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Share Photos on Google+
Google+ isn’t just a run-of-the-mill social network. You can easily manage the media you share, and you have full control over who you share it with. Google+ is unique as it allows you to create ‘Circles’, groups of friends or acquaintances that define who you communicate with and when.
How Much Is Your Data Worth? (Part 2)
What users can control, however, is the amount of data they put up online in the first place, especially on social network sites. Users can also keep an eye on the security issues, which are an everyday occurrence because more often than not, passwords are stolen because individuals make errors or unwittingly install malicious programs on their machines.
How Much Is Your Data Worth? (Part 1)
Not logging off or locking your device can lead to data theft. Spammers can post rogue adverts on your account. If using a public computer, ensure it doesn't remember your password. Your mobile phone, if not locked, can also be a security risk.
SugarSync : Not for Linux user but everyone else
SugarSync is constantly developing its online storage facilities, software and mobile apps. It's trying hard to compete with Drop-box, Google Drive and other services and there's a link to a feature comparison chart on the home page.
SkyDrive : Reduce space but more services
Microsoft's SkyDrive online storage has been around for years. It provided a generous 25GB of online disk space, but hardly anyone used it seriously because it could only be accessed through a web browser.
OpenDrive : Better than ever
OpenDrive is another online storage service that has been around for several years. It has been modernized and updated though, so it's improved with age and is now better than ever. It offers similar features to SugarSync and Wuala, but there are a few differences too.
Google Drive : Best for your Google
Google Drive has been rumored to be coming for years, but it's finally here and anyone with a Google account has 5GB of online file storage space too.
Dropbox : Let's "drop" your files
SkyDrive has Microsoft Office web apps, Google Drive has Google Docs, but Dropbox doesn't have any online apps or special features. It's simply online storage space that is synced with a folder on the hard disk drive.
Wuala: Social Grid Storage
If you looked at Wuala when it was launched a few years ago and decided it wasn't for you, then it's time to try it again, because it's undergone some major changes.
Basic Tips, Tricks And Tweaks For The Mighty Gmail
At least it was in January 2012, with a claimed 350 million active users. Thick might not sound like a lot considering the many billions of internet users, but when you look at the October 2011 numbers, we find that Gmail had 260 million users, so within the space of a few months its user base grew by 90 million people.
Playing In The Sandbox
When you hear the term 'sandbox' in relation to something digital, two things typically spring to mind: freedom and the lack thereof. Freedom regarding sandboxing is usually a term that aligns with open-form gaming, whereas a lack of freedom is to do with the compartmentalization of data and features.
Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 : The HTTP Request Context - The Server Object
In the all-encompassing container represented by the HttpContext object, a few popular objects also find their place. Among them are Server, Request, and Response. They are old acquaintances for ASP developers and, indeed, they are feature-rich elements of the ASP.NET programming toolkit.
Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 : The HttpContext Class
During the various steps of the request’s chain of execution, an object gets passed along from class to class—this object is the HttpContext object. HttpContext encapsulates all the information available about an individual HTTP request that ASP.NET is going to handle.
Are We All Pirates? (Part 5)
Megaupload, and the sites blocked by MCMC history, but there are still a variety of alternative online music portals and streaming sites which you can use while legally secure.
Are We All Pirates? (Part 4)
A similarly grey zone in copyright infringement fall on movie and TV streaming portals, in which movies and TV shows can be watched, sometimes even before it reaches local theaters.
Are We All Pirates? (Part 3)
Even with the end of Megaupload, numerous amount of other file sharing sites still exist: sites where its legality is still being questioned, whose users must be feeling unsure now.
Are We All Pirates? (Part 2)
The futility and expense of it, that's what. A wave of court orders may be big, but it's not an effective route. There may be simply too many to charge, and too many court cases to fight, to truly eradicate every single infringed user that amount to the millions.
Are We All Pirates? (Part 1)
File sharing, music sites, movie streaming what that is allowed today may be admonished tomorrow. The problem? Almost everyone interprets the laws differently
IIS 7.0 : Managing Remote Content
To work around these issues, IIS 7.0 enables you to host Web applications that have content located on a network share, which enables multiple Web servers to connect a single set of content from a file server.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Virtual Directories
You can use virtual directories to publish application content that does not reside under an application’s root virtual directory. Using virtual directories is an effective way to decouple the client-facing URL structure of your application from the physical structure of its content.
Silverlight Recipes : Using Sockets to Communicate over TCP (part 5) - The Policy Server
The policy server is similarly implemented as a console program that listens on all available IP addresses, bound to a well-known port 943. Listing 7 shows the code for the policy server.
Silverlight Recipes : Using Sockets to Communicate over TCP (part 4) - The Chat Server
The chat server is implemented as a console program. The functionality is divided into two primary classes: ConnectionListener, which accepts incoming client connections, hands them over to a ServerConnectionManager instance, and continues to listen for more connections; and ServerConnectionManager, which manages and processes messages for each connected client and then routes messages between clients.
