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IIS 7.0 : Managing Administration Extensions
The IIS 7.0 configuration system provides a structured mechanism for controlling the behavior of IIS and its features. In a way, the configuration system exposes an object model for IIS, enabling you to inspect and control IIS objects such as sites, application pools, applications, and virtual directories.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Configuration Extensions
Configuration extensions are extensions to the configuration system. The configuration system is at the core of the IIS 7.0 administration stack.
Online Critiquing (Part 2)
Preparing your images for the web is important so that they look the best they can on screen. Here are some simple tips to remember before you upload your shots.
Online Critiquing (Part 1)
Guidance is key to knowing how you can improve, which is essential when building up a portfolio. In recent years, there has been considerable growth in the number of online galleries, forums and social networking sites, making it easier than ever to get your images out there for review.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Using the SqlProfileProvider (part 4) - The Profile API, Anonymous Profiles
Although your page automatically gets the profile information for the current user, this doesn't prevent you from retrieving and modifying the profiles of other users. In fact, you have two tools to help you—the ProfileBase class and the ProfileManager class.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Using the SqlProfileProvider (part 3) - Profiles and Custom Data Types
Using a custom class with profiles is easy. You need to begin by creating the class that wraps the information you need. In your class, you can use public member variables or full-fledged property procedures.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Using the SqlProfileProvider (part 2) - Using Profile Properties,Profile Serialization
When you run your application, ASP.NET creates a new class to represent the profile by deriving from System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase, which wraps a collection of profile settings. ASP.NET adds a strongly typed property to this class for each profile property you've defined in the web.config file.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Using the SqlProfileProvider (part 1) - The Profile Databases, Defining Profile Properties
The SqlProfileProvider allows you to store profile information in a SQL Server database. You can choose to create the profile tables in any database. However, you can't change any of the other database schema details, which means you're locked into specific table names, column names, and serialization format.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Profiles - Understanding Profiles
One of the most significant differences between profiles and other types of state management is that profiles are designed to store information permanently, using a back-end data source such as a database.
Is The Personal Blog Dead? (Part 3)
Personal blogs may seem to be on the decline, but it's not all over yet. The poster woman for personal blogging, Heather Armstrong, still blogs regularly at her site,, recently talking about her separation from her husband.
Is The Personal Blog Dead? (Part 2) - Going Mainstream
Most of us probably get the vast majority of our news and entertainment online nowadays, and dozens of successful new media outlets have sprung up. Sometimes, bloggers are recruited to write for these sites, since they've already demonstrated a talent for writing for the web and attracting page views, but this often means that the writers' own blogs go quiet.
Is The Personal Blog Dead? (Part 1) - The Rise Of Social Media
The obvious answer, of course, is that Facebook and Twitter became wildly popular. Using these new channels alongside writing a blog seemed to make sense, at first: you could link to your new posts, you could chat with your audience, and maybe attract new readers too.
Mr Site Storefront
Amazon Marketplace and Etsy are two of the easy ways for individual to get started to online selling, but sales commission charges and limited scope of their personal branding make them, and several similar services, not attractive due to the worry towards the Internet-based matters.
Online Radio Tuner
Try Online Radio Tuner by Bassic Technologies. In addition to allowing you to select from more than 800 pre-set stations in nearly 40 categories, ORT also lets you add other live radio transmission that you meet on web, by copying an existing stream to Favorites, or use Clipboard to copy the URL into the Files/Open URL.
LittleFox 1.8.78 - Gives Firefox Users A Happy Middle
Topic LittleFox is installed like any other add-on Firefox. When deployed, you can find it from the Firefox menu by clicking the Add-Ons and Appearance. There, you can uninstall but can not disable it.
Upgrade Website With Mysql On Linux (Part 2) - Access MySQL from Perl
While PHP has an extension installed to interface with MySQL, Perl is much more modular. You have to use many Perl modules before you can start talking to it. In particular, you need to use DBI and DBD::mysql modules of Perl before you can start interacting with MySQL.
Upgrade Website With Mysql On Linux (Part 1) - Access MySQL from PHP
For most people, testing database project at the first time will lead to MySQL, a free database and available for enterprises. It is better that it is included with most versions of Linux, so adding it to your system will be very fast. - Something like a Grail
Music streaming is something like a Grail – a way for musicians and recording firms to earn money from users who expect everything available straight away at cheap price. For many users, accessibility is often more important than price.
IIS 7.0 : Runtime Web Server Extensibility (part 6) - Creating and Managing Handler Mappings
Though Appcmd provides a top-level Module object for managing modules, it does not provide a top-level view of the handler mappings configuration. However, you can always use the CONFIG object to directly manage the system.webServer/handlers configuration section to accomplish any needed handler mapping management task.
IIS 7.0 : Runtime Web Server Extensibility (part 5) - Using Appcmd to Install and Manage Modules
The Appcmd command line tool also provides top-level support for managing modules. To begin with, you can always edit the IIS configuration via the Appcmd Config object to perform all the tasks necessary to install and manage modules.
IIS 7.0 : Runtime Web Server Extensibility (part 4) - Using IIS Manager to Install and Manage Modules
IIS Manager provides a powerful UI for managing modules on the server. This UI can be used to install both native and managed modules, as well as manage enabled modules on the server and for specific applications.
