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10 ways to save money with your PC
Feeling the pinch? Your computer can help you to save money, keep the bills in check and enjoy great discounts.
4G brings superfast broadband to everyone
A new wireless technology to provide rural areas faster broadband speed was experimented at Cornwall. Shoppers went to St Newlyn East, near Newquay, to witness Long-Term Evolution (LTE) project, or called 4G.
Maintenance Basics: Delete Internet Files
The data that accumulates in our Web browser’s history, such as cookies and temp files, is one of the biggest contributors to the "junk" files that slow down our computers.
Unifying: Greatest Challenge
A lack of clear communication limits knowledge, understanding, learning; in short, it limits the world around us. It doesn’t matter if you’re American, European, or Asian.
Find It Online : Toodledo, CrashMyPad, Quora, RetailMeNot & Storify
Quora is a Q&A site that lets you ask questions and then receive answers and content from people who share your interests and who have first-hand knowledge about that particular question or field, such as real-life doctors, military veterans, screenwriters, etc.
The Benefits of Facebook Marketing
With more than 800 million active users, Facebook is one of the premiere social networking tools for businesses. Additionally, Facebook indicates that the average user is connected to more than 80 community pages, groups, and events, which means Facebook is a great way to connect with local consumers.
Websites & apps at DoS risk
Security researchers recently revealed a vulnerability in the handling of hash tablets by programming languages that puts sites and apps at risk of a denial of service (DoS) attack.
Web porn ban: what does it mean?
The government recently announced proposals under which ISPs will enable you to ban pornographic sites from web-connected devices, and launched a website to which you can report inappropriate content.
Social media and the workplace
When Socialware surveyed 144 financial advisers this year, 84 percent said they use social networks for business purposes, up from 60 percent in 2010. Another 10 percent said they plan to use social media in the future.
Safe online transactions (Part 2) - Certificate authorities & SSL explained
When you visit a hank’s website, the bank’s server will automatically redirect von to its secure site using the HTTPS protocol before you can log in. This results in your browser and the hank’s site negotiating a secure channel using SSL.
Safe online transactions (Part 1) - Shared keys & Public key cryptography
The cryptosystem (the most famous one is RSA, named after its inventors Rivest, Shamir and Adleman) uses special mathematical algorithms so that the encryption of a plaintext message and the decryption of that encrypted message use different keys.
How to beat 2012’s web threats (Part 4)
Many people will be unwrapping their first computer this Christmas. If this Is you, welcome to a whole new chapter. PC ownership Is rewarding, but it requires vigilance to stave off the sort of threats we’ve outlined elsewhere In this feature.
How to beat 2012’s web threats (Part 3)
However much you’ve talked to someone online, and however much you might trust the community of a particular forum, you don’t know who someone is until you’ve met them and their mum. Don’t be fooled into giving away too much information.
How to beat 2012’s web threats (Part 2)
Mobile phones are increasingly being targeted through SMS messages or as they access the web. Parents buying smartphones for their children should also be aware of what their offspring can do with them
How to beat 2012’s web threats (Part 1)
Even the most clued-up user can get into trouble online, and whether you’re inheriting someone’s old machine or setting up a brand-new PC there’s a lot to remember.
Web running out of addresses
Some sites and service are moving to IPv6, but the majority remain wedded to IPv4, after the last of the unclaimed IPv4 addresses were handed over to regional registry bodies.
CMS Revolution (Part 2)
Websites led by database are created with content management systems which provide other advantages compared to static pages: they are ready to work with the next RIA generation.
CMS Revolution (Part 1)
The publication based on static pages has already been the basement for web development since the end of 1980s decade, when Tim Berners-Lee dreamed about information space in common and then realized the only way to achieve that is by using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) based on the document named ASCII
Find it online
ZipList makes grocery shopping and meal planning fun and easy. Sign up for a free ZipList account to organize your grocery lists, create weekly meal plans, receive coupons, and sort your favorite recipes.
10 Best products of the past 200 issues (Part 3)
Asus announced its Eee PC 701 and Eee PC 1001 models in 2007, sending shockwaves around the rest of the computing worl with both their low price and tiny size, almost single-handedly queering the pitch for makers of Ultra-Mobile PCs.
10 best products of the past 200 issues (part 2)
We can’t praise xp without offering a paean to windows’ great rival: apple Mac OS X. Os x is, of course, a series of oses, more fairly compared with windows in general rather than xp as a particular product.
10 best products of the past 200 issues (part 1)
Like the footballer whose team loses when he doesn’t play, Windows XP looks better the longer it’s absent from the front line of desktop oses. During its lifetime as microsoft’s number-one os, XP was respected rather than loved.