Silverlight Recipes : Using Sockets to Communicate over TCP (part 3)
After the user specifies the IP address, a port, and a participant name in the initial login screen, you establish a connection to the server. To do this, call the Join() method, which uses the Socket.ConnectAsync() method to establish the server connection.
Silverlight Recipes : Using Sockets to Communicate over TCP (part 2)
The Silverlight client communicates with the server program using TCP sockets. The messages exchanged by the Silverlight client and the server program are expressed as data contracts, and you use JSON as the serialization format.
Silverlight Recipes : Using Sockets to Communicate over TCP (part 1)
Silverlight supports socket communication through the System.Net.Sockets.Socket type. This class exposes an API to connect to a TCP endpoint at a specified IP address/port combination, send data to that endpoint, and receive data from that endpoint.
Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 : The HTTP Request Context - The global.asax File
The global.asax file is used by Web applications to handle some application-level events raised by the ASP.NET runtime or by registered HTTP modules. The global.asax file is optional.
Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 : The HTTP Request Context - Initialization of the Application
The lifetime of any resources created in the Init method is limited to the execution of the current request. Any resource you allocate in Init should be disposed of in Dispose, at the latest. If you need persistent data, resort to other objects that form the application or session state.
Free Email Everywhere and Anytime
The four giants of webmail have been around the block for quite some time now, and their service offering has grown substantially over the years. From a simple service to connect people, each of the company has their own view on how an email service should be like to the end user.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Web Sites - Administrative Tasks - Limiting Web Site Usage, Configuring Web Site Logging and Failed Request Tracing
As in earlier versions of IIS, you can configure Web site limits such as the maximum bandwidth usage, the concurrent connection limit, and the connection time-out. You can use these limits to constrain the usage of each Web site or to enable some Web sites to handle more concurrent connections and/or use more bandwidth than others.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Web Sites - Administrative Tasks - Adding a New Web Site
With IIS 7.0, you can create one or more Web sites to publish your Web applications and services. Before you create a new Web site, consider how you want it to be accessible by determining the IP addresses, ports, and host headers that will be used to receive requests for the site.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Worker Processes and Requests
The worker process is the heart and soul of Web applications in IIS 7.0. The worker process runs in W3WP.exe and is responsible for processing application requests. In IIS 6.0, worker processes are managed by the World Wide Web Publishing Service service, but in the revamped core engine of IIS 7.0, the WAS owns worker processes.
Websocket: Internet In Real Time
The WebSocket protocol solves these problems by installing a socket, which holds a permanent channel for the server via an IP address and a port. In this way, both endpoints can send data simultaneously without request over the same connection.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Application Pools (part 3) - Advanced Application Pool Configuration, Monitoring Application Pool Recycling Events
Though IIS 7.0 application pool configuration is similar to IIS 6.0, the configuration UI has been reorganized together with the new IIS Manager. All settings are now visible and configurable in the UI.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Application Pools (part 2) - Managing Application Pool Identities
You can configure the identity under which worker processes in the application pool will run by assigning an account to the application pool. Application pool identity configuration is an important aspect of security in IIS 7.0, because it determines the identity of the worker process when the process is accessing resources.
IIS 7.0 : Managing Application Pools (part 1) - Application Pool Considerations, Adding a New Application Pool
To use IIS Manager to create a new application pool, expand the IIS computer node in the Connections pane and navigate to the Application Pools node. Right-click the Application Pools node and select Add Application Pool.
IIS 7.0 : Managing IIS Manager Extensions
In addition to the programmatic and command line options, the IIS 7.0 administration stack also provides a GUI management tool. IIS Manager, which replaces the legacy MMC snap-in from previous IIS versions, has been completely redesigned to provide end users with an intuitive task-based GUI experience for managing the server.
Government Snooping
CCDP wasn’t an April Fools’ joke; it’s very real and it effectively allows the government to see who everyone talks to online.
Every Cloud...(Part 3) - Sharing/Team Features
Sending large files directly to the inboxes of friends and colleagues can often irritate them - assuming it's possible at all, given the size restrictions available on most email services.
Every Cloud...(Part 2) - Mobility & Portability
The ability to access your cloud storage from a variety of devices is key to any service's success. On one hand, they all have a web interface with similar degrees of functionality which means users can get to their files using any web-enabled device, from Windows to web TVs to iPads.
Every Cloud...(Part 1) - Storage Space
Competitors initially tried to beat it by offering greater amounts of space: SugarSync offers 5GB, SkyDrive assigns new users 7GB (but gave initial signups a whopping 25GB when it launched) and Google Drive itself has launched in a similar league, offering 5GB to new signups.
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