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IIS 7.0 : Performance and Tuning - Hard Disks
As faster and faster disks evolve, chances of the disk being the issue become less likely. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk (RAID) and striping technologies are not really IIS-related performance tricks, but they can help increase your server’s overall performance.
Windows Server 2008 : Securing Internet Information Services 7.5
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption preserves user and content integrity as well as confidentiality so that communications from a client and the web server, containing sensitive data such as passwords or credit card information, are protected.
Windows Server 2008 : Installing and Configuring Websites (part 2) - Configuring IIS 7.5 Website Properties
In the not-so-distant past, right-clicking a website or default website in IIS Manager and then selecting Properties gave you options for modifying the default settings and properties for a website.
Windows Server 2008 : Installing and Configuring Websites (part 1) - Creating a Website with IIS 7.5 & Creating a Virtual Directory
The Default Web Site is located within the Web Sites folder in the IIS snap-in. You can use the Default Web Site to publish content, but it is possible to create and configure a separate website.
Windows Server 2008 : Installing and Upgrading IIS 7.5
The installation process and architecture for many of Microsoft’s new products that have been or will be released in the upcoming years are completely modularized like Internet Information Services 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2008 : Understanding Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5
Several key enhancements and structural changes have been made to the new IIS 7.5 web and application platform. These enhancements are designed not only to build upon the latest version of .NET, but also to increase overall reliability, performance, security, and administration.
Advanced ASP.NET : Caching with Dependencies
Cache dependencies allow you to make a cached item dependent on another resource, so that when that resource changes, the cached item is removed automatically.
Advanced ASP.NET : Data Caching (part 3) - Caching with the Data Source Controls
When you enable caching for the SqlDataSource control, you cache the results of the SelectCommand. However, if you create a select query that takes parameters, the SqlDataSource will cache a separate result for every set of parameter values.
Advanced ASP.NET : Data Caching (part 2) - Caching to Provide Multiple Views
Instead of attempting to use output caching, this page caches the DataSet object that holds the full information.
Advanced ASP.NET : Data Caching (part 1) - Adding Items to the Cache & A Simple Cache Test
The basic principle of data caching is that you add items that are expensive to create to a built-in collection object called Cache
Advanced ASP.NET : Output Caching
The secret to getting the most out of caching is choosing the right time to use it. A good caching strategy identifies the most frequently used pieces of data that are the most time-consuming to create and stores them
Advanced ASP.NET : Understanding Caching
The secret to getting the most out of caching is choosing the right time to use it. A good caching strategy identifies the most frequently used pieces of data that are the most time-consuming to create and stores them
IIS 7.0 : Performance and Tuning - Memory
Normally, Web applications that consume memory by design or due to poor code implementation lead to bottlenecks. You can identify many memory bottlenecks during testing or during a pilot of your application.
Deploying an ASP.NET Application in Windows Azure
As mentioned previously, you're now paying for this Windows Azure service. You must first suspend your service (by clicking Suspend) if it's running; however, that alone doesn't stop you from accruing charges
Windows Azure and ASP.NET : Creating a Windows Azure Project
You must first configure the Windows Azure Tools on your development environment to be able to develop a Windows Azure ASP.NET application. You must be running Windows Server 2008 or higher, or Windows Vista or higher.
Windows Azure and ASP.NET : Creating a Windows Azure Service
First, you need to set up a Windows Azure service in the cloud so you can deploy a Windows Azure application later. Each Windows Azure service created in the cloud is mapped to a virtual machine
IIS 7.0 : Performance and Tuning - Processor
Throttling an application or process is one way of keeping server resources available and not allowing the server to become unresponsive.
IIS 7.0 : Striking a Balance Between Security and Performance - SSL
The SSL implementation has changed in IIS 7.0. Windows Server 2003 stores all SSL configurations in the IIS metabase, and encryption and decryption happen in user mode.
IIS 7.0 : Striking a Balance Between Security and Performance - How to Measure Overhead
Security can add overhead to any application and server. Depending on your requirements, it could add a delay and affect overall application performance.
