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Understanding HTML5 Tags (part 2) : Knowing How Tags Work
Right after the first tag that tells the browser what it can expect, you begin your HTML container (everything between the opening and closing tags). This tag announces the beginning of HTML code and ends when the browser encounters the closing tag. The closing HTML tag is at the end of every HTML page.
Understanding HTML5 Tags (part 1) : Parsing Code, Nesting Tags
In order to correctly parse HTML5, two things have to happen: You have to write the code correctly, and your browser has to interpret it correctly. That’s why standards are important.
Share Webpages From Safari
In previous versions of Safari, you could email a link to a webpage by pressing Command-Shift-I. This command, which is visible in Safari 6 on Lion, doesn’t show up in Safari on Mountain Lion. However, the shortcut works, even if it isn’t readily visible; you can see it by choosing File à Share and them pressing the Shift key.
Troubleshooting Reference: Internet Connection
The internet is the lifeblood of the modern computing experience. Without it, your software remains static, unpatched, and vulnerable; you can’t communicate or transfer files; nor can you contact remote customers, clients, and coworkers. But before you give up and move to the shores of Walden Pond, try these troubleshooting tips to get back online.
Serif WebPlus X6 - Easy-To-Use WYSIWYG Website-Development Tool
It can import HTML files from local source or URL, and comes preloaded with around 30 theme layouts, a handful of X6 Pro templates, and a link to free content packs on Serif’s site.
Amazon’s Best New Tools
Amazon has launched lots of products and services in the last few months. Robert Irvine reveals its most useful hidden features, and explains any catches
Modernize Your Business Website
Imagine a consumer looking for a local repairman. Before calling anyone, he’s likely to search the Web to find out what options are available, and then he’ll probably visit the prospective companies’ websites to see what type of products and services are offered. If you’re a businessperson, this is the sort of situation in which the quality of your website can have a big impact on bringing in new business.
Secret Tips For Google Maps (Part 3)
Give your home or office a makeover by ‘pimping’ it at Blockee ( this site lets you find your address on Street View and then decorate it with ‘civic bling’ including trees, benches, signs and Wi-Fi hotspots. You can share a link to your handiwork on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but note that this will also add it to the Blockee blog.
Secret Tips For Google Maps (Part 2)
One of our favourite Street View sights this year captures a barrel of Japanese macaques (also known as ‘snow monkeys’) taking a bath in the hot springs of the Jigokudani (which translates as Hell’s Valley) Monkey Park. The monkeys descend from the cliffs during the winter to relax in the steamy spas.
Secret Tips For Google Maps (Part 1)
Google Maps ( has become such an integral and important part of our lives that we’d (literally) be lost without it. Just look at the recent outcry that greeted Apple’s decision to replace Google Maps in iOS6 with its own, inferior mapping service.
Control Your Defaults
If you’re accidentally changed your default browser, it’s easy to switch back to your preferred one. In Chrome, click the ‘hot dog’ button in the top-right, choose Settings and select ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser’. In Firefox, click the Firefox button or the Tools menu, choose Options and click Advanced.
Introducing HTML5 - Choosing a Browser to Interpret HTML5
In general, developers use the best browser until another best browser comes along, so they may actually use more advanced and better browsers than the average Web user. If you want the people who visit your site to have the best experience possible, try to find out what browser they’re most likely to use.
Introducing HTML5 - Creating with Tags : An Overview
Most of the content on the Internet is created with HyperText Markup Language (HTML). You may be surprised to learn that several applications you use every day — for example, your word processor — also were created with markup languages.
Email Everywhere
There are a number of solutions, and I'll run through several here - my list won't be comprehensive, and I'm sure some of you will have other (probably better) ideas, so keep an eye on the website and feel free to add a comment once this part of the column appears.
How To Automate Your Web With ifttt (Part 2)
Most of ifttt's channels access web services directly, but there are a few that work in slightly different ways. The triggers and actions in the Dropbox channel allow you to upload files in your Dropbox folder to online services, or selectively download files based on information received from other channels.
How To Automate Your Web With ifttt (Part 1)
The free online automation service ifttt watches for specified events and carries out predefined actions when they occur (the name is short for "if this then that"). At its simplest, you can use ifttt as a notification tool for your online services: you might set it up to send you an email when a friend publishes a new blog post, or when someone posts an ad on Craigslist that matches particular search terms.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : File System Information (part 2) - The DirectoryInfo and FileInfo Classes, The DriveInfo Class
The DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes mirror the functionality in the Directory and File classes. In addition, they make it easy to walk through directory and file relationships. For example, you can easily retrieve the FileInfo objects for the files in a directory represented by a DirectoryInfo object.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : File System Information (part 1) - The Path Class, The Directory and File Classes
The simplest level of file access just involves retrieving information about existing files and directories and performing typical file system operations such as copying files and creating directories.
Edge Of Glory (Part 3) - PhoneGap Build
This flurry of activity from Adobe is encouraging, but some developers need convincing that the company won’t return to its old web tricks. ‘The Edge suite has a lot of potential, but only if Adobe doesn’t fall into its habit of creating “magic button” solutions that cater to the lowest common denominator,” argues user experience designer Aral Balkan .
Edge Of Glory (Part 2)
Unlike Animate, Edge Reflow is something of an unknown quantity at the time of writing, existing only in the form of screen grabs and a teaser video that doesn’t give much away. The idea seems very sound, however, providing a framework for working on responsive user interfaces that can be fully optimized for different screen sizes.
