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Kickstarting A Revolution? (Part 3)
The pay what you like and crowd-funded movements are two of the most obvious new ways of paying for content, but it's likely that they're just the tip of the iceberg. We already pay for so-called free content online by sacrificing some of our privacy, letting sites like Google share our profiles in order to use their services.
Kickstarting A Revolution? (Part 2)
Double Fine, headed by industry veteran Tim Schafer, has created a subversion at the very core of the system - the money isn't coming from the coffers, it's coming direct from the audience.
Kickstarting A Revolution? (Part 1) - A KickStart Primer
The internet is constantly changing the way the modern world works. It's moved commerce away from the high street and into the comfortable surroundings of our own homes, treated us to personalised recommendations at every turn, and even found ways to circumnavigate currency and international borders.
Flying With The Cowbird
Cowbird is a storytelling tool. It's also a place where life, stories, people and the World come together in a place, and you can read them as you would in a library.
The Download Directory (Part 3) - A-PDF Split 3.6 & IsMyLcdOK 1.66
Application-wise, it does at least work. A-PDF Split allows you to edit PDF files, splitting them into multiple documents based on the existing bookmarks and page separations.
The Download Directory (Part 2) - PhotoScape 3.6
The majority of modern image editors take their cues from Adobe PhotoShop, the undisputed king of them all, so it’s interesting to find PhotoScape, and image editor that presents a completely different approach to the task.
The Download Directory (Part 1) - WinDirStat 1.1.2
WinDirStat is an application that can automate and visualise the process, giving you a quick and easy way to see exactly which portions of your drive are wasting space, and how you can free it up.
Spotify - The world's music collection
Ek was working as chief technology officer at Stardoll when he founded the company, together with TradeDoubler co-founder Martin Lorentzon. The software client was developed by a team based in Stockholm, and an invite-only version of the service was made available to friends of the developers in May 2007.
Social Networking Tips & Tricks (May 2012)
When surfing the web you find something interesting or simply want to Tweet without every time having to log in to your Twitter account.
Are Analytics Cookies Legal? (Part 2)
So if you’re using Google Analytics, one thing you might consider doing is turning off the third-party cookies. That way, the only analytics cookies on your site will be first-party – the information collected will be visible to you, but visitors won’t be tracked once they leave your site.
Are Analytics Cookies Legal? (Part 1)
New EU legislation means that all websites that use cookies need to get permission from users first. Sarah Dobbs looks into how this affects how you can use analytics tools on your website…
The Invisible Web (Part 3) - IncyWincy, Scirus, The deep dark web ...
The Scirus search is powered by the Fast Search and Transfer web technology (FAST), whose developer partners include AT&T, Dell, IBM and Reuters, and it uses what’s called an inverted pyramid technique to return the results.
The Invisible Web (Part 2) - WWW Virtual Library, CompletePlanet & Infoplease
Labelled as the ‘front door to the Deep Web’, CompletePlanet was originally developed by the BrightPlanetgroup to identify and tap into the wealth of information that’s usually hidden from the normal search engine.
The Invisible Web (Part 1) - Deep searching & InfoMine
InfoMinehas been built by librarians from the University of California, Wake Forest University, the California State University and the University of Detroit using a range of web crawlers and metadata assignment.
Company Profiles: Twitter
Twitter seems ubiquitous now, but it’s still a relatively new company – one that grew from one great idea. In early 2006, Twitter’s founders Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Jack Dorsey were working for a company called Odeo, which was working on launching a podcasting platform.
The biggest TOS offenders (part 2)
You might know already that the MP3s purchased in iTunes do not belong to you, as you only acquire a user's license for it. But the iTunes ToS go even further: So you can download a few of the contents only once and cannot replace it when there is hardware defect.
The biggest TOS offenders (part 1)
Terms of Service texts are strenuous to read - true. But ToS texts are naturally so, because they have to explain, in detail, what one must agree to when using a particular service.
Facebook vs Google+
Google+ is the social network that wants to make everything better. Our detailed analysis shows whether or not Facebook should start trembling with fear.
Facebook: The church of a global village
Millions worldwide embark on a daily pilgrimage to a single space residing in the digital world -- and that place belongs to Mark Zuckerberg.
The Pirate Bay Blockaded (Part 2)
he content owners, or more pointedly their self-appointed representatives, make as much publicity as they can about how the fight against piracy is being won, and those that download movies and music shuffle along to the next best alternative.
The Pirate Bay Blockaded (Part 1)
Torrent site The Pirate Bay is never very far away from controversy, as its penchant for providing easy access to copyrighted content hasn’t gone unnoticed by those that own the films, TV, software and music in question.
