi Mi Pad
In just four years, Xiaomi has become the world's most valuable tech start-up. The start-up, worth more than US$46 billion (S$63 billion), has more than 500 million users, mostly in China, but is also expanding rapidly in India and South-east Asia.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Recipe: Flipping Views
First, you add the transition as a block parameter. Use setAnimationTransition: to assign the transition to the enclosing UIView animation block. Second, rearrange the view order while inside the block.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Recipe: Swapping Views
Notice how the viewDidLoad method prepares the back object for animation by shrinking it and making it transparent. When the swap: method first executes, that view will be ready to appear and zoom to size.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Recipe: Fading a View In and Out
At times, you want to add information to your screen that overlays your view but does not of itself do anything. For example, you might show a top scores list or some instructions or provide a context-sensitive tooltip.
iPhone Developer : Assembling Views and Animations - Display and Interaction Traits, UIView Animations
UIView animation provides one of the odd but lovely perks of working with the iPhone as a development platform. It enables you to slow down changes when updating views, producing smooth animated results that enhance the user experience. Best of all, this all occurs without you having to do much work.
Huawei Ascend Mate 7
The Ascend Mate 7 has an aluminium alloy body that is light and cool to the touch. Given the 6-inch screen, one would expect some unwieldy heft but the company has shrunk the bezel and produced a thin and beautiful device.
Review : Dell Venue 11 Pro Series 7000
The marketing for both slates stresses that they are versatile and productive tablets which can replace your laptop. Dell's slate, however, is targeted at business users.
Review : Google Nexus 9
The new Nexus tablet, built by HTC for Google, sports an 8.9-inch display. But its most significant departure from earlier Nexus slates is the aspect ratio of the screen.
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 10) - Entering Formulas,AutoSum
The Windows Phone 8 screen has a limited amount of space, and sometimes working with a spreadsheet is easier if you hide columns that you don’t currently need.
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 9) - Sharing a Spreadsheet, Fitting and Hiding Text
Windows Phone 8 enables you to share spreadsheets either by emailing them or by using Tap+Send. You can share a spreadsheet by completing these steps
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 8) - Accessing Charts and Sheets, Saving a Spreadsheet
In desktop versions of Microsoft Excel, a single workbook can contain multiple sheets, which are accessible through tabs at the bottom of the screen. Excel Mobile also supports the use of multiple sheets, but the tabs do not exist.
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 7) - Undo and Redo, Charting
When you are working on a spreadsheet on a mobile device using a touchscreen, it is easy to make a mistake. Thankfully, Excel Mobile contains an Undo function and a Redo function
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 6) - Sorting a Column, Filtering
Excel Mobile makes it easy to sort a column of data either alphabetically or numerically. To sort a column, follow these steps
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 5) - Freezing a Pane, Applying Formatting Options
Freezing a pane enables you to keep a range of cells onscreen while you scroll the rest of the cells. For example, you might want to keep the spreadsheet’s header rows onscreen while you view data farther down the spreadsheet.
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 4) - Selecting Multiple Cells, Viewing Cell Text
It may occasionally be necessary to select multiple cells within a spreadsheet. For example, if you want to apply formatting to a large area, it is easier to select the full range of cells that you want to format and then apply the formatting to all of them at once.
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 3) - Viewing and Navigating Comments,Searching a Spreadsheet
Even if someone added a comment to an Excel spreadsheet by using a desktop version of Excel, you can read those comments in Excel Mobile. To do so, follow these steps
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 2) - Adding a Comment to a Cell, Changing the Comment Author
Comments are a popular feature in Excel that enable you to enter notes for a spreadsheet cell without altering the spreadsheet itself.
Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Office Mobile - Excel (part 1) - Creating a New Spreadsheet, Working with the Excel Interface
Although it’s not quite as full featured as the desktop version, the mobile version of Excel enables you to create and view spreadsheets with ease.
Review : Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
At just 6.4mm thick, the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is as slim as its 10-inch counterpart. Both tablets have identical round metallic power buttons. They are waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 1.5m of water, thanks to sealable flaps that prevent water from seeping in via their ports and connectors.
Review : Asus MeMO Pad 8
On Android slates, you can also expect a microSD card slot to supplement the internal storage. More often than not, these tablets come in a 16:9 aspect ratio optimised for videos - there are no black bars at the sides.
Review : Apple iPad Air 2
The camera in the iPad Air 2 has been upgraded. The original used a 5-megapixel image sensor. The new one has an 8-megapixel image sensor and a f/2.4 lens with support for panoramic photos (up to 43 megapixels), time-lapse and slow-motion videos.
Sony Xperia Z3
When the Xperia Z came out last year, it showed consumers the new Sony design standard for its hardware and software, which it has faithfully maintained across its subsequent smartphone and tablet offerings.
How to insert a new line while typing in BlackBerry Z10
Have you ever tried to add a new line when you are typing on BBM or text message on BlackBerry Z10. Well there is no key on the on screen keyboard to do that , but there is a trick through which you can insert a new line.
How to download YouTube videos on BlackBerry Q10, Q5 and Z10
Everybody loves to watch YouTube videos and with your BlackBerry Q5/Q10/Z10, you can watch the video on your device anywhere anytime you want, but there are some videos that you like a lot and want to download but you are unable to as there is no option to download YouTube video on BlackBerry 10.
Second Gear - Samsung Gear 2 (Part 2)
On the plus side, a number of useful native apps are included, such as a media controller, sleep tracker, and native music player. The watch also has a built-in IR blaster, which you can use to control your TV, although don’t expect to do anything fancy as this is mainly limited to changing the channel and volume.
Second Gear - Samsung Gear 2 (Part 1)
Wearable technology has been the hot talking point of 2014. Samsung was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch last year, but while it had plenty of potential, poor battery life, some questionable design decisions, limited apps, and a high price point meant that the $488 accessory never really caught on.
Windows Phone Revived Nokia Lumia 930 Review
A Nokia Lumia Icon, by any other name, is called the Nokia Lumia 930 here. And it’s nearly identical to the Verizon-exclusive model launched in the US earlier this year.
NuForce Primo 8 Quad-Speaker Earphones Review (Part 3)
To appreciate what I mean, strap on a pair of Primo 8s and listen to a recording rich in subtle low-level details and that contains plenty of ephemeral spatial cues.
NuForce Primo 8 Quad-Speaker Earphones Review (Part 2)
Obviously, the Primo 8 appears to be ‘dressed for success,’ but how does it actually sound in practice? The answer, in a nutshell, is that it sounds pretty darned great – sometimes breathtakingly so – as I will explain in this review.
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Free Mobile And Desktop Apps For Accessing Restricted Websites
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