How To Basic Post A Video To Youtube

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Fancy becoming a world-wide video phenomenon? Here’s our guide to getting your masterpiece on YouTube

YouTube has turned some ‘ordinary’ people into household names; bringing fame, fortune and popularity with it. It’s also been the ruin of others, but we won’t concern ourselves with the negative for the moment... As we’ve seen in recent months, in particular with Gangnam Style, if you create something that’s ‘catchy’ in some way or another, it’s possible to attract a of millions (if not billions) with a little bit of savvy marketing.

YouTube has turned some ‘ordinary’ people into household names; bringing fame, fortune and popularity with it

YouTube has turned some ‘ordinary’ people into household names; bringing fame, fortune and popularity with it

However, for most people, YouTube is for their family, to share videos of the kids as they grow up or a selection of stills from the previous year; the usual, normal stuff that connects families across the globe. As it turns out, it’s a surprisingly easy thing to do:

Step 1

This is probably the most difficult of the steps as it relies on you having or making a video. Regardless of whether it’s going to be the next big thing or just something to show the relations in Australia, we’re going to assume you’ve already got the content onto your computer via the USB cable from your camera, phone or other device.

Step 2

The next step is to actually create a YouTube account. Easy if you already have a Google account, just login with the same username and password combo you use for that. Otherwise, browse on over to either YouTube or Google and create an account; both will lead you to the same location so there’s no need to worry too much about having multiple accounts.

Step 3

Once you login to YouTube you’ll be shown a very basic setup, with some recommended selections based on what you’ve browsed previously or a selection of top videos if you’re completely new to YouTube.

Assuming the video in question is located on the hard drive of the computer you’re using to login to YouTube with, click on the ‘Upload’ button located at the top center of the screen, next to the YouTube search bar.

Upload your video and take time to look at all the options available

Upload your video and take time to look at all the options available

Step 4

This next screen is where all the editing action takes place and where you can set various permissions for who gets to view the final product.

First, you can either click on the big red icon in the ‘Select Files to Upload’ window or you can drag and drop a video file from your PC onto the Window. YouTube will now upload and process the video ready for viewing on the internet.

When the processing is complete you’ll be presented with a number of options. The first being the blue bar under the ‘Upload complete’ message; this usually appears if the video in question is a bit shaky, with this option YouTube will offer to stabilize the video which sometimes works, but not all that often.

The next setting to look for is the under the ‘Privacy Settings’ where a drop down box will off you the following options: Public, Private, Unlisted and Scheduled. The definition of each is relatively self-explanatory, but in brief: a Private video will only be seen by you and up to 50 people you invite. Unlisted means that only the people who have a link will be able to see it. Public means anyone will be able to view it and Scheduled is for when you want to promote and advertise a release and schedule it like a TV slot.

You can now enter a description in the appropriate box and enter a few Tags that may bring searchers to your video or highlight it above all others. And finally, choose a category that’s relevant for the video and tick which of the social networks you want to share the video on.

Stats, stats and more stats, with graphs

Stats, stats and more stats, with graphs

Step 5

If everything looks okay, then - for the sake of getting up and running fast - that’s basically it. Your new YouTube video will be live at the address that’s displayed next to the title, which you can then right-click and open in a new window if you like. However, there’s a bit more going on behind the scenes which may prove to be useful if you take the time have a look around.

For starters, there are three tabs in the video editing and upload window: Basic Info, which is where you currently are, then Monetization and Advanced Settings.

Monetization is where you can opt in for Google’s AdSense program-me or a branch of it at least. If you think your video has the potential to attract millions of viewers, then by all means try and earn a little cash from by clicking on the ‘Monetize my Video’ tick box and agreeing with the terms and conditions. Then, tick the relevant boxes depending on the type of video and the content therein.

Advanced Settings allows you to block comments, which can be a good thing in most cases, as comments aren’t filtered and there’s always the possibility that some oik can type in something nasty. You can also make the video 3D or not, add a certification, and even choose which countries are allowed viewing rights.

Step 6

Once you’ve gone through the Monetize and the Advanced Settings with a fine toothed comb, and everything is as you would expect, take a moment to click on the down-pointing arrow next to the ‘Upload’ button at the top of screen and select ‘Video Manager’ from the drop down list.

In here you can view and edit all the video’s you’ve uploaded so far, as well as monetize any you haven’t and enhance or annotate to your hearts’ content. Plus, on the left-hand side of the screen you’ll notice a group of links, of which one is Analytics. This is where you can see who, when and where viewed your video, including the amount of revenue you’ve earned from the subsequent viewings.

Could you make money from your video?


That’s all you really need to get a video onto YouTube and customize it so you can make money, send it to the right people or just have it viewed solely for its content. Needless to say, there’s a whole lot more you can do, but half the fun is working that out for yourself.


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