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Apple Extends An Olive Branch In The Dying Days Of MobileMe
Apple has extended its offer of 20GB of free iCloud storage for MobileMe subscribers until 30 September. MobileMe, the online syncing and storage service that preceded iCloud, is due to close completely on 30 June after a year’s notice and Apple is stepping up its attempt to persuade users to switch to iCloud while there’s still time.
iCloud and Snow Leopard
Optimists will point to a much-circulated System Preferences screen grab, of which MacRumors has a copy at, which suggests Snow Leopard is set to gain iCIoud support with an upcoming 10.6.9 update. That would be great, but if the rumour turns out to be incorrect, you’re going to have to look for workarounds.
This Will Be The End Of Me
Yet by the time its replacement, iCloud, was revealed at WWDC 2011, MobileMe had come to underpin much of the everyday Mac and iOS functionality that users relied on. Besides email , it synced contacts, calendars, bookmarks and more. It hosted online photo galleries created in iPhoto and websites designed in iWeb.
ASP.NET State Management Techniques : Understanding the Application/Session Distinction
Under ASP.NET, application state is maintained by an instance of the HttpApplicationState type. This class enables you to share global information across all users using your ASP.NET application.
ASP.NET State Management Techniques : The Role of the Global.asax File
Simply put, Global.asax is just about as close to a traditional double-clickable *.exe as you can get in the world of ASP.NET, meaning this type represents the runtime behavior of the web site itself.
Password Hacks Raise User Fears
The passwords that had been decoded were immediately invalidated by the company, and LinkedIn emailed users whose accounts were affected to explain how to change their passwords.
Joomla! 1.5 : Tracking and Tracing to Improve Your Web Site - Looking at your options (part 3) - How to analyze Google Analytics
The traffic sources screen is clearly divided into several sections to give you a direct view of the different sources that bring traffic to your web site. Having a large percentage of visitors through search engines means you have done your SEO work well. But the higher it is, the larger the drop will be if your ranking in the results starts to fall.
Joomla! 1.5 : Tracking and Tracing to Improve Your Web Site - Looking at your options (part 2)
Once you have logged in to StatCounter, you can select the project that you want to analyze. The first thing that will be shown is a graphic display of your web site's traffic. If you start with a project, it is shown as bar graph.
Joomla! 1.5 : Tracking and Tracing to Improve Your Web Site - Looking at your options (part 1)
You may not even know it, but your hosting provider also keeps a tab on your web site! Most hosting providers will give you the stats from Webalizer and you might even think that it shows how much traffic you got.
JavaScript Patterns : Essentials - for Loops
A problem with this pattern is that the length of the array is accessed on every loop iteration. This can slow down your code, especially when myarray is not an array but an HTMLCollection object.
JavaScript Patterns : Essentials - Minimizing Globals
JavaScript uses functions to manage scope. A variable declared inside of a function is local to that function and not available outside the function. On the other hand, global variables are those declared outside of any function or simply used without being declared.
Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server : JSP implicit objects
JSP implicit objects are objects that can be used in a JSP without having to be declared or initialized. They are actually declared and initialized behind the scenes by the application server when the JSP is deployed.
Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server : Developing our first JSP
JSPs are basically pages containing both static HTML markup and dynamic content. Dynamic content can be generated by using snippets of Java code called scriptlets or by using standard or custom JSP tags.
IIS 7.0 Manager Customization and Extensibility
IIS Manager is not just an application, but rather an extensible platform that developers can use to plug in their own features to manage custom settings and applications. Developers can change the UI, remove existing features, and add new administration features.
IIS 7.0 : Using Command Line Tools - Microsoft.Web.Administration
Another way to access configuration data is through the managed application programming interface (API) found in the Microsoft.Web.Administration (MWA) assembly.
IIS 7.0 : Using Command Line Tools - Working with Failed Request Tracing
The Trace object in Appcmd provides a convenient way to enable and use the Failed Request Tracing (FRT) feature in IIS 7.0 to diagnose server problems.
IIS 7.0 : Using Command Line Tools - Working with Web Server Modules, Inspecting Running Worker Processes and Requests
Viewing and changing configuration data is not the only thing that you can do with Appcmd. You can also inspect the run-time state of the Web server by listing the currently executing worker processes and even requests.
IIS 7.0 : Using Command Line Tools - Working with Configuration
You can specify multiple parameters to set multiple configuration attributes of a section in a single command. You cannot specify each parameter more than once, however. Due to a bug, if you specify the same attribute more than once, the last value takes effect.
IIS 7.0 : Using Basic Verbs: List, Add, Set, Delete
Most Appcmd objects support the basic set of verbs: List, Add, Set, and Delete. These verbs operate in a fairly consistent way across objects, which makes Appcmd easy to use after you get a feel for how these verbs work.
Java EE 6 : New features introduced in Servlet 3.0 (part 2)
During the lifetime of a typical web application, a number of events take place, such as HTTP requests are created or destroyed, request or session attributes are added, removed, or modified, and so on and so forth.
