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Amazon Marketplace and Etsy are two of the easy ways for individual to get started to online selling, but sales commission charges and limited scope of their personal branding make them, and several similar services, not attractive due to the worry towards the Internet-based matters.

Description: Mr Site Storefront

Another option certainly is a famous e-commerce website with one-of-a-kind domain; however, setting a safe and secured online store is not an easy task at all – and this is where Mr Site Storefront pays attention to.

The offered package provides most of friendly features for the users to set up an online store similarly with WordPress towards blog. It is definitely a web-based service, and offers site hosting, templated page design, SEO tools, order tracking and plenty of essential features for a successful e-commerce setting up from the unified interface and a fixed fee per month.

The basic Seller package sets you back at $19 per month and provides domain registration (in necessary), 150MB of web space and capacity of 500 products in 20 different categories. Pro Seller and Pro Seller Plus package are more expensive but increase the product capacity along with supports for features like discount codes and customer reviews; however, the cheapest package also has some features in order to set up these complicated activities.

Description:  Mr Site Storefront offers much the same kind of user-friendly

Mr Site Storefront offers much the same kind of user-friendly

Though the Storefront web interface bases on Content Management System (CMS) which is definitely familiar with those have blog making experience, while new users are offered to fulfill some setup wizard in their very first login. It is obviously such a bad idea in attempt to design any website without any kind of plan, but process is quite troublesome with Storefront.

Instead of presenting a list of structured and simplified steps making a basic store framework for further expansion and improvement, new user’s wizard of Storefront jumps in different sections of CMS, along with little explanations about how to complete each steps properly. Worse, due to its random chain of actions, curious users can click on any buttons in CMS at any time; however, that action may lead to the termination of the wizard and there is absolutely no way to continue it.

Even a successful wizard completion doesn’t result in a proper store to run, it will be better if you handle CMS of Storefront directly, but this won’t promise to be easy at all. A part of this issue is the illogical method that CMS is structured, with scattered related features across the excellent menus. For instant, “Edit my store” option only enables you to have access into product information, while store name and URL are edited under Settings. Settings is also where you can set up your payment methods as well as shipping options, but the editing of explanation about shipping policy is done through My content.

A messy presentation and lack of consistency in interface are real problems in introducing a store. For example, click “Add new” button on the product categories screen and the detailed pages appeared which are quite easy to understand and complete. However, as soon as you click Save and it seems that nothing happens – there is no visual notification of any content is saved, and the page still appears on your screen. It definitely will be the same in adding separate product, with the chaos from Storefront’s provision of 2 different views on exactly the same product list, with links to different product data for each.

Nevertheless, fortunately, with a completely detailed plan, tons of patience, frequent reference to the manual which is not too useful and practical mindset of making use of some noticeable features, you can set up a professional-looking online store with Storefront. Above all, managing a store is particularly easier than making it; however, it may be owing to your acquaintance with the messy troubles of CMS in that moment.

Setting up an online store from the very beginning in Mr Site Storefront is obviously easier than using traditional tools for certain, but its process is still chaotic, and services need appearance and structure improvement if it is a serious matter with beginners.

Description:  Mr Site Storefront: website creation software

Mr Site Storefront: website creation software


Comments: A promising idea but Mr Site Storefront is too messy with beginners.

Web store service: Require web browsers.


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