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Free Website Builders Group Test: Webnode
When choosing a product to build a website with, most users will no doubt opt for something with an element of familiarity to it. Webnode makes this possible by adopting a very Microsoft Office Ribbon look and feel for its user interface, which, by the by, works very well despite the animosity over the recent batch of Microsoft interfaces.
Free Website Builders Group Test: Webs
Launched in 2001, Webs was one of the first new breed of online website building tools that offered the kind of functionality that we’ve grown accustomed to. As with Wix and Weebly, it’s a point and click site builder that requires very little technical skills other than a basic creative flair.
Free Website Builders Group Test: Weebly
Weebly could very well be the fastest growing website builder available at the moment. In a little over six years, its user base has grown to a very impressive 12 million thanks to the intuitive platform and user interface that Weebly boasts - and it does rather well, I might add.
How To Basic Post A Video To Youtube
YouTube has turned some ‘ordinary’ people into household names; bringing fame, fortune and popularity with it. It’s also been the ruin of others, but we won’t concern ourselves with the negative for the moment...
Free Website Builders Group Test: Google Sites
User of Google mail, Docs and Google+ will be right at home with the company’s own website builder technology. Needless to say, it follows the same kind of theme that the rest of the Google family offer, which for some can either, be a blessing or a curse.
Xara Web Designer 9 Premium - Offer Professional Flair At A Realistic Price
The idea of setting up your own website can be a daunting prospect, yet there are programs that can simplify the process. Xara Web Designer is just such a product, adopting a different approach to the problems that new designers face. It achieves this by moving away from the conventional methods of web design, handling all the complexities of HTML, JavaScript and image optimization internally.
Changing The Typeface Of The Web (Part 3)
Naturally, having a single web font format would be far too simple for the world of IT (although the W3C’s new Web Open Font Format – WOFF – may eventually come to play this role), so none of the other browser developers actually added EOT support. They have added support for other CSS3-approved font formats, though, such as TrueType, OpenType and Scalable Vector Graphics.
Changing The Typeface Of The Web (Part 2)
There were two honorable exceptions, however, in Georgia and Verdana. Microsoft deserves great credit for commissioning font designer Matthew Carter to produce these new screen-optimized faces, and Carter deserves the same credit for realizing that he needed to start from hand-crafted bitmaps and then apply advanced hinting to match font outlines to the available pixels, rather than from simple outlines that would rasterize well.
Changing The Typeface Of The Web (Part 1)
For designers from a print background, the web’s restricted choice of typefaces seems quite bizarre. While web designers treat text as a neutral carrier of information, print designers understand that text is made up of words, made from letters, made from graphical glyphs that are neither neutral nor interchangeable.
The Truth About Facebook Graph Search (Part 2)
My advice to anyone who’s seriously worried about this new development – which, at the time of writing, is only available to those who’ve expressed an interest in beta testing, with no firm date for when it will to live – is to stop using Facebook altogether or revise your privacy settings. In fact, the imminent arrival of the new search facility is a good excuse to double-check all your settings and get your social privacy house in order.
The Truth About Facebook Graph Search (Part 1)
Much has been written about Facebook taking on Google, some of it from my own keyboard. The rumor mill swung into action towards the end of last year, when Mark Zuckerberg said the social network was already fulfilling a billion searches every day, that it is “uniquely positioned to answer a lot of questions people have”, and that developers were working on Facebook search.
App Of The Week: Lunascape
In the world of web browsers, the big names reign supreme. Firefox, Chrome and IE do tend to have all the press and hog the limelight to the point where it’s very easy to overlook the less popular browsers.
Can Tech Revolutionize Education?
Internet is the great leveler of the world - anyone with a decent computer and an internet connection can theoretically accomplish similar things that someone with a high end computer and ultra-fast connection can.
How To Unsend A Direct Message On Twitter
There is always that one moment where you send a text message or an E-mail and then regret sending it or want to make changes to it. If this has never happened to you, then either you are Super Human or you are lying. Gmail did attempt creating several features that create impediments to hasty e - mailing but it does not allow you to recall a sent mail.
Selling And Distributing Your Music Online
It’s important to stress that going it alone is unlikely to be the easiest way to make a success of music; a good manager or record label still has the best contacts and experience to get an act heard and booked. However, the internet does make it possible for smaller, unsigned bands to do more than just sell a few CDs at gigs.
Sending And Sharing Large Files Over The Web (Part 2)
If you don’t need the document-creation capabilities of Google Drive, Amazon’s Cloud Drive service is a simpler alternative, which lets you send files to any email address. However, the sender needs to be signed up to an Amazon account.
Sending And Sharing Large Files Over The Web (Part 1)
Occasionally we all need to send large files to other people, and email isn’t up to the task. Many email services restrict you to attachments of less than 10MB, which is hopeless for many audio, video or image files.
Chat In The Dock (Part 2)
Facing competition from Twitter when it comes to breaking news, conventional news outlets sometimes turn to it as a source – occasionally leading to embarrassing mistakes. In mid-2010, just after the iPhone 4 had launched to criticism about mobile signal problems, the Daily Mail published a story stating that the phone might have to be recalled. It named its source as the Twitter feed of Apple’s then chief executive, the late Steve Jobs, without apparently realizing that the account was a parody
Chat In The Dock (Part 1)
Simply put, Twitter is an online service that allows users to create and read text messages of no more than 140 characters. A user’s ‘tweets’, as they’re known, are usually publicly visible on their profile webpage, although it is possible to limit them to approved people or to send a private message to another user.
