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The HTC Butterfly - Full HD In 5 Inches Only
Amidst the rumours that some smartphone makers were contemplating coming up with a 1080p display, HTC came out with their HTC J Butterfly for Japan, Droid DNA for the US and simply 'Butterfly' for the Indian market.
Smart Phones: Bigger, Faster, And Better Than Ever
A new smart phone might not be the best festive offering, unless you also plan to cover some or all of the gadget’s hefty monthly bills. Yet phone sales are sure to surge this holiday season, thanks in part to people treating themselves to the new iPhone 5 or another of the recommended phones in the Ratings bellows
Find Your Lost Smartphone
Many smartphones now come with a built-in (or freely downloadable) manufacturers’ apps that can help you find a phone when it’s lost. There are also third-party tools, such as Norton Mobile Security, that offer advanced phone-locating services.
Business Apps for Android & Windows Phone & iOS
Some powerful business tools are floating in the sea of smartphone apps. Each month, we’ll highlight some of the best ones for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android platform users. (Unless otherwise noted, Windows Phone apps are available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, Android apps in Google Play, and iOS apps in Apple’s App Store.)
E-Books Readers: Buy One Now?
The tablets and the smart phone may be the hottest devices of the season. But the e-book reader is less expensive than either and better for reading books
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 10)
As much a Victim of Microsoft’s Hype machine as anything, the Surface is Windows 8/RT’s flagship tablet device. While it is a technologically solid device (a nice screen and decent processor encased in a nice body), it unfortunately doesn’t know if it’s a laptop or a tablet. The interface is difficult to learn and the app offerings are non-existent.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 9)
Google’s Nexus 7 is a high-quality media consumption device built for gaming, watching videos, browsing the internet and catching up on TV shows that you’ve missed. What it isn’t an Apple iPad, but at this price it doesn’t need to be. Google has picked what it wanted to do and done it very well and all at a great price. This excellent device is sure to take tablets to a whole new audience of consumers.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 8)
The Sony Xperia U is a pleasing device to use, with few notable weaknesses other than its slightly lackluster camera and limited storage. It would be a decent handset even if it was sold for a higher price, so compared to similarly-priced devices it is way ahead of the game in terms of performance and usability. For that reason, it is a great entry-level Android smartphone and one that we like a lot.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 7)
Something of a misnomer, this is no relation to its bigger brother, the S Ill, despite the design similarities. The Mini is little more than a shrunk down Galaxy S II. If users want a budget Galaxy, they are better off pursuing that (former) flagship on a budget plan - this is extortionately expensive for what you get.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 6)
As the UK’s first Intel-powered smartphone, the Orange San Diego arrived with heavy expectations. And it delivered well, thanks to its strong performance, great screen and decent battery life. Only the poor implementation of its customized Android UI lets it down slightly, making the interface more awkward to use than it needs to be. Regardless, the San Diego still offers plenty of power and features for your money.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 5)
With its staggering 41-Megapixel camera and unbeatable range of photography features, there’s no denying that Nokia’s 808 PureView is by far the world’s best camera phone. It’s just a shame that its use of the antiquated Symbian Belle OS and its high price mark this beautiful handset out as an almost guaranteed sales failure. It has when our appetite for Nokia’s forthcoming PureView Lumia Windows Phones, though.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 4)
The Optimus 4X HD is a return to form for LG and a fantastic, feature-packed phone. It’s gorgeous screen, capable quad-core power and stylish design put it firmly among the best handsets you can buy at this price. It’s not without fault, though, with its occasional usability issues and temperamental cameras. So while it’s an outstanding smartphone, it can’t quite take the crown away from Samsung and HTC.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 3)
The One X+ is a strange beast, a minor update on the already excellent HTC One X. The processor gets boosted to a Tegra 3 Quad-core 1.7GHz, and it gets a newer version of Android, but that’s about it. The jump over its predecessor probably doesn’t justify the price hike.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 2)
The HTC One V is a smaller alternative to the growing range of devices running Android 4.0, but the single-core processor is starting to show its age and can slow down under the weight and power of the latest Android OS. For example, the camera is first class but can slow down when you try and take more than a few shots in quick succession.