IIS 7.0 : Runtime Web Server Extensibility (part 3) - Common Module Management Tasks
Besides enabling you to choose which modules are installed on the server, IIS 7.0 enables you to further fine-tune its functionality by selecting which modules are enabled on the server or even for a particular application.
IIS 7.0 : Runtime Web Server Extensibility (part 2) - Installing Modules
Windows Setup actually uses the same IIS 7.0 configuration APIs that you can use to manually install a third-party module on the server. In fact, Windows Setup uses Appcmd.exe, the IIS 7.0 command line tool, to perform module installation, which is just one of the ways that you can install modules on IIS 7.0.
IIS 7.0 : Runtime Web Server Extensibility (part 1)
The Web server extensibility model provides a foundation for IIS 7.0’s modular architecture, enabling the low-footprint, low attack surface area, as well as highly specialized Web server deployments.
Friends Reunited ...Reunited?
Friends Reunited was one of the first social networking sites to achieve mainstream prominence in the UK, using people's tendency for nostalgia (and nosiness!) to tempt millions into signing up.
Java EE 6 : Servlet Development and Deployment - Request forwarding and response redirection
In many cases, one servlet processes form data, then transfers control to another servlet or JSP to do some more processing or display a confirmation message on the screen. There are two ways of doing this: either the request can be forwarded or the response can be redirected to another servlet or page.
Java EE 6 : Servlet Development and Deployment - Processing HTML forms
Servlets are rarely accessed by typing their URL directly in the browser. The most common use of servlets is to process data entered by users in an HTML form. In this section, we illustrate this process.
Separating BPM and SOA Processes : BPM-Oriented Disputes with TIBCO (part 2) - BusinessWorks Orchestration Processes & ActiveMatrix ESB Processes
All parties use a common web service definition having two operations: create (to create a new dispute) and update (to update an existing dispute).
Separating BPM and SOA Processes : BPM-Oriented Disputes with TIBCO (part 1) - Architecture & iProcess Business Processes
When it begins, the procedure initializes its data (INITVARS Init Process Variables), notifies ACMEBank's operations that a new dispute has arrived (HEADSUP Dispute Coming Your Way), and calls a BusinessWorks process to create the dispute in the database (CRTDISP Create Dispute).
Separating BPM and SOA Processes : Disputes on the Model Stack
There are three types of orchestration processes in the BPM-based approach: inbound, outbound, and internal services processes. Inbound processes are responsible for receiving events from partners and injecting them into the controlling BPM process.
Discover the @-SIGN : From Wine Fairs to Email Addresses
40 Years back, an information scientist wrote the first email from one computer to the other. He needed a symbol to differentiate between the recipient and the sender, and thus discovered new use on to the centuries old @-sign
IIS 7.0 : Techniques for Enabling Application Frameworks (part 2) - Deploying Frameworks That Use FastCGI
FastCGI is a new application framework option in IIS 7.0. Unlike ISAPI extensions, IIS 7.0 modules and ASP.NET handlers—which are both IIS-specific extension mechanisms—FastCGI uses the open FastCGI protocol to interface with application frameworks.
IIS 7.0 : Techniques for Enabling Application Frameworks (part 1) - Enabling New Static File Extensions to Be Served & Deploying Frameworks Based on IIS 7.0 Native Modules
IIS 7.0 supports basic file server functionality in the default install, provided by StaticFileModule. This module is by default configured to handle all requests that are not otherwise handled by other handlers. This means that any request to a resource that does not match a handler mapping will be handled by the Static File module.
Better Back Up : Mozy, Carbonite, Dropbox, Jungledisk & Livedrive
Carbonite is a great fire-and-forget tool for backing up all your documents, music and other media from one computer, ready to be re-downloaded in the event of a crash. It’s not so handy if you’re only backing up a handful of files though, and it’s a shame you have to subscribe for a year in advance.
DIY Social Networking with BuddyPress
Social networks don’t have to be massive sites catering to millions. Phil Thame shows you how to set up a network for your hobby or for friends and family.
Google, privacy & you (Part 2)
Google is not alone in the way it tracks and utilises behavioural data, with many online stores alone likely to owe much of their business to the technology.
Google, privacy & you (Part 1)
As for the privacy policy itself, Google’s argument is that this is more straightforward for end users too. On its special YouTube video to promote the changes, Google boasts of ‘fewer words, simpler explanations, and less legal gloop to wade through’.
Try Another Option Except For Wordpress - Web Expert (Part 3) - Textpattern
Textpattern was born before WordPress nearly 2 years. Both projects are presented the first full version in 2003, but Textpattern was available already in several developed versions since 2003.
Try Another Option Except For Wordpress - Web Expert (Part 2) - Pixelpost & Joomla
Joomia confirmed that it was the most popular open source content management system all around the world, representing nearly 3% of active websites nowadays.
Try Another Option Except For Wordpress - Web Expert (Part 1) - Tumblr
Tumblr is a strange phenomenon. By the time we made this post, it was less than 5 years old but already host 34 million blogs contain 12 billion posts; 43 million articles were posted on the day we wrote.
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