Instagram Substitutes On Android (Part 2) - Cinemagram, Clik, Steam Mobile & TeamViewer
In the grand tradition, we make our monthly pick of our favourite, most useful and most fascinating apps to hit the app store today.
Instagram Substitutes On Android (Part 1) - Streamzoo, Flickr & PicPlz
Ever since Instagram made its appearance on the iOS, Android fans have been clamouring for similar apps to be made on the Google OS platform.
The best browser hacks (part 3) - MS Internet Explorer
Microsoft has hidden many tools for its browser in the Windows registry. For example, you can start Explorer automatically in full-screen mode and download more files simultaneously than seems possible.
The best browser hacks (part 2) - Google Chrome
This browser conceals interesting configuration options in the settings page 'about:flags'. For example, activate the in-built Flash stopper and use different profiles simultaneously.
The best browser hacks (part 1) - Mozilla Firefox
The open-source browser is valued for its enormous flexibility. You can easily speed up page downloads, shorten waiting time while installing add-ons, and suppress unnecessary virus scans.
Social Shedding the Slacktivist Tag
Social networking has changed a lot, from the way we communicate to the way we consume news. And last year, a new face of social networking emerged; that of bringing about change.
Legal Trouble with Social Networks (Part 3) - User tracking on Facebook & Small businesses are vulnerable
If you are allowed to share content on Facebook only to a limited extent, then can you sell something? If you have bought yourself a new digital camera and want to offer your old one in your friends circle, you are already moving in grey areas.
Legal Trouble with Social Networks (Part 2) - How to avoid unnecessary legal trouble
If you want to share content from the web, for example images or texts, search for the concerned website for licences. In case of Creative Common licences (CC), it is easy to understand whether and how the image or text can be used. But be careful to credit the appropriate source (name of the author).
Legal Trouble with Social Networks (Part 1)
Your mobile phone is always with you, and uploading photos of a party to Facebook is effortless. It's only later that some people face the nasty shock of legal notices, fines, and expensive lawyers' fees.
Google the greatest search of all
Either someone searched for something, such as a misplaced key or a poultry product with two alphabets in a crossword puzzle and it was obvious that no one got the idea of speaking about this absolutely banal type of search.
How did Webs put the world on maps? (Part 3)
The providers of driver-based mapping products mainly aimed at enthusiasts of outdoor activities including Fugawi, Anquet, Mapyx Quo and Tracklogs. We look at the Memory-Map a bit more detail. All these products have much in common, but prices can vary so you should research before you buy.
How did Webs put the world on maps? (Part 2)
Ordnance Survey also provides personal online maps in the form of OS getamap and OS Openspace. For personal use and entertainment, OS getamap ( is the best choice.
How did Webs put the world on maps? (Part 1)
Google Maps may be the most well-known, but it is not the only digital map. Other multi-purpose maps include Yahoo! Maps, OpenStreetMap, Nokia Maps and MapQuest. Perhaps the closest competitor of Google is Bing Maps ( / maps), which combines with Multimap and is owned by Microsoft.
Use the new BBC website (Part 2)
The TV shows that are promoted on the BBC’s main page are directly linked to their programme pages on iPlayer, so you can click their images and go to the latest programme episode and watch them immediately.
Use the new BBC website (Part 1)
The BBC has long been a powerhouse presence on the web. From insightful news reporting to streaming television and radio show, its website is many people’s first port of call when they open up a browser.
The best of the web (Part 4) - Storify, WorldWide Science, Kickstarter, Pinterest, Hipmunk, Deezer & Rapportive
Pinterest is a way to keep an online pinboard of the beautiful things you find on the web. It also lets you browse and draw inspiration from the collections of others. If you see something in somebody else’s collection that you admire, you can pin it to your own collection, or just comment on it.
The best of the web (Part 3) - 3LiveShop, Proust, Grooveshark, OnLive, Open Yale Courses, Instapaper & 8 tracks
Grooveshark’s music service is web-based and easy to navigate, and you can be listening to music you like within seconds of opening the site. You don’t even need to log in – you can just search for a song and play it. the search even autocompletes with popular artists and songs.
The best of the web (Part 2) - Evernote & ChallengePost
Another handy feature of Evernote is the web clipper. This website extension lets you save the HTML of a webpage as a note. Instead of bookmarking a site, you save the info on that page, future-proofing yourself against the web page disappearing from that site.
The best of the web (Part 1) - Lfttt & Diaspora
Groundbreaking websites are all around us, and if you believed every company that positioned itself as the lasted, greatest thing, you’d have an awful lot of bookmarks in your browser.
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