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Sharepoint 2010 : Client Object Model - Available Client-side Objects
Not all server-side objects are available within the Client Object Model. Generally speaking, all objects from SPSite downward are included. No representations of administrative classes, such as those found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration namespace, are included.
Sharepoint 2010 : Client Object Model - Architecture , Demonstration Environment Setup
Our solution will create a new document library named SilverlightControls on our test site. So that we can see our demo control, we need to host it within a SharePoint page. The easiest way to do this is to use the new Silverlight web part that’s included out-of-the-box with SharePoint 2010.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Troubleshooting with Debugging
Development is the first part to create an application, but when there are issues with the code, having an easy way to debug the code and determine the issues is critical.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Setting Up Your Development Environment
There are many options for SharePoint development with the changes to SharePoint and Office 2013. With all these changes, understanding what you are trying to develop and the components needed to be set up is critical.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Understanding Visual Studio 2012 Tools (part 3) - SharePoint Solutions
SharePoint Solutions, which are now referred to as Classic Solutions, are recommended only for administration automation and tasks. To create these solutions you must install SharePoint on a Windows Server machine and develop locally with Visual Studio.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Understanding Visual Studio 2012 Tools (part 2) - Applications for SharePoint
The new SharePoint app model brings along with it new experiences for developing for SharePoint. The primary difference is more reliance on web-based technologies such as JavaScript. Luckily with Visual Studio there have been enhancements to the JavaScript IntelliSense features to make it a more fluid development experience.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Understanding Visual Studio 2012 Tools (part 1) - SharePoint Connections in Server Explorer
The Visual Studio Server Explorer provides a powerful way to visually represent different components of your server infrastructure, such as browsing through your data connections, services, event logs, and performance counters.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Understanding SharePoint Designer 2013
SharePoint Designer (SPD) can be a powerful tool for developers and power users offering the ability to upgrade solutions to Visual Studio and the ability to export work directly from your site.
Developer Tools for SharePoint 2013 : Customization Options with SharePoint , OOB Developer Experience
The user interface for SharePoint has become one of the most used development platforms. This is due to the number of users of SharePoint and the different ways users can change the application directly through the user interface.
Sharepoint 2013 : Understanding Your Development Options (part 5) - Creating ASPX Pages, Creating Master Pages
Those of you familiar with ASP.NET might recognize the .ASPX extension; this is the core ASP.NET Web page. Because SharePoint is built on ASP.NET, the individual pages within SharePoint are of this specific type.
Sharepoint 2013 : Understanding Your Development Options (part 4) - Working with SharePoint Data, Creating Event Receivers
SharePoint supports a wide array of event receivers, which are events that are triggered through a system or user action such as updating a list or adding a new document to a document library.
Sharepoint 2013 : Understanding Your Development Options (part 3) - Creating SharePoint-Hosted Apps
SharePoint-hosted apps are a newer breed of app in SharePoint 2013 and are generally a good fit across many developers’ needs. This is because many SharePoint applications can be lightweight in nature, they leverage only client-side code, and they don’t require heavy back-end processing elements.
Sharepoint 2013 : Understanding Your Development Options (part 2) - Creating Web Parts - Visual Web Parts
The Visual Web Part is different from the Standard Web Part in that you have a designer experience for creating the user interface (UI) for the Web Part. This makes it very easy to add controls and code-behind for this type of Web Part.
Sharepoint 2013 : Understanding Your Development Options (part 1) - Application and Solution Types
The type of SharePoint installation (SharePoint Server or Office 365) also plays a role in choosing a development solution and choosing the APIs to use within that solution.
How-to Basics Download A Youtube Video
A side from viewing video of kittens falling into toilets, Youtube has a weighty selection of classic old movies, such as Plan 9 from Outer Space, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, Zontar The Thing From Venus and of course, 12 Angry Men.
Use Web Applications - Cloud College (Part 2)
Cloud storage is also great for sharing files – particularly those that are too big to email. Although the storage and synchronization services mentioned earlier can all do this, there are also free services such as Pipebytes ( and Send this file (, which are handy for sending a large file to one or two recipients.
Use Web Applications - Cloud College (Part 1)
A cloud service needs one or more internet-connected devices, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. The speed of the device is not usually important but for some services the internet connection speed is critical. For example, those who upload lots of videos will want a fast connection.
Manage Add-Ons For Internet Explorer (Part 3)
Highlight a grocery product and you'll be able to see the cost of it and find out its availability. Tesco promises that the add-on will soon let you place an item straight into your grocery basket so you can build it up quickly It's great if you're looking at recipe sites and need to know if Tesco has the ingredients you're after, and it lets you work out the real price of the dish too.
Manage Add-Ons For Internet Explorer (Part 2)
All of this sounds a little downbeat, and apologies in advance. For those who want to explore what's available, the IE Gallery is the place to visit. Here we'll look at the categories on offer and some of the items that are placed within each of them. The add-ons that you'll see depend very much on the browser you're using.
Manage Add-Ons For Internet Explorer (Part 1)
Internet Explorer may be seen as the faddy ruddy grandfather of the browser world, a throwback to the old times when the web was just beginning and Microsoft arrived a little late to the table.
Find And Delete Large Email Attachments
With email services such as Gmail ( offering massive amounts of storage space free of charge, it is easy to become lazy about managing messages. However, over time, the number of emails with large attachments can spiral out of control to the point that you are starting to run low on space.