10 Biggest tech breakthroughs of the past 200 issues (Part 3)
Search has been around since the early days of the web, but finding useful content was for a long time a complex and unsatisfying business. Domain names and URLs were hugely important, and you never really knew what you were getting until you landed on a page, with often negative results.
10 Biggest tech breakthroughs of the past 200 issues (Part 2)
According to Wikipedia, the first social-networking websites went live around the same time as we thrust itself on to an unsuspecting world. But the key dates in social networking happen much later.
10 Biggest tech breakthroughs of the past 200 issues (Part 1)
It had painful birth in the UK, and no-one that’s had to rely on it for work or play will be entirely enamoured of its flaky ways, but 3G represents a breakthrough.
Our predictions for future tech (Part 2)
The UK’s broadband provision is shocking. Down among the sick men of connected world, we rely on ageing copper wiring, built to carry a light smattering of phone calls, to quickly deliver large amounts of data.
Our predictions for future tech (Part 1)
Hoverboards, a race of robots that rise up and take over the world, and excellent broadband provision in UK. These are the ridiculously far-fetched concepts Matt Egan rejected in picking out 10 things we’ll see over the next 200 issues…
Speed ​​up browsing with a faster DNS
Most people agree that the highest bandwidth of internet connection decides its overall performance. Wrong. There are many contributing factors, including the speed of the server you are trying to connect, network connection type (wireless or wired), router and network bandwidth, and latency. One of the less well understood factors is server Domain Name System (DNS).
IIS 7.0 : Hosting Application Development Frameworks - Hosting ASP Applications & Hosting PHP Applications
For Web applications, ASP.NET unlocks a much richer set of Web server functionality, enables rapid development with Microsoft Visual Studio tool support, and provides greater interoperability with the features of the .NET Framework and the Windows platform.
IIS 7.0 : Hosting ASP.NET Applications
To enable ASP.NET integration, we had to rebuild the ASP.NET 2.0 engine from scratch. The new architecture necessitated many design changes regarding how ASP.NET works on IIS 7.0 underneath the covers, and how ASP.NET applications are configured.
Visual Basic 2010 : Localizing Applications - WPF Localization
In WPF the localization process is also based on resources but with different steps. Also, there are some alternative techniques for accomplishing localization but we cover the most common.
Visual Basic 2010 : Localizing Applications - Windows Forms Localization
If you are an experienced Windows Forms developer, maybe you already faced the localization problem with this technology. There are different ways for localizing a Windows Forms application, but basically all of them rely on managed resources.
Understanding IIS 7.0 Architecture : Non-HTTP Request Processing
In IIS 7.0, WAS supports non-HTTP protocols, enabling you to use IIS to host non-HTTP–based applications and services. The WAS process model generalizes the process model for the HTTP server by removing the dependency on HTTP.
Understanding IIS 7.0 Architecture : Request Processing in Application Pool
In IIS 7.0, two modes are available for an application pool: Integrated mode and Classic mode. When you configure an application pool with Integrated mode, IIS 7.0 processes ASP.NET requests using the integrated IIS and ASP.NET request processing pipeline. When you configure an application pool with Classic mode, IIS 7.0 processes ASP.NET requests using the separate IIS and ASP.NET request processing pipelines, as in IIS 6.0.
Understanding IIS 7.0 Architecture : IIS 7.0 Core Components
HTTP.sys is the protocol listener that listens for HTTP and HTTPS requests. HTTP.sys was introduced in IIS 6.0 as an HTTP-specific protocol listener for HTTP requests. In IIS 7.0, HTTP.sys also includes support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which Lsass.exe provided in IIS 6.0.
Servlet Development and Deployment : Configuring the servlet & Packaging the web application
All Java EE web applications must be packaged in a WAR (Web ARchive) file before they can be deployed. A WAR file is nothing but a compressed file containing our code and configuration.
Servlet Development and Deployment : Writing our first servlet & Compiling the servlet
A servlet is a Java class that is used to extend the capabilities of servers that host applications. Servlets can respond to requests and generate responses. The base class for all servlets is javax.servlet.GenericServlet. This class defines a generic, protocol-independent servlet.
Application Patterns and Tips : Remember the Screen Location & Implement Undo Using Command Objects
Most programs that let the user edit content have the ability to let the user undo the previous action. This section demonstrates a simple widget application that allows undo functionality.
Application Patterns and Tips : Use an Event Broker
An event broker is merely an object that acts as middleman for any number of events from any objects to any other object. In a way, this is taking the Observer Pattern even further.
AJAX : Updating Progress
UpdateProgress controls display during asynchronous postbacks. All UpdateProgress controls on the page become visible when any UpdatePanel control triggers an asynchronous postback.
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