Java EE 6 : New features introduced in Servlet 3.0 (part 1)
Java EE 6 includes a new version of the Servlet API-Servlet 3.0. This version of the Servlet API includes several new features that make servlet development easier. Servlet 3.0 also makes it easier to take advantage of modern web application techniques such as Ajax.
Java EE 6 : Servlet Development and Deployment - Persisting application data across requests
It is possible to persist an object across requests. In addition to attaching an object to the request object, an object can also be attached to the session object or to the servlet context.
IIS 7.0 : Using Command Line Tools - Getting Started with Appcmd (part 2) - Understanding Appcmd Output, Using Range Operators
The output of Appcmd typically contains a list of items. For commands that retrieve lists of object instances, such as the List command, it is the list of object instances. For commands that perform actions on object instances, it is a list of messages that indicate the action that was performed.
IIS 7.0 : Using Command Line Tools - Getting Started with Appcmd (part 1) - Appcmd Syntax
Each Appcmd command must at minimum specify the object and verb. For example, to use the List verb on the Site object to list Web sites on the server, you can use the following command.
Application Patterns and Tips : Localize a Silverlight Application
Make sure you run the web project, not the Silverlight project, so you can use your edited HTML/ASPX file. Otherwise, Visual Studio will generate one for you, and it won’t have the culture tags.
IIS 7.0 : Web Management Service (part 4) - Troubleshooting
The most common source of problems with remote administration can be categorized by two error messages: Unable to Connect to the Remote Server and (401) Unauthorized.
IIS 7.0 : Web Management Service (part 3) - Using Remote Administration
To provide more flexibility, IIS Manager introduces three types of connections that provide different granularity and different scopes and capabilities for management: Connect To A Server, Connect To A Site, and Connect To An Application.
IIS 7.0 : Web Management Service (part 2) - Managing Remote Administration
The previous section focused on tasks to enable the service and get you started. This section covers the set of tasks you need to perform regularly for remote administration, for example, adding new users, granting permissions, and customizing delegation for them.
IIS 7.0 : Web Management Service (part 1) - Installation, WMSvc Configuration
WMSvc is the name of the service in the services configuration database. Make sure to use a white space after the = sign in the preceding command line. Otherwise, the command will not execute correctly.
Web Blocking
The spectre of website blocking found its way back onto the news pages again recently when BT announced it had implemented a court-ordered block on the Pirate Bay website.
Tumblr : Behind the scenes
Tumblr is all about community and sharing: it’s a very easy platform for sharing not just words but pictures, music and video and, like Twitter, it allows you to repost things other users have posted, making everything feel very interconnected. It’s a simple idea, but a very clever one.
Is It Time To Tweet? (Part 2)
Twitter launched in2006 and now has more than 140 million users across the globe. It’s fast becoming the number one way to make connections, publicise things, keep up with the news – even just to vent or share what you are having for lunch.
Is It Time To Tweet? (Part 1)
It seems everyone is at it. But is Twitter for people with too much time on their hands? Or is it the best new way to communicate and keep up with the news? Jo Craven takes the leap and finds out
Cloud Computing : Controlling It All with Web-Based Desktops - Evaluating Web-Based Desktops
A web-based desktop, or webtop, is essentially a virtual computer desktop displayed inside your web browser, delivered over any Internet connection. A web desktop has a graphical user interface (GUI) like Windows or the Mac OS, and often comes complete with one or more productivity applications.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : How MVC Plays with ASP.NET (part 2) - Following the Request Path - Implementing scenarios for adding, deleting, and updating
Open the MVCORama application that you created in the preceding example. In this procedure, you use the other table from the database—the DotNetLinks table. The previous example listed only the contents of the model.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : How MVC Plays with ASP.NET (part 1) - Following the Request Path - Creating an MVC site
When building a new Web site, it's usually best to decide up front whether you want to use MVC. Although ASP.NET standard parts work independently of the MVC framework, having Visual Studio create the Web application for you can save some headaches.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : The ASP.NET MVC Framework - The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
As many aspects of ASP.NET have stabilized and matured over the years, some interesting new features have appeared. Of the new features, ASP.NET application of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) software development pattern has probably received the most attention of all.
Silverlight Recipes : Networking and Web Service Integration - Exchanging Data between Silverlight Applications
Use the local connection feature in Silverlight 3 to enable communication channels between these applications and facilitate cross-application data exchange.
Silverlight Recipes : Networking and Web Service Integration - Enabling Cross-Domain Access
For HTTP-based communication (which includes the WebClient and the other HTTP communication classes, as well as the Silverlight WCF client proxy implementation), the owner of the target domain needs to place such a policy file at the root of the target site.
Diaspora: The Better Facebook
New services like Foursquare have grown significantly from July 2010 to July 2011 whereas the established ones like Facebook have hardly grown after that. MySpace, once the most popular, has fallen quite dramatically.
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