Holiday Gift Guide – Gaming – Aug 2013

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Nothing expresses "holiday season" like being closer with your favorite gaming device and spending more quality time into the backlog of games piling up next to the TV. But 2012 was the year of change when it comes to gaming devices - PC graphics cards are dropping in price and easily surpassed rival consoles, and new products such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U offer new ways to interact with those classic characters. So, what should you buy for the gaming-inclined people in your life? Keep on reading to find out what best fits your budget.

On the cheap

Nintendo DSI XL

Obviously, the Nintendo 3DS is the new hotess, but there are so many great contents (and cheap) on the final version of the DSi, XL. With games ranging in price from $1 to $30, the DSi XL is a great choice for kids (and parents), which are basically guaranteed to keep the long-term financial investment low. Why is it also good for kids and parents? It is very solid. You can hardly find a new DSi XL in the store, but a pre-owned one will cost even less than the $130.

Main Specification: Dual 4.2-inch LCD screen (256x192), SD card slot, rated for 3 to 12 hours of battery life and weighs 314g (0.7 pounds).

Price: From $154 on Amazon

Nintendo DS XL

Nintendo DS XL

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Neo Geo X

Give the gift of handheld nostalgia with SNK Playmore's Neo Geo X handheld. The compact gaming machine has a price tag of $130, or you can spend $70 more for the special edition (which includes many great accessories).

Price: $130 on GameStop

Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack

Skylander: Spyro's Adventure made the game industry surprise and became a breakout hit. Activision and Toys For Bob was betting with Skylanders: Giants and it worked with any toy you bought.

Price: $75 on Amazon


Sony PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita couldn't be topped in terms of sales, but there was a lot of content available for Sony's second entry in the portable console market. The 5-inch OLED multi-touch screen is bright and fast, the controls and button layout are comfortable and graphics outclass the Nintendo 3DS's performance. Yes, for $ 250, it's still too expensive, but at this price, there are many good reasons to buy one (Gravity Rush, and Sound Shapes LittleBigPlanet come to your mind).

Main Specification: 5-inch multi-touch screen (960x544), ARM Cortex A9 processor, Wi-Fi support, weighs 260g (0.6 pounds).

Price: $250 on Amazon.

Sony Playstation Vita

Sony Playstation Vita

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Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo's Wii U could still have work to do to convince gamers to its value, but the original gamers among us would like to grab this advanced system when it launched last November. A huge list of games at launch, of course, does not cause any harm.

Price: From $300 starting from 18/11 on Nintendo

iPad mini

Yes, seriously. We are recommended you to buy yourself a mini iPad for gaming. There is just too much game for iOS to overlook Apple's new, smaller tablet. (Have you not played Super Hexagon?!) It also has many other games.

Price: $329 from Apple

Money's no object

Alienware X51 mini gaming desktop

The Alienware X51 gaming is only bigger than your average gaming console a bit, but much stronger. After all, it's packaged Nvidia GTX 660 chipset and Intel Core i7 processor with 1TB HDD memory. The X51 can easily be connected to a living room TV to use as a media center and Steam Big Picture Mode game box. Of course, kitting it out all the way comes with a hefty price.

Main Specification Core i7-3770 processor with 16GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 with 1.5GB dedicated RAM, weighs 12.1 pounds.

Price: $1,200 from Dell

Alienware X51 mini gaming desktop

Alienware X51 mini gaming desktop

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Second-gen Razer Blade gaming laptop

The Razer Blade is a gaming laptop which is strong, thin, beautiful - with a terrible price. But if there is no budget constraints for the holiday shopping, we can't suggest a better way to spend a bunch of money on a hardcore gamer.

Price: $2,500 from Dell.

Digital Storm Bolt

The next-generation gaming has been here, you just have to pay for it. The Bolt Gaming PC from Digital Storm is no exception, especially if you spend money on this high-end model which is equipped with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680.

Price: $1,949 from Digital Storm


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