What To Look For When Buying A New Phone Or Tablet (Part 1)
BlackBerry creator, RIM, has fallen on troubled times, with deflating shares and its next-generation BlackBerry 05 10 not set to appear until the end of the year. In the meantime it is pushing the Bold 9790, a slimmer version of its successful QWERTY smartphone for business professionals. If you demand a BlackBerry, this is the one to get, as its thin frame, excellent keyboard and sharp screen all add to the package.
Kindle Fire HD - Most Advanced 7" Tablet (Part 3)
The 8.9 is running the similar user interface with the 7inch model. This time, Ice Cream Sandwich is its foundation and generally speaking, it provides a huge considerable enhancement compared to the interface of the original Fire in terms of usability and speed – but it is still very much the same.
Kindle Fire HD - Most Advanced 7" Tablet (Part 2)
With the tablets like the 2,048x1,536 fourth-generation iPad and 2,560x1,600 Nexus 10 on the market, there is no fascination looking at the 8.9 inch 1,920x1,200 IPS LCD of Kindle Fire HD 8.9.
Kindle Fire HD - Most Advanced 7" Tablet (Part 1)
It is the Kindle Fire 8.9 whose diagonal is even under 2 inches larger but the starting price is up to $299 for 16GB model, $100 more expensive than the cheapest 7inch Fire HD.
Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 - The One Launched Later Is Not Necessary Better (Part 2)
Being the latter, of course Samsung Galaxy S4 is inherited with a lot of new techs and features. Among them, Air View, Air Gesture using the front camera to watch the hand movements or embossed feature is what we’ve never seen before on Phone 5.
Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 - The One Launched Later Is Not Necessary Better (Part 1)
Samsung and Apple are 2 leading smartphone makers. Their competition is always fierce, especially after the copyright patent lawsuit after which the victory is prone to the one having the based in Cupertino.
Iconia W700 Tablet Having Ultrabook Power (Part 2)
Iconia W700 offers a fair number of ports even though the space on the device is not much. On the right side we have a micro-HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, DC-in jack; 3.5mm headphone jack, power button and volume rocker, which are placed on the right. Regretfully, the device doesn’t have card reader.
Iconia W700 Tablet Having Ultrabook Power (Part 1)
Iconia W700 is the combination between a laptop and the tablet of Acer which was released at Computex last year. The device is equipped with 1.7-GHz Core i5 chipset, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD. With the price of 999 USD, 100 USD higher than Surface Pro of Microsoft, users will also have a full HD screen, keyboard and dock that can connect with the device via Bluetooth.
Kobo Arc - The "Ultimate 7in Android Tablet" (Part 2)
There’s only so many ways you can make an e-reader store and service meanwhile, and Kobo’s service is more than adequate for bookworms. We Wi-Fi say that Amazon’s store is better stocked, while Barnes & Noble provides the best comic reading experience with its frame by frame zooming. Kobo meanwhile lacks its own video service in the UK, but it’s not really a problem, since you can rent and buy movies and TV shows from the Google Play store.
Kobo Arc - The "Ultimate 7in Android Tablet" (Part 1)
It’s tough to compete though: Kobo’s decent low price black and white e-reader was made almost obsolete by Amazon‘s recent Kindle price cut, so the company is having a crack at the Android tablet space to keep up. Like the Kindle Fire HD and Nook I-ID before it, the Kobo Arc is a low price seven-inch slate running Android, with a big emphasis on ebooks, magazines and comics.
So What Is ‘Cloud’ And Why Should I Care? (Part 3)
Goodreader is the ultimate reader app. It allows you to import and view almost any type of text file (and take notes), in a handy high powered browser. It is wonderfully simple - you can pretty much view any kind of media, from comic books and PDF5 to movies. It also works brilliantly well with other apps.
So What Is ‘Cloud’ And Why Should I Care? (Part 2)
The death of SMS text messaging has long been exaggerated. But the more smartphone users boost their data usage, the more redundant the old text message will become. Texts can now be sent over the internet, similar to d Skype call (which will one clay replace phone calls too).
So What Is ‘Cloud’ And Why Should I Care? (Part 1)
This means your information, such as internet bookmarks, documents, music and even movies do not need to be copied or stored on every piece of technology you own. It gets uploaded to a storage space on the internet and you can retrieve it at will on anything from your iPad to your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your workplace computer (as long as they all have an internet connections).