Edge Of Glory (Part 1)
Everyone knows you don’t look to desktop publishing software for web design. But now the original DTP company is offering new tools and services that just might help to create a beautiful, modern web
Google’s Data Liberation Front (Part 2)
Takeout will create a local copy of your personal information and data files. However, this information will still reside on Google’s servers. To complete a full ‘escape’ from a Google product or service, some additional steps are required. Steps that aren’t part of the Takeout service.
Google’s Data Liberation Front (Part 1)
These days most of us have sizeable amounts of personal information stored on the web. Whether it be emails, documents, images, music files or ebooks, the trend is to rely more and more on the contents of cloud-based servers. Keeping tabs on all this information isn’t easy. Managing it is an even bigger issue.
ASP.NET 3.5 : Writing HTTP Modules (part 2) - The Page Refresh Feature
Let’s examine a practical situation in which the ability to filter the request before it gets processed by an HTTP handler helps to implement a feature that would otherwise be impossible.
ASP.NET 3.5 : Writing HTTP Modules (part 1) - The IHttpModule Interface, A Custom HTTP Module
So we’ve learned that any incoming requests for ASP.NET resources are handed over to the worker process for the actual processing within the context of the CLR. In IIS 6.0, the worker process is a distinct process from IIS, so if one ASP.NET application crashes, it doesn’t bring down the whole server.
Google Chrome 21 - Fast, Free Web Browser
The designers of high-end sports cars often strip their cars of every inessential component, just to coax the greatest power and speed from their creations. Google’s Chrome reminds us of those speed demons: It lacks the fit and finish of Apple's Safari, but man, does it ever burn (virtual) rubber.
ASP.NET State Management Techniques : Maintaining Session Data
To maintain stateful information for a particular user, you can use the Session property in your web page class or in Global.asax. The classic example of the need to maintain per-user data is an online shopping cart.
ASP.NET State Management Techniques : Working with the Application Cache
ASP.NET provides a second and more flexible way to handle application-wide data. As you recall, the values within the HttpApplicationState object remain in memory as long as your web application is alive and kicking.
Web Design: Where To Start (Part 5)
If you’ve been working mostly in print, chances are security hasn’t been at the forefront of your mind. But as soon as you venture online, that has to change. If you’re lucky, none of the sites you work on will ever be hacked; but then if you’re lucky, you’ve probably won the lottery and instead of reading MacUser are at this moment rolling around on a pile of fifty-pound notes, just because.
Web Design: Where To Start (Part 4)
Coding. It’s the word that deters many a journalist, designer or business owner from even attempting ‘proper’ web design. Programming, as we used to call it, is, after all, a highly skilled specialism; surely no good can come of trying to wing it?
Web Design: Where To Start (Part 3)
As to the tools you should consider for working on websites, there’s surprisingly little consensus. In part, this is because of web design’s rapid evolution; the software has never really kept up.
Web Design: Where To Start (Part 2)
Your choice of technology should depend both on the type of site you want to create and the kind of approach that will suit your mentality. Avoid fighting the tide.
Web Design: Where To Start (Part 1)
For most people now, the web is just there. Like electricity, news, social interaction, entertainment and more are available at the click of a switch. New industries have grown up online, and old ones are moving across, with greater or lesser speed and success: the Financial Times has said it expects digital income to exceed traditional business income before the end of 2012.
The Download Directory - October 2012 (Part 2)
The success of Dropbox meant that the market was soon flooded with file-syncing imitators designed to help people keep their work, bookmarks and photos consistent between multiple machines, or backed up safely in the cloud in case of disaster. From the wave of Dropbox pretenders, one of the most successful third-party alternatives is SugarSync.
The Download Directory - October 2012 (Part 1) - KeyboardLock 1.2.4295, Skip Metro Suite 1.0.0
If you have young children or a particularly bothersome feline knocking around your house, you'll know how annoying it is to leave your computer only to return and find that your latest piece of work has been obliviously deleted by a cat in search of a warm resting place, or that a fresh and unusable admin password has somehow been set by someone too young to talk.
Plug-in Of the Month - November 2012 : Audacity for Windows 2.0.2 RC4, Firefox 15 Beta 5, Comment Blocker
No matter how good your browser is, there's always something that could be that little bit better. Here, we suggest a plug-in that might help make your life that little bit easier.
CodeKit Vs LiveReload
Web developers often suffer a familiar and repetitive work-flow. You change a CSS file – perhaps adjusting font size or a color; save it; then upload to the server. Then you click Refresh in the browser to see the change. Repeat ad nauseam.
Tracking Results and Measuring Success : Competitive and Diagnostic Search Metrics (part 7) - Temporal Link Growth Measurements
Since Google released its patent application on historical information in March 2005 , search marketers have recognized that trends in temporal link and content analysis do have a real impact on rankings.
Tracking Results and Measuring Success : Competitive and Diagnostic Search Metrics (part 6) - Web Traffic Comparison
When you set your goals for growing your online business, you may, for example, target a sales increase of 50% from search referral traffic. However, you may also want to take into account where your competitor is in setting those goals.
Tracking Results and Measuring Success : Competitive and Diagnostic Search Metrics (part 5) - Tracking the Blogosphere, Search Engine Robot Traffic Analysis
The blogosphere is a very dynamic part of the Web—always fresh and constantly updated. News tends to break in the blogosphere, and in Twitter, before it hits mainstream media or the Web at large.
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