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PhotoScape 3.6

Release Type: Freeware

Official Site:

The majority of modern image editors take their cues from Adobe PhotoShop, the undisputed king of them all, so it’s interesting to find PhotoScape, and image editor that presents a completely different approach to the task.

It’s obvious from the moment you see the interface that this isn’t even attempting to look like an Adobe clone. A circular set of options offers quick access to file operations, such as printing, format conversion and batch rename, each leading to one of a series of tabbed workspaces where you’re free to manipulate the loaded image. It might confuse those familiar with PhotoShop’s toolbar, icon and windows interface, but for those users, confusion quickly gives way to acceptance, while others will simply pick up straight away.

Description: PhotoScape v3.6

As packed with features as any image editor (Adobe clone or otherwise) the interface undoubtedly centres on accessibility. You won’t find any tiny, cryptic and unlabelled icons here, just straightforward text descriptions and bright, eye-catching logos with a clear relation to the operation they perform. Work spaces are divided up into uniform frames, making it easy to navigate to and load images with only a couple of clicks, with consistency maintained between them.

Description: PhotoScape 3.6 ships with these new features/changes

PhotoScape 3.6 ships with these new features/changes

There’s support for all major file formats, including RAW and animated GIFs, and a series of built-in templates allows you to instantly create your own collages, slideshows and even fumetti (photo comics) for further manipulation. If you’re looking to clear up some of your digital camera snaps, you will find the usual suite of tools – red eye reduction, colour and contrast fixes, noise reduction and more. The latest features include a Picasa-style ‘face finder’ that can look online for similar images, and advanced screen capture support.

Free for non-commercial use, PhotoScape is a no-nonsense alternative to PhotoShop that will suit beginners and more advanced users alike. Professionals may find that it lacks the most advanced features, but the majority of users won’t notice they’re gone. They only major shortcoming is the inability to edit multiple files simultaneously – something limited by the interface’s simplicity.

A smaller problem concerns the relative inefficiency of the software, which can make it become sluggish on particularly large images, or when editing large batches. If you can put up with those blips (or own a computer good enough that they won’t be a problem), it’s otherwise a success. Very different from all other image editors but great to use at the same time, and it’s doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Or even a thumb. Recommended.

One last thing, though: when downloading PhotoScape, take care to click the right link, because embedded adverts can make it difficult to see which is the correct one to download the software. If you find yourself being asked for credit card information, needless to say, you’re in the wrong place.

Pros: Excellent file support and feature set, intuitive and original interface.

Cons: Multiple file-editing would make it even better, but currently there is none.


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