Sony Xperia L - Balance Between Performance And Price
Apart from concentrating on the high-end devices, Sony also shows the determination that the firm will take good care of the medium-class phone line. The proof for that are the Xperia SP and XPERIA L dual which have just released, all of which received positive feedbacks.
Sony Xperia SP - Design Creates Level
Recently, Sony has officially launched 2 mid-rangers 2013 including Xperia SP and Xperia L. Xperia SP model has higher system specification and own much more mixable contours designed the same as couple of smartphone Xperia Z and ZL
Nokia Lumia 810 – T-Mobile (Part 4)
If you have not got familiar with Windows Phone 8, we encourage you to read our full review on it in where we made researches about the benefits and drawbacks of the newest operating system of Microsoft for cellphones. A typical nuisance is the application system, because the developers have not rallied behind Windows Phone at the similar level as Android and iOS.
Nokia Lumia 810 – T-Mobile (Part 3)
Nokia is proud of the excellent camera hardware which is equipped for its handsets, but it also well-known for the fussy settings that require the users to choose the right setting to capture the best possible shots. Fortunately, Lumia 810’s camera has the best performance, as it can capture many impressive shots even in the auto mode.
Nokia Lumia 810 – T-Mobile (Part 2)
Beyond design, there are other differences that help distinguishing the Lumia 810, 820 and 822 versions. In terms of battery life, Lumia 810 and 822 both have 1800 mAH batter, while the 820 just offers the 1650 mAh option. The same story for the front-facing cameras, as phones of T-Mobile and Verizon all have the capability to capture 1,280x960 pictures, while AT&T’s models are quality limited.
Nokia Lumia 810 – T-Mobile (Part 1)
Coming after a long wait is the next harvest of Windows Phone handsets which is just launched in time for the upcoming holiday. If you have read our reviews about HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920, you would have known that Windows Phone does have some formidable competitors, but these top devices have just told half of the story.
Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - A Small Galaxy Having Few Stars (Part 4)
In general use, it's actually pretty smooth, though still slower than its elder sibling. Beside those comparisons, the Galaxy S III mini doing pretty well when we use it as a daily phone for an entire week without any problems. This includes playing game normally, which had quite a lot of laps on Asphalt 7 with heavy graphics, video, take photos and using applications.
Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - A Small Galaxy Having Few Stars (Part 3)
Back in evaluation mode - instead of comparing - we will see some of the same numbers. This is especially true with the screen. We will repeat again: it has 4 inches size diagonally, with WVGA resolution (800x480) and density of 233ppi. Samsung tied to Super AMOLED PenTile whether you like it or not, but if you're the kind of people who see it as a disadvantage, maybe you had missed something at the end.
Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - A Small Galaxy Having Few Stars (Part 2)
If you skip right to this section, we won’t blame you. Releasing a product that bears the same name with your high-end handset, whatever the suffix, of course, will ensure high expectations - for better or worse. Even though there are reasons not to compare the Galaxy S III mini with its larger sibling, many of you are here to argue, and we do not want to disappoint.
Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - A Small Galaxy Having Few Stars (Part 1)
Samsung, what have you done? We think we know what you thought you were doing. A cheaper phone for those who want a little Galaxy S III experience, for less money, in shape that was easier to handle. And that is the real mini Galaxy S III.
Blackberry’s Long March Back To Relevance
In the technology community very few companies draw the kind of rabid following and fanboy-like behavior as Apple does. Once upon a time, BlackBerry (or RIM, as it was then known) was that company.
Galaxy S4’s Most Attractive Features
The mania of Galaxy S4 is cooling down after this blockbuster was released on March 14th. There are no major changes in style except for being thinner and slighter than Samsung Galaxy S III; however, the latest innovations in Galaxy S4 is its internal software features. Here are some interesting features that Samsung has equipped with Galaxy S4.
Galaxy S IV - Sketching A Portrait Of A Giant (Part 2)
According to the rumors, the super 2013 phone of Samsung will be integrated with 8-core microprocessor with the name of Exynos 5410 with the speed of up to 1.8 Ghz accompanying with a PowerVR SGX 544MP graphics core along with 2-GB RAM.
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