Advanced ASP.NET : Component-Based Programming - The ObjectDataSource
Essentially, the ObjectDataSource allows you to create a declarative link between your web page controls and a data access component that queries and updates data.
Advanced ASP.NET : Data-Access Components (part 3) - Enhancing the Component with Error Handling & Enhancing the Component with Aggregate Information
One way you could enhance the component is with better support for error reporting. As it is, any database errors that occur are immediately returned to the calling code
Advanced ASP.NET : Data-Access Components (part 2) - Using the Data-Access Component
To use this component in a web application, you first have to make sure the appropriate connection string is configured in the web.config file
Advanced ASP.NET : Data-Access Components (part 1) - A Simple Data-Access Component
The database uses two tables: one is an Items table that lists the description and price of a specific sale item, and the other is a Categories table that lists the different groups you can use to categorize an item
Advanced ASP.NET : Component-Based Programming - Properties and State
When you use properties and store information in member variables, you're using stateful design. In stateful design, the class has the responsibility of maintaining certain pieces of information
Advanced ASP.NET : Creating a Component
You can compile your class library at any point by right-clicking the project in the Solution Explorer and choosing Build.
IIS 7.0 : Troubleshooting - Using Tools and Utilities
This section briefly explains a core set of troubleshooting tools and utilities. Use them to systematically examine the many components that can be at fault when a Web site or application is not responding as it should.
IIS 7.0 : Tracing and Troubleshooting - Reading the FRT Logs
To view a log generated by FRT, use Windows Explorer to browse to the FRT log file location and open the W3SVCn folder, where n is the site ID. Each event is logged in an individual XML file.
The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (part 3) - The AutoCompleteExtender
The Accordion is a container that stacks several panels on top of one another, and allows you to view one at a time. Each panel has a header (which usually displays a section title) and some content.
The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (part 2) - The Accordion
The Accordion is a container that stacks several panels on top of one another, and allows you to view one at a time. Each panel has a header (which usually displays a section title) and some content.
The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (part 1) - Installing
The UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, and Timer controls are fairly useful. However, they're the only ASP.NET AJAX-enabled controls you'll find in ASP.NET.
IIS 7.0 : Enabling and Configuring FRT - Configuring FRT by Using Appcmd
You can also create FRT rules by using command line utilities such as Appcmd, Windows PowerShell, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
IIS 7.0 : Enabling and Configuring FRT - Tracing a Specific Error Code
To turn on tracing with FRT, you must enable FRT for each Web site you want to monitor and configure the FRT rules for the Web site or particular URL you’d like to trace.
Joomla! Blogging and RSS Feeds : Using separate blog components
In this article you have seen that you can create a blog with a basic Joomla! site and some help from third-party services.
Optimizing for Vertical Search : Optimizing for News, Blog, and Feed Search
News, blog, and feed search is another large potential area of opportunity for optimization. This has a bearing on obtaining traffic directly from the search engines, but also in promoting your business in whole new ways.
ASP.NET AJAX : Timed Refreshes
Using the two controls you've seen so far—the UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress controls—you can create self-contained regions on your page that refresh themselves when certain actions take place.
ASP.NET AJAX : Progress Notification
When you add the UpdateProgress control to a page, you get the ability to specify some content that will appear as soon as an asynchronous request is started and disappear as soon as the request is finished.
ASP.NET State Management Techniques : The Role of the Global.asax File
While you could build a web application by simply linking a set of related web pages, you will most likely need a way to interact with the web application as a whole
Understanding the Role of ASP.NET View State
Under classic (COM-based) ASP, web developers were required to manually repopulate the values of the incoming form widgets during the process of constructing the outgoing HTTP response.
Optimizing for Vertical Search : Optimizing for Product Search
Google Product Search is less popular than some of the other Google-owned properties . However, top rankings for product-based businesses in Google Product Search are critical
Optimizing for Vertical Search : Optimizing for Image Search (part 2) - Optimizing Through Flickr and Other Image Sharing Sites
Flickr is one of the strongest image sharing sites in terms of search optimization potential. No other image sharing site has the same level of domain authority, crawlability, keyword-focusing signals, and cross-referencing potential .
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