What’s Gone Wrong With Google? (Part 3)
In the same vein, Google recently made changes to Chrome’s interface without offering a concrete reason why, causing similar irritations to its users. Appearing more or less at the same time as the latest change to Google Mail, Chrome’s latest automatic update, to Version 26, brought with it a slight alteration to the menus within Chrome.
What’s Gone Wrong With Google? (Part 2)
You might not like Google Plus, and we might not like Google plus, but Google does. In fact, it’s showing an almost impressively single-minded determination to make the product work. A climb-down along the lines of Wave or Buzz is unlikely bordering on unthinkable.
What’s Gone Wrong With Google? (Part 1)
The company’s success seemed unstoppable, almost from Day 1. Google’s search product was so successful it became a verb. Google’s mail product transformed the webmail landscape, turning 20 MB inboxes into 20GB ones. Google Adwords did something that seemed almost impossible: it made adverts relevant to the people viewing them.
Office In The Cloud Leverage The Web
Just as there are now virtual or cloud-based versions of software and storage solutions that used to be firmly entrenched in physical servers and desktops, there are now Web versions of Microsoft’s widely used Office products. Word, Excel, and other Office programs are now included in a hosted service called Office 365
Map-App Showdown
To help you pick the best way to find your way, we compared six popular map apps. The value of their features - like the quantity and quality of reviews about local destinations depends largely on where you are, but since each app is free, there’s no reason not to dive right in and start exploring.
A New Point Of View
The latest version of iTunes ( makes a number of changes to the way you view the content in your library of digital media files. Most significantly, iTunes 11 adds a new set of views and gets rid of most of the viewing options that were available in previous versions.
ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010 : The Data Controls - The DetailsView and FormView
The GridView excels at showing a dense table with multiple rows of information. However, sometimes you want to provide a detailed look at a single record. You could work out a solution using a template column in a GridView, but ASP.NET includes two controls that are tailored for this purpose: the DetailsView and the FormView.
ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010 : The Data Controls - Using GridView Templates
The TemplateField allows you to define a completely customized template for a column. Inside the template you can add control tags, arbitrary HTML elements, and data binding expressions. You have complete freedom to arrange everything the way you want.
Give Your Browser A Health Check
Flash is the cause of many browser problems, from videos bot playing to freezes and crashes. For this reason, it’s essential that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your browser and working properly. To check this, go to Adobe’s support page ‘Flash Player Help/Find version’.
New Ways To Block Irritating Ads…
Lots of YouTube videos now make you sit through adverts before they start playing. Some of these are TrueView Video Ads (, which you can skip after five seconds (the advertiser only pays YouTube if you watch the whole thing), but others run for a full 30 seconds.
ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010 : The Data Controls - Sorting and Paging the GridView
The GridView is a great all-in-one solution for displaying all kinds of data, but it becomes a little unwieldy as the number of fields and rows in your data source grows. Dense grids contribute to large pages that are slow to transmit over the network and difficult for the user to navigate.
ASP.NET State Management : The View State of a Page (part 4) - Keeping the View State on the Server
The more stuff you pack into the view state, the more time the page takes to download and upload because the view state is held in a hidden field. It is important to note that the client-side hidden field is not set in stone, but is simply the default storage medium where the view state information can be stored.
ASP.NET State Management : The View State of a Page (part 3) - Changes in the ASP.NET View State
Two important changes occurred to the view-state implementation starting with ASP.NET 2.0. As a result, two major drawbacks have been fixed, or at least greatly mitigated. The size of the view state is significantly reduced as a result of a new serialization format.
ASP.NET State Management : The View State of a Page (part 2) - Programming Web Forms Without View State
By default, the view state is enabled for all server controls; however, this doesn’t mean that you strictly need it all the time and for all controls. The use of the view-state feature should be carefully monitored because it can hinder your code.
ASP.NET State Management : The View State of a Page (part 1) - The StateBag Class, Common Issues with View State
The StateBag class is the class behind the view state that manages the information that ASP.NET pages and controls want to persist across successive posts of the same page instance.
ASP.NET State Management : Customizing Session State Management
Since its beginning, the ASP.NET session state was devised to be an easy-to-customize and extensible feature. For various reasons, in ASP.NET 1.x it came out with a high degree of customization but a total lack of extensibility.
Top 10 Web Log Analysers (Part 2)
his tool is a typical Web analysis utility. However, unlike most other tools, it is very useful to process FTP logs. Besides the standard reporting, it can create a list of keywords and the hits on the Web pages that contain that keyword too. This is especially important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Top 10 Web Log Analysers (Part 1)
Today’s Web hosting data centers deploy multiple servers, running many operating systems. With the growing number of online businesses, it's important to know how many customers reach your websites. Beyond just the number of hits, it is imperative to understand customer behavior and market trends, which needs Web analytics.
ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010 : The Data Controls - Editing with the GridView
The GridView provides support for editing that's almost as convenient as its support for selection. To switch a row into select mode, you simply set the SelectedIndex property to the corresponding row number. To switch a row into edit mode, you set the EditIndex property in the same way.
ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010 : The Data Controls - Selecting a GridView Row
Selecting an item refers to the ability to click a row and have it change color (or become highlighted) to indicate that the user is currently working with this record. At the same time, you might want to display additional information about the record in another control.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : Building SharePoint Web Parts - Building the Presentation Layer
The Web Part needs to override methods provided by the SharePoint Framework in order to ‘hook in’ to the page request. This custom code will then be executed, and will call our GetListing() method to connect to MCMS and generate the XML file of the channel items. After that, the page and sub-channel listing will be displayed.
Top 10
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