How To See Through Website Lies
Obviously, businesses wouldn’t make any money if they gave everything away for free with no provisos, so always check the small print before you sign up. On supposedly free software sites, look for a Purchase or Buy Now link as a clue that you'll eventually need to pay.
Collaborating In A Virtual Office (Part 2)
While the communicating, scheduling and brainstorming might be the exciting part, you still need to work out the more mundane aspects of collaborative working, such as where the work will be stored and how you’ll make sure everybody is working on the right versions of the right files. The approach varies according to the work the company does.
Collaborating In A Virtual Office (Part 1)
If you’re running a café, veterinary practice or manufacturing business, it pretty much goes without saying that you need your own premises. However, not all firms are bound by the requirement for fixed physical office space.
Spring Is Here (Part 2)
The Google+ interface got the three new updates in March, aimed at making it more visually appealing. Vic Gundotra, Senior VP - Engineering, announced three major design changes which will start rolling out to users soon. Some features have already started showing up in our Google+ pages.
Spring Is Here (Part 1)
Since we last met, some of the biggest players on web have made major changes to their biggest services. Others closed down services, news that was received with either indifference, or much outrage. Read on to get a low-down on the most important changes to the web
Diabolus Ex Machina
Google has announced that its “war against account hijackers” campaign has helped reduce account hacking by 99.7 percent since the launch of the initiative. Scams, illegal, fraudulent or spam messages often come from a person’s own contacts. Though only 1 percent of that spam shows up in the inbox, spammers have off late taken to hijacking accounts.
Free Website Builders Group Test : Wix
Wix is widely considered as one of the better and more popular of the free website builders, with a reputation built on creating stunning websites with no coding knowledge.
Free Website Builders Group Test : Jimdo
Started in 2007 by three young German entrepreneurs, Jimdo has grown into one of the most popular website builders. With over eight million websites to its name and a thriving community with offices around the globe, this hardy and friendly website builder is something of a surprise, because it’s not as well-known as the rest of the bunch.
Entry-level Programming Resources (Part 3)
Programr is a well-received online lab for those learning the way of the code. In this site you'll find example code for various situations covering the likes of Java, C++, PHP, C#, Ruby, Python android, iOS, J2EE JS, Ajax, Flash and SQL, with elements of other languages mixed in between these selections.
Entry-level Programming Resources (Part 2)
App Inventor is another product from the clever people at MIT and, like Scratch, it allows the amateur developer to build an application using command blocks and event handlers in a very visual manner. The difference here is that the App Inventor is purely for Android devices and consequently links in with an active Google account.
Entry-level Programming Resources (Part 1)
Learning to program takes patience, perseverance and an engaging teaching aid, be that a book, video or someone standing in front of you. For the average school age child, however, that resource requires a little something extra to draw their attention and keep it long enough for them to reap the benefits of what they've spent the last hour or so doing.
Best Free Web Storage (Part 2)
SkyDrive is a rival to Google Drive, with a similar range of features, including an online office suite, file viewer and a media player. The service is provided when you sign up for a Microsoft account. The initial 7GB of free online storage can be upgraded to 20GB for a reasonable £6 a year, or 100GB for $49.
Best Free Web Storage (Part 1)
Cloud storage is simply a way of describing files you keep online. Post a photo to Facebook, for example, and you use a form of cloud storage. But cloud storage usually refers to tools and services that let you save files and folders to the internet and synchronize them across two or more computers, smartphones and tablets.
Handy Hints And Tips From Fellow Readers
Checking the default printer in Windows often solves printing problems. In Windows 7, click the Start Button, then 'Devices and Printers'. To find this tool in Windows 8, reveal the Charms and click Search, Type devices and printers and click Settings in the right- hand column. Click 'Devices and Printers' in the main part of the screen. Right-click the printer that you want to use and click 'Set as default printer'.
Stop SPAM, Save Time
Spam is irritating, contagious, and in some cases even harmful. There is no room for it in our lives other than causing distraction and wasting time. When it comes to business, as clichéd as it may sound, time is money. To reduce any precious second of it being wasted on spam spawning from our increasingly online activity and digitally dependent lives is important.
Alternatives to Google Reader (Part 2)
Desktop-based standalone RSS aggregators may be out of fashion, but they still pack a punch and are indispensable to the die-hard RSS ninja. While some of these offer Google Reader sync, they all let you import your Google Reader subscriptions in an XML format and offer the advantage of being able to read your feeds even offline.
Alternatives to Google Reader (Part 1)
Google did another round of ‘spring cleaning’ last month, and one of the services to get the axe was our much loved Google Reader. Sad news indeed, but it’s not the end of the world. There exist a number of alternative ways to consume RSS feeds, and Google Reader’s untimely demise has shifted the focus to these alternatives, for which this is a golden opportunity to fill the void that Reader will leave behind.
Google Search - The Quickest Way To Search
Google Search has come a long way since its introduction over a decade ago. The search engine has kept pace with changes in time and user behavior to offer exactly what you’re looking for. There are different tricks of the trade as far as Google Search is concerned and mastering them will help you get the most out of Google’s search engine.
Use The Same Password On More Than One Site? You’re Not Alone
More than half of UK adults are taking huge risks with their online security by using the same password on multiple websites, according to an Ofcom report.
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- How do I check to see if my exchange 2003 is an open relay? (not using a open relay tester tool online, but on the console)
- Creating and using an unencrypted cookie in ASP.NET
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- Poor Performance on Sharepoint 2010 Server
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