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Windows Phone 7 : Drawing with Vertices and Matrices - Drawing Primitives
The first parameter passed to this function, the primitiveType parameter, has always been PrimitiveType.TriangleStrip. There are several values that we can pass here, so let's take a look at each and discuss what they do and how they are used.
Windows Phone 7 : Understanding Matrix Transformations (part 3) - Drawing Multiple Objects at Different Positions
The example code in the projects we have looked at has always set the world matrix before looping through the effect passes and calling the Apply method on each. This is important because it is the world matrix that is present at the point of calling Apply that will be used for the subsequently rendered objects.
Windows Phone 7 : Understanding Matrix Transformations (part 2) - Applying Multiple Transformations
To apply a single transformation to our objects, we can simply obtain the required matrix and set it into the effect's World matrix property. We have already seen several examples of this.
Windows Phone 7 : Understanding Matrix Transformations (part 1) - Applying Rotation Transformations
In the terminology of matrix transformations, moving an object along one or more of the axes is called a translation. The shape, size, and angle of the object are entirely unchanged; the object is just moved left or right, up or down, and in or out of the world to a new position.
Windows Phone 7 : Drawing with Vertices and Matrices - Tinting Objects
One of the useful features we explored when using sprites is the ability to tint the sprite into a different color. The same facility is available when rendering objects using vertices, too.
Android Application Development : Rolling Your Own Widgets (part 4) - Drawables, Bitmaps
A Drawable is an object that knows how to render itself on a Canvas. Because a Drawable has complete control during rendering, even a very complex rendering process can be encapsulated in a way that makes it fairly easy to use.
Android Application Development : Rolling Your Own Widgets (part 3) - Canvas Drawing - Drawing text, Matrix transformations
The second interesting group of Canvas methods are the Matrix transformations and their related convenience methods, rotate, scale, and skew. These methods transform what you draw in ways that will immediately be recognizable to those familiar with 3D graphics.
Android Application Development : Rolling Your Own Widgets (part 2) - Canvas Drawing
The Android framework handles drawing in a way that should be familiar, now that you’ve read about measurement and arrangement. When some part of the application determines that the current screen drawing is stale because some state has changed, it calls the View method invalidate.
Android Application Development : Rolling Your Own Widgets (part 1) - Layout
Most of the heavy lifting in the Android framework layout mechanism is implemented by container views. A container view is one that contains other views. It is an internal node in the view tree and subclasses of ViewGroup (which, in turn, subclasses View).
iPhone SDK 3 Programming : XML Processing - An RSS Reader Application
In this section, we present a working iPhone application based on the code developed so far. The application will present the contents of an RSS feed to the user in a scrollable table view. The complete application can be found in the RSS Reader project in the source downloads.
iPhone SDK 3 Programming : XML Processing - Simple API for XML (SAX)
In some applications, the size of the XML document may prevent loading the whole document due to limited device memory. The Simple API for XML (SAX) is another XML parsing model that is different from DOM.
iPhone SDK 3 Programming : XML Processing - Document Object Model (DOM)
Using this model, the parser will load the whole XML document to memory and present it to the client as a tree. You can navigate the nodes of this tree and extract relevant information.
iPhone SDK 3 Programming : XML and RSS
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a meta-language specification for exchanging information over the Internet. As a meta-language, it can be used to define application-specific languages which are then used to instantiate XML documents that adhere to the semantics of these languages.
Windows Phone 8 : Making Money - Modifying Your Application, Dealing with Failed Submissions, Using Ads in Your Apps
When you finally get your application out to the Store, you might find a bug, decide on a brand-new feature, or just want to change the price of your application. The Dev Center makes this process simple.
Windows Phone 8 : Making Money - Submitting Your App (part 3) - After the Submission
After you submit your application, the Dashboard will become a pretty regular page to visit as you check the status of your application(s). Clicking the My Apps link on the Dashboard takes you to the application status page.
Windows Phone 8 : Making Money - Submitting Your App (part 2) - The Submission Process
This launches the App Information Page. This page (shown in Figure 11) requires you to give your application a name, description, and categorization. In addition, you’ll need to specify a base price.
Windows Phone 8 : Making Money - Submitting Your App (part 1) - Preparing Your Application
After your application code is ready, you should perform some simple steps to ensure that the submission process goes smoothly. Here is a checklist of tasks you should complete before you submit your application.
Windows Phone 8 : Making Money - What Is the Store?
The Store is segregated into several categories of applications. The hub also shows highlighted apps that the Store team decides to promote on the hub. You do not have control over whether your application shows up here or not.
BlackBerry Push APIs (part 3) - Building an Application that Uses the BlackBerry Push APIs - Checking the Status of a Push Request and Cancelling a Push Request
The push application can check the status of a push request by sending a statusquery-message control entity to the RIM Push Infrastructure and can cancel a push request by sending a cancel-message control entity.
BlackBerry Push APIs (part 2) - Building an Application that Uses the BlackBerry Push APIs - Unsubscribing From the Push System, Pushing Data to a Subscriber
When the push application is ready to send data to one or more subscriber devices, the application must submit a push request to the RIM Push Infrastructure containing the data being delivered.
BlackBerry Push APIs (part 1) - Building an Application that Uses the BlackBerry Push APIs - BlackBerry Push API Domains , Subscriber Registration
The Push application must use the appropriate domain based on where a subscriber is located in the world. RIM has implemented regional Network Operations Centers worldwide, and through these regional centers, data is pushed.
Windows Phone 8 : Phone Hardware - Speech Synthesis
Recognizing speech is interesting, but sometimes you need to communicate with users with voice, too. Luckily, the Windows Phone includes support to create speech from your application.
Windows Phone 8 : Phone Hardware - Speech Recognition
Being able to let your users control your application with their voice can be really useful. That’s where the Speech Recognition comes in. Before you can get started, you need the capabilities to include the network, speech recognition, and microphone support in the WMAppManifest.xml file.
Windows Phone 8 : Phone Hardware - Voice Commands
When a user holds the home button for more than a couple of seconds, the speech recognition subsystem launches and enables a user to perform searches and other commands for the phone.
Samsung Glaxy Note 8.0 - An 8-Inch Android Tablet
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 made me realize how far the Android tablet has come within just a few short months. Gone are the days when the thought of reviewing an Android tablet made me want to bang my head on the desk - the Galaxy Note 8.0 is genuinely a good alternative to an iPad mini, or even to a full-sized iPad.
Which Compact Tablet Should You Buy
It isn’t just phones that make up the Galaxy range, Samsung also offers a wide variety of high-quality tablets. Here’s our pick of the best compact Galaxy versions.
Which Ten-Inch Tablet Should You Buy
For some, the ten-inch screen provides the perfect size for getting engrossed in your media and makes web browsing a joy. What is our favorite ten-inch Galaxy model?
Windows Phone 7 : Creating our First Vertex Rendering Project (part 2) - Rendering the Object, Moving the Object
Everything is fully initialized now and we're ready to draw the square to the screen. Because we are only using vertex colors without textures, there is nothing to read in the LoadContent function, so we can leave this alone. We have nothing to update at the moment, either, so let's move straight on to the Draw function.
Windows Phone 7 : Creating our First Vertex Rendering Project (part 1) - Setting Up the Environment
We start off by creating a new XNA project, exactly as we have always done. For simplicity, we will work in isolation of the game framework at the moment, so don't worry about adding a reference to it or changing the game class derivation; it can continue to derive from Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game for this example.
Windows Phone 7 : Drawing with Vertices and Matrices - A New Approach to Drawing
Three-dimensional rendering introduces a variety of new challenges: 3D graphics are rendered as models rather than as simple bitmaps, our brains need to shift into a different gear to keep track of movement in and out of the screen, and we have an entirely different way of telling XNA where we want to draw things on the screen.
Ultimate Guide To Nexus (Part 3)
Gmail hasn’t been left out of the Jelly Bean revolution, getting a spruce up which includes both optimization for smaller tablets - making it easier to read your mails and keep on top of your inbox at the same time - along with the new notification options that we touched on earlier.
Ultimate Guide To Nexus (Part 2)
Jelly Bean introduces an overhaul to notifications, with new APIs so developers can make better use of this vital area of the user interface. Gone are the neon blue highlights, now replaced with a much cleaner white.
Ultimate Guide To Nexus (Part 1)
The Nexus represents Google’s flagship tablets and phones, and a signal to other manufacturers of how the Android experience should be. With your Nexus unpolluted by overlays and branding, it’s free to boast all the latest features, this time with Android 4.2.
Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad Mini
The keyboard runs on its own internal battery, which is rechargeable from any USB port or charger via an included Micro USB cable. It's got a QWERTY-based 60-key layout, including a dedicated 'Home' button and iOS-specific shortcuts accessible via a 'fn' modifier key.
Magellan SmartGPS - Another Evidence Proves That Smartphone Is The Only Navigator You Need (Part 2)
Despite the bad UI, I am still using SmartGPS to look for directions of many national parks, hotels or restaurants. As in a navigating device, it performs really well. You need to stretch your arm and push the “zoom out” button on the screen to get a better view about your destination (there is no voice command here), but I have to admit that the included speed limit warning is surely a gift from god.
Magellan SmartGPS - Another Evidence Proves That Smartphone Is The Only Navigator You Need (Part 1)
When talking to the executives of the Google Maps team, we were reminded that Map had never been a product until 2004. Within less than a decade, one of the most intelligent ideas of Google has changed the whole navigator industry. Along with the navigator’s development, the rapidly increase of the smartphone industry has put some navigator companies into trouble, Magellan company for instance.
Spot Global Phone Review - A Satellite Phone For The Masses (Part 2)
In an interesting change, Spot has discontinued the support of two-way SMS (texting) as of June 2013. Previously, these phones could send and receive 35-character messages like any other mobile phone, but I was told by a company representative that the cost for these transmissions was so high that support was abandoned. I
Spot Global Phone Review - A Satellite Phone For The Masses (Part 1)
Let’s forget all the jokes, Global Phone of Spot is definitely not the thinnest mobile phone on the planet, but it can receive the signals even in the places that your iPhones have to say goodbye. Spot, in fact, is the sub-company of its giant mother company, Globalstar, who is no stranger to providing satellite-based service to Argonauts the world over.
Windows Phone 7 : Reading the Accelerometer (part 2) - Simulating the Accelerometer in the Emulator
If you want to work with an accelerometer in the Windows Phone 7 emulator, there is an obvious problem: the emulator has no access to an accelerometer so always returns a vector containing the values (0, 0, - 1). This makes it very hard to test your game unless on a real device.
Windows Phone 7 : Reading the Accelerometer (part 1) - Initializing the Accelerometer, Using the Accelerometer Data
An accelerometer is a device contained within the phone that can report the device's current orientation or position. In other words, it can tell if the device is lying flat on a desk, being held upright, rotated onto its side, or is in